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Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?

Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?

Is Penelope Cruz trying to dispel pregnancy rumors by taking up smoking again?

It was reported back in July that the 35-year-old Spanish actress quit smoking. Last month, Penelope was confirmed as pregnant (although her reps have yet to confirm the news).

On Wednesday (September 9), Penelope and BFF Salma Hayek, who has a 23-month-old daughter Valentina, were seen smoking Parliament cigarettes with two other gal pals at Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood.

Smoking and pregnant don’t mix!

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91 Responses to “Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?”

  1. 1
    NaNaNa Says:

    She’s not pregnant. Did you not see the pics of her in a bikini last week? That was NOT a pregnant belly.

  2. 2
    Zeeyah Says:

    I bet this is her very look-a-like sister =) Very selfish of her if she is smoking while pregnant :/

  3. 3
    stella Says:

    Penelope Cruz IS pregnant. And that is disgusting.

  4. 4
    Shari Says:

    She is very smart and should be honored and not put down.

  5. 5
    Bow Tie Pasta Says:

    She is NOT pregnant.


  6. 6
    Halo Says:

    I really doubt she would pick up smoking just to dispel pregnancy rumors. I mean, are you serious?

  7. 7
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    i remember how tom cruise made her famous.

  8. 8
    wendy Says:

    It does not matter, its her choice if she wants to smoke during pregnancy, its none of anyones business, judgmental people!!

    However she is NOT confirmed to be pregnant since her rep didnt say anything Jared, sorry!

  9. 9
    JenHagsSUCK Says:

    Do you SEE a cig in Penelope’s hand?????? Only Selma has a cig in her hand. What is this JJ, are you trying to be a sleazeball like the other gossip monger bloggers out there?

  10. 10
    sauci Says:

    She is NOT prego.

  11. 11
    sauci Says:

    Who cares!

    Her baby will look like Selma’s anyhow. UGLY FUGLY

  12. 12
    Sarah May Says:

    She is not pregnant.

  13. 13
    Merle Says:

    And some of you complained when Nicole Richie was seen with a Starbucks coffee in her hands, smoking is a million times worst.

  14. 14
    for real Says:

    You people are brainwashed. How many of our mothers and grandmothers smoked and had healthy babies? I’m not advocating smoking while pregnant but some people act like it’s a crime.

  15. 15
    b@B Says:

    Common!!!!! If you enlarge the pic u can see it’s a fake! And she IS pregnant, but I doubt she would be stupid enough to smoke while.
    And in front of a woman (Hayek) who already had a baby? That’s not even possible.
    And Jared should not post fake pictures! You’re suppose to be above it!

  16. 16
    lisa Says:

    I remember years ago a picture of Catherine Z. Jones smoking while pregnant. So it could be true. And I saw a pic of her in a black top and she sooo looked pregnant.. I just hope she is not.. Because if she is smoking and pregnant I loose all respect for her.. I have worked with kids whose mom smoked.. they are slow to develop and have some serious problems. NOT all, but ONE baby is enough..

  17. 17
    nicole Says:

    Yay Jared finally buying from X17!

  18. 18
    ImJustSaying Says:

    if shes pregnant and smoking that really f-cked up. thats how lily allen had her miscarriage

  19. 19
    sillyme Says:

    My mother smoked and had 4 kids. All of us are adults now and fine. My father smoked around us when we were kids, too. Like #14 said, you guys have really been brainwashed by the liberal establishment in this country.

  20. 20
    J Says:

    who cares..its her body let her do what she wants..she will have to answer for that….

  21. 21
    Dave Says:


    Comment stupid

  22. 22
    mmsic Says:

    @sillyme: …liberal establishment in this country.Could you elaborate some more? I thought this is a health issue,so now this is another liberal propaganda? Wow,i’m so impressed at your thinking!!!

  23. 23
    sauci Says:


    Smoking is fine.

    Don’t be so dumb about the so called risks.

  24. 24
    Tully Says:


    That was a blessing.

    Keep smoking Lily

  25. 25
    anne Says:

    how do you think models and actresses stay skinny, they ALL smoke, they also all hide it, but there is a site that has pap photos and you would be surprised there is actually no actresses who do not smoke cigs, plus they probably to hard stuff but sorry no photos of that.

  26. 26
    Halli Says:


    My my, someone’s insecure their mama and papa clearly never cared much for them and their three siblings.

  27. 27
    Elisa Says:

    if she is really pregnat this is very inapropiate and speak bad of her
    ¿its that hard quit smoking for your SON?

