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Transformer: Chris Brown's First Single

Transformer: Chris Brown's First Single

Chris Brown recently announced that “Transformer” featuring Lil Wayne will be the first single off his new album, Graffiti.

The 20-year-old singer also wrote on his Twitter in all caps: “Graffiti!!!! Comin soon…. Just finished it…hands down … My best album… That’s all I’mma give away right now… I honestly don’t think the game is ready for the recordz I got coming off the new album…. (not tryna be cocky)!!!! LOL.”

No release date has been set for Graffiti.

Chris was recently slapped with a five-year protective order (for Rihanna), 180 days of community service, and attendance at a 52-week domestic violence program.

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  • mcf

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM !!!!!!! chris dont care about the DTUPID haters your gr8 and im sure your album is gonna be amazing !
    =)=)=) i sooo agree !

  • Mya

    I use to love Chris Brown and now I cannot stand him, I would never buy his music anymore. I change the channel when ever he comes on television or the radio. All that talent wasted…

  • Mya

    I have a son( he’s a teenager) and I tell him never ever put your hands on a woman, I told him to walk away. I told him the truth women know exactly how to push your buttons, but you just have to walk away and let off that steam, even if you have to walk 5 miles. My grandmother told my brother the same thing, she said that hurts women more than anything and guess what? It does, when he walks out of the door and turns his phone off….

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I would have atleast waited a couple of months after the court judgement before releasing my next album.
    Actually… no. The people who are still mad at Chris don’t need anger management classes because we only really started thinking about him/ the situation when the court case started, and at least we express our anger verbally not physically… And right now we wouldn’t even be saying anything if Chris initially practiced the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you wish for them to do unto you.
    Yes, Chris has apologised which is one thing. But being genuine about it is quite another. And I saw that blurry webcam video he posted on youtube on E! News and he looked anything but sincere.
    Yes, we all know of his past and that he a brought up in an abusive home… but is that really an excuse? In which case, shouldn’t he have, with all the money he has, gone to therapy to get his ‘issues’ resolved?
    This time last year I loved Chris SO MUCH mainly because I pinned him as the ‘good guy’. I was SO happy as I watched him receive his teen choice award… A real role model he’s turned out to be.
    I want to see how forgiving you would be if some guy did this to your daughter one day. Therefore, I refuse to give him special treatment just because he is a celeb.

  • chantal

    come onnn. you people are rediculous. hes HUMAN. just forgive. obviously forgetting what happend is going to happen, but dwelling on it and putting him down isnt gonna make it any better. he needs support. put yourselves in his shoes. imagine someone you know- someone close to you going through the same thing. im sure you wouldnt want all of this negativity around them. hes got his punishment and the public shame is well over enough. so leave it alone already! go live your lives and leave his alone. let him live his. living and learning- thats what its all about.

  • Mariah

    Im still supportin him, SMH at all these haters!!

  • Dont like him

    i never liked this kid. i knew from the start he was bad. i dont understand why girls go crazy over him. he is not good looking either. SORRY CHRIS

  • =)=)=)

    u can go on and refuse 2 4give him just b/c hes a celeb and your right about that but dont go and compare him 2 the normal people cuz he realy isnt normal and didnt live the normal life ! cant u understand its hard 4-5 him ? its realy realy hard take it from a girl who has gottin beatin up from 4 years old ! yes if a guy did beat my daughter i will not sit back and watch i wont 4give him but not 4 ever i have 2 let it go and move on start a new page as they say. and if my daughter 4gave him why shouldnt i ? its her life and i will let her chose her way of running it cuz i will trust her 4 every thing she does u cant learn something new if someone else runs it 4 u !

  • tan

    wow sooooooo cant wait ! i love that dude ! go chris brown !

  • ren

    I be so glad when all you damn haters get a life. And to you black so called men sitting behind your computers judging Chris, yall traet women like shit in all ways, you name it, yall have done it. So before you judge him, all yall sorry asses need to shut the hell up. If you want to to judge people by the mistakes they have made, then you shouldn’t be listening to music at all, rap, r&b, countrry, rock none of it. All yall haters need to get a life, hypocrits, I am so glad everyone out there judging Chris is living the perfect life, since yall act as though your shit doesn’t stink. If you don’t like him stay off his site. Get a life, get a job, get an education loosers.

