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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Honor Designer Kris Van Assche

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Honor Designer Kris Van Assche

Rachel Bilson and fiance Hayden Christensen attend a cocktail party in honor of designer Kris Van Assche at The Cooper Square Hotel Penthouse on Tuesday (September 8) in New York City.

The party was hosted by GQ and Dior Homme and honored Kris, who is the Dior Homme artistic director.

Rachel and Hayden (both 28) were seen keeping closing and holding hands. Rachel is also in town for the big event this month: NY Fashion Week!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen honoring designer Kris Van Assche

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  • sharon

    UMMMM….Ok WTF is she wearing??? Looks like somebody plucked feathers off a canary!!!

  • mika

    <3 hayden

  • Van

    Thanks for Hayden, JJ! He looks sexier than EVER!

  • emmaa

    Rachel’s style here reminds me of Mischa’s style. In no way am I saying she is copying…i’m just saying that her outfit isnt so great this time like it usually is. It clashes, especially standing next to Hayden in all grey.

  • fitzroy

    MUTT & JEFF tandem – Whoring out there again for nothing?!

  • Oh boy!

    I really didn’t want to be negative about Rachel, no sir, I didn’t. So I won’t. I’ll just pretend that it’s someone else wearing that horror of an outfit! It’s truly awful! It’s mismatched, ugly, garish, my mind boggles as to why it was chosen. It’s the sort of outfit that lives in the darkest recesses of a wardrobe where, hopefully, although not in this case unfortunately, it will never be seen by sensitive eyes, horses and impressionable children. It’s revolting! I surely do hope that there is a valid excuse for wearing such a monstrosity but my mind is that baffled I can’t think of a single one! They look happy together though, which should shut the doubters up for a bit and Hayden is definately the better dressed of the two. Not hard to do against the horror!

  • schnickels

    Visually speaking or their physical attributes DONT really match Trying Hards!

  • Oh boy!

    Also, she has such a pretty face but way too much lipstick girl, way too much.

  • Save The OC

    I think Rachel looks cute :)

    I wonder if her and Mischa ran into eachother at the party. They attend so many of the same parties, but we never get any pic’s of them together… :(

  • trendsetter

    Eeeeek! WTF is it?!!!!

  • @9

    Please no! Don’t save the OC! Bad enuff first time round!

  • Save The OC


    Ha ha ha…

  • searlus

    The OC_Chicklet looks like a freakin’ “Cock-A-Doodle-Do” from the sixties teaming up from the old-looking & rotten Manakin… I wonder what he’s douche-bro doing these days after hitting the headlines by dragging his girlfriend 30 feet with his car?!
    Damn HE could be the HW boyfriend of the year LOL

  • wedding ring ????

    does rb have her ring on that she used to wear the wedding band one?on her engagement finger if you enlarge the first and second picture you can see it.

  • schnickels

    @They look happy together though, which should shut the doubters up for a bit

    The’re reading the JJ Blogs here… and presto – they’ve got a “Make-Over” image around here now…

  • milind

    she does look like herself in none good way

  • ocsethummer

    Her engagement ring usually fits on her ginger sloppy. The engagement ring is now surrouned both sides (or so it appears) by plain gold bands.
    Suddenly Hayden appears!!!!!! Maybe the problems with Tove have caused him to be put in the limelight.
    They appear happy which is really strange for them!
    Perhaps in light of the bad press lately and recent threads and comments that favourable featured her ex Adam Brody they have secretly gone off and wed to improve their image!

  • reedley

    @ Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Honor Designer Kris Van Assche…

    Nuff Said!

  • sharon

    @wedding ring ????: I think this is the first event she has wore her ring ….but Hayden being there she had to wear it , because of the rumors of them splitting .

    The pair has been dogged by rumours of a split in recent weeks and the former O.C. actress fuelled speculation when she was recently spotted without her precious diamond band.
    But her representatives have blasted the claims, insisting Bilson sometimes leaves her expensive jewellery at home.
    A spokesperson tells the New York Daily News, “The engagement is on; she just doesn’t always wear the ring.”

  • jeezzum

    One of Sillywood’s “Most Laughed At And Disdained Showbiz Couplet”.
    Case Closed.

  • http://deleted lisa

    adam will be in canada for the premiere of jens rayden is in usa now.good for both sides.

  • lexy

    Is it Halloween??? Is that Rachel’s costume?? She looks awful. It’s funny how the press feels the need to mention how happy and in love they are – as if to dispell the rumors. No one ever says how happy Ben and Jen or Brad and Angie are – b/c folks just know they are happy.

    RB & Mischa aren’t friends. RB thinks she’s a movie star and doesn’t want to be associated with her old co-stars.