  28. 28
    I agree Says:

    yes, she isn’t Penelope.she is Selma!!!!

  29. 29
    Angela Says:

    i see a blue and white cig box…what kind are they?

  30. 30
    why does it matter? Says:

    anne-maybe you could change EVERY to most. Not every actress (don’t know about models) smoke to stay skinny. I still don’t understand how smoking a cigarette makes you skinny. But whatever…..most of the models and some actresses do coke or speed, now THAT I see can keep your food comsumption to nil, but smoking a cigarette I can’t see the not eating thing. Maybe they say cigarettes help them not eat, but I believe it is the coke and speed they are doing. And YES, cigarettes are bad, but it is her body and her life.

  31. 31 you even read? Says:

    JJ had in the write up what brand of cigs they were.

  32. 32
    commonsense Says:

    She’s European, they smoke during pregnancy and it’s not a big deal to them. I once saw a French film where a pregnant actress smoked! Can you imagine the hoopla that would’ve caused in the States?!

    I would be more disturbed if Penelope was taking a swig of whiskey!

  33. 33
    tadow Says:

    It is bad to smoke during pregnancy. She could be just holding the cigarette to dispel rumors and get the paps off her back (notice they are all looking directly at the camera). Or it could be that she really is smoking while pregnant, and come on guys, she does look pregnant. As commonsense said, Europeans do smoke while pregnant, in the bathtub, walking down the street, eating. They smoke all the time. It’s still bad for the baby.
    You can still like her if you want to, or hate her whatever. Facts are facts, smoking while pregnant constricts your capillaries and reduces blood flow to the fetus.

  34. 34
    pooter Says:

    pregnant or not….

    people who smoke are idiots!

  35. 35
    Tazla Says:

    It’s just that with all their money and luxurious lifestyles you’d think they’d want to be around as long as possible to enjoy it. Not sure why they’d want to smoke.

  36. 36
    Tazla Says:

    Penelope is not smoking. The close up of the hand is not wearing a ring and in the picture of Penelope she is wearing one. That is not her hand with the cigarette. And yes she did look pregnant in that black outfit she was wearing yesterday.

  37. 37
    Althea Says:

    Thats not Penelope anyhow. Its her sister Monica

  38. 38
    Lisa Says:

    @JenHagsSUCK: You can see the cig! In this one

  39. 39
    Cocochanel Says:

    She IS pregnant and honestly whether or not she’s smoking is between her and her doctor. For hardcore nicotine addicts cold turkey during pregnancy can cause WAY more complications and stress to the pregnant momma than the occasional cigarette, if in fact, she is actually having one, which I think is totally suspect from this picture. My mother smoked through 2 pregnancies and birthed two A+ honor roll students who have the same mild asthma she had as a child and who’s own mom, my grandma, NEVER EVER SMOKED. Please people, lay off.

    And yes, Catherine Zeta Jones WAS photographed very pregnant, topless on a balcony, smoking a cigarette weeks before she gave birth. Who cares? Lots of people drink and do drugs while pregnant which is alot worse than a couple of cigarettes which, contrary to the crazies will not kill your baby. The person who said Lilly Allen MISCARRIED because she smoked is irresponsible and WRONG unless he or she performed testing on the fetus and determined WHY she miscarried. 90% of miscarriages NEVER have a determined cause and are often attributed to genetic abnormalities.
    Whew, done now.

  40. 40
    Nana Says:

    Who cares about your mom’s honor roll students.

    zzz zzz

  41. 41
    anon Says:

    JJ always stirs the pot without having all the facts. The site does it all the time.

  42. 42
    pooter Says:

    people who support smokers….are stupid and uneducated.

    cocochanel……your comments made no sense. Just full of fluff…hot air.

    Do research before you do any more hot air comments

  43. 43
    casper Says:

    # 35, 36

    In the second photo is clearly shows she IS smoking.

    Get new glasses asap!

  44. 44
    penny Says:

    she does look a few months pregnant. See popsugar link

  45. 45
    not pregnant? Says:

    Her belly in her bikini pics doesnt look like that of a pregnant belly, but her boobs are big and sagging. maybe she just got fat or maybe she had a miscarriage. JJ reported that she was already 4 months pregnant and that was like a month ago. she was photographed in bikini just a few days ago andshe just looks fat in those pics. Also she doesnt look happy in most of her new pics, she doesnt have the pregnant glow.

  46. 46
    anon Says:

    @Shari: Intelligent women DONT SMOKE when their pregnant…if at all.

