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Ellen Pompeo: Royal Blue Baby Bump

Ellen Pompeo: Royal Blue Baby Bump

She’s got that baby glow!

Looking gorgeous as ever, Ellen Pompeo was all smiles as she left her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 8) with husband Chris Ivery.

The 39-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress has come under fire because of rumors that Chris had an alleged affair with a restaurant hostess. Ellen‘s rep has denied all claims of any sort of affair.

The two-hour season premiere of Grey’s airs on Thursday, September 24 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

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  • milind

    I’m so bored of her

  • jen

    How along has this woman been pregnant? pop it out already!

  • EP FAN

    thanks JJ
    more Ellen please

    I don’t believe those rumors at all. that magazine has a lot of false info plsu a lot of fame and money seeking people in there.

  • Adam

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.
    bad rumors. I am happy Ellen is happy and she is sooo glowing.
    love you Ellen. I hope Chris is honest and good to you. you deserve the best.

    if you want tow rite to Ellen fans built this page, its amazing

  • dj

    soo pretty and cute

  • Emma

    oh my God how adorable is she… :D thank you jared.
    Its Star magazine and its full of bad rumors, no one believes it unless proof is revealed.

    I hope those two are happy and ready for their new born.

  • jess


  • Chrissy105

    doesn’t she have a garage attached to her house? I am always wondering why she is walking outside of her gate to her car??

  • Hrh

    @jen: She’s been pregnant about as a long as Sarah Michelle Gellar has… unless she just had her baby recently.

  • cooh

    I simply hate her,it’s just that type of hate that has no boundry,i hate her since the day I saw her on Punk’d,I hate her charachter,I hate when I hear some say she’s beautiful,she’s ugly,has a butter face,skinny,horrible,I’m a hater,I’m not jealous,I mean,what would I be jelous of?

  • Angie

    love love love Ellen
    she is soooo glowing
    more ellen jared
    always more Ellen

  • Matt

    She’s a substandard Renee Zellweger/Fergie cross-breed.

    Not attractive at all and a very boring actress.

    No surprises her husband may have cheated on her, he’s already spent time in jail for drug dealing and credit card fraud. Wonder if he’s Eric Dane’s dealer lol

  • duuhh

    @ cooh yeah i wonder why you’d be jealous of a woman who is married, is about to have a baby, has an extremely lucrative job that she loves, is a celebrity and is gorgeous! i mean i bet your life is soo much better than hers that you don’t spend your time bashing a celebrity on a celebrity gossip cite where you KNOW she’s going to care about what some low life thinks about her seriously i don’t know whyy you’d be jealous !

  • Sascha

    OMG! She looks super gorgeous! I love love love her! This baby should come soon now!
    @#10: Why respond to her pictures if you hate her? Just stay away then.

  • MG

    G O R G E O U S
    Love Ellen so much

  • Sascha

    LOL! Don’t comment then, if you think she’s ugly. Just stay away.

  • liz86000

    Aww, she looks so happy & glowy! Really beautiful Ellen! :)
    And those rumors are just that: rumors. She is so much in love with Chris (she said he was her McDreamy!), just as much as he loves her.

  • MG

    love Ellen
    she is gorgeous here

  • ToTheHaters

    Ellen looks great! Keep posting about her Jared!


    love her
    more ellen please

  • georgia

    she’s beautiful, but i do think he’s a cheater.. he has been caught multiple times flirting with other women. it could actually be true… i’m sorry for her and the baby.

  • Jesse
  • Todd

    that is one serious belly button like a turkey, that baby is almost done

  • Jesse


  • Nicole

    I beat you Ellen!

  • sammy

    It’s funny how all the haters here are Kate Walsh fans LOL

  • Chau

    Her belly button looks like a plug.

  • Blake Artz

    I am the father of rachel artz, my wife lynne and I feel the need to come clean about our daughter. Our daughter is a pathalogical liar. she always has been. we feel awful to hear that she is lying about some alleged fling she never had with a married man in an attempt to break up a happy family. She has caused enough turmoil in our own family. I’ve been blooging all day trying to combat this story. I love my daughter, but i can’t allow her to lie because star magazine paid her to. there is no truth to these rumors.

  • chris brown

    BOYCOTT star magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe jackson

    I seen a picture of her, no wonder chris couldn’t make her a star.

  • unknown

    no one wants to see baby bumps!

  • joe jackson

    harry potter couldn’t make her a star

  • weloveep

    @Blake Artz:

    Where have you been blogging?

  • Maddie

    Love Ellen to bits. If these rumors are true… I hope she dumps his pathetic ass right away. GAH! I really dislike CI. He’s such a McFelon!

