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Matthew McConaughey: Labor Day Beach Boy

Matthew McConaughey: Labor Day Beach Boy

Matthew McConaughey and his pregnant girlfriend, Brazilian model Camila Alves, take their son, Levi, 14 months, to enjoy the beach on Labor Day (Tuesday, September 7) in Malibu, Calif.

The couple is expecting their second child late December/early January.

Over the weekend, Camila and Matthew hit up the Malibu Chili Cook-off Carnival, where they had a good time on the rides and took home a few prizes.

15+ pictures inside of Labor Day beach boy Matthew McConaughey

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matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 01
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 02
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 03
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 04
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 05
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 06
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 07
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 08
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 09
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 10
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 11
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 12
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 13
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 14
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 15
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 16
matthew mcconaughey labor day beach 17

Credit: Karl Larsen, John Calabrese; Matt Symons; Photos: INFdaily, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • cindy

    omfg total cutie!
    just like daddy <3

  • me!

    I think that Brazilian “model” is butt ugly!
    Handbag designer? Sure—she is one talented gal!

  • Shurly

    Gee can’t she hide her stomach for once ??? We know you’re pregnant !! Sure you can find clothes that fit you. I mean, she doesn’t even go in the water…

  • blah

    Thats not a cute look on anyone. I think showing your pregnant belly is a disgrace

  • mel

    Too cute! I found the website that has the cutest custom handmade bear that was made for Levi. Check it out:

  • blah blah blah

    I think they all look fantastic.
    I love that she shows her body.
    Beautiful family.

  • gossip


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  • liz86000

    “Showing a pregnant belly is a disgrace?” Are you stupid? A pregnant woman is a beautiful thing. Heck, the human body is a beatiful thing. I bet you’re one of those people outraged by the cover of a magazine showing a woman breast feeding her baby.
    Motherwood is beautiful, you prude snob.

  • jill

    cover up lady..your strechmarks & hairline is so unattractive.
    Keep it for your husband.
    Please pregnant women, have pride & our mothers & grandmothers.

  • pooter

    # 4 & # 9

    disgraced, pride and dignity?

    What a stupid, old fashioned comment!

    Nothing wrong with a pregnant woman and how she looks and one should not be/feel ashamed. Why, is there something wrong with bringing a child into the world ?

    This is the 21st century and it’s not like living in some muslim countries where women are considered nothing important and need to cover themselves up.!

    Pitiful and sad people that think like that!

  • yoyo657

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  • leslie

    And Levi in diaper, isn’t that a disgrace too? Lol. She’s on the beach with her family, that is, well should be, very private, family time so I guess she can even be naked.

  • whatever

    Jill you’re an total twit. Just shut up and be a grandma you old witch

  • Spanish babe

    Americans are so damn prude! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a pregnant woman showing her belly, especially since they’re at the beach! What is she supposed to do…? Wear a damn burka?
    But I must say that I don’t find this “model” pretty, let alone beautiful…

  • jess

    They all look like transients.

  • George C

    Nice beard, Matthew !

  • VerĂ³nica

    @Spanish babe:

    Totall agreed, Spanish mate. (Im from Barcelona).

    About her belly, what’s wrong? I mean, i find really sexy to women when they’re pregnant. Nothing bad, at all! Or what? We need to wear a burka when we’re pregnant just because you hate it? PLEASE, we’re living on 2009 and If you’re pregnant and you want to show your belly YOU HAVE YOUR RIGHT!

    Anyways, i think that she’s really cute. Who cares if she’s sexy or not? This society is pure b*llsh*t. Just sayin’.

  • Angel

    Matthew can do so much better than this gori lla from Brazil. She is ugly and uncivilized! That barbaric behavior may be acceptable among you half Portuguese people, but not in the good old United States of America! Go back to Brazil you hairy, ugly woman and take your midget looking old man faced spawn with you. That is not Matthew’s! baby.

