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Naleigh Kelley: Katherine Heigl's Adopted Daughter

Naleigh Kelley: Katherine Heigl's Adopted Daughter

Katherine Heigl and musician husband Josh Kelley are adopting a baby this week, confirms.

Radar reports the baby is a 10-month-old girl from Korea named Naleigh and her nickname will be Leigh (Heigl‘s sister also was adopted from Korea).

A few weeks ago, Katherine hosted a baby shower for her Grey’s co-star Ellen Pompeo. Now it looks like Ellen might have to be return the favor!

Heigl is currently on leave of absence from Grey’s as she shoots her movie Life As We Know It.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • Lucy

    Good on Katherine and Josh.

    Nice to see a young couple choosing the adoption route.

  • LuckyL

    Wow, can they at least -attempt- to save the child’s heritage?

  • paige

    Great, but why not adopt here in the USA.

  • alli

    I love when celebrities adopt! I agree with Paige celebs should adopt in USA more often and help out with orphanages overseas.

  • Audrey

    that’s cool. i’m from korea so in a way it’s kind of exciting lol.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    he’s a failure. and she’s…

  • sarah

    Good for them, if this is true! I have so much respect for couples who give an unloved and unwanted child a second chance at a proper life!

  • Ben

    Good on Katherine and Josh – hope the rumours are true! I too love when celebs use their power and help out kids in need! Can Katherine be any more awesome! Love her :-)

  • Emily

    her sister is adopted so i thought they would at some point. Thats awesome if true now tho.

  • Zizi

    Sweet :)

  • boo

    somebody’s jealous of the attention her co-star is getting. can’t let ellen have 5 mins in the spotlight…

  • Gabz

    Aw! I think its great!

    And i love how its been kept quite.. it shows they aren’t doing this for the publicity.

    Congrats! Hope they have a happy life and show the child alot of love!

    peace x

  • dundies

    get ready for the hate from the crazy ass brangelina fans

  • dundies

    jared, u didnt censor ass lol are we getting sloppy

  • Baretta

    Leigh would have been a better name.

  • twpumpkin

    Another celebrity buying a third world country kid. Better hurry before Brangelina gets her!

  • Jeanette

    I always hear people say, “Celebs should adopt in the U.S. instead of overseas.”

    It’s a VERY ignorant statement. Adoption is wonderful, no matter where the child is from.

    Besides, if you do your research, there is POWERFUL reason why many parents DON’T adopt in the U.S. (Ridiculous laws, etc.)

  • Dellina

    I agree Jeanette. Who cares where a child is from. A child is a child and the need is the same no matter where he or she is from.

  • marley aka mars

    That’s really nice! : )) I’m happy for them ; )


    Leigh and heigl have the same letters. coincidence?

  • fresh

    Congrats if true. Why do you all care if they adopt an American baby? Its really non of your business—-if you want to adropt American go ahead—but there are millions of kids all over the world–so what does it matter where the child came from—its going to get a home. Some of you are ridiculous.

  • nikomilinko
  • nikomilinko
  • Janie

    Katherine’s older sister was adopted from Korea, so I’m not surprised the Kelley’s chose Korean adoption.

  • John

    When this Hollywood trend dies out what are they going to do with the kids then? Send them back? The people that do it for the right reasons I’m all for it but the ones that follow a trend are pathetic.

  • to John

    John read post # 24 – obvioulsy she is not following a trend.

  • Shyen

    A lot of you here are so ignorant…. We live in America and if it’s easier for some of us to adopt American kids then why don’t you all? if these celebs have the money to go overseas and adopt these LESS THAN FORTUNATE kids, than they could.

    The foster homes here are so much better than the ones in other countries. I rather be in a foster home in the states than in another country.

    But good for them for adopting…. I might consider adopting a child someday too… Maybe a teenager.

  • Wala

    I agree I think it’s a wonderful thing to do and it doesn’t matter where the child is from.

  • Kristen

    Nayleigh? Like the fan name of Haley and Nathan on OTH? O_o It sounds stupid when used in reference to that and it sounds stupid as a actual name. Why not Haleigh? Or Bayleigh? Or… an actual name.

  • Abbe

    Maybe Nayleigh is the Anglicized version of her Korean name?

  • marla

    I feel sorry for the kid already. Her purpose is to make Heigl stay on the spotlight. I don’t believe that someone like her and has the attitude she have any maternal instinct at all.

  • mertz

    i’m glad that their day is finally here, because both her and josh have been talking about adopting for a long time now. good for both of them…despite her foot in mouth syndrome. josh kelley is the best.

  • hopeso




  • love

    congrats to the happy couple.

  • chelsey

    is it like a requirement now that if you are a celeb and planning to adopt it has to be from another country?!

    Whats wrong with this good ol U.S of A.? Plenty of kids in need of homes here too, ya know.

