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Rachel Bilson's Secret Wedding? Didn't Happen!

Rachel Bilson's Secret Wedding?  Didn't Happen!

Last night, Rachel Bilson and fiance Hayden Christensen honored Dior Homme’s artist director Kris Van Assche at NYC’s Cooper Square Hotel.

Rumors were immediately sparked after Rachel was spotted with gold bands around her engagement ring.

Did Hayden and Rachel elope? Not so, says her rep.

“They were not married over the weekend,” Rachel‘s rep tells “As you know she is known for her fashion forward style. She decided to accessorize the ultimate accessory.”

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  • lauren

    i loveeeee rachel but this is way too fashion forward, and i’m starting to agree that she’s becoming media whorish. :\

  • bee

    media whore. she knew wearing gold bands on her LEFT hand would spark media interest that she can’t find anywhere else…because let’s face it, she has virtiually no career.

  • zing


    i don’t particularly like rachel bilson, but it’s hilarious how you think you know what her intentions are. the same can be said about the majority of comments in rachel/hayden posts. newsflash, guys. you aren’t her, and your speculations lack something called credibility.

  • Shari

    DON’T CARE. LOVE Rach!!! :)

  • tonie

    What happened to her rep never commenting on his client’s personal life? As for “accessorizing the ultimate accessory”, an engagement ring is not an accessory it is a token of love and promise. Figured she was playing another game. Glad to see they didn’t get married. They seem all wrong for each other.

  • chris 23

    Being the media whore she is, she’ll press out her wedding for all its worth. No thanks. Let them go back to Canada and stay there.

  • lisa

    wait a minute,my ex is everywhere because of his movie,and i am not getting any attention,what can i do to change that.idea wedding band.
    again good luck hsyden,trust me you need it.

  • leave her alone

    I am sure if it bothered Hayden, she wouldn’t have done it.

    He’s the one marrying her, not any of you. He is obviously OK with it so give her a break.

  • Sasha

    i love rachel and hayden together.. cute couple!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    horribly boring couple. pugly can do so much better.. why is she dating a zombie?

  • AVa

    Who cares about these two…give us some Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols NEWS!!!!! They always get like over 200+ comments because they’re actually interesting!

  • HAHA


  • searlus

    @ They were not married over the weekend,” Rachel’s rep tells “As you know she is known for her fashion forward style. She decided to accessorize the ultimate accessory.”

    See there it goes…. “admitting” to another media frenzy just to stir up gossip talks agian about herself as theres NOTHING really much to talk about her but her most treasured media hype in HW – that is her so-called engagement thing.
    So CONDOLENCE there Manakin!

  • laalaa

    Danng hella haters. Talking crap about both of them isn’t going to get them to break up. THEY’RE TOGETHER AND OBVIOUSLY HAPPY. Leave them alone.

    BTW I love Rachel and her outfit is bomb =)

  • chauncey

    @As you know she is known for her fashion forward style…
    Fashion Forward?!
    I think her comatose brain should be the one that badly needs to move up instead of her popularly known (as claimed) fASShion style.

  • Cee

    That’s not fashion forward, that’s craving attention. Not cool.

  • atlqueen

    Maybe that got married but don’t wish to say anything, hence the rep stepping in.

  • PR people

    Every time the celebrity gets attention in the media his or her public relations representative(s) get credit for the job well done. I am sure their reps will continue to advise them to milk their relationship and the wedding will be part of the pr stunt too unless they suddenly become working actors and will not need this type of cheap hype.

  • drewlard

    Their lightyears physical oddities always reminds me Josh Duhamel & FUGgie of the Black Eyed Peas or more like John Lennon & Yoko Ono LOL!

  • Idiot’s!

    @ Some saying leave them alone and they are so happy. Oh please?!! You leave them alone and stop posting gossip you don’t know about. You don’t know Hayden and Rachel either.

    The word is out. She used the gold bands to accessorize her engagement ring. She wanted to draw speculation and she accomplished just that. Check the cilvil records. I have. Nothing on her and him. Their was something on Rachel in 2001 and I was not going to spend $20.00 to find out what happened back in 2001. That is just stupid. You idiot’s with no life and loving the gossip can go and figure that one out for yourselves. Have fun.

