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Kate Gosselin: The Big Kiss-Off

Kate Gosselin: The Big Kiss-Off

Kate Gosselin kisses her daughter Leah on the forehead after picking her kids up from the school bus on Wednesday (September 9) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother-of-eight sprinted over to her kids while showing off her impressive running skills in flip-flops!

Looks like poor Hannah didn’t have a good day at school. She needs to turn that frown upside down!

10+ pictures inside of kiss me Kate Gosselin

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  • g!na

    It’s nice to see her hug & kiss Leah since last pic i saw she was giving her a spanking! Hannah always seems to be her favorite!

  • goodie

    Poor Hannie…

  • Megan Fox JJC


  • liz86000

    Good mom.

  • dabu

    When will these no talent idiots go back to obscurity?

  • Donna


    smart thinking kate

  • sUE

    What a show she puts on for the cameras!! Why does she park so far from the everyone can get more pictures of her!! What a piece of crap she is!! PLease make these parents go away!! Love the kids-toooooo cute!!

  • 8XploitedFaces

    Why does she practically go IN the bus? Aren’t there other kids on the bus?

    What an inconsiderate “c”!

    Isn’t that the child she “spanked” in her driveway? Memories. Such lucky kids.

  • marla


    a big fat WORD

  • Faith Lynette

    *WOW!*, *OMG*, *COOL*, *GROOVY*, ETC…<—said “tongue in cheek”….LOOKIE!!!!— a mom showing affection towards her kids….{{{yawn}}} I do it EVERY DAY ~ and NOT for the purposes of staged publicity shots, or because I want to keep fans coming back to my tv show/buying my books & dvds/coming to see my speaking engagements, or because a camera is trained on me, or because I want the media’s/public’s perception of me to be a LOVING/CARING/RESPONSIBLE mother!

  • Catsup

    The paps are hanging around like flies so wherever she parks or whatever she does kiss spank mother smile not smile it’s all on camera for lucky You and Me..

    Who knows? Maybe poor Hannah was told by a school chum..
    “My Mommy said your Daddy hates your Mom and and and..
    Oh yes kids that age gossip whether knowingly or not.

  • Reba

    Kate’s PR firm is going to broke paying for all of these pictures to be published on the various gossip sites. Do you think the PR firm has figured out yet that they are wasting their money trying to rehab Kate’s image? It won’t work. The “real” Kate is on permanent display, via TLC.

  • emma

    oh dear me.
    Cara and Mady must know what is going on between there parents and Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel most likely are wondering why there parents do not talk

  • randy

    Hey Sue, call me crazy but would Kate be allowed to park her giant van any closer to the bus? Where we pick up our kids we aren’t allowed to drive anywhere near the parked school bus, it’s dangerous.
    Or were you just trying to find new ways to bash Kate?

  • no loss

    hope Kate trips next time in her flip-flops and falls under the bus while it pulls a way………………….spluuush

  • Bettysue Bobbyjo-ellen

    I just love Kate’s matted rat’s nest do,,,,,bee yu tee full

  • milind

    @no loss, ROFL that will really funny and a very good to see from her

  • amymo

    so not news worthy. She’s doing what a mom SHOULD do with her kids. (albeit 5 years too late)
    PULEEAZE! ! !

  • child pimp

    A good pimp ALWAYS knows where the workers are and what they are doing, and doesn’t mind giving rides———-good job Kate! You deserve your 95 % cut.

  • odie

    I really disagree with people…Kate is a mother before anything and I’m 100% she loves her children as any good mother does. I would do anything to give my child everything she needs so why would you blame her? I bet most of you are not even mothers yet. LEAVE HER ALONE! while their dad is acting like a total asshole, she’s doing her best to make their children happy. Good Kate! I look up to you.

  • nICOLE

    Oh Odie, please tell me you are just being facetious saying you look up to Kate Gosselin. This women is certainly not someone that any women should look up to. She bullied her husband while they lived together, spanks her child(ren) (I’m sure it wasn’t the first and only time), and has gambled her children’s mental well being for the sake of money. And please don’t anyone say that she needs to do this show to support her family… that’s a bunch of balony.

  • anon

    Hurry up, kids, get in the van! Time is money!! clap, clap. smooch, smooch –did the paps get the shot? Come on, kids the film crew is waiting….you know we have to shoot thirty-some more episodes. I have to do it ALL myself now. Your father won’t let me control him anymore, demanded that I quit slapping and belittling him…it just’s.Leah?

    smack.smack…ahh…all better…screech

  • Tazla

    Is this website going to keep posting photos of Kate picking up her kids from the school bus? Boring. It’s what every mother does. Who cares?

  • anonymous

    @randy: Who needs new ways to bash Kate? We’ve still got so many old ways we haven’t used yet. I’m on board with Sue on this one. Kate wanted to make sure she was seen by paps. DUH!!!

  • ?

