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Miley Cyrus Joins Sex & The City 2?

Miley Cyrus Joins Sex & The City 2?

Miley Cyrus is set to appear in a scene of the sequel to the super successful movie Sex and the City, according to a filming schedule obtained by Life & Style.

One day of shooting (Friday, October 16) has been carved out for her, according to the schedule.

“They’ve asked her,” says an insider. “But she hasn’t confirmed. Right now, they’re just holding the space for her.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley making a cameo in Sex and the City 2?

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  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Go Miley!

  • mehdi.J

    I’m Okay with her

    Cause I Love Her!! ♥♥$

    Evrything She do Is Perfect !!!!!!:D

    Big Fan ;)

  • NT

    Wow, isnt she lucky!!! She should sooo do it, it would be a laugh!

    People give her such a hard time, im 21 and i couldnt cope with everthing she goes through. People seem to forget shes only 16 and although shes famous, shes living her entire life in front of us and its often too easy for us to criticise her. But we dont know what thats like, and i think that until we do we should reserve judgement.

    Ok……*sighs*………rant over! :)

  • f*ck

    Do they honestly think people who will see satc will want to watch miley cyrus and her disney acting?

  • joanne

    I don’t think she should do it. If she appears, her fans will want to watch it cos of her and it’s obviously not for little kids.

  • deb

    Please no, seriously fed up of her being everywhere. Thousands of other more talented actresses

  • bella

    @joanne: I agreee, and so the plague of disney stars going bad begins. Sex and the City NOT A KIDS MOVIE

  • sdfldfmg

    joanne ; i agree her acting is so cartoony and her fans are just too young for watch this kind of serials

  • carrie


    Seriously, her fans are like 8 years old? It would be so inappropriate for her to take part; not just because her fans are so young, but because SHE is so young as well.

    Plus her acting is horrendous. I can’t see how she would fit in the script anyway, who the hell would she play and which character would even be associated with her?

  • lili

    seriously…. no! please no.

  • azalealovesqollby

    you go girl!!
    Disney aint always your ‘label’ forever
    try everything you supposed to do and love
    im always on your side

  • lala


  • Jo

    I don’t want her in it, seriously hate her. If she happen to be in it I hope they’ll make fun of her!

  • flourpot

    wow, whose horribad decision was that? Hey, lets put an underage girl on a show about single women having one purpose in life. Sex. yeah! That’ll get us all kinds of new viewers, who care’s if they’re only 10.


  • Ashley

    Im not 8 and im a fan of her’s. I’m 17 and I love Miley Cyrus. I also know alot of older people that are fans of her. And she’s going to play carrie because the film goes back in time.

  • Lily

    I love sex and the city!!! but NO miley she sucks!!!

  • Chau

    NOOOOOO! SATC is not a teenie bopper movie. LMAO

  • WHY????

    Please don’t ruin the movie!!!!!

  • c

    if ur here REAL fan den ud support her wateva her decision is.
    i dont kno y ur lyk oh shes a slut becuz she isnt dats how mostlii teenager acts.

  • carrie


    bull**** she’s going to play a younger version of Carrie, I couldn’t think of any two people who look less alike.

    And yes, I stand by my opinion that most of Miley’s fans are 8 years old, or in that region, and those that are older seriously need to reevalute some part of their life.

  • carrie

    Mind you, Miley has probably caught more nasties in her personal life than the 4 SATC girls in their entire screen life lmao! maybe she would fit in!

  • 78087

    NO!!!!! Im a huge fan of Miley, and i dont really watch Sex and the City, but if she joins, it will ruin the whole show! She is only 16 and the show is for adults! And she might even be forced to have sex in the show..
    you never know… And miley will even loose fans! She has fans that are young, and if she joins it, little kids might be forced to watch it, just because shes in it….. It will ruin everything! And remember ppl, shes only 16!! Not 21!

  • weeerd

    why not let the wannbe slut be in a slutty movie?! i love satc, but if miley is in it, it will just ruin it! she is not fit for this type of movie – no matter how hard she tries to act older. the girl is only 16 (17?). she needs to stick with disney.


    Wanna laugh? REALLY LAUGH?

    Go to youtube, search MIley Cyrus Jonathon Ross interview.

    YOU WILL DIE !!!!!

    NEVER, EVER, will you see a celeb? make more of an azz of themselves.


  • Toya

    Miley is so awesome and she will always achieve great things no matter what the haters say or think you can always say your negative things but for sure God is always blessing thing girl and the more you put her down the more she strives.

    Miley you rock. God bless stay sweet.

  • 007

    yes i love miley

  • Patricia

    heey why not ? its a cameo its not like shes gonna do something inapropiate for her age> im not her number one fan but shes cool and i like her music (: good luck miley ! your gonna do great ! (:

  • martin

    There is a thing called “restriction”, so younger audience won’t even be able to watch it. And it’s supposed to be one day of filming, so that means she won’t appear in the movie for more than 20sec. tops. If she should appear at all? I don’t see the point, other than to smell some HW fame for a day.

  • Kelsey


  • Frida

    Oh hell no! Please, she’s so annoying! Why can’t she stick to the Disney channel where she belongs?

  • Mel

    not a big deal. she’ll probably play herself on a red carpet premiere and run into carrie or something like that. just a little cameo appearance. i think it would be cool

  • Ry

    Awful Awful Awful Awful idea…..please say this isn’t true…bad idea

  • Ineedmyfix

    This really killed my SATC 2 buzz.

  • http://twitter/yarifresa YARIMAR


  • Jessica


  • Kati

    Hate that. Before the first film they even said she will be the new carrie. But I think she`s a kid and satc isn`t hanah montana or another disney-film.

  • Donna

    wtf?? a 17 yr old girl doin a show about women in their 30′s and 40′s??? NO! That’s the stupidest idea to have miley on that show. It’s disrespectful to the “sex and the city” crowd who have been fans since 1998. How old was miley in 98? 6 years old????

  • Cynthiia

    NOOOOOOOO !!!!

  • Jen


    I was so excited for SATC 2 but now im not :(

  • hun

    wtf?!? gay.

  • Lala

    um maybe , its like like she is going to be in the whole movie. prob for like 5 mins.

  • LuckyL

    I think she’s a wh*re in the making is what I think.

  • =)=)=)

    yes yes yes yes and yesssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!

    miley is awesome if mileys says yes i will watch the movie if she says no i wont ! hope she does it cuz she gr8 !

    and its sad people judge disney stars just because there from disney !

  • viv



    go 4 it miley ! your gonna be gr8 ! love u

  • cry no more

    why not ! i think shes gonna be gr8 ! go 4 it miley your the best !

  • Bordado

    stick to your kiddie show!

  • ivanka

    @WHY????: yeah i know=S

  • mc=dabest

    i love her ! even my mom ! i will only see the film if miley was in it ! AND HER SHOW IS NOT KIDDIE ITS JUST DISNEY ! just because she has a show 4 kids and teens doesnt mean she shouldnt act something a little bit bigger ! go 4 it miley your the best!

  • http://Justjared style1

    Of Course she is gonna make a cameo she wants all the attention she could get