  • Ana

    She looks great and happy. Can anyone ask anything more? I looove the color.

  • fan of rachel

    I think this girl rachel is an actress, she was an extra in “March of the Penguins”

  • joe jackson

    March of the Penguins!!!!!! hahahahahahahah

  • come on feel the noise

    this is such crap, read between the lines. what great timing huh??? anyone interested in buying the brooklyn bridge??? it’s on craigslist!! no joke!!

  • Hollywood AGENT

    “I’m gonna make you a star” does that still work????? i’m with you noise, CRAP with a capital S…..

  • Mary petervic

    She is beautiful and happy with your baby!
    And these rumors I think her smile says it all right? She is a very full to bear it, she would not accept that her husband then she is very classy woman and to give moral to it!
    and you do not like … She is so beautiful! Sincere and clear, and that bothers!
    God bless your new family

  • Jesse

    @Blake Artz:
    Control your daughter man, if it’s all true, she’s messing with the big leads now, thats dangerous territory.

    Ellen is always gorgeous
    more pics here

  • dn

    @Blake Artz:


    shame on her for lying like this for money and fame, breaking up a family is no joke, what if she sent Ellen into premature labor or something. It’s no joke.

    Ellen is glowing here. I love how she is smiling through it all.
    I hope Chris is honest and decent and very well with her. she deserves the best.

  • Ellen Pompeo Fan

    Ellen looks soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Bordado

    if i become famous..must i have a baby?

  • tets


  • Mary petervic

    Ellen is more Star!
    Beautiful blue!
    And I do not want it to be true this evil that involved the name of the DIVA and I hope not, because Ellen deserves respect and she does not deserve to touch his name is cleared her to mingle with this dirt, and I can not believe that Chris was ass to do it! If truth does not appear in Brazil lol cause we advocate Ellen fans linda!

  • Jesse

    Check it out that IS her dad for real and ITS ALL A LIE:


    Denial from Artz’s dad
    The father of Rachel Artz is defending his daughter, claiming she knows Ellen Pompeo’s husband, but didn’t have an affair with him. Blake Artz told us yesterday that Star magazine got it wrong when it reported that his 19-year-old daughter carried on a three-month affair with Chris Ivery. “It’s all malarky, totally erroneous,’’ said Artz, who added that the magazine offered his daughter $5,000 for her story. “They just went and messed with the wrong person.’’ Star claims Rachel Artz, a 2008 graduate of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School who works at Bricco and Umbria, has admitted to the affair. They even quote her saying: “Yes, I had sexual relations with Chris.’’ Not so, insists her dad. “There’s not one bit of photographic evidence,’’ he said.

    AND GossipCop


    Chris Ivery Chris Ivery affair Ellen Pompeo Grey’s Anatomy Rachel Artz

    3:48 pm, September 10th, 2009

    Gossip Cop has learned that Star fabricated its “bombshell” story about pregnant Ellen Pompeo’s husband, Chris Ivery, cheating on her with a teenager.

    In an “exclusive” that was picked up worldwide and touted on its cover, Star claimed that only a month after the “Grey’s Anatomy” star announced that she and Ivery were expecting their first child, “he began a torrid affair with a hot young blonde!”

    The rag quotes 19-year-old Boston restaurant hostess Rachel Artz as saying, “Yes, I had sexual relations with Chris. We were intimate several times.” According to the Star, Ivery and Artz had rendezvouses in different cities until Ivery “dumped” Artz in mid-August “after he got word that she’d been blabbing to her friends.”

    Interesting story, but made up. Here’s the real dish: Artz is friends with the daughter of one of Ivery’s high school pals. And it’s true he hung out with the three of them in Boston.

    But that is it. Nothing more.

    The Star, however, wanted a juicier story, and went to great lengths to get it – even though it’s fictional. Gossip Cop has obtained an e-mail Artz wrote on August 25, which reads: “I talked to Star Magazine and they were trying to offer me $20,000 for information about Chris. That is ridiculous because nothing is true about us having a relationship.”

    One more time: “Nothing is true about us having a relationship.”

    A rep for the couple told Gossip Cop exclusively: ”There is absolutely no truth to these rumors. In fact, it is our understanding that the tabloid sources were paid to corroborate this story.”

    A call to Star’s editor in chief was not returned.

  • Aden

    Ellen is gorgeous and no one can mess with her.
    Star mag needs to go out of business, they break up fmailies and break people. not good.

  • Aden

    and thanks for all the news guys

  • Aden

    more Ellen pls JJ :)