  • Cutie pie

    Can’t they at least adotp a white baby and not an oriental.


  • Danielle

    My husband and I were going to adopt a baby a couple years ago. At the last minute the mother changed her mind. It was hands down the most heart breaking thing to go through. In the U.S. not only are the laws to qualify for adoption strict, there is also the chance the mother will change her mind. If I were to ever think about adoption again I would probably look overseas. The babies for adoption there are usually abandoned or orphaned.

    Furthermore, Katherine talked about adopting a baby long before Ellen announced her pregnancy. It takes a long time to go through adoption. This has probably been in the works for at least a year. The fact that it coincides with Ellen’s pregnancy is merely a coincidence. Get a few facts straight before you start running your teenage mouths off!

  • meemee

    Nayleigh? Sounds like Nene from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Not a good name. And no child can make Katherine a nice person. She is a cow. Sorry.

  • miyon

    What right do all of you have to say such hurtful and ridiculous things about someone you don’t know? Maybe Katherine has said stuff she shouldn’t but how many of us haven’t? Thank God I’m not a celebrity! I’d hate to read about people crucifying me for speaking without thinking!

    BRAVO to her and her husband for adopting! I was adopted from Vietnam. Guess i’m one fo those disgusting Orientals one of you mentioned! Racist bigots like you are the ones who shouldn’t have kids, not people like Josh and Katherine who will probably give this child a much better home than she would have had in Korea.

    As for her name, Nayleigh might be the name she was given. It isn’t uncommon to keep the name they have. I think it is a beautiful name!

  • clay

    Sorry, but I am sooooo over these celebs adopting babies from other countries.

  • me me me

    it’s a great thing they’re doing and they should be credited for it, not scrutanized by a bunch of jealous racist idiots. and the girl they’re adopting most likely was abandoned or orphaned, not sold by her pregnant mother like the procedure is in the US.

  • J

    Some of u ppl are weird. Adopting a child from another country is not a trend. Ppl have adopted kids from Korea the last 50 years!

    Why should she adopt a kid from the USA and not Korea? She has a close bond to Korea when her sister is adopted from korea as well. And you ppl would only know how complicated things are when adopted from the US. If I was to adopt, i would defenitely go overseas.

  • Aussie Girl

    #25 It says in the article if you bother to read it-that Katherine has a sister who was adopted from Korea.So I very much doubt that KH is just following a trend.
    Ans to others-at least in US orphanges the kids get 3 meals and a roof over there heads and if some-one does want them they are made to go through hell.Overseas the kids are lucky to det a meal a day and mat to sleep on. WHY all the moaning/critizing????

  • rosie

    For what it’s worth, I feel absolutely terrible for people like Danielle. I hope Katherine Heigl gives that little girl a good home and they’re all very happy together. She says stupid things from time to time but I bet she’ll be a loving mother.

  • Jemma

    Adoption is a wonderful thing. But what I am interested in knowing is did KH get time off from work to be a mom or to do a movie? If she is doing a movie than I think her priorities are a little messed up.

  • Bordado

    yea yea. just another celeb with a baby

  • kb

    From Celebrity Baby Blog

    Noting that her sister Meg Heigl is Korean and that adopting from Korea was something she “always knew” she wanted to do, Katherine says that making her intentions “really clear” to her paramour was key. “Not everybody is down with that,” she notes. “Not everybody thinks that.”

    “I just wanted to make sure that I was marrying a guy who understands that this was going to have to happen.”

    Happen, indeed! The couple will welcome their first child — a 9 ½-month-old daughter named Naleigh — “real, real soon” after initiating her adoption “about a year ago,” according to Katherine. “The process is intense,” she notes, citing a 40-page questionnaire which covered everything from their upbringings to their respective parenting philosophies. “These are very valid questions,” Katherine points out. “You think about some of these things. You talk about some of these things but you don’t really get into the mix of it until you’re looking at these questions going, ‘Oh my God we better answer these right otherwise they won’t give us the baby.”

    “It’s different, but it isn’t. It’s just as intense I’m sure to have a baby biologically because you’re going through the whole physical sort of thing of it.”

    Naleigh — named “after my mother and sister Nancy, Leigh” — was able to be adopted on an expedited basis because she has special needs. “They wanted to get her to us as quickly as possible,” Katherine says, explaining that the timing played a role in her decision to break the news. “I wanted to tell everybody so you don’t think I stole a Korean baby!” she laughs.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i was really surprised when i heard this
    i always saw her as the type of woman that didnt want to have kids
    congrats tho


    It’s great that she’s adopting a child who could use love and a home rather then having a baby herself and adding to the over population, also the baby is a special needs one which makes her adoption even better. It’s ridiculous what people who don’t even know her are saying. Also, her sister was adopted from Korea so it makes sense why she would choose to adopt a child of her own from there.