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Miranda Kerr is Pretty In Pink

Miranda Kerr is Pretty In Pink

Miranda Kerr looks stunning as she leaves a hotel in downtown New York City on Tuesday (September 8).

The 26-year-old Australian model attended a cocktail party that honored designer Kris Van Assche. She also posed for a shot with GQ publisher Pete Hunsinger who helped host the event with Dior Homme.

Miranda will also stay in town as she gets ready for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which kicks off tomorrow in midtown’s Bryant Park. Make it work!

Miranda recently quashed rumors about her engagement to actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom, saying “It’s great there’s all that interest in our relationship, but we’re not engaged.”

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miranda kerr pretty in pink 02
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miranda kerr pretty in pink 05
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miranda kerr pretty in pink 07
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miranda kerr pretty in pink 10

Photos: INFDaily, Michael Loccisano/Getty
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  • Lucy86

    I love Miranda! No more pictures, Jared?

  • NT

    Wow, isnt she beautiful!? Shes so elegant and classy. Her body is amazing and shes got this really cute face that you couldnt hate if you tried!

    I love how shes never photgraphed being a mess and falling out of clubs, shes just a normal girl in abnormal circumstances (being a worldwide known stunning model).

    So jealous! :)

  • lana

    she’s so beautiful and always comes across as so sweet natured… i liked that comment that shes a normal girl in abnormal circumstances – so true!

  • tori the lol – rollseyes girl

    Thanks girl for finally admitting that you’re an attention seeker!

    Wow her face just looks like a squashed pumpkin in those pics lol

  • joe

    Is that really Miranda on the 2nd picture at the top? It doesn’t look like her!

  • http://justjared love her

    She looks great the haters can eat it it’s not Miranda’s fault you are fatties and no man wants you lolololol .

  • @tori….@4

    lol….jealous much???……Miranda is stunningly beautiful and Orlando will never be yours no matter how many nasty things you say about her!

    Pink is definitely her color, she looks gorgeous.

  • http://justjared love her

    She looks great the haters can eat it it. It’s not Miranda’s fault you are fatties and no man wants you lolololol .

  • WOW…..

    Miranda looks so hot, omg such a beautiful girl, sexy and classy all at the same time, Orlando is one lucky guy!!!

  • @ WOW…..

    wonder how classy? she would be if she fell out of her dress the way it looks like she is about to in most of the pics? But then again she is known for going topless lots of times is she not?

    She goes great with Orlando then, since he seems to look like his pants are always about to fall down.

    No wonder they go great together.

    pimp and slut – yes?

  • Lydia

    wow that is really pretty

  • @JustJared

    Hey in all of the other pics, why did you post that second one on the top?

    I agree that one is really ugly, and the make up is so much!

  • glam


    Nice observation! I think these pics were taken during the Dunhill GQ Awards for Men.

    Why did those pics come up only now, this event was last night!

  • @10…..

    lol…..oh you poor thing…….so jealous and envious of the gorgeous Miranda, she looks beautiful and you know it, get over it!!!

  • @ WOW…..

    @ 10…..

    the only one who would be jealous of a s.l.u.t. is you my dear.

    get over yourself.

  • riri


    Oh no i’m not jealous of her!

    Here are the models whom i think are much prettier with less make up based on the pics i’ve seen from them:

    Edita Vilkeviciute, Doutzen Kroes, Emily Didonato, Toni Garnn, Adriana Lima, Valentina Zeliaeva, Anna Jagodzinska, and sometimes Jessica Stam

    Here are the models whom i think looks only pretty with make up:

    Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss, Chanel Iman, Miranda Kerr, Agyness Deyn, Gisele Bundchen, Marisa Miller, my gosh so many more!

  • mimi

    Miranda is not beautiful nor stunning. She is average looking. She only has a beautiful body.

  • hmmm

    Me thinks that @WOW is CallieM3 and @/lol/rollseyes is Tori

    Have fun girls!

  • dundies

    i know fo damn sure that i have to put on weight…so i have all the right to say…that she is too skinny

  • hmmm

    I agree that Randa has a beautiful body – petite and very feminine, but her face is another story!