    Good night!

  • me

    No19 if she said that didn’t they didn’y leave it alone. Rachel just want attention like i said. She play all are you didn’t she. She always doing that to people like you all grow-up. Rachel only want an acting gig from him that all. Maybe you could leave the engagement alone as well.I told you all she wasn’t.He probabaly was ther on business like i said,He always is.Didn’t he leave her by herself.Anyway spitville next. If it haven’t already happen,

  • Tina


    If they did it and didn’t want anybody to say anything, the rep most likely would have said that they don’t comment on the private lives of their client. It’s that simple. Or they didn’t have to call back at all. The rep took time to deny the engagement was over and it’s still on. And is doing it again with this. So I think it is what it is. She accessorized her ring, it’s that straight forward.

  • PR people

    It is very dissappointing to see what attention seeking stars will resort to to get publicity but there is always someone worse like, actually, right now, I don’t know anyone.

    It is a pity. Hayden had aspirations at least at one point in his life and now he is at the bottom of the HW barrel with RB. I understand wanting to help your fiance to get work and publicity, they are building a future and a house and need money, but it is unfortunate that he is with such a desperate for attention girl. The only way she has been relevant is bc of her engagement to him. Pity. He is really at the bottom of the barrel now. It is almost painful and embarrassing to watch.

  • rumours

    Rumours where tho? have only seen gossip on this site and unsubstantiated maybe ‘People’. Am not sure would class that as kind of rumour that needs debunking. Small talk from minority of internet users don’t get much response usually. Understand more if splashed all over headlines. Seems pointless except to generate media interest?

  • ?

    Rep only says they did not get married THIS weekend. Not really an answer like They are not married, no way. Ambiguous.

  • @ rumours 26

    They would have been very happy to get splashed all over headlines. But they are not on that level. Attention on JJ and similar sites is all the attention they can get. Believe me, if they could get news deserving to head lines they would resort to it. Very unfortunate couple. They look very desperate for attention to stay relevant. There is absolutely nothing natural about their relationship. Most of the time you don’t see him with her and now the brother is in trouble and H suddenly pays attention to her. Does not look good plus the behavior constantly staged for speculations about them. Very unfortunate.

  • Pookie


    Do you read? Read it again. They were not married over the weekend. They did not elope. She accessorized the ultimate accessory. What is so hard about that? And it was the past weekend. THIS weekend hasn’t gotten here yet.

  • jacinth

    The OC-Ewok is NOT really beautiful nor even stunning. Definitely an average looking. If not for her branded clothes, blings & toads of PR machine who ceaselessly promotes her out of nothing. She would look like a “hooters bar waitress”.

  • the ugly truth

    Um, no, Rachel is not attractive enough to get a job at Hooters. Don’t believe me? Have her get all dolled up and go for an interview and see if she’ hired. She won’t be!

  • @30

    Rachel is too short and too flat chested to get a job at hooters. Don’t get me wrong, she is a typical waitress type, just in a small cheap place some where like a small deli or a lunch place would be perfect for her.

  • Scary Carrie!

    Hooter’s?!! You have to have a thing called breast’s mamma! Plus, be at a normal height. They don’t hire midget’s at Hooter’s!

  • amaranth

    If ever said wedding would push through, it’ll be more like that they would publicly announce it in advance so that some tabloid/mags would take a bite to cover them & even paying them up for just 500K grand. The way they whoring-out themselves lately most esp. BilTroll, both looks like needing some money that much & since both are non-working hacktor/tress for a long while now, they’re just channeling it to all sorts of media hype that they “themselves” instigates in the 1st place. How pity-poor they can really be…

  • @34

    Psychologically H is already married to her. He gave up on his higher dreams and went down to her level and it is warm and fussy there, you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to try, she supports what ever he is and he is very comfortable. He became a lazy loser with her and without shame.

  • zing


    whoring themselves out? i understand that rachel is seen a lot, but hayden definitely isn’t. he went about two-three months without any sightings. and considering they’ve been together for a couple years, they aren’t spotted together nearly as much as most couples.

  • hayden isn’t poor

    what’s with all of these comments implying that hayden needs money? do people actually buy that? this dude was in two star wars movies. i’d say he’s pretty safe as far as finances go.

    also, he’s starting a new movie in october, so maybe then you all can stop bitching about them being unemployed.

