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Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?

Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?

Is Penelope Cruz trying to dispel pregnancy rumors by taking up smoking again?

It was reported back in July that the 35-year-old Spanish actress quit smoking. Last month, Penelope was confirmed as pregnant (although her reps have yet to confirm the news).

On Wednesday (September 9), Penelope and BFF Salma Hayek, who has a 23-month-old daughter Valentina, were seen smoking Parliament cigarettes with two other gal pals at Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood.

Smoking and pregnant don’t mix!

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91 Responses to “Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?”

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  1. 26
    Halli Says:


    My my, someone’s insecure their mama and papa clearly never cared much for them and their three siblings.

  2. 27
    Elisa Says:

    if she is really pregnat this is very inapropiate and speak bad of her
    ¿its that hard quit smoking for your SON?

  3. 28
    I agree Says:

    yes, she isn’t Penelope.she is Selma!!!!

  4. 29
    Angela Says:

    i see a blue and white cig box…what kind are they?

  5. 30
    why does it matter? Says:

    anne-maybe you could change EVERY to most. Not every actress (don’t know about models) smoke to stay skinny. I still don’t understand how smoking a cigarette makes you skinny. But whatever…..most of the models and some actresses do coke or speed, now THAT I see can keep your food comsumption to nil, but smoking a cigarette I can’t see the not eating thing. Maybe they say cigarettes help them not eat, but I believe it is the coke and speed they are doing. And YES, cigarettes are bad, but it is her body and her life.

  6. 31 you even read? Says:

    JJ had in the write up what brand of cigs they were.

  7. 32
    commonsense Says:

    She’s European, they smoke during pregnancy and it’s not a big deal to them. I once saw a French film where a pregnant actress smoked! Can you imagine the hoopla that would’ve caused in the States?!

    I would be more disturbed if Penelope was taking a swig of whiskey!

  8. 33
    tadow Says:

    It is bad to smoke during pregnancy. She could be just holding the cigarette to dispel rumors and get the paps off her back (notice they are all looking directly at the camera). Or it could be that she really is smoking while pregnant, and come on guys, she does look pregnant. As commonsense said, Europeans do smoke while pregnant, in the bathtub, walking down the street, eating. They smoke all the time. It’s still bad for the baby.
    You can still like her if you want to, or hate her whatever. Facts are facts, smoking while pregnant constricts your capillaries and reduces blood flow to the fetus.

  9. 34
    pooter Says:

    pregnant or not….

    people who smoke are idiots!

  10. 35
    Tazla Says:

    It’s just that with all their money and luxurious lifestyles you’d think they’d want to be around as long as possible to enjoy it. Not sure why they’d want to smoke.

  11. 36
    Tazla Says:

    Penelope is not smoking. The close up of the hand is not wearing a ring and in the picture of Penelope she is wearing one. That is not her hand with the cigarette. And yes she did look pregnant in that black outfit she was wearing yesterday.

  12. 37
    Althea Says:

    Thats not Penelope anyhow. Its her sister Monica

  13. 38
    Lisa Says:

    @JenHagsSUCK: You can see the cig! In this one

  14. 39
    Cocochanel Says:

    She IS pregnant and honestly whether or not she’s smoking is between her and her doctor. For hardcore nicotine addicts cold turkey during pregnancy can cause WAY more complications and stress to the pregnant momma than the occasional cigarette, if in fact, she is actually having one, which I think is totally suspect from this picture. My mother smoked through 2 pregnancies and birthed two A+ honor roll students who have the same mild asthma she had as a child and who’s own mom, my grandma, NEVER EVER SMOKED. Please people, lay off.

    And yes, Catherine Zeta Jones WAS photographed very pregnant, topless on a balcony, smoking a cigarette weeks before she gave birth. Who cares? Lots of people drink and do drugs while pregnant which is alot worse than a couple of cigarettes which, contrary to the crazies will not kill your baby. The person who said Lilly Allen MISCARRIED because she smoked is irresponsible and WRONG unless he or she performed testing on the fetus and determined WHY she miscarried. 90% of miscarriages NEVER have a determined cause and are often attributed to genetic abnormalities.
    Whew, done now.

  15. 40
    Nana Says:

    Who cares about your mom’s honor roll students.

    zzz zzz

  16. 41
    anon Says:

    JJ always stirs the pot without having all the facts. The site does it all the time.

  17. 42
    pooter Says:

    people who support smokers….are stupid and uneducated.

    cocochanel……your comments made no sense. Just full of fluff…hot air.

    Do research before you do any more hot air comments

  18. 43
    casper Says:

    # 35, 36

    In the second photo is clearly shows she IS smoking.

    Get new glasses asap!

  19. 44
    penny Says:

    she does look a few months pregnant. See popsugar link

  20. 45
    not pregnant? Says:

    Her belly in her bikini pics doesnt look like that of a pregnant belly, but her boobs are big and sagging. maybe she just got fat or maybe she had a miscarriage. JJ reported that she was already 4 months pregnant and that was like a month ago. she was photographed in bikini just a few days ago andshe just looks fat in those pics. Also she doesnt look happy in most of her new pics, she doesnt have the pregnant glow.

  21. 46
    anon Says:

    @Shari: Intelligent women DONT SMOKE when their pregnant…if at all.

  22. 47
    anon Says:

    @sillyme: Many clinical, peer reviewed studies have shown DNA damage done inutero to fetuses with cigarette smoking. It’s 2009 and most intillegent understand what goes into the mother is transfered to the growing baby.

  23. 48
    anon Says:

    @sauci: Visit an oncology or cardiology ward, both pediatric and adult and make the same statement…

  24. 49
    anon Says:

    Someone should email the Oprah, and Dr Oz shows to cover this topic. I’d love to see some of the commenters here who are asserting the safety of exposing an unborn child to the toxic chemicals in cigarettes in front of millions of viewers and debate it with success. Hmmm…second hand smoke used to be considered safe as well.

  25. 50
    blah Says:

    stupid mexicans

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