  47. 47
    anon Says:

    @sillyme: Many clinical, peer reviewed studies have shown DNA damage done inutero to fetuses with cigarette smoking. It’s 2009 and most intillegent understand what goes into the mother is transfered to the growing baby.

  48. 48
    anon Says:

    @sauci: Visit an oncology or cardiology ward, both pediatric and adult and make the same statement…

  49. 49
    anon Says:

    Someone should email the Oprah, and Dr Oz shows to cover this topic. I’d love to see some of the commenters here who are asserting the safety of exposing an unborn child to the toxic chemicals in cigarettes in front of millions of viewers and debate it with success. Hmmm…second hand smoke used to be considered safe as well.

  50. 50
    blah Says:

    stupid mexicans

  51. 51
    ew Says:

    Smoking is gross, period. Pregnant, not pregnant it’s a gross habit. I hate the stink of it and the way it makes people faces and teeth look. Holly-Ho’s get away with it because they have chemical peels and veneers but the average girl suffers from it. Plus they look like complete trash doing it.

    BTW I don’t see Penelope smoking just the other one. The gold digger one.

  52. 52
    go shopping Says:

    It is her. Not a a good choice. Also, Selma is probably still breastfeeding her 3 yrold.

  53. 53
    Another mimi Says:

    How dare they risk their fetus/ baby that way.
    That is so self -centered to smoke and abusive.
    If you can’t put your baby before your a bad habit, then DON”T GET PREGNANT.
    So selfish and disgusting!

  54. 54
    Another mimi Says:

    Smooking is a disgusting habit, but if you are ONLY hurting yourself- it means you are stupid, but it’s self- inflicted.
    IF you smore when you are PREGNANT than- you are not only disgusting and stupid, but a bad person for hurting and putting at risk an innocent, WHO DID NOT CHOOSE to take that risk.
    How mean and selfish is she?
    Why does she care about being thin more than the health of her baby.

  55. 55
    LuckyL Says:

    for real @ 09/10/2009 at 8:47 pm

    You people are brainwashed. How many of our mothers and grandmothers smoked and had healthy babies? I’m not advocating smoking while pregnant but some people act like it’s a crime.

    You are a f****** failed abortion.

  56. 56
    LuckyL Says:

    sillyme @ 09/10/2009 at 8:52 pm

    My mother smoked and had 4 kids. All of us are adults now and fine. My father smoked around us when we were kids, too. Like #14 said, you guys have really been brainwashed by the liberal establishment in this country.
    I’m observing the affects already.

  57. 57
    Sarah May Says:

    I don’t think Salma would let her smoke if she was pregnant. You know, since they are BFF’s and all. They look out for one another….IDK, just sayin’.

  58. 58
    Sarah May Says:


    #50. Salma is Mexican( not even a complete real Mexican, but she is either way), Penelope is Spanish=European. Don’t get it twisted brah.

  59. 59
    Disgusting Says:

    She sure looked pregnant in the most recent pictures of her walking down the street. We now know so much about the effects of smoking and people still do it, and while pregnant. I bet she’ll only eat healthy stuff, but she’ll puff away on a cancer stick.

  60. 60
    no no no Says:

    jared so disappointded you’re now purchasing pictures from x17! yuck. that agency is shady as fuq, the owner is a total slimeball.

  61. 61
    ha Says:

    @Sarah May:
    being mexican / latin american is still 10x better than being from one the poorest trash countries of the EU .
    maybe if europeans stopped taking so many smoke breaks they would actually produce something the world needs instead of feeding off of everyone else.

  62. 62


  63. 63
    lily Says:

    They’re dumb. They are not cut out to be mothers. Even if she’s not pregnant smoking is stupid

  64. 64
    Kate Says:

    She is not pregnant, only Just Jared “reported” about it.

  65. 65
    Elvie Says:

    Its her sister!!

  66. 66
    lala Says:

    Stupid B.itch

  67. 67
    pooter Says:

    # 14 and others that think smoking is ok.

    Go back and get your education if it’s not too late for you.

    You sound very closed minded also.

  68. 68
    jane Says:

    On Kerry Katona reality show in England she openly smokes, drinks & laughs when pregnant. All her children have turned out fine & she has 4. Also, Poss Spice doesn’t eat & all 3 of her kids are fine!

  69. 69
    LuckyL Says:

    ^Why would Americans take health tips from a country with infected beef, flu vaccinations, and God-awful teeth?