  • kara

    Guess RBils has been reading the “How to Make it in Hollywood with Minimum Talent and Maximum Publicity” guidebook for all aspiring starlets.

  • @37

    R does not make any money and H needs a lot of it, don’t forget, he build a house for his mom and is building a huge residence for R and himself, they need work and money, they are not trying to keep up with regular folks, they look at the HW crowd. Don’t forget the houses and the cars and travel and expensive clothes. He just spent thousands on her birthday just by going to NY and staying in a hotel (travel, lodging). Are you kidding.

  • @37

    Face it, H has completely succumb to the demands of the R PR machine.

  • hayden isn’t poor


    hayden made MILLIONS from both star wars movies, not to mention had four or five films after that (including one blockbuster), and his lacoste campaign as a source of income. RB definitely lives a lavish lifestyle, but HC doesn’t. and regarding the farm, it was undoubtedly expensive, but it’s also in uxbridge ontario, which is basically like bumf*ck nowhere. i can’t imagine real estate being nearly as expensive there as it would be in somewhere like new york or california.

  • @41

    Everything they do, they do for money, all their appearances are to make a buck. There is no artistic integrity there or even class. It is just to be comfortable and to get paid. I give up on them. Done.

  • kosher

    @ Rachel Bilson’s Secret Wedding? Didn’t Happen!

    Thanks for the head ups Jared but as you can see it DOESN’T gather that much interest (just aside from you of course) as much as they desperately want to just like what those film producers & casting agents who ceaselessly passed them by every minute of the day. So bring it on real actors who are undeniably popular and actually working that these pretentious tards!

  • the ugly truth

    “Psychologically H is already married to her. He gave up on his higher dreams and went down to her level and it is warm and fussy there, you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to try, she supports what ever he is and he is very comfortable. He became a lazy loser with her and without shame.”

    ….great…. :(

  • hahaha


    lol what? you “give up on them.” i’m sure they’ll be so distraught over some bitter internet-user.

  • lexie

    There is a saying that behind every great man there is a great woman. Well, H does not have that. She is lagging behind him, she is not intelligent or stimulating, or gorgeous, she keeps him back and is glad when he is down bc that keeps him down closer with her.

  • sidony

    @ #43
    Dont mind the gossip source (Just Jared)… just SHOOT TO KILL the “always-a-media-pig-messenger” (Douchel) – lol!

  • trevise

    Fashion Forward?! LOL!
    When the Trollie Girl looks like that she forgot to take off her coat from her part time job in some La-Valley inn as a “bellboy umm… bellgirl” job in haste just to attend a tea party at the other neaby inn so LOL again!

  • lexy

    It is interesting that her reps don’t normally talk about her “personal” life – I mean she has no career to speak of so what does she pay them for?

    Go Rachel – trying to pull off the Big Bird look and trying to pretend your married in order to get some press. If you can’t get a job and think you’re too good for a VH-1 reality show, you’ve got to work whatever else you can and she’s doing it.

    I doubt HC made THAT much off of Star Wars – GL is a shrewd business man and HC was an unknown. He probably got scale pay – maybe a little more. I imagine people figure he’s poor since he chooses such lousy movie roles, RB earns no income and yet she’s always shopping. However I’m sure he’s got a few bucks thanks to Lacoste.

  • Mike

    “Face it, H has completely succumb to the demands of the R PR machine.”
    Gay is not OK in Hollywood.

  • Jake G

    don’t marry the beard.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    @#49 – It is interesting that her reps don’t normally talk about her “personal” life – I mean she has no career to speak of so what does she pay them for?
    Of course there is no career to speak of even on her wildest dreams, as she’s got this mental disease; called “AttentionWhoreSyndrome”, that already killed her desire movie career.
    Those supposed reps are just for her gossip/tabloid career that she usually stirs up every now & then.
    Imao, Barkson could now even teach a master class on “how to pimp your personal life out for publicity just to stay relevant in Hollywood when your movie career is fading or more like on her case; non-existent (any) career at all.
    And be sure that her media-hype accomplice & protégée, Cringetensen would be the head of the class.