  • fifa

    look at his punk ass thinking he shines like the sun.he’s just pointing out his IQ. or the size of his d!ck. three inches!

  • ginger2626

    Typical N!GGER, he thinks he’s gonna have a career again. yeah right. Question out of the blue, why can’t black ppl use normal pronunciation & grammar? “That’s all I’mma give away right now” IMMA??? THAT IS NOT A WORD. I wished I tought ENGLISH at a school in the black community. LOL

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I really don’t want to fight with you anymore.
    I just really question your morals.

  • cb4real

    morons… just wait till the album drops, ya’ll listen to the tracks for sho’ and he gon redeem himself…

    beating up a girl is not a good thing but man, get over it… leave those two be…

  • =)=)=)

    im not fighting with u realy … if u read my comments slowly u will know what i mean

  • frenchie09

    this lil boy [cuz that's all he really is] needs to get his life straight and then think about doing a cd, im not sure if it’s gonna sell as big as he thinks it is , but i know for sure im not buying it.

  • MzCommentary

    I can’t wait for his new music to come out. In the end, you have to give credit where credit is due. The boy is talented. He can sing, dance, and he can act. TRIPLE THREAT. I’m latina and I do believe that because Chris is African American, this story is being carried out for way to long. Diane Lane & Josh Brolin, Madonna & Sean Penn; these celebrities were in abusive relationships, where the man beat the woman, but we still respect them. This is also lingering in the air because they are celebrities. It’s sad to know that it took this happening to two celebrities to pay attention to it. This domestic violence happens everyday. I AM STILL A CHRIS BROWN FAN, I am also a huge RIHANNA FAN. I mean who am I to judge him? Rihanna has forgiven him so why shouldn’t we? And for you people who are like you hope that he fails, put yourself in his shoes for one second. In my eyes, you all are ridiculous because you get on comment based articles and make your negative and vicious remarks about him any chance that you get. Breezy is going to make his way back to where he once was. It may take years, but never forget that he still has fans that are willing to listen.

  • MzCommentary

    @ginger2626: Where in the world did this come from? This is very unnecessary for you to say. I mean where do you get off. Maybe you need help. Still cannot believe that this comment was not flagged.

  • T.j.

    He was and still is being punished for what he did. I hope his real fans go out and buy the album. He was always a great artist. I know I am waiting for the release date so I can be ready to get it.


    stop hating on chris brown, he made a mistake get over it, im still his number 1 fan an will be the first to buy the album. LOVE YOU CB!!

  • CJ

    Let him make his album. He did the crime now he is doing the time. Non-celibrity people who do this go back to work! So let it be. He could have easily not got anything! That’s how it usually works in being a celebrity.

  • Jay

    Everyone has an opinion which is understandable…but we all know that CB will be back on top in no time…his music will come through all of this…People say “OMG I hate Kanye” cause of what he did to Swift….I DJ and I put on Stronger and everyone rushed to the floor….everyone!!!!whites/blacks/hispanics/ dont make it a racial issue….I would bet that his album when it drops will debut at #1….I will support his music!

  • Jacquelyn

    Screw All U Haters N How U Don’t Kno She Started It First All Wanna Blam The Man In Can’t Wait For His Album

  • RiseUp

    Transformer is the shiiiiiit,,,,, Chris Breezy is back on top, well he never the top. Lets just say he’s back at work and doing big things. To all the haters, You can’t stop him, you don’t buy his music anyway so why am I taking the time! Kick Rocks Haterzzzzzzz

  • D’hati

    Since your up here to talk about the song instisted of the singer lets, get some comments on the song please. Overal the song is a eight. It’s not the best nor the worst Chris Brown song, or song period. But, I do love the song back to the more then this one that should’ve been the single but,this is good.

  • FIKru

    U are lucky i am not there.if i be there i will show u how u can female(u have to take 2 credet hour course) but i am still funs of urs CB

  • FIKru

    why always people saay that.if if u know him very well or not .u have to be forgivable. as u now in ur real life things will not goes as u like or as u wanted .so man i am expecting they will be a special couples after he(crise) finished his probation.i wishh for u to have good and real time.but dude i blive in forgiving people even if u do so horrible things to ur fianse!!!!!

  • JewRats AmongUs


    I agree. He should change his name to Gangsign Niggerwitz