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Jennifer Garner is a School Bill Supporter

Jennifer Garner is a School Bill Supporter

Jennifer Garner makes a trip to Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. on Wednesday (September 9) to help Senator Ben Nelson and Representative Steny Hoyer introduce a new education bill that will expand the number of full-service community schools across the country.

The 37-year-old Alias star has been serving as an Artist Ambassador for Save the Children. Recently Jen called for $2 billion in additional funding from President Obama and Congress.

At the Capitol Hill event, Senator Nelson cracked, “I know a lot of you have come in here to see ‘Bennifer.’ I’m not the ‘Ben.’”

Laughing along, Jen responded, “That was a really bad joke.”

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner speaking at Capitol Hill…

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Credit: Devorah; Photos: WENN
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  • garner affleck fan

    jennifer = amazing

  • Not Jealous

    Fly away with those big giant ears.

    bye bye

  • Bordado

    You go girl!

  • Pippi

    So nice to see a celeb who is not always posing but one that is real and down to earth. She is truly an inspiration. Great job Jen. We love you!

  • affleck fan

    jennifer = phony b!tch

  • Pippi

    So glad to see JJ put in a safety measure that safeguards against unscrupulous bloggers stealing users’ names and such. Now, we can see what is real and what is mischievous child’s play. Good job Jared.

  • Halo

    …and she’s not Jlo. hahah! Bennifer= ben and Jlo… I never heard Ben and garner called bennifer even though it matches.

  • ru

    It’s funny when celebrities try to act like they know what’s going on outside their own hollywood world. I’m sure she knows a BIT, but get real. They don’t face the issues we do so it’s quite annoying when they pretend to ‘take time out of their lives’ and talk about REAL issues that REAL people go through. Stick to acting.

  • laurie

    get a stylist u look like crap.

  • laurie

    get a stylist u look like crap.

  • bennifer is rip dead for good

    Yes they were called Bennifer Garner Affleck..The dicker Jlo is where
    she belongs in the Latino land.. So shut the f up about it o.k .. senators
    That halo that your name is should be called the poop stick..

  • Pippi

    Whereas a tiny bit of makeup could have boosted Jen’s look it hardly seems necessary (it looks like she was able to get the job done) and I’ll bet after she left this meeting she went straight away and hugged and kissed her little girls. I’ll be she didn’t get makeup all over them. That a real confident woman on a mission. She is awesome!

  • hahahahahah
  • jen is Pr wh0re

    “I’ll bet after she left this meeting she went straight away and hugged and kissed her little girls”
    She went straight away and pimped her little girls for another photo op.

  • haha

    You people crack me up with these jokes…i love it!! She’s a douche…

  • Pippi

    I wish to say to all the little people with unwarranted hatred for the lovely Jen Garner: Thank you for making my favorite celeb even more popular on the thread! See ya and I wouldn’t wanna be ya.

  • phoney baloney

    She looks old and fuglie. The Senators look bored, who is she trying to immitate Sarah Palin with her closed fists and talking with her hands, lol.

  • Noticias de famosos

    I love it! she is fantastic.

  • blondie

    I feel such glowing gratitude for her help and her interest
    in the future of children and their welfare in schools.

    Look how much time children spend inside of schools.
    Schools ought to be safe, not crowded, filled with a caring
    staff that motivated and cultivates a warm and secure
    environment…and all of that stuff.

    The future Jay Leno’s and the future Elens
    are being kicked out of schools, with the excuse
    that there is a “No-nonsense” and “No-tolorance”
    atmosphere for kids that rock the boat, in any shape
    size or form…ZERO tolorance means that kids
    are being kicked out of schools in record numbers
    for the least little thing. No more class clowns, or
    outspoken cut-ups, comedians, or those that
    act up.

    I hope that Jen Garner will make a difference.
    I wish her luck and encouragement.

  • Jill

    Seriously???? I agree with those who said that it would behoove her to be a bit more polished for a press conference on the Hill. She must be practicing — my theory is that Ben married her for her so-called squeaky clean image to help him in a future bid for political office. Two things: 1) she needs a LOT more practice; and 2) the people of Massachusetts are too smart to fall for it, Benny!

  • Ellie

    I see the haters have shown up! Hi guys! #s 2,5,7,10, 15 and 16 – are you the same pathetic person? If not, you all should form a club or something. And Laurie, you look idiotic when you post the same nasty comment TWICE. We get it. You don’t like her. Maybe now you should spend time with a dictionary and/or a “Computers for Dummies” booklet?

  • nikomilinko
  • lollipop

    She looks beautiful! Like shes 25. She doesnt need a lot of makeup unlike 95% of women over 25. I love her necklace-2 pink diamonds surrounded by 2 white (for mom and dad) Awwwwwww!

  • Myrtle the turtle

    This woman is so pretty and refreshing I love her dimples. She really doesn’t look 37 at all, if I saw her on the street I would have guessed 27, 29 tops. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Drama. Beautiful and smart is a winning combination all around.

  • lexy

    Myrtle you said – Jen is a breath of fresh air – especially on this board where they worship a lot of untalented folks who call themselves actresses.

    It’s so nice to see a working actress (with actual talent), who manages to be a wife and mom and still get behind social issues.

    Go Jen! We need more celebs like her.

  • LMAO

    #20, she is only thinking about a photo op and the welfare of her career lol. There is nothing she can do to change your life or the life of children period!

  • Pippi

    #27 you are wo wrong. If Jen was thinking about a photo op wouldn’t she have gotten her hair and makeup professionally done? Think about that and you might not make such asinine comments in the future. Just saying.

