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LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes and a mystery male lunch at the Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine restaurant and then go shopping at the Malibu Country Mart on Monday (September 7) in California.

Last weekend, the 27-year-old singer romped around in a bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her 36-year-old boyfriend, actor Eddie Cibrian. During their four-day getaway, the couple was seen kissing and cuddling while on the beach together.

15+ pictures inside of Thai beach babe LeAnn Rimes

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194 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe”

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  1. 126
    gwen Says:

    And once again, how are the women to blame because they live with it?

  2. 127
    kadisha Says:

    Brandi stayed because she must love him just like she said and my relative said.

  3. 128
    gwen Says:

    So let me get this striaght, EC has a reputation as a hot lover and that somehow shifts the responsibility of his affair to his wife because she “lives with it”? And why do you think that she stayed with him for so long? Do you really think that these women stay because she doesn’t want to give up the “hot loving”? There are other reasons why she could have possible stayed. I’m not saying it’s a good reason to stay in any relationship but maybe she stayed because of the kids.

  4. 129
    gwen Says:

    So your assertion is that she stayed because she loved EC? But what about the other reasons, like the KIDS.

  5. 130
    kadisha Says:

    She said there is a part of him she will always love. Her words, not my words. I couldn’t do it but I know women who love men and will overlook these things. And of course the kids but lots of women leave these types even when kids are involved. So it can’t be only for that reason alone. She said there is a part of Eddie that she will always love even once he is gone.

  6. 131
    kadisha Says:

    From his acting and interviews he seems to have a twinkle, an engaging personality a good sense of humor and he did go to UCLA. When he gives interviews he sounds very intelligent. Plus he was a good breadwinner. They had an opulent lifestyle. But there is something about him she loves and says she will always love. And he oozes sexappeal

  7. 132
    gwen Says:

    We know that she said that she loved him(I’m not disputing that), but that is not the reason she gave for staying with him. Big difference. She never said that she stayed because she loved him. Never.

    Why are you even pushing the “she stayed because she loved him” card? That’s not even an issue because it’s LR and EC who are responsible for the affair. Just because she said that she loved EC, it doesn’t mean that part of EC and LR affair is her fault because she didn’t leave when she had a chance.

  8. 133
    gwen Says:

    Twinkle? Intelligent? Sex appeal? Breadwinner? You give EC too much credit.

  9. 134
    kadisha Says:

    You were asking why I think she stayed and I told what I thought. I drew on things other women in identical situations gave as reasons and took something Brandi said to substantiate what I think. Love, security, kids, attraction. I think all those things enter into a decision to stay with an unfaithful man. I’m not discussing fault here only why she would have stayed, why other women stay and why I think Le Ann will stay too when he strays but stays with her too.

  10. 135
    kadisha Says:

    133 Not credit simply traits I’ve seen in him that women find appealing in men. He did bring home the moola, he did get into UCLA, sex appeal and dimples – you betcha. At least according to what I hear from lots of women.

  11. 136
    paulina Says:

    Can you help me? I’m at work and don’t have time to check out the latest on these two. Is there any new news on them today or pictures? Thanks now if I don’t respond.

  12. 137
    chockfullo Says:

    Can’t help you honey I’m just sitting here working on my computer and eavesdropping here. Haven’t gotten around to check either. Sorry.

  13. 138
    kadisha Says:

    Sorry Paulina I don’t know. Not looked yet.

  14. 139
    gwen Says:

    134-”I’m not discussing fault here only why she would have stayed, why other women stay ”

    But that’s exactly what you are doing. Why she stayed is not an issue because she wasn’t the one cheating. The fact that you keep bringing it up is proof enough that you are looking for an out for EC and LR.

    135-You are giving EC way too much credit. What you wrote are reasons you think EC should be let off the hook or is this just another “LR couldn’t help herself because EC is oh so irresistible and can not be responsible for her actions” card? And just because ECmay have been having other affairs, it does not absolve LR of the part that she played the affair.

  15. 140
    chockfullo Says:

    Paulina if you’re still around

    radaronline has something new says the beauty and animal lover Le Ann adopts
    a Chihuahua from the shelter.

    Hear Dean took all but 1 dog maybe she gets a friend for the 1 she kept.

  16. 141
    gwen Says:

    Is there a reason why one particular poster keeps asking for photos of the two cheaters together?

  17. 142
    gwen Says:

    Yeap just what the public wants to see, two cheaters taking pleasure in the pain that they cause others.

  18. 143
    gwen Says:

    What a great message to send to the public, that a dog has more value to her, than the lives of the 4 innocent people who were hurt and are being hurt by her very public affair.

  19. 144
    kadisha Says:

    I’m speaking in a general way and thinking about why women stay with men like him . You’re personalizing it and I’m looking at the question broadly.

    Again I’ve not got Eddi on the hook or off the hook. When I was trying to understand why women stay in these kinds of relationships I wasn’t thinking of specific characters. But Brandi is an example in one of these dramas so one tries to figure out why some women will put up with it and why others won’t. Love, security, kids, attraction are usually the reasons and valid ones that women stay with cheaters.

    Credit for Eddie . No just trying to figure out why a woman, Brandi or any other woman, might stay with someone like him -those are the things I think Brandi or whoever would stay with him would have for doing so.

  20. 145
    chockfullo Says:

    That seems to cover the reasons I would give why, not me, but those who choose to stay married to that kind.

  21. 146
    chockfullo Says:

    The tabs thrive on lower human nature and its curiosity in these scandals to keep the presses turning. If the public didn’t gobble them up they’d fold. Like the raunchy movies we can’t get enough of. Romans!

  22. 147
    chockfullo Says:

    Just hopped over to x17 and see an day old shot of Le Ann with a guy they say is her make-up artist and who should I find posting there but Gwen. Some of the posts are identical to her posts her. That’s fine but she posts as anonymous there as do many others over there. I don’t mind.

  23. 148
    chockfullo Says:

    Went back and skimmed all the comments on x17 and almost all are Gwens’ aka “anonymous”. No deal , not important, just what it is.

  24. 149
    gwen Says:

    You are not trying to understand why women stay in these types of relationships. Why? Look at the initial reasons you gave for why women would stay with someone like EC. All of your reasons are based on his apperance. They had an eight year relationship, yet you want to insist that she stayed because his “twinkle, financies, sex appeal, and the intelligence that comes across when he is giving interviews”. All superficial. You didn’t bring up those other reasons until I mentioned them. So what I get from this is that you are trying to say that BG is superficial and didn’t have a “valid” reason for staying with EC.

    I’m not taking it personally at all, I just don’t understand why someone always keeps trying to drag BG name through the mud? Why when LR and EC are in trouble does it become “BG knew that he was cheating and looked the oher way”?

  25. 150
    chockfullo Says:

    anonymous or Gwen I just gave you a “hello” over on x17. I see your posts there.

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