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Victoria Beckham: 'Gossip Girl' Obsessed

Victoria Beckham: 'Gossip Girl' Obsessed

Victoria Beckham arrives for NY Fashion Week via JFK airport on Wednesday (September 9) in New York City. Here’s what the 35-year-old former Spice Girl recently told Elle:

On her rumored recent breast reduction to a smaller size: We should just not talk about each other’s boobs.

On keeping herself busy with TV while David was away: I’ve done Nip/Tuck, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice. Then I got into Gossip Girl. I’m beyond obsessed with that show.

On being separated from husband David Beckham for six months while he was playing soccer in Milan: I felt like someone had chopped my arm off, to be completely honest. Everything we do, we do together. I very rarely go out on my own, unless it’s a work commitment.

15+ pictures inside of Gossip Girl-obsessed Victoria Beckham

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  • Rose

    Love her taste in telly. B&S, PP, GA, and GG are all awesome, and some of my fav shows :)

  • fred

    its hard to believe she is a real person

  • milind

    smile please, lil ass so full of her self

  • rosie

    Yeah I bet she doesn’t want anyone commenting on her breasts. That bitch is 100% fake. She’s a terrible role model.Although I don’t want anyone’s marriage to bust up, I have to wonder why Beckham stays with her. Maybe he’s a doormat. Anyway she’s much too thin. You’d have to eat nothing but salad to look like that, and it’s just flat-out not healthy. And walking around with her kids in 9 inch heels everyday is just ridiculous. It shows that she puts fashion before having fun with them.

  • booboo

    this couple is me me me me are they EVERRRRRRRRRRR wih their kids

  • for booboo #5

    are u blind or something? do some research first… they spend a lot of time with their kids… everybody knows they are family oriented more than other celebrities…

  • IndiesR

    She has that dress in almost ever color, grey, red, and black. Yep, definately the fashion icon….Not

    Com’on Vicki, change it up a little, try something fresh. :)

  • lexy

    She’s more of a fashion icon than JJ “fashion forward” favorite Rachel Bilson.

    Love Posh! Can’t wait to see her on Nip/Tuck and Brothers and Sisters!!

  • Linh nguyen

    I Love Posh,She Look Pretty Woman :)

  • Larridda

    #5: I 110% Totally agree with you… The beckhams’ are by far the most self-obsessed, selfish, $$/fame hungry VILE twosome… totally agree!

    #6: Pretty hard to be so-called “hands-on” parents’ when your lives revolve around you being 99% of the time AWAY from home. Actions speak much louder than words my friend, and both Mr. & Mrs. Beckham spend an inordinate amnt. of time AWAY from home and AWAY from their children. They give lip service to family first, blah, blahm blah,- but that’s all it is- lip serivce!

  • Catsup

    Why would this woman lose more weight she was already unhealthy.
    Her cement t.its are have been reduced. They looked even more ridiculous with the weighloss.

    She never smiles so for her to say that she almost doesn’t have time to smile b/c her life is about walking on the stage and hurrying home to her kids BULL. She has practised in the mirror as good or bad models do and decided the nonsmile is her best look.

    As far as the children go when David is away and she is doing runways or shows come on don’t go off on i can’t even smile b/c i am thinking about my kids. There is a Nanny which i don’t see anything wrong with but BE HONEST.

  • wendy

    HAHAH LOVE HER, and every reply she gave, she has wit and way way more class than other celebs.And she looks stunning here, what a great look, as always.Love you VB, and cant wait to meet you today at Bergdorf’s.

    Thanks for this post Jared.

  • laurie

    Her hair is looking much better

  • cantstandher

    Let’s just get one thing straight. VB is NOT a fashion icon, she is a CLOTHES HORSE. She is far from creative and visionary with her look… overly polished and preened to the point of obessession. Her ensembles are predictable. Waste of space.

  • kateL

    Gain some freaking weight!

  • Marta

    Predictable and boring outfit.

  • Amy

    She is obsessed with Gossip Girl! Me too! I wonder which is her favorite couple?? She looks like Chair kind of gal to me :D

  • Aussie

    I love VB…anyone knows the brand of her sunglasses?

  • Bordado

    so fake

  • ivanka

    @booboo: seriously go and check jj’s post, every post is of them with their kids..

    she is a true fashion icon:)

  • You Check!

    Ivanka: NO! you check your Facts… they USE the children for photo-ops and to enhance their “image” of a family unit… Show me any other self-proclaimed “hands-on-parent” who spends 99% of their time AWAY from their children. She’s a vile human being and an even worse mother- putting her own selfish need to play the “fame game” instead of rearing the 3 spoiled beckham brats that she’s borne~!

  • lakers fan in boston

    no denying she has style but im just not a fan of her
    i find her to be a really fake person

  • Finnah

    She should just LIVE at the airport for the amnt. of time she spends in and out of them! She’s gross~ Gross to look at as well as a grotesque personality.

  • victoria

    First of all, it’s not completely accurate to say that she doesn’t have style or isn’t aware of fashion. Maybe she doesn’t particularly fit your description of having style, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Not everyone has to be a Kate Moss/Sienna Miller/Rachel Zoe zombie to be stylish or fashion forward. I think she looks good. She has her own sense of style, and she likes classic items. Her collection speaks for itself. She can dress herself.

    Secondly, everyone is so hotly arguing about how much time she spends with her children. I’m sorry, but you know that she spends 99% of the time away from her children…how? Exactly. You don’t. Just because someone is busy and has a career, doesn’t mean they don’t take time to spend with their children, or that they aren’t family oriented. You do not know them. They are not photographed during every moment of their lives and you can’t possibly know what they do with all their time. I’m sure there are times when they do things with their kids without photographers, where she is in flip-flops or something of the like. No one wears heels 24/7. They come off at some point. Even Anna Wintour wears loafers. So, don’t judge. Stop being childish and pretending you know everything. Truth is 99.9% of the time, the general public knows little to nothing about celebrities.

    As for her not smiling….well, why do you care? One doesn’t have to constantly smile and giggle like Blake Lively to be a real person. A red carpet is for posing, not for giggling and smiling.

    She admitted to watching television. She likes Gossip Girl, as do I. As you can see, she DOES have time. She probably doesn’t spend it all watching television, I’m sure she spends time with her kids. You don’t know the motives behind their actions and it’s wrong to judge people. No one on here actually has any clue as to what actually goes on in their lives. I like to assume that celebrities are just like us … and nice people at heart. I’m sure Victoria is sweet. I wish I’d met her – I was a Spice Girls freak as a kid.

    Oh, and she has my name! :)

  • ellie’

    The Beckhams are so hit together and wonderful parents always with there children…

  • larisa

    Nothing against you, Jared, but the whole “breast augmentation to a smaller size” sounds wrong, don’t you think? to augment is to enlarge.

  • interneta pieslēgums

    @milind: :DDD

  • SweetyGirl

    But you ain`t totally liked The Spice Girl.You..

    Maybe I will.Ok.Your going this feom.

    You Better get off her fcea this policers.

  • SweetyGirl

    But i need something very wel.You Know rhimes,yea..You Know trh..
    Nits Mondays well.

    I need somethina liked Spice Girls.But you liked, this ways from offciers.Ok.But you A PLUS THIS YOU.I NEED SOMETHING LIKED.

  • SweetyGirl

    Oh God!I didn`t though that ok.I didnt though that i wouldn`t see,Ok.
    But you.I didnt go crazy all…Victoria beckham you..But you still,i loved this song from Hannah Montana so great right.You Still with the,Ok.
    Hannah Montana great.