    Sometimes she also looks like Gemma Ward minus the fivehead.

  • wow

    She looks gorgeous!
    That color is fantastic on her.
    I love how she rules the lives of the haters. They spend their days obsessed with someone that they claim isn’t worth their time. LOLOL!!
    Miranda OWNES you hateful loons.

  • @ WOW…..

    same way she owns you my dear?

    why else do you feel the need to defend her all the time? you are just as obsessed if not more. except you are obsessed with your own self worth as one of her “loyal” followers.

    so how far up her *** did you stick your nose this time? it’s a wonder she can walk at all with so many of you trying to be her maid of honor at a wedding which may never take place.

  • @22

    I get a kick how the haters claim that her fans are obsessed with her, when it makes MUCH more sense for a fan to seek out news on her, that it does for a hater. One is normal behavior for a fan, the other indicates an unhealthy obsessive tendancy toward negativity. If you wallow in negativity, that’s what you will receive in life.
    Add that to the list of hater double standards.
    ‘Wow’ is right…she owns you.


    I admit, she looks good in the pink dress (love that dress – I have a shorter version made some years ago by Victoria’s Secret), and the black jacket. Her hair color is flattering and her make-up is just right.

    However, unless she gets cosmetic surgery, her features will not change, and while she’s “okay” au naturale and “attractive” when worked over, there are many women in the world more beautiful than her.

  • @22

    “why else do you feel the need to defend her all the time?”
    Why do you feel the need to insult her all the time?
    No insults = no “defense” needed.
    And exactly what is wrong with a fan defending her against the hateful venom spewed by the haters? Do you think that you are the only ones who have a right to comment?

  • @ WOW…..

    I own myself. I’m not a sheep that follows her around hoping for a handout.

    I have a very positive life.

    Just because I don’t kiss ass to someone who could care less if I was their fan, does not make me negative.

    Not everything is beautiful all the time. Certainly not any one person.

    That is unhealthy. Obsessing over and over how beautiful someone is. You are the one who is being owned. Not me.

    No one is that perfect. Not you nor your precious MK.

  • @10

    What’s the big deal about topless pics? She’s a model. And there’s nothing wrong with breasts.

  • faceme

    omg i love her dress and she is lucky to be dating orlando.

  • @26

    Still here?
    Oh no, she doesn’t own you. Not at all.

  • @24

    I don’t think that anyone here claimed that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
    IMO, she’s beautiful. She has a very ‘sweet’ prettiness that isn’t often found in models.
    And why should she consider cosmetic surgery? If we, as a society, believe that someone as pretty as Miranda needs to go under the knife because she isn’t ‘perfect’, what are we telling our young women?

  • @26

    You can not kiss her ass by ignoring her yet you choose to look up all her news. That’s why it does look like she owns you.
    Fans like to look up their fave celebs’ news and comment on what they believe to be their best qualities. That IS normal.
    And you’re not doing yourself any favour putting words into people’s mouths. Nobody said she’s perfect, or the most beautiful, or that they desperately want to see her married.

  • @26

    “I’m not a sheep that follows her around hoping for a handout”
    But you certainly follow her around.
    What ARE you hoping for????

  • Edita Vilkeviciute

    I’m the new obsession!

    You guys need to shut up hahahahahaha

  • Emily Didonato

    I’m the new obsession!

    You guys need to shut up hahahahaha

  • @ WOW…..

    What ARE you hoping for????

    For you all to shut up about your precious Miranda and Orlando.
    With your “OMG this, and OMG that.”

    For Jared and the others to stop posting all this crap about the two of them.

    Which is never going to happen. So why ask?

    You wanted to know. What? Does this surprise you that not everyone on the planet worships the ground these two walk on?

    OMG what a Freaking Night Mare! – Using Marisa Tomei’s line at the end of MY COUSIN VINNEY. Watch the movie. Or is that against the rules of being a fan of Orlando and Miranda too. Can’t watch anything, commercial, movie, interview, etc… without the two of them being involved?