  • Queen_B

    Wow he looks OLD. He’s aged like ten years overnight and looks different, or maybe something is just off.

  • key oui

    They’re in an “inter-facial” relationship — that’s when said couple are not on the same level of attractiveness.

    He’s like a 9/10. She’s about a 5/10.

  • http://deleted joycee

    rachel had nothing in common with adam. he always photographed buying books,while she is all about fashion and wonder they broke adam sounds like a complitely down to earth person.she is totaly out of work,adam is struglling too,but atleast he admits it ,doesnot pretend he is a movie star like her .bravo adam.

  • jeezzum

    @ RB thinks she’s a movie star…
    Well she is a movie star SOLELY just in the eyes of the tabloids & paparazzi.

  • elulu

    I like his 1950′s style suit.

    Her hair never looks right imo, always unfinished.

  • Hello

    She looks glum…

  • unreechy

    WHORES OF A FEATHER, TRICK THE STREETS TOGETHER! Definitely deserved each other so hurry up and get married – both of you only have so much time and press attention left. Ouch!

  • lexy

    I don’t know what she has in common with HC. He clearly isn’t into fashion unless he’s at an event. He doesn’t seem to be a media whore when he’s alone. He doesn’t like shopping. But I guess her mom has taught her some moves in the bedroom and he and Adam were whipped.

    What kind of fashion event is this where the biggest celebs are HC and RB in a Big Bird costume? If it’s in NY, why isn’t someone there from Gossip Girl or where are some of the real celebs?

  • pisces moon

    Personally I think he could do better.

  • aberfitch

    Soo damn sure that RATchel always checks out her paps photos & threads since she constantly “not” doing anything right?!
    And whenever she’s is modeling for her paparazzi shoots or could get articles from the internet tabloids, media would push on about the engagement thing that she usually instigates.
    So BOOM, the boytoy directly emerges from his cave and just looks “”re-brief”" on what should be the next step just to save some their damaged & thick face/s.


    @key oui:

    HAHA So damn true!
    HC looks really good. RB is just okay, that’s all she is and can be.

  • Queen_B

    She looks old, too.
    She looks like a 40 year old in that HORRIBLE outfit with that DISGUSTING lipstick.

  • whodie

    So which is which?! That she’s too dwarfed for him or he’s too towering for her?!
    Truly reminds me of YODA & JARJAR BINKS. Tsk… what a dreadful match-up and must rightfully belongs to another galaxy – LMAO.

  • Dino

    that is one badly dressed beard !

  • @JJ

    JJ, this should have been a ‘how do you rate the dress?’ thread. Does anyone know the designer? Does anyone actually like what she’s wearing and would they rush out to buy it? Please post if you like it coz would love to know. I give it a 1 out of 10.

  • pinkfluffyclouds

    Looks like doggy doo on a big blob of marzipan!

  • ?

    Well he must like it coz me thinks he has a stiffie!

  • beeee

    i think RB is wearing a wedding band! maybe that’s why hayden has his hand in his pocket, so you can’t see his.

  • beeee


    chace crawford was actually at that event, so….

  • yoyo


    two gossip girl stars were at this event, so hopefully it is now validated for you, not that GG stars are exactly huge celebs…..

    does anyone notice the big bug at the bottom of hayden’s shirt or is that just me?

  • @Beee

    It looks like a wedding band to me. Do hope so, they look very sweet on each other.

  • @Yoyo

    That would freak me out, looking down and seeing that on me. I think it’s some kind of fly, I have seen some like that in my garden.

  • bug

    They look married, and the rings on her look like wedding bands. I must say that he is much better looking than she is. Thy look terribly mismatched. Well, he is a loser if he is in love with her, what can you do.

  • ??

    Why does Hayden look like a 45 year old man, taking his 12 year old daughter Trick-or-Treating?
    He looks pale and gaunt.
    She looks ridiculous.

  • Marley

    @beeee: It’s two rings on either side of her engagement ring. My dad did the same for my mom when they got married, she had two engraved gold bands from him with a declaration of his love written on each one and she always wore her engagement ring between them. Rachel’s look engraved too so maybe Hayden had the same idea! It’s very cute!

  • reality check

    hayden isn’t a little boy anymore. he’s nearing 30. he’s going to start looking older, and i think it looks good on him. he looks like a MAN, for once, not some little kid.

  • bug

    I bet they are married, and he does look content, but please do not beat me up for it but he does not look in love. I don’t get it. Content, happy, settled, but not in love. He is so much better looking than she is too.

  • bug

    Rachel definitely looks happy and has this expression on her face like she got what she wanted.