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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Lots of Laughs

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Lots of Laughs

Kristen Stewart and her rumored boyfriend, co-star Robert Pattinson, share a laugh together as they shoot The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday (September 9).

Co-star Taylor Lautner was also spotted on set, shivering in the rain. The 17-year-old actor was also seen riding around on a motorcycle with Kristen‘s stunt double holding onto him from behind.

Earlier this week Robert and Kristen snuck into their friend Bobby Long‘s concert at The Backstage Lounge in Vancouver. Also at the show: costars Nikki Reed, who got cozy with beau Paris Latsis, and Elizabeth Reaser.

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  • priscila – brazil

    robert is soooo hot :D

  • gaby

    Kristen is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT :D

  • life

    Robert and Kristen are cute!

  • lola

    awww sooo cute
    david slade is an idiot…how could he replace the shiny silver volvo !!!!!! eww a black NOT shiny volvo….srsly ??

  • kr

    They look so cute and happy together. Love Kristen’s smile.

  • unknown

    He needs a nice uk girl, not a dumb american who thinks she all that one.

  • Babs – brazil


  • 0cl0ver

    robert is hot!!!

  • Shakaiya

    Uh oh, someone’s bitter. Kristen rocks!!!!

  • All Women Stalker

    Aww Kristen looks adorable here. It might be cute if they really are together. :D


  • Chris

    Rob and Kristen look so good together <3. I finally like her hair but it’s probably because most of it is covered…

  • lisa

    Taylor is so hot, so sexy. The best ever

  • http://jain jain

    bloody hell! He can smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carla

    Taylor OH boy ! Such a sexy bad boy!

  • SJ

    So cute Robert and Kristen..oh adorable

    But Taylor is hotter than ever with that black tight shirt and that moto.

  • Anon 1

    Taylor is way more sexier than Robert..he’s friendlier… Rob and Kristen are only smiling as their characters for the camera… in real life these two look so unfriendly and strung out.

  • Liv

    taylor lautner is so gorgeous
    and so is robert pattinson they’re both hot.
    im in(L) with them both ha:L
    and kristen is really pretty.

  • jasmine

    aww, love the one of them smiling, Kristen looks so cute!

  • mochakiss8503

    D@mn look at Taylor’s arms….DROOLING!!!!

  • suzy q

    She looks totally different now that shes happy and smiling more often. Are they or aren’t they? I think the look on her face says it all.

  • J aramis

    If Selena wants to keep the promise of being virgin until get married she seriously should be far away of that sexybeast, she should only date the jonas bro. Because near Taylor it would be impossible not to do naughty things. I know what I do to him.

  • http://justjared ellis

    Does anyone think that kristen’s stunt double looks like demi lovato? Anyway in the pictures of kristen and robert at that bobby long concert, kristen looks abit fatter than usual. Just pointing it out!! so cute as a couple

  • k

    is this the part where Bella goes to school, then leaves with Jacob on his motorcycle? it looks like it.

  • dee

    I think I know what scene this is, and they all look great.

    And please don’t start with the fat thing. Do people not understand that she is 19? Your body doesn’t just stop growing once you reach 18. She is far from fat and the fact that she has some hips is actually a good thing as it means she’s healthy growing teenage girl.

  • tina

    Kristen in NOT Bobby Long’s friend, Bobby is Rob’s friend. Get it right! Stew is a hack, a rather unattractive hack who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. Take some acting lessons stew! get some range !

  • natt

    Oh i know this scene! This is in Eclipse, when Bella went to Jacob’s family bonfire at La Push and Edward insist that she wear a leather jacket so that she won’t get rashes

  • …..

    Robert is ugly!!! Taylor is a sweetie.

  • J aramis

    Ok, I love Taylor. I prefer dark and hot more than white and mysterious. I am Team Jacob and all. But people have to understand that Taylor and Rob are two different people, they have their own beauty. You can not compare them. Taylor is a gorgeous kid, nice and adorable. And Rob is an attractive and a nice guy too. I like them both. And people have to stop this stupid competition.

  • J

    Both are amazing Tay and Rob. Stop comparing them. They have different types of beauty. I may prefer dark and hot tomysterious and white. But they are two adorable guys. It’s impossible not to love them , Taylor and Rob.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    taylor would kick pattinson’s ass

  • babe_luv_ya

    Taylor is weird looking…not cute at all…
    Rob on the other hand looks…hot!
    aw, i miss you michael jackson ;(

  • Arabelle

    Kristen has gained some pounds and looks so beautiful, younger, more her age. Besides, love is the best beauty treatment….They both look happy. Team ROBSTEN.

  • Angelica

    Damn you Taylor. Why do you have to be so hot?! It makes it super hard to hate Jacob.

  • Jen

    Taylor is ugly. Great body but ugly.

    Rob is always cute.

    I cant stand Kristen but she looks better now that she has gained a bit of weight.

  • T

    Rob is ugly!!!!!

  • Kristina

    oh god, taylor is extremly hot. he has nice body, vute face, adorable smile. i dont get how could anyone think he’s ugly. i dunno how a guy should look like to u, if taylor is ugly. and robert was hot when twilight sickness started. now he’s not attractive at all. maybe a little bit. he looks like he doesnt shower or just cleaning up. i think he does that on purpose, so girls wont like him that much and wont stalk him and do other stupid stuff what twi-hards does.

  • wow

    Jacob/Taylor really does look good here!? I’d been against his being recast as Jacob b/c he physically is so not Jacob. But wow, he’s making it work.

  • mel

    Shut up haterz! ROBERT is so fu*king sexy !!!! He’s too gorgeous for words!

    and taylor ehh he is trying too hard to be sexy!


    WOW bunch of overrated brainwashed girls having orgasm for twilight hahaha. i feel sorry for all of the fans who like these people especially all the girls.

  • Bordado

    teenage love. how cute.

  • freddy

    THANKS JJJ. I love Kristen Stewart! She is always cute but in this picture, smiling, I ADORE HER.

  • freddy

    She looks like 16 again, wht?

  • julesfromitaly

    Rob/Edward…. you are my dream! You are the HOTTEST MAN ALIVE! sexy sexy smile….

    I love Kristen too, her wig is not that bad!

    Taylor…ugh! I don’t find him attractive at all… But I love Jacob too :-)

  • Janet

    Wow Jacob is waaay more attractive than Rob and Kristen is just…not

  • Mariah

    I love Kris and Rob. They are the best, and it would be great if they are really together.

  • mpc

    I love Kristen Stewart

  • me


  • sI

    I hope the hair looks better in the movie in the pics looks soooo fake like nikki’s…

    Rob and Kris look great together… Taylor is cute but needs to get older… too young for me lol…

  • ali

    @tina: Well arent you a jealous bitter bitch. Just becuase she has the role of a lifetime doesnt mean you have to get snotty.Alot of ppl including me think she is a wonderful sserious actress and obviously Rob Pattinson likes her to so get ovr urself.

  • Hij

    I don’t care about any of this people. and hate the whole stuff around this. But if anyone says Robert Pattinson is the hottest man alive, we -humanity- should really review our ideals of beauty because that man is not hot in our planet Earth and maybe not even in anyother planet of Universe. Maybe some aliens like him.