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Gerard Butler: 'Saturday Night Live' Host!

Gerard Butler: 'Saturday Night Live' Host!

Saturday Night Live enters its 35th season on September 26th and the first four weeks of hosts and musical guests certainly sound like MUST-SEES!!!! Check out who will most definitely be helping NBC rake in the ratings:

September 26 – Megan Fox/U2
October 3 – Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga
October 10 – Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor
October 17 – Gerard Butler/Shakira

WILL YOU BE tuning in to watch SNL any of these weeks???

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70 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Saturday Night Live' Host!”

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  1. 26
    mimi Says:

    I like Megan Fox.
    She is not like all the pathetic submissive actress who would never criticize the industry and directors that tried to exploit and hurt them.
    Go Megan!

  2. 27
    Love Megan Says:

    Someone is posting only bad pics of Megan Fox.
    Could be the work of Huvane.Megan has New movie
    same week as Jen Aniston.

  3. 28
    liz Says:

    I cannot wait to see Gerard!!!! See a new photo from LAC at he has his shirt off, and you can see the “thumbspots”…nice abs, too!!!!

    He will be great on SNL!!!! Will he put on a kilt? do a spoof of “300″ or “Phantom of the Opera” or “Dracula 2000″? Will he sing? Will he do a salsa with Shakira? Will they parody JA and his romance? He’ll be great !!!!!!!!

    Drew? Ugh. Megan? Pretty, but duh? Ryan” he’s Canadian for God’s sake..go back home!! (he has a nice physique,but little eyes too close together, and he was once engaged to slug-haired Alanis)
    Give me handsome, funny, naughty Gerard!

  4. 29
    Carolyn Says:

    lady gaga! can’t wait! haha no i love snl, doesn’t matter who’s hosting, watch it every saturday!

  5. 30
    Oh no! Says:

    I hope Gerry can get out of Jennifer’s bed in time to do the show? He might be ‘pumping’ her so hard that he forget he has a show to present. I’m so worried. Maybe they can host the show together, live, from Jennifer’s bedroom. Then AniBut can get it together during the commercial breaks.

    Phew! I feel less worried now. SNL, can you arrange this?

  6. 31
    damien Says:

    deffo watch em all! :D

  7. 32
    crystal Says:

    Wow after 10 years of being a huge fan, my man Gerard Butler is showing the world what a real Hollywood star looks like.

  8. 33
    wTF? Says:


    Drew? Ugh. Megan? Pretty, but duh? Ryan” he’s Canadian for God’s sake..go back home!! (he has a nice physique,but little eyes too close together, and he was once engaged to slug-haired Alanis)

    You criticize Ryan for being Canadian and say that he should go back home, but Gerard WHO IS SCOTTISH is okay?
    You make Butler’s fans look bad.

  9. 34
    retrovix Says:

    damn i love U2…now i have to see it…CRAP.

  10. 35
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i wanna see the ryan reynolds, he’s actually funny
    and i wouldnt mind seeing shakiras and geralds

  11. 36
    Lisa Says:

    Wonder why JA was trying so hard to not be seen last night after her dinner with GB.

    He seemed to not care that he was seen getting into his car & leaving but she was all sneaky getting in the back & being driven away.

  12. 37
    marvin Says:

    awesome !!! :) i’ll watch them all !

  13. 38
    gillianfey Says:

    October 17th gala event, Gerard Butler on SNL. Not usually on my list of TV shows to watch the last few years, but I won’t miss this one. Law Abiding Citizen on the 16th. What a weekend.

  14. 39
    him? really? Says:

    audience members should take raincoats with them on 10/17. it’ll be raining blubber and spittle all night. kinda like a Blitzkrieg for fat fvckers

  15. 40
    Maria Says:

    Well, I am so looking forward to Gerry on SNL. I quit watching that show on a regular basis years ago when it became UNfunny most of the time. But, of course, I’ll make an exception because of Gerry. I can’t figure why they waited so long to have him as the host. He’s the perfect choice. Gorgeous, smart and funny.

    I’ll also probably watch Drew. She’s a sweetheart. Adore her, and her family history is awesome for us Old Hollywood addicts. One of the funniest bits I’ve seen from SNL in moons was shown on YouTube. That was when Kate Hudson (pretty sure it was her) did the imitation of Drew. Kate nailed it.

  16. 41
    MIHAY Says:

    The writing on SNL has gone down steadily over the years. I can’t even get through an entire episode anymore but I dig Gerard so I will watch his. Even if the writing sucks, then I will still have Gerard to drool over.

