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Kate Gosselin: Dressed to the Eights!

Kate Gosselin: Dressed to the Eights!

Kate Gosselin heads out for a night out on the town along with her bodyguard, Steve Neild and his wife in on Tuesday (September 8) in Reading, Penn.

Steve and his wife arrived at the Gosselin house with dress clothes and the trio left in an awaiting stretch limo.

Looks like it must be Jon‘s night to watch the eight kids!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin dressed to the eights…

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kate gosselin dressed up 01
kate gosselin dressed up 02
kate gosselin dressed up 03
kate gosselin dressed up 04
kate gosselin dressed up 05
kate gosselin dressed up 06
kate gosselin dressed up 07
kate gosselin dressed up 08
kate gosselin dressed up 09
kate gosselin dressed up 10

Credit: Brian Flannery; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • mike

    This “mother” is so disgusting and and fake. Jon deserves a better life without this woman, and so do her children. When she looks in her children’s eyes she doesn’t see her children, she sees $$$ signs

  • Denise

    Poor Steve. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Kate is trashy and it always comes through. Hope he’s still getting $1600 a day.He deserves it for having to hang around Kate.

  • stella

    thanks mike..Ditto your comment. you don’t even need to like Jon to say the truth..this woman is a manipulative bitttchh…HATE..big word, big emotions….

  • LuckyMe

    I think the best thing that ever happened to them was to seperate. They are not a match and they were just bringing out the worst in each other. Hopefully they can go their seperate ways and be better people apart than they were together.

  • intheknow


    Had to say something about your posting…Hailey you’ll just hurt him. You like women…remember?

  • Stop the madness

    I wish Jon, Kate, Hailey etc.. would all suck on a grenade.

  • Reality bites

    Steve Neild works for Kate. He’s on her payroll. She wants to go out and needs a bodyguard guess what? He might just have to show up for duty. Not sure about the wife. Why is she there?

  • Megan Fox JJC

    Wow @ comments above.

  • blah blah blah

    There is nothing likeable about this woman. NOTHING. Her kids are hurting so bad, they’ll never recover.



  • Jeanne

    Have a great life Jon with Seabisquit. You’re both at about the same mental age anyways.

  • naomi

    I don’t like jon and i don’t like kate, but that jon talks like a 5 year old omg how can he say on tv that he despise the mother of his 8 kids!
    i hope those kids NEVER get to see that interview!

    @MARIA: ahahah perfect

  • lauren

    i hate jon he needs to shut up!!!

  • jeimy

    I see stripper shoesss!!!

  • viv

    the bodyguard’s wife is a better and classier dresser than kate. kate looks cheap.

  • Powersaver

    I think Kate looks kinda hawwt in the pics! Very celeb stylish! I always found her boring with the over-used pob cut .

  • Faith Lynette

    *WOW*…what a happy little entourage…NOT! {umm-mmm…err-rrrr “maybe” they are all wearing black because they are mourning the death of Kate’s lies/manipulative spins/soul accounts ~ on what actually went DOWN between her and Jon…I mean NOW that Jon is ‘fighting back’ and opening up to interviewers/media outlets to combat some of the “stories” she’s been able to get out there for public consumption. AGAIN ~ neither are blameless…it’s come down to WHO do you believe the most/least. My main concern…as always, IS THE CHILDREN and *how* this CIRCUS is/will affect them!

  • mary jomiy

    Dressing up in hooker heels and it is all for the kids. Mullet Hairdo and
    eight inch heels. Cheap!

  • rEBA

    That dress and shoes are hideous. Is she auditioning for “What Not to Wear”? It’s too bad Kate has driven away all of her family and friends. She might be able to enjoy a night out with someone other than her “employee”.

  • elleshare

    I’ve have seen a marriage break up, not Jon and Kate,
    but Steve the body guard and his wife’s. In almost the same scenario.
    The other women claims to be best friends with the other wife, while she is having an affair with her best friends husband.

    My friend said, they would invite her over after both of them got down working, they were EMT’s and say, they were having “pizza” and of course the husband was to tired to drive home, 20 miles. Some nights she could find a babysitter, other times she couldn’t, so they made it seem like they were all really best friends in the beginning. The other women knew exactly what she was doing.

    Within a year, BAM-guess what-husband filed for divorce and said,
    “We just feel in love”, left his wife and 4 kids, was married within a month after the divorce and got married and had 3 kids with his new wife.