    Looks like control freak/OCD Kate had the children’s car seats tagged by her people with each individual child’s laminated picture and name…………………bio on the back?

  • Paul

    I can not stand this woman! Go back to where you can from.

  • Denise

    Kate puts on a show because she will be gone to 4 appearances this month. She lied and said she would be staying home.

    Jon has plenty of faults but he is the better parent to these sweet kids.

  • Sam

    Grab a boy child’s arm, kiss a girl child……………..classic Kate! As for Hannah looking like she had a bad day OH WELL! That’s what happens when you aren’t treated like the ONLY child, the princess, the chosen one! It’s hard to fit in. Good job Kate!

  • anonymous


    Grow up and leave the kids alone, moron.

  • jaker

    Why doesn’t she go away? Oh yeah, $$$$.

  • anonymous

    Go to LisaK’s site. 10 dull was asked to leave. They can’t stand her. They don’t talk to her but she posts anyway. Can someone buy her a clue & tell her to ride off into the sunset,because we cant stand her & now no longer can her “used” to be friends. ADIOS 10 DULL! Told you people would see the real you one day.

  • can’t stand fake kate

    kate is nothing but an “ATTENTION WHORE” and such a F***EN FAKE!!!!!

  • kids who love to work

    She better hurry up and get the kids home; it is time for them to go to work. She is doing it all for her kids because they would rather be working than out playing with friends The kids always look so happy that they must love making all that money. OK kids smile for the camera. We don’t want your mommy to get mad. Sorry kids you can’t go play with your friends; we have a show to produce. Now shut up kids and get to work. We need more$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Laura

    **Kate will N-E-V-E-R rehab her image** Thanks to the J&K episodes on TLC and DVD we know who the TRUE Kate Gosselin is – a bullying, shrieking, complaining shrew of a woman.

  • unknown

    UGLY child!

  • Another mom

    FYI, Kate definitely does pose for these shots. I saw her in Target a few weeks ago and she was weary so much make up — because she had to look nice in the pics. I just wish she would move away from Berks County. I’m tired of hearing about her and seeing her face. She alienated so many people years ago before this show even went on the air. TLC, cancel the show. We don’t care about Kate or Jon and the children need to have a real childhood.

  • Sam


    Yes and using the word ‘moron’, like a fifth grader, is so ‘grown up’! Congratulations on that! I only said what was true – Hannah rules the house because she’s Kate’s favorite, but out in the big world it doesn’t work like that. I feel badly for Hannah because it’s not the child’s fault, but it’s still the truth! No go clean out your desk!

  • Sam


  • Sam


    At least she/he uses a ‘name’ here – unilke you who prefers to be anonymous and brave!

  • Shelby

    Hang in there Kate. These idiots will wise up one day and see that you’re doing everything for your kids. Someone has to support them and we all know it’s not going to be that immature ex of yours.

  • hate this woman

    So glad Jon told his side of the story, Kate has been running her mouth for months now bad mouthing him- hate her! Good for him for finally sticking up for himself. She’ll never find another man who will put up with her ugly, controlling ass!

  • Puddin

    God, She is so AWKWARD looking. Not an ounce of physical grace.

  • Team Brain Damage

    poor Kate and her 15 mil,and 2 houses,and 20 employees,and 3 cars,and organic chef,and 3 not-a-nannies, and personal trainer,and house caretaker,and home cleaners,and all the freebies she has to pay taxes on and…..etc….you’ll get through this somehow

  • rENE

    What a sweet shot. Leah’s face just lights up. Darling.

    Keep it up Kate. There will always be naysayers, but you are a good mom and put the kids interests first….

  • tilly

    how boring. kate again takes advantage of a photo op. too bad she isn’t really a good mom…she just plays one on tv.

  • Kimberly

    Now you can’t tell me that the school bus can pick up/drop them off at their own house at the end of their lane instead of in a public parking lot where hundreds of paparazzo’s are waiting? She can’t tell me she doesn’t hate them when she clearly does stuff like this for attention. It doesn’t matter if they live in a house with a private long lane, school buses will wait , pick your children up and drop them off b/c they did when I went to school. She literally is starting to bug me. TEAM JON!

  • Kayla

    anonymous @ 09/10/2009 at 11:30 am Go to LisaK’s site. 10 dull was asked to leave. They can’t stand her. They don’t talk to her but she posts anyway. Can someone buy her a clue & tell her to ride off into the sunset,because we cant stand her &

    Read more:
    Where on her blog do you see that? I think your wrong.

  • Sam


    She’s ‘anonymous’, of course she’s wrong! There is another poster that goes by ’10 dull’ that posted at the Jon/Kate pictures a lot. Just because she/he had her/his own opinions that disagreed with most, ‘anonymous’ thinks she/he shouldn’t be here at all. Wrong.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i still think she’s doing all this so she can look nice to the public
    but i have to say, she’s at least always been the consistent parent and still is by the looks of it

  • Kayla