  • riri


    Girl stop it lol

    I’ve listed some good really beautiful models earlier that have other interesting works!

    Get over it girl. Fashion Week is coming up.

    You can check Getty right now for the preview of the models.

  • jean

    i love this pink dress!!!!!!!!! does anyone know who designed it? im dying to know

  • @35

    Putting words into people’s mouths again? Who said you have to worship them?
    Dislike Orlando and Miranda all you want but that won’t change the fact that fans of ANY celebrity will defend him/her from attacks and that you follow every bit of her life for the sake of insulting her.
    BTW you may think you’re causing big harm to Miranda, but searching her stuff and commenting on her threads you’re increasing her popularity and encouraging Jared to keep posting.

  • @35

    If she bothers you so much, why are you adding to her post count?

  • wow indeed…..

    Miranda is so beautiful, she has that rare combination as a model of being both angelic and sexy looking at the same time, lucky girl.

    As for the haters, well it’s just the same jealous women posting over and over again……..pretty pathetic really and embarrassing for them as nothing they say will change the fact that Miranda is gorgeous, hugely successful and Orlando Bloom is her boyfriend…….lol.

  • @35

    So a fan posting that she looks pretty, or that they like her, is “worshipping the ground that she walks on”??
    That’s a bit of a stretch. Even using hater logic.
    And what’s with the ‘Cousin Vinnie’ reference? That old movie is hardly relevant to ANYTHING, much less this conversation.

  • Sweet-looking girl

    Miranda has an angelic very sweet face. She’s petite and slender – but still has curves and really beautiful legs. I wouldn’t go so far as to call her a ‘raving beauty’, but she certainly is pretty and definitely has her strong points.

  • :)

    Miranda looks gorgeous here! Normally I’m not too big a fan of hers, but I reckon she’s stunning in these pictures

  • reality check

    I’ve seen Miranda in person and I have to say she is indeed very very beautiful. She has the most amazing blue eyes and gorgeous skin and is really delicate looking, just stunning.

    I’d like to see photos of people commenting on here who say she’s ugly or she’s only pretty standing next to her and see how they match up!!!

  • @44

    I too have seen Miranda in person and you are so right! She is beautiful and very delicate as you say. And to top it all off, I had the nerve to stand next to her with my arm around her tiny waist and take a photo! lol All I’m going to say to that is she is indeed bautiful.

  • yes

    She’s gorgeous.
    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • talan

    I don’t like this terrible pink Barbie color. In the combination with blond hair it looks cheap and not classy at all. In combination with black leather jacket it results with one of the biggest fashion mistakes. Everything on Miranda is expensive, but the result is bad. She looks cheap and there is not c from classy. But shippers will continue with their adoration, although most of them would never put on dress in this color, combine it with black jacket and bag, and finish all the mass with pink shoes in another pink color. Miranda was never style icon and she will never be. If she is a supermodel, and shippers like to think so, she could influence on her appearance even when VS chouse dress for her. Supermodels can say no if they are not satisfied. She should say no, and JJ needs some fashion education.

  • @talan

    Talk for yourself. I think black and pink are a good combination, and leather jackets are trendy. I don’t “adore” her I just like her style and her taste for little dresses and lively colours. There are those who think Katie Holmes’ style is perfect and I think it’s hideous, but if some people like it good for them.

  • http://justjared lol

    I can’t believe the haters are this pathetic this October it will 2 years since they were pictured with Leo Di Caprio for the first time going out as a couple TWO FREAKING YEARS .

    The haters have spend TWO YEARS of their pathetic lives hating on this woman FOR NO REASON AT ALL .
    Two years of their lives they will never get back THAT IS PATHETIC.

  • http://justjared lol

    I can’t believe the haters are this pathetic this October it will be 2 years since they were pictured with Leo Di Caprio for the first time going out as a couple TWO FREAKING YEARS .

    The haters have spend TWO YEARS of their pathetic lives hating on this woman FOR NO REASON AT ALL .
    Two years of their lives they will never get back THAT IS PATHETIC.