    I think Steve’s wife should take her husband and go themselves new friends.

  • amymo

    Okay, seriously, where does anyone go dressed up like that in Berk’s County on a Tuesday night? (I live here, I should know) She should be home doing schoolwork with her kiddos. That’s what a real mom does.
    She’s an attention grabber. It’s her week home with the kids and she goes out.
    Why didn’t she go out on the weekend when she didn’t have the kids?
    She’s trying to make herself look good, but you know what? It’s not working.
    She looks pathetic. No friends, except her *cough* bodyguard and his *cough* wife.

  • Shurly


    I hope she’s talking about Jon and kate !!

  • lisa

    why…she looks just like a cheap trailer park hooker, and what a coinkydink, that’s what she really is.

  • Gina

    There’s those hideous cankles again,,,you can’t erase a lifetime of inactivity with a year of workouts …yuuuuckl

  • Reality bites

    OMG, is the bodyguard picking his nose? Ewwww.

  • Betty sue

    why I wants that same new hot mess on my head juss like Kate

  • ?

    What’s in the bag Kate? The senior citizen body guard’s

  • Ava

    That is her black make up bag. She must be on the way to “work.” Didn’t know times were so hard she had to go to stipping to make a living.

    Seriously, obviously this was a paid gig b/c she was picked up in a limo. She is always toting her makeup bag when she is making an appearance. I bet she was going to interview with People magazine and cry about all that Jon told about her. She will be on the cover of People again this week. Exact reason I’m not renewing my subscription.

  • watch

    Kate looks cheap. She used to say that she did not know how to dress. She still does not know how to dress. I guess the kids money bought the limo. Everything she does is for the kids.

  • Danielle

    Steve’s wife had better come and watch and kate—real close!

  • Mirabai

    This must be the worst time of the kids lives with their parents getting a divorce, and what does she do? Keep the show going! They don’t even get privacy then. She has used her children to become rich and infamous. 8 kids or not, this does not make her an expert at anything except exploitation of children.

  • leah

    No wonder those pesky rumors still go around about these 3. It has been out here since day 1 when they split, three’s not a crowd for this bunch. lol

  • zz

    Kate dresses like a hooker but yet she manages to look older than the body guard’s wife. Karma is paying you back, Kate…botox, plastic surgery and make-up won’t fix you anymore.

  • nanb

    Kate was away from her children all weekend but feels the need to go out for a PR stunt instead of spending time with her children.

    Isn’t she going to be away from them for most of September between Southern Women Shows and the View Co-hosting gig?

    Maybe it’s me, but I would have stayed home to make sure the two oldest weren’t sneaking the TV to watch Dad but then again my priorities are my kids!

  • Kate rocks

    on Kate’s worst day, she still looks 100 times better than that skanky, nasty tangled up hair, herpes carrying Hailey!

  • leah

    Well said, nanb.

    You would think Kate would have spent time with her children making sure they did not go near the internet or TVs. Of course, Kate probably bad mouths Jon directly to the kids everyday. Didn’t she belittle him to the kids every day when they were together? Imagine what she is like now.
    Why aren’t these 3 happier? Or is this a staged event for the cameras? Katie Irene is always manipulating everything and everyone in her life.

  • Roxanne

    Why must she always have an ugly sour look on her already f*cked up face, she looks mid 40s and she’s one step away from canckles.

  • zz

    Kate Gosselin thinks she is trying to emulate Princess Diana in the black dress, what a trashy joke Kate is…..and a slap to the Princess’s memory.
    This latest stunt of Kate and her PR spin team tells us that Jon is telling the truth. No wonder the rumors persist about the Neilds. How far will they let Kate destroy their family for their greed?

  • Selma

    I can’t say for sure; but. I don’t think that is Steve’s wife. I think this is another of TLC ‘S pr jobs to make Kate look good. Sorry ” the losing channel” it is not working.

  • zz

    Steve’s wife is dressed better than Kate, imo, she looks better than Kate. She dresses with taste and sense.

  • LC

    zz… that’s exactly what came to my mind when I saw these pictures… the Princess Diana reference!

    For those who may not remember, the late Princess Diana attended a public event in a sexy, black cocktail dress the night that Prince Charles’ interview about his relationship with Camilla was aired on TV! The buzz that night became so much about Princess Diana that hardly anything was mentioned about Prince Charles’ interview.

