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John Mayer Debunks Kristin Cavallari Rumors

John Mayer Debunks Kristin Cavallari Rumors

John Mayer took to his Twitter to address those pesky rumors that he’s been hooking up with The Hills babe Kristin Cavallari. Here are the 31-year-old singer’s hilarious tweets:

– “Rumor control: How do I put this like a gentleman…I have never high-fived Kristin Cavallari with my penis.”

– “I’m sure she’s a wonderful gal but we have never tasted the Skittles Rainbow together.”

– “My Milli has never slam danced with her Vanilli.”

– “I have never Bensoned her Hedges, nor have I attempted to Bartle her James.”

John is currently in the Big Apple, where he said, “I landed in New York on the week it most resembles LA. Grrrrrreat.”

He also joked, “It’s Fashion Week in NYC. Where are all the Talbot’s models hanging out?”

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  • j


  • riri

    douchebag as*hole

  • glam

    lunatic douchebag

  • whiskers

    what a bloated a$$ bag

  • ha

    such a garbage personality. who says stuff like this?

  • AllForYouSophia

    I thought he was being quite funny… oh well…

  • annou

    Only a retard psychotic fameho like J Mayer says things like these!

  • Hill

    I can’t believe Aniston even considered rebound with this JERK!

  • queen

    Why is this useless hobag still existing……..

    His music sounds like a rotten a*s

  • bubbaness


  • bella

    @annou: he is not funny at all he tries to be and then this is what comes out. He is such a good musician and songwriter, stick with that John.

  • Jennifer

    Megan Fox and John Mayer deserve each other.

  • annou


    certainly those qualities you mentioned (if ever he has one) don’t seem to exist at all

    also, his music sucks big time

  • milind

    this guy is such a loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • cooh

    =)) it’s funny

  • mimicha

    L O S E R !!!

  • Topdog

    fcukin’ psychotic loser! I can’t believe Aniston was hanging out with this loser. Jessica Simpson maybe, but Jennifer Aniston? C’mon!!

  • Bella

    suuuuure, John M.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    mayer’s so cool. he’s one of few celebs who doesn’t take celebrity serious. too funny.

  • key oui

    Ewww what a horrible way with words.
    Aniston is well rid of him.

  • smith

    While he is a dope, that’s a given, why blame him for debunking this rumor? You should blame Kristin. She the desperate fame whore spreading these lies. Maybe she trying to start a Kristin / Aniston feud or something. She does it a lot to try to save her failing career. Nick Lachey, Jason Straham and now Mayer. What’s next, her paying the paparazzi to follow her — oh wait – she does that too…

  • chris


  • jillryro

    Wow, makes me think so much less of Jennifer Aniston for dating such a douche for ONE year!! And she even took him back! That says alot about her that she would date such a loser who is so full of himself, she must really have low self-esteem like many say (or date strickly for PR and spotlight). He loves the sound of his own voice, such a idiot.

  • laurie

    John is gross I’m sure he could not get her if he wanted to

  • Leni

    I think he is clever!!

  • Wow

    I don’t care what any of you say. He may be a douche but that right there made me snort laugh. HA!

  • frenchgirl

    #25 – I agree very witty and quite hilarious.

  • angie

    lol love him

  • anono

    JM needs to shut up, never speak gain and only sing. Nobody wants to hear this un-deep thoughts.

    Lord to think Jennifer Aniston dated him for over a year.?!! As said, Jessica Simpson is not exactly a brainiac, so no surprise there, but JA, yikes, she must be desperate to hook up with just about anybody famous to have been this overinflated ego for all that time. No wonder she said dating sucks!

  • luanna

    i like the way he handle the situation
    haha he’s funny

  • Zoz

    Yeah. It is funny.He does have an ego,but I think it’s gotten better.Of course it was kristin.She has no career.

  • fyi

    Mayer and Aniston were a CAA SHOWMANCE (obviously). She has ended the games (Sculfor, Vaughn etc… were also acting)….anything next is real .

  • Anonymous

    he’s irritating, full of himself and immature

  • Halo

    I knew this was a lie. Never Trust Janet Charleton . the crazy oLD bat is worse than Ted Casablanca!

  • Whoever

    LOL @ all of you prudes!! That’s funny and cute…. in an assholish kind of way… the good way!

  • Excuse me?

    fyi @ 09/10/2009 at 11:03 am Mayer and Aniston were a CAA SHOWMANCE (obviously). She has ended the games (Sculfor, Vaughn etc… were also acting)….anything next is real .


    Don’t drag CAA into this. These fake romances have been fabricated by Stephen Huvane (her publicist, not her agent) and Aniston working hand-in- hand. And NO, they are NOT over, as Huvane’s PHONY plants all summer about FAKE romances with Bradley Cooper and G. Butler attest. The problem is that Aniston is now so toxic that Huvane can’t get any man to AGREE to be her phony boyfriend, that’s why she will be attending her Love Happens premieres ALONE!

  • lala

    @AllForYouSophia: I though he was being quite funny too… i actually lol’d.

  • casey

    I never really cared for him before but right now i must say he is my fav too funny

  • katie n

    What a jerk!! Worse than worst of them out there. did he ever contemplated the humiliation that this would cause her; a woman that he claims (in his jerky language) not to know.

  • skittles

    Funny! Had me LOL. The number of times John tweeted shows how ridiculous he thinks this so-called blind item is.

  • go shopping

    How old isJohn Mayer? 18? Seriously .Ok,19.

  • Adria

    Love it… so funny! lol

  • Shar

    Damn, ppl don’t have a sense of humor anymore. You act like he was talking about your dear Miss Aniston. He was Debunking rumors about Miss Kristin Cavallari, A fcuking nobody. And the terms he used was very funny too.

  • memei

    in this case u can excuse him for being a douche. because kirsten is just terrible

  • liverwurst

    I love JCM! HIlarious!!!

  • La sigh.

    He can high five me anyday….

  • angie’s old nose

    love his music, his longer hair not so much. squelches the hotness

  • P

    That was funny. Some of you people need to get a sense of humor.

  • faith

    Wow. That sounded wat more perverted than just saying the word s*x. He sure described it in good detail!

  • Chrissy

    I am a huge fan of John Mayer’s music. I honestly think he’s one of the most talented artists of my generation……but there is nothing less funny than someone who’s trying too hard to be funny. I think that he thinks that he is super witty but his jokes are sorta funny at best. It’s not that people don’t “get” his jokes. We get them, we just don’t think they’re as funny as he does.