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Jennifer Garner Conquers Capitol Hill

Jennifer Garner Conquers Capitol Hill

Jennifer Garner is pretty in pink as she heads to Capitol Hill on Wednesday (September 9) in Washington, D.C.

The 37-year-old actress, along with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, introduced the Full Service Community Schools Act.

“This bill aims to expand full-service community schools across the nation,” reads a release. “These are public schools that coordinate academic and non-academic services, including health services, career counseling for parents, nutrition services, and early childhood education to give students a full support network to help them succeed.”

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  • Marie

    Is there anything this super woman can’t do?!!!!

  • Sarah

    I love jennifer great person and great actress

  • rainbow

    Well, She said that she’s inspired by Reese Witherspoon. In these pics, she reminds me of Elle Woods in Legally Blond 2.

  • mimi

    omg! This woman is really annoying. Have you seen any of her interviews? A five year old is smarter and more articulate than her. I wonder what she has to say in Washington. She’s not even in a business suit. How dumb is that. Looks like she’s going to a tea party.

  • twpumpkin

    She might as well do this because she sure can’t act! LOL

  • mimi

    And look at the shoes. Platforms. Will she dance in a strip club after? Shame on you, Jen. She can’t even dress appropriately for the event.

  • mimi

    She thinks that speaking in Washington make you look smart.

  • shamrock

    Nice to see her behind a worthy cause=EDUCATION! I’m sure this wins brownie points with Benjamino. He likes his ladies to be involved in politics and education. Good for you Jen! Look forward to seeing some changes in the schools nationwide. We are all for CHANGE and for the BETTER.


  • lolol oh please

    oh my god
    shes’ too stupid to know what shes talking about
    shes been programed
    too much of an inbred idiot from west virginia back hills

  • jenny

    go jen! love her and ben.

  • Hermiola

    LOL she won lots of things for Alias (Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award) at least don’t say she can’t act LOL LOL LOL.

  • plez

    She can’t even dress appropriately for the event.


  • jenny

    if you hate her so much, why post? get your own life and do something to help others, jealous much? she’s pretty and smart, not a dumb blond type at all. that’s why Ben married her.

  • loathe-MIMi

    @mimi: what’s wrong with you woman?!!you annoy me so much!!
    as if you are very pretty and picture perfect, aarrrggg!!!
    if you don’t like jen garner, then don’t look at her pix, biatch…

  • bonita

    OMG..i luv this girl loads!!
    big mwah mwah to you ms. garner :)))

  • ls

    she is quite dorkey looking get a stylist already and a decent haircut

  • laurie

    @Marie: ya pick out clothes

  • joanne

    mimi go away and come back another day, LOL!
    f***k all the haters here, get a life!!

  • rose

    WTF jennifer garner can not act?
    are you sure ****??
    my gosh she won a golden globe award, screen actors guild award, etc..etc..
    get your facts right and research more, ok?

  • Garner affleck fan

    jennifer looking great as always all you haters get a life if you have nothing nice to say don’t leave a comment on here

  • lily

    @mimi: ***** OFF!!!

  • sandra

    jennifer looks so adorable and very pretty in pink :)
    even without make-up, you still look flawless & very beautiful!!

  • hazel

    i’m a big fan of ms. garner, she’s my favorite celeb mum!!
    you go girl!!

  • tara



    Remember to wear stockings when appropriate, Capital Hill is not a garden party.

    A tailored matching ensemble would have shown the proper respect. The cardigan is far too casual to be taken seriously and lacks the proper respect.

    Bravo to the cause.

  • JAM

    wow she’s a super woman, ben affleck is lucky

  • mimi

    hey, i’m just stating facts. will you wear the same outfit as hers if your going to speak in washington? i’m afraid not.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Shut up Mimi!!! She’s the funniest, down to earth, and sweetest actress in Hollywood. Don’t judge her because you’re jealous she has a career, a husband, and two beautiful children. So tell me….what have YOU been doing that can better our country???