  • ELLE

    sorry but their son looks deformed

  • whatever

    What’s wrong with you all – Camila is very hot and Levi just needs a hair cut. The hair is overtaking his body

  • Tuesday

    The only thin even remotely similar to Matt on this monk ey boy is his hair color, otherwise this kid is all ugly mon key mom. Not all Brazilians are pretty, though the German ones like Ms.. Bunchen are.

  • palvasha


  • palvasha


  • palvasha


  • Ann

    I love this family:)

  • cutie pie

    She is prettier than a white woman!!

  • cutie pie

    pink oink oink… now that was funny..after being calledpurple crayons i think lil pink weiner is fitting!

  • Eliza

    What do you expect from McConaughey? He is a raging alcoholic who lost his eye sight and common sense a long time ago.

  • Cutie pie

    That woman is UGLY UGLY UGLY

  • Cutie pie

    @cutie pie:

    She is ugly as hell
    no doubt about it

  • celeste

    Keep popping out those little, bizarre shaped half-breeds lady; he still won’t marry you. Good enough to knock up but not good enough to marry I guess.

  • LOL!

    LOL! Sometimes I just lol when I read some of these answers! : D

  • unknown

    fat bit ch cover up, no one wants to see you youattention seeking who re

  • unknown

    @liz86000: Whats what bottles are for, breastfeed in their house.

  • Suzziey

    Aww, how cute are they :))))

  • cutie pie


  • cutie pie

    CUTIE PIE (IN BLUE) SAYS that woman is beautiful!!!

  • DNA STAT!!

    That’s not his kid he looks nothing like Matthew.

  • cassie

    she looks gorgeous..

  • J

    Omg she is ugly in the face, and tha kid si ugly. he has ugly features.

  • Craig

    Both she and her son are ugly mon keys from Brazil. Matthew should have stayed home and married a beautiful blond. Brazil is a 3rd world dump.

  • http://www. German

    I love this boy very nice and sympathetic, ohhh it will have nice body like her father.

  • http://www. German

    racist people that saite has the brain empty, only ashes.
    racist bad idea, , , here on earth all that we, talk
    back to us like a ball of fire that burns the soul.

  • http://www. German

    racists the 21st century, you ever stopped to think that you are primates? because the monkeys have a head behind.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she’s fugs
    dont mind the belly, but that line down her belly looks like hair….
    i still cant believe she was a model tho

  • me

    Wow, you people (mostly women I expect) are just jealous of Matthew’s family.
    Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a pregnant women wearing a bikini in public, but I wouldn’t. I’m a pretty conservative gal even though I’m tall and skinny. It all depends on what you feel is right and wrong.

    Matthew’s son is really cute to be frank. You people are just jealous you’re not him, because he’s going to grow up rich and possibly an actor!

  • zzzz

    I don’t think the kid is cute at all, but it would help if his hair was washed and brushed once in awhile. He looks dirty, poor kid.

  • sienna

    Whoah….there sure are some vicious comments on this thread!
    When I was looking at the pics I was thinking….what a lucky little boy to have two laid back and very hands on and ever present parents….he is growing up in such a nice atmosphere and will be so calm and centred for the rest of his life. And so will the little one on the way and any more children they may have in the future.
    As for all the comments saying Levi is ugly….a child’s looks can change as they grow….sometimes a kid can be absolutely gorgeous and then they go through an ugly stage and then they blossom again and then they get pimples and maybe need braces on their teeth etc and so on.
    One thing for sure though…Levi will be gorgeous when he grows up….just look at his parents! But more importantly, he will be a great guy with quite likely, a beautiful and calm demeanor.

  • cutie pie

    german .. have you ever stopped to think that the black race was the first race bit-h, and you are the race from a genetic defect and thats why you are all one color!! HUm think about that skank and if we are apes you are apes with a gentic defect!!

  • pub!c hair

    is that pub!c hair growing up her stomach?
    she needs to shave that sh!t
    shes a real hair brazil tribal woman theyre all hairy