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Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?

Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?

Is Penelope Cruz trying to dispel pregnancy rumors by taking up smoking again?

It was reported back in July that the 35-year-old Spanish actress quit smoking. Last month, Penelope was confirmed as pregnant (although her reps have yet to confirm the news).

On Wednesday (September 9), Penelope and BFF Salma Hayek, who has a 23-month-old daughter Valentina, were seen smoking Parliament cigarettes with two other gal pals at Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood.

Smoking and pregnant don’t mix!

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91 Responses to “Penelope Cruz: Pregnant and Smoking?”

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  1. 76
    dumb as a brick penelope Says:

    i hope she is prego and her kid is retarded and she has a lifetime of troubles. KARMA is a bitchhh penny phuckwad!!!

  2. 77


  3. 78
    marina Says:

    @Sarah May: … and Americans are not even real Americans, are they? CAnadians just the same, also the same for all the americans. We could just call Amricans only to those few left native americans, actually, according to what you said…
    some news for you… mos people in the world do not belong to just one ethnicity or race, but they belong to certain cultures, maybe one, maybe mor3 than one, just like Salma, who had at least 3 cultures in her background, and now she’s added more to her way of living and t oher family, tehya re really “mixed” and multicultural.

  4. 79
    boobie Says:

    # 78-Marina or sarah may….

    wth are u trying to say? Your “comments” made me dizzy!

  5. 80
    julie Says:

    @for real: my bro came out needing help breathing thanks to the smoking mother-dumbass. Has asthma now.

  6. 81
    nikomilinko Says:

    many pregnant women smoke . they are crazy.

  7. 82
    K.G. Says:


  8. 83
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    1. To people saying you don’t see Penelope with a cigarette, only Salma: yes you do, look at the second picture.

    2. To people saying it’s Monica, not Penelope: You can see it’s Penislope from the blonde highlights she recently bought herself.

  9. 84
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    1. To people saying you don’t see Penelope with a cig: yes you do, look at the second pic in her left hand.

    2. To people saying it’s not Penelope but Monica: no it’s not, you can definitely see it’s Penislope from the blonde highlights she just bought herself.

  10. 85
    penelope is a phuckwad Says:

    She shouldn’t be able to have a kid if she smokes. What a disgusting selfish ***** and I hope she loses that kid now.

  11. 86

    just another stupid asssss mexican being ignorant. NO SURPRISE!!!

  12. 87
    British latin American Says:

    @marina: God, your an ignorant, racist ****! Would you say this if someone was saying about a British or Australian actress, stupid American!? Why aren’t you making a response to the person calling Penelope a ‘stupi Mexican?’ Ignorant *****.

  13. 88
    nikki Says:

    first hate to say it, but like so many others have said…her being pregnant has NOT been confirmed…and second Lily Allen didn’t have a miscarriage becasue she smoked, she did an interview shortly after that happened and said it was becasue she hadnt known she was pregnant and was continuing drinking….smoking alone does not cause miscarriages

  14. 89
    Stella Says:

    @stella:I think if the key to quitting smoking is pregnancy, lets all get knocked up. All the idiots that throw judgment stones at women who smoke when they are pregnant are ignorant. Don’t you think these people wanted to quit before they were pregnant, or if the CURE to the smoking habit was pregnancy wouldn’t doctors prescribe hormones that mimicked pregnancy. I am not an advocate for women who smoke while with child, just an empathetic person that is urging others to cut them some slack.

  15. 90
    DD Says:

    @julie: Lil miss bitter Julie. Many people have asthma, regardless if their mommies smoked or not. Apparently she was an alcholic when she had your. lol. You really shouldnt judge so harshly, Im sure you are not perfect and have made plenty of mistakes of your own.

  16. 91
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    she’s a beauty.

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