    Clearly… this is what desperate Kate was hoping to do… except that Princess Diana was beautiful and jubilant that evening… Kate just looks desperate, her outing is clearly staged, and her ‘friends’ were paid for by TLC!

  • judi

    OMG !!! TLC and Kate must think we are all stupid. There have been talks about the bodyguard for months and now all of a sudden the wife appears. Does this have anything to do with the ratings for the show going down down down. Well I am not stupid and for me this is not working.

  • bored of her

    kate needs to stay home and take care of her kids. but, guess what ? she won’t … she thinks she is a celebrity .. how sad for her and her kids..
    do us all a favor and quite pretending you are something….

  • VanM

    Good for you Kate….You deserve a night out and unlike your soon to be ex at least you have enough class to go out with friends and not some random guy you met at a club…oh that’s right you have proven to be better than a club whore..Jon has shown his true colors since the announcement of your impending divorce. I have always said you weren’t the nicest but after seeing Jon’s actions and teh photos of his cheating I can see why you had to be a bitch…..Jon is going to get everything he desreves and you don’t have to do a thing…..Just sit back and laugh your ass off….Good luck and I wish you all the best…..I’m a mother of five and their father left me for a crackpipe and Jon left you for a crack whore…. I can tell you that you will find someone else….someone who will appreciate you and someone that you won’t have to treat and look after like one of the kids….Team Kate…..

  • Faith Lynette

    WHAT I DON’T FULLY UNDERSTAND: re: these pictures…and the pictures from the “picnic/pool party” Steve/his wife/children – had with Kate a few weeks ago—show that they are fraternizing BEYOND a professional “bodyguard/person being guarded” capacity . Wouldn’t there be some kind of ethical/professional boundaries being “blurred” when a person HIRED (supposedly) to guard/protect a person/people…is suddenly STEPPING OUT and interacting with them personally and socially!? What kind of security company would allow one of their employees to be doing this!?

  • Bobby Sue Joe lynne

    The more and different color streaks in the hair the better!

  • Beach Lover

    YUCK! Old tree trunk legs has those breasts tucked up to her chin here. Does anyone think she looks good? I don’t get it. That skinned, butch haircut in the back; that is supposed to be cute?

  • victoria #1

    @ LISA and @ BETTYSUE…You both took the words right out of my mouth. LOL. Maybe trailor park trash is TOO good for them. Have you ever in your life seen such a mess, then what is on Kate’s head?
    Is it a bird’s nest? Is it some type of multi-colored strand of furry
    ornamentation for the Christmas Tree she is checking out? Maybe Kate picked up Jonny douchey-bag’s rug-top by mistake and plopped it down on HER head instead. He has been upset over some hair loss you know, and blamed it ” on undue stress.” LOL. Oh, really fart-butt?
    Too much money to spend, and not enough blondes interesting enough hanging around your pad? Poor ” thang. ” Maybe his BFF, Lohan can loan him one of his rejects from the past. They
    were all blondes, AND druggies, which he should be used to by now, with stringy haired, hunched-back, gold-digging, fame-seeking, Hailey.
    What kind of a flippy-floppy thing can she possibly design
    in her state of mind, that we don’t already have in the store? Jonny-baby said ” she has wanted her own line of sandals and shoes ” forever, so I will back her. I bet he will. Maybe Kate can wear a pair of those trailorish floppyish thangs and she will look even more stylish, than ever before in front of the bodyguard’s wife’s evil looking face.

  • Jan

    Kate explained she keeps Steve as her bodyguard because Steve and Gina(his wife) have never SOLD her out. Her brother and Jon got PAID to put her down in interviews. Steve and Gina were good friends with Kate and Jon but Jon chose to run with 20 yr olds and accuse Kate and Steve of an affair. Jon admitted on ABC, he was jealous of Kate’s traveling with Steve and Jon admitted he had NO PROOF of an affair but suspected it. Jon dished Dr. Phil because Dr. Phil told him to GROW UP. Jon did not like that.Steve’s wife, Gina is BEAUTIFUL. He has a happy, stable marriage with teen sons. His wife is a true friend to Kate during this difficult time. There is nothing wrong with Kate WORKING and having a bodyguard she needs and inviting his wife. Gina joined them in other appearances before Jon’s accusations and no one noticed her then. Kate has been supporting her family for years. Jon has been tagging along for the paycheck which he is now blowing on cars, booz, bachelor pads,and young women.

  • odie

    Anybody read Maria’s comment? Hillarious…I’m still on the floor LMAO>.