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Matt Damon Covers 'Esquire' October 2009

Matt Damon Covers 'Esquire' October 2009

Matt Damon is all smiles on the October 2009 cover of Esquire.

The 38-year-old actor allowed the mag to travel with him to India, where he entertained Indian schoolchildren by squatting down and singing to them. He sang, “This is the way we go to the toilet, go to the toilet, go the toilet, early in the morning…”

Matt was in India with the charity, which delivers water solutions to the world’s poor.

Matt‘s new movie The Informant! opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, September 18.

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  • matt damon press time

    THAT MUST BE HIS ONLY TOP..!! wow going to India Now what happened to Africa…and helping them out with the water he sold
    at Starbucks.. “And this is the way we go to the toliet…too squating.

  • eww

    he is so uglie.

  • laurie

    Nah… he does nothing for me.

  • Superapple


  • Megan Fox JJC

    Good for him for helping in India. !!

  • nini

    Great guy, great actor! The rest of hollywood need to take a leaf out of his book, like Brad, George etc! Here’s a role model kids, not friggin miley cyrus and the jo bros!

  • H.

    Yes, he’s really one of the good guys in Hollywood.

  • lexy

    He is awesome! He and Ben (and Jen) are so down to Earth and seem to use their celeb status to try and better the world as opposed to just standing around and shopping.

  • Sweet one

    He married an UGLY bartender with a kid already.

    Real nice…

  • So…


  • mm

    I love him and can’t wait to see The Informant!

  • Marieme

    Matt’s always interesting. I’m getting this issue.

  • lexy

    I love Matt but Miley and the Jonas Brothers are decent role models for kids. Most Miley and JB fans don’t even know who Matt is.

  • pretty young girl

    Handsome and down to earth.

  • Shemp lugosi

    Congratulations Matt, you’re still one of the most bland and boring celebrities ever and you’re nothing without Ben. History will not remember the two of you and your beard marriages well.

  • Love Matt

    My idea of the perfect man! I wouldn’t care if he gained 100 pounds and lost every single hair on his head, I would still love him! :D But of course him being such a hunk is a nice bonus.

  • Nice

    He’s sooo cool and unpretentious. So far he’s leading in the Best Actor category for the awards season. I love how he keeps a low profile. I hope he is still writing scripts.

  • Dexter

    Nice cover. Great guy.

    He’s gonna be on Letterman tonight.

  • lol

    Matt is in on that joke about Clooney. Man is George gonna be maaaaaad. That’s why that guy stripped for George.

  • Another mimi

    There is something very FAKE about him.
    That is one of the reasons I think he is gay and took that homely illegal single mother who was poor to be his beard.
    HE was totally obsessed with Ben Affleck and was so threatened by every woman Ben dated.
    In the minute Jen GArner got pregnant and forced a shotgun wedding on Ben- all of the sudden Matt’s wife got pregnant and they did the same kind of wedding (hardly any people while the bride is pregnant).

  • Another mimi

    Whether Matt is gay or not, one thing is sure:
    He’s got some major ISSUES with women.
    Look how he picked a woman who he could control completely.
    People talk about Tom Cruise and his control issues, but this guy is way worst.
    He made sure he’s pick the “weakest” woman (illegal immigrant, poor, single mother, unattractice) so she would be completely dependant on him- and he doesn’t even encourage her to work or be anything on her own.


    why in hell do you care who he married? unless you want him for your jealous self, nobody else seems to have a problem with him, i get it, you are an enemy who wants to bring Matt down, by spreading vicious lies every chance you get, every blog you type the same untruths, Matt has a beautiful, intelligent wife and family, he is not gay, he’s a great actor, now get over it already. and get your own life.


    shut up mimi, jealous much? why do you keep pointing out the same stupid things? are you jealous because he dumped you or something? are you an ex- girlfriend or something? get over it already and move on, matt has. he’s a great family man now.

  • Smoke


  • ellie’

    Love Matt Damon.. he is a wonderful family man and father.. wow now I have to see the informant and Love Happens in one weekend. I would never pass up wither of there movies.

  • jane

    I wish George, Brad, Matt etc would all come out. Everyone who is open minded already knows their relationships with women are fake. Why do they pander to narrow minded America. Didn’t Hollywood get the memo ‘it’s ok to be gay’.

  • kaitlyn

    awe! I’ve missed seeing him around! I’m glad he’s hasn’t been at the same time though. Can’t wait for his upcoming movies! :-) Thats a pretty cool picture too.

  • kaitlyn

    i didn’t mean that in like.. “i don’t like him, i’m glad he’s not around” i meant it more like… “i’m glad he’s not around” meaning… “paparazzi haven’t been stalking him like they have other people.. cough cough… twilight cast.

  • lenscap

    @Another mimi: I agree with you he has issues with women. He has come out with a lot of controversial statements about Sarah Palin – even if these are somewhat true – he was really harsh about it. He needs a woman that agrees with everything he says and treats him like the big man otherwise there will be many fights and disagreements. He has a grating personality and it is tough for an intelligent woman to withstand all his strong harsh opinions all the time so that’s why he picked the woman he did – she seems passive.
    Also – all his gay jokes all the time are probably offensive and rude to the gay guys. I do not understand why he has to do this all the effing time unless he has some repression that he is referring to deep down.

  • wanda

    That song about the toilet is very profound. He seems like a deep thinker. Pure genius.

  • interneta pieslÄ“gums

    yo MATT!