  • mimi

    @she shall remain nameless
    How do you know she’s sweet and down to earth? Are you her friend? From what I hear, she’s quite an uppity and snobbish bitch.

  • vicky

    @she shall remain nameless:
    to MIMI, bwaahahahahaha…



  • sun

    I love jennifer !!!!!!

  • amy

    good for you jennifer, keep it up
    love to watch all your upcoming movies

  • Ashley

    she’s cute and pretty in pink, goodluck!

  • benny

    She looks like she is fillming legally blond3. lol

  • lollipop

    Good for you Jennifer! About time a celebrity got involved with education!
    A second grade teacher

  • Dellina

    She is dressed appropriately. Dresses are quite acceptable for Capitol Hill. Not everyone there is wearing a two piece business suit. Her hair is nicely combed and groomed. She is also wearing dress pumps. The haters are doing their best to drag her down but have failed miserably. They have no credibility and are a joke as everyone else can see.

  • jenny

    she ain’t got no fashion sense she is just in her usual clumsy self. I mean she is in pink with no stockings at the capital hill. It is nice to involve in this, though it is all planned to be concidental with Ny fasion wk tomorrow.Nice PR

  • viv

    do you see the first lady wearing stockings? yeah i didn’t think so. stockings are soo 40 years ago. seriously. i think she looks lovely, i don’t understand why people hate her. she’s just living her life and actually doing something worthwhile.

  • Celebwatcher

    She’s looking more fab that the usual. Let’s give her a round of applause or send hate mail to her stylist well if she has one.

    Check out my psychic predictions for Jen and Ben at and get a free reading.

  • Pippi

    She is totally awesome and an inspiration to all young women everywhere. What a role model for her lovely daughters. She never ceases to amaze me. Kudos to you Jen. Stay strong and beautiful!

  • xx


    She can’t act… maybe she’s finally realised this and tried a new career path. But washington? Please honey, you’re not smart enough. I suppose looks and money get people very far in this world though…..

  • Pippi

    She looks adorable in that pretty pink dress. It is sooo flattering on her with her flawless skin and she even appears to be makeup free. College graduates are considered intelligent in the real world. Maybe not so much in the cruel world where insanely jealous twits live. Get over your envy and try to do something constructive and neaningful in your own life and you won’t have to put down beautiful, talented and smart women like Jen. I won’t call any names, you know who you are.

    Loving mother, devoted wife and talented actress using her celebrity to do good for worthy causes. Now that is inspirational. Go Jen!

  • Tazla

    Those who are hating someone for trying to help children are losers in their own lives…..obviously. You need to do something to feel better about yourselves…..hating on here isn’t it.

  • bubblelips

    She’s got nasty fake lips.

  • blah blah blah

    Why do her knees always have bruises on them?????????????
    Personally, I think she is going through some bad times with Ben.

  • jenny

    #39 Yes a couple times. Have you seen the women coming and going from the capital hill they don’t wear pink if they wear colour this do wear stockings. Anyways, Jenny admited she don’t got no fashion sense herself so no biggie.

  • plz

    @JAM: going out with your kids everyday and getting photographed doesn’t make you super woman. It makes you a PR HO SORRY.

  • jenny

    it should be they do

  • Lucas

    @ls: given what she was going, showing up to the nines like it was a red carpet premiere was not the right thing to do.

    as for the rest. if having a Hollywood figure behind this proposal makes folks listen, I”m all for it. our public schools are a mess in many cities. students are taught to a test, there’s no arts, no music, no gym and health classes in some areas. no home ec or ‘shop’ classes. students graduate barely reading, and totally unable to balance a check book etc. and in some areas, there are frightening numbers that have never had a checkup cause they have no insurance, have had children of their own and barely know how to take care of them and so on.

    at least Ms Gardner is going something other than pulling a Heidi and Spencer.