  • Pippi

    Isn’t it about time for grownup to put away childish playground games like poking fun at physical differences in each other and get down to brass tacks. Seriously , some of you miss the whole point of this thread. It is to shed light on something positive that celeb moms like Jen Garner sees a need for in our school systems and throws her support behind it. Why not see this for what it is and put aside your foolish bickering for once. There are far too many websites specializing in silly and hateful insults directed at celebs and fellow bloggers for that sort of forum. I don’t think Jared is the place for uncivilized behavior. Peace.

  • mary

    Attention whore mommy has come out again! This time in D.C. Go home and take care of your family and failing marriage! How can you be gone all the time and your husband gone all the time, spend a few days together a month and then say that all is peachy keen in lalallala land?! Your poor kids! No wonder Violet is regressing/slow/whatever! She’s the Hollywood Sarah Palin! People either hate her or like her. I would add a cross between Sarah Palin (minus the conservative values; Ben and her are WAY left) and Kate Gosselin (controlling thing).

  • mary

    BTW, I find it OFFENSIVE as a mother that she prances around D.C. for this photo op for education when her kids are in PUBLIC school and she her husband is worth $80 MILLION! Give me a break. So sick of these fake celebs who try to get their name out there and don’t have a clue what it’s like for us NORMAL, AVERAGE working folks. This does ZERO for education but just gives her SOMETHING to put on her resume and PR blitz. WEAK. If you REALLY want to do something, go to the Congo and help your husband bring justice there!

  • mary

    Correction: Her kids are in PRIVATE school not public.

  • Pippi

    Mary, are you really a mother? If so, I feel so sorry for your kids.

  • whats wrong with her

    she looks like a cartoon character not dumbo, some other one maybe howdy doody?

    Read more:

  • Michelle

    Despite what I think of Jennifer Garner, which isn’t much, I do appreciate celebrities using their fame for good causes. Of course they get good press out of it, but who cares? Sadly, we as a society are more willing to listen to, and stand behind a cause if there is a famous name attached to that cause. My hang up on this new education bill is where is that money going to come from? She’s asking for luxury, when in fact most schools can barely cover teacher salaries this year with what’s going on in the economy and major cut backs. I’d be irate if this bill passed in the current economic situation.

  • lollipop

    Federal money has always gone to education. The point is to dole it out to where its going to make the biggest impact. We are losing ground to all these other countries who put more money and resources (and time!) into education.

  • lexy

    Jen’s kids are in private school? They seem a bit young to be in any sort of school – especially the one who doesn’t walk yet. So what – her tax dollars still pay for public school so she could be like Jennifer Lopez or Rachel Bilson and do nothing but she doesn’t. She actually cares about something other than the latest clothes.

    Some of you must not come to this board often b/c Jen is CONSTANTLY photographed with her kids. If her kids were old enough to go to school and were in a public school there would probably be paps nagging the poor kids – just like they nag Jen when she’s with them or nag Katie & Suri or Reese and her kids.

  • fresh

    LMFAO at the comments.

  • Michelle


    Yes, but that money would be better spent keeping teachers on the payroll and keeping low teacher/student ratios. Early education is an asset, as well as community services, but only if elementary education isn’t cut to the minimum and classrooms are not over-crowded. This bill is not addressing the bigger problem.

  • Tazla

    The haters are having trouble putting sentences together. I doubt any of them could pass a literacy test. Time to go back to school guys and learn how to spell. Jennifer looks fantastic and what a great cause for the sake of children. Good for her.

  • annabelle

    She is cute, looks like down the earth kind of girl.

  • tsts

    She needs good publicity – her movie comes out next month. She is not Angelina, she does something “good” only when it suits her and her career. Same with her husband ( Congo? please!) Garner said that she thinks Benny married her because she would make a perfect First Lady (boy, Garner is soooo modest, isn´t she? LOL). Now Ben needs to find a perfect Monica Lewinsky.

  • Lee

    she is only thinking about a photo op and the welfare of her career lol.

    She sure is. The last time she was in washington she had that movie ghosts coming out and here she is in washington again and she has that movie about inventing lying coming out. She’s pathetic the only time she’s shows interest in charity or promoting education is when it can benefit her in some way, like when she has a movie coming out and wants publicity.

  • ice

    cute!!!! love her!!!!!

  • ellie’

    Jen & Her family are amazing . Both great actors and beautiful and generous people…

  • Ashley

    i luv this girl sooo much!!
    super cute and luvly dimples!

  • haze

    good job jen!
    goodluck and God bless..

  • minie

    she’s gorgeous and pretty.
    she’s my favourite celeb mum indeed :)

  • !!!

    hahahaha “Pipi”…….u must be the person she got a restraining order for…………………..hahahahahahahaha………..but seriously, people only get defencive once they know the other person, or people in this case, are right………………………..hahahaha

  • mary

    Pippi, YOU ARE THE RESTRAINING ORDER guy, aren’t you! hahahahahaah. Jen G. HATES YOU b/c you make her fans all seem PSYCHO. You dish out the personal attacks SO WELL and then accuse everyone for being jr. highish. You must be a darling to hang out with and have so many friends with your obsessive behavior. I would suggest you get out of Jen’s yard though and stop hiding behind her bushes. Psycho hypocrite = Pippi Adoring Fan!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i admit i constantly hate on jennifer because she’s so bland
    but she actually looks nice here
    i think the dress is 2 girly but it’s better than those everyday jeans she has on all the time
    good job jennifer =]
    she can be beautiful, but she just gives no attempt at all 2 look good most of the times