  70. 70
    k Says:

    Women smoked for years, while pregnant, and their kids came out fine. My grandmother smoked through all her pregnancies, my friends mom smoked through all hers, too, and the kids came out fine and healthy. Even if she is pregnant, who the hell are we to judge her? It’s HER body. I had a coworker who smoked throughout her pregnancy, this was just a few months ago, and she TOLD her doctor she was still smoking, he said the baby’s weight was fine, and he was healthy, so she didn’t have to quit. Grow some balls, people.

  71. 71
    Dieter Says:

    How wonderful is that!!!! I absolutely love preggos having a smoke or two. As long as you don’t overdue it, what is the problem?????

  72. 72
    Common Sense Says:

    “i remember how tom cruise made her famous.”
    That’s the “modus operandi”.

    If she is pregnant she could ask her friends not to smoke in front of her because she is “pregnant”, don’t you think?

  73. 73
    Briman Says:

    I’m not condoning it, but my mom smoked when she was pregnant and I turned out just fine.

  74. 74
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she’s obviously not pregnant if she’s smoking…..get over it jared, u were wrong
    i really find it disgusting when woman smoke, it’s so unsexy
    smoking is just a nasty and ugly habit imo

  75. 75
    Amanda Says:

    You can smoke once or twice while you’re pregnant and still have a perfectly healthy baby. It’s the people that smoke daily that are going to have problems.

  76. 76
    dumb as a brick penelope Says:

    i hope she is prego and her kid is retarded and she has a lifetime of troubles. KARMA is a bitchhh penny phuckwad!!!

  77. 77


  78. 78
    marina Says:

    @Sarah May: … and Americans are not even real Americans, are they? CAnadians just the same, also the same for all the americans. We could just call Amricans only to those few left native americans, actually, according to what you said…
    some news for you… mos people in the world do not belong to just one ethnicity or race, but they belong to certain cultures, maybe one, maybe mor3 than one, just like Salma, who had at least 3 cultures in her background, and now she’s added more to her way of living and t oher family, tehya re really “mixed” and multicultural.

  79. 79
    boobie Says:

    # 78-Marina or sarah may….

    wth are u trying to say? Your “comments” made me dizzy!

  80. 80
    julie Says:

    @for real: my bro came out needing help breathing thanks to the smoking mother-dumbass. Has asthma now.

  81. 81
    nikomilinko Says:

    many pregnant women smoke . they are crazy.

  82. 82
    K.G. Says:


  83. 83
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    1. To people saying you don’t see Penelope with a cigarette, only Salma: yes you do, look at the second picture.

    2. To people saying it’s Monica, not Penelope: You can see it’s Penislope from the blonde highlights she recently bought herself.

  84. 84
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    1. To people saying you don’t see Penelope with a cig: yes you do, look at the second pic in her left hand.

    2. To people saying it’s not Penelope but Monica: no it’s not, you can definitely see it’s Penislope from the blonde highlights she just bought herself.

  85. 85
    penelope is a phuckwad Says:

    She shouldn’t be able to have a kid if she smokes. What a disgusting selfish ***** and I hope she loses that kid now.

  86. 86

    just another stupid asssss mexican being ignorant. NO SURPRISE!!!

  87. 87
    British latin American Says:

    @marina: God, your an ignorant, racist ****! Would you say this if someone was saying about a British or Australian actress, stupid American!? Why aren’t you making a response to the person calling Penelope a ‘stupi Mexican?’ Ignorant *****.

  88. 88
    nikki Says:

    first hate to say it, but like so many others have said…her being pregnant has NOT been confirmed…and second Lily Allen didn’t have a miscarriage becasue she smoked, she did an interview shortly after that happened and said it was becasue she hadnt known she was pregnant and was continuing drinking….smoking alone does not cause miscarriages

  89. 89
    Stella Says:

    @stella:I think if the key to quitting smoking is pregnancy, lets all get knocked up. All the idiots that throw judgment stones at women who smoke when they are pregnant are ignorant. Don’t you think these people wanted to quit before they were pregnant, or if the CURE to the smoking habit was pregnancy wouldn’t doctors prescribe hormones that mimicked pregnancy. I am not an advocate for women who smoke while with child, just an empathetic person that is urging others to cut them some slack.

  90. 90
    DD Says:

    @julie: Lil miss bitter Julie. Many people have asthma, regardless if their mommies smoked or not. Apparently she was an alcholic when she had your. lol. You really shouldnt judge so harshly, Im sure you are not perfect and have made plenty of mistakes of your own.

  91. 91
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    she’s a beauty.

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