  17. 42
    curious cat Says:

    @stacy#21. Well, well well. You beat me to the punch. When WILL the GB/Shakira romance rumours start? Last I knew her engagement to whatsisname from the Caribbean was off because HE stepped out on her. Don’t know what happened since in the way of new men, haven’t kept up with her. I didn’t think hosting SNL was exactly a step up for Hollywood types. I thought it was a training ground for budding comedians and the guest appearances a bit of a rescue bin for the flagging careers of fading stars, or those crab-walking slowly sideways at the fringes of their fame, trying to stay in the public eye. The show is sometimes funny and sometimes embarrassingly unfunny and inane. It doesn’t seem to be the cutting edge show it once was in its hip heyday. Some of the regulars have been great at what they do, but that takes them out and on to bigger careers, e.g. Tina Fey and many before her. It never seemed like a serious star building vehicle for a guest, just a brief repast. But I guess money is money and exposure is exposure. What do I know anyway? the older I get, the less I know. I continue to feel there is something strange and oddly off kilter about GB’s U.S. career “progression” since “300.” Not natural growth as an actor but artificially orchestrated as a celebrity “stud. hottie, beefcake,” etc. I am not the first or the only one to say it. Shakira, last I saw statistics, is the 4th highest earning female singer in the world, tri-lingual (at least) and from what I’ve obseved, far more intelligent than she is often given credit for. She can take care of herself, I feel sure, against SNL or any wayward wolves licking their chops at her door. No insider knowledge here, just gut instinct to various things I’ve read.

  18. 43
    Debbie Says:

    Lisa ~36

    He does this with all his women. It’s so it can be reported that ‘he left alone’. It makes more bankable and appealing to his fans if he is thought of as ‘single’. Which is OK, is you want to play that game.

    What really happens is that he either leaves by one door, and his date, another. Or he or his date leaves 5 -15 minutes earlier. In either case, they will always meet up later. In LA, friends and I, have seen him do this routine on many occasions, and I assume others have too. Whereas the fans think “awwwww, poor baby, he left alone. Lets mother him’.

  19. 44
    aleia Says:

    come on SNL.. can’t you get RPattz?.. the ratings would skyrocket

  20. 45
    off kilter too Says:

    @curious cat: Hi Curious Cat – just put into words what I was thinking. Far from the ‘best night of the year’ thoughts about Gerard Butler on SNL in October, I am puzzled why on earth he is doing it? I am strangely left anxious and sickened by the prospect.

    I, like you, wonder what the hell he is doing with his career post ’300′. It seems like he is set on squandering all that he has worked for, in order to become a ‘Hollywood Hottie, Stud etc etc’ and be a ‘celebrity for the sake of celebrity’! The fangirls won’t care, as they think that he is hilarious anyway, but some real fans (of the actor) could have cause for disappointment with the new career path.

    As you said, these concerns have been said before by cleverer and more illustrious commentators than me. But far from leaping for joy here, I am curiously disappointed and saddened by him.

  21. 46
    self-serving Says:

    @Debbie: Gerry only leaves alone so as to not let his other “dates” know he’s seeing someone else. He’s been doing this for years.

  22. 47
    #46 Says:

    Right, that’s what my friends from LA have told me as well. He’s never seeing one woman exclusively (although some of them might think or hope they are exclusive or will be one day) but always several girls at the same time. Sometimes they actually do know about each other when they’re in the same circle. But he doesn’t care about that. They can take it or leave it. He just doesn’t want it to become public so he can go on saying “Nooooo, I’m not a womanizer”. LMAO

  23. 48
    liz Says:

    I checked out some sites that mentioned other SNL guest hosts over the years…Some of your comments as to why Gerry is doing it?
    First, he always watched SNL in Scotland, and dreamed of being on it one day. (interviews)Secondly, on the sites aforementioned, some really big stars have been hosts: Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron, Madonna, Britney Spears, and great sports stars suchas Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, etc. It’s a gas for them and their egos! He’ll get to do skits, be a comedian(he loves to make people laugh, as we all know), get into weird costumes, and get audience feedback. he was just mentioning in the past week or so that he longed to get back to live theatre. I just hope that he has some imput…his naughty, raunchy, funny mind should create some really intertaining moments. And the four stars and their musical guest who are hosting the first four shows of the new season are all hot right now…so Lorne Michaels must thin that Gerry is “hot”! I concur!

  24. 49
    hohoho Says:

    The last time I watched SNL was when Palin was on and Fey’s impersonation of her. I missed the Phil Hartman and Chris Farley days. I wonder if the show would let Gerry do impromptu or all is scripted. Either way I will be def. watching it. Didn’t Gerry mention in one of his earlier interviews with Leno that he had always wanted to be a stand-up comedian? He def. has his heart on comedies from the start and he has proven he has the talent for the genre too.

  25. 50
    curious cat Says:

    Yep. There are bound to be rumors about GB and Shakira if they appear on the same show. Shakira is smarter than some give her credit for, a Colombian belly dancing, a multi-ethnic Latin singing superstar who speaks Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese and Italian and seems to have her career well in hand. She is behind only Madonna, Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand as a top-earning female singing star. She does charity stuff too and is very political. She also attended classes at UCLA quietly under her real name so as not to attract attention as a celebrity, which favorably impressed me. For a long time she was engaged to Antonio de la Rua, son of the former president of Argentina. Year or two ago, there were rumors of trouble in the love nest, but I haven’t seen anything lately of either a breakup or a marriage or any other man. But then I don’t follow celebrities nonstop and Shakira doesn’t seem to advertise her personal life but has answered questions directly when asked. As in, maybe we’ll get married one day and maybe not.
    I mention this only because someone else brought up the possibility of GB/Shakira gossip in advance of the SNL show.
    Shakira doesn’t seem like a woman who will let herself be trifled with for the sake of press coverage. Of course, I could be wrong, often am. Where is smart Stinky Louise weighing in in on all this? This issue is of utmost importance.

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