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Whitney Houston - I Look To You Video Premiere!

Whitney Houston - I Look To You Video Premiere!

Whitney Houston premieres the video for her new single, I Look To You on her website today! Check it out below!

The 46-year-old legendary singer will give her first interview in over seven years on September 14th with an appearance on Oprah Winfrey‘s season premiere. Her new album dropped in August.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Whitney Houston’s comeback – YAY or NAY?

Whitney Houston – “I Look to You”

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  • Kate bosselin

    I’m surprised she didn’t name the song “I Look For Coke”

  • stefany

    i like it, because i like her voice

  • italian japanese

    I’m disappointed, but she will always be one of the greatest singers of our time.

  • Stephanie

    Good for you, Whitney! I like it!

  • elisha


  • elisha


  • John D

    What you are hearing is the ghost of her once magnificent voice, a voice that sadly she has smoked away with a crack pipe. And mind you, this has nothing to do with her being older, this is about substance abuse. Tragic.

  • J. Ryan

    i miss the powerhouse but i think it served its purpose… she’s clean and sober and happy… sadly britney spears was able to pull off a better comeback but whitney’s been out for a while… she will always be one of the greatest singers of our time.

  • annab

    She could have done so much more with her career if she hadn’t gotten into those drugs.

  • mick

    with all of that autotune crap that’s been playing. i don’t know what real singing is about. is this how it sounds?

  • tadow

    @mick: LOL totally agree

  • J

    Wow her voice is not the voice im used to hearing….but still beautiful.GOD bless you whitney

  • Carol

    Beautiful! Her voice has a lovely mature tonal quality like Anita Baker or Angela Bofill. Brava!

  • Kevin

    It’s beautiful it really is. Her voice is changed not just because of cocaine but vocal nodules that caused for a decline in her singing since 93. That bite and emotion in her voice is none like we’ve ever heard before she’s definitely got a sting that soaring notes never hit.

  • elena

    I’am from Angola(Africa) Whitney is amazing….GOOOO GIRL

  • debra77

    I bought her CD the day it came out. Her voice is not the same as years ago. She is older.. but she is still Whitney. the Diva.. the Voice.. I cried when I played it.. I could not help myself. There is something different about her voice. She has been through a lot.. She sounds like someone who has been through a lot.. I love the CD and I missed her.. I missed singers singing songs.. If you know what I mean.. Songs.. you know the kind that when you hear them you are taken back to the time when you first heard them. Where you were. what you were doing… Whitney does that for me..

    I missed singers singing songs… It is so great to have her back..

  • Dee

    @Kate bosselin:
    I think it was beautiful and I am really happy she is back. As for KA Bo GET A LIFE

  • jj

    she looks fantastic! Good shes back!


  • lisa

    She sounds good to me

  • Shyen

    sounds like Celine Dion and Christina Aquilera… but Christina’s voice is more powerful.

    Boring video but what do you expect from her… she’s a lot older and probably didn’t want to be too creative.

  • samuel

    Her voice was terribly damaged by the drug but I she still have a great tone to her voice

  • Ashley

    Whitney is back,, thats all i got 2 say………

  • Earls

    Whitney is doing a great job at her comeback. I have supported her through all of the past years and I wish my sister all of the blessing that will be bestowed upon her life. We are not Whitney’s judges and do we want anyone judging our every move. Give her room and let her shine. I Love You Whitney and wish you nothing but the best for you and your family. Let the haters become your motivators.Keep your head up….

  • B.Ryan the songwriter

    I am a master at music and I know for a fact that Whitney is still outsinging the majority of the population last time I checked. So uninformed ppl your negative words mean nothing… and I must say , its been a long time since I’ve heard a song and seen a video so classy, with such grace and elegance and….. what you do you call em….. uh .. CLOTHES! Get into her! or can you take her?

  • ramona

    you go girl. Kate bosselin, you just go away

  • ramona

    you go whitney! Kate bosselin, you just go away!

  • ramona

    you go girl! Kate Bosselin, you just go away!!!

  • just me

    Awful! She is done. She looks good but sounds terrible. What a waste.


    YAY, Love

  • milind

    she is still the best

  • sisterbee

    poor whitney! she can’t sing…

  • debbie nolan

    She looks and sounds different…even without all the heartache and drug-use…she is a mature women now…I am glad she is holding her head up and stepping back out here with a grace that shows polish and roughness! WE LOVE YOU GIRL!

  • Dabasalo

    Yay! She deserves it. I was so tired of seeing her feel so low and seem so lost. Good for Whitney! :-)

  • reneelucky7

    Whitney’s career will never be as hot as the crack pipes she has been puffing on

  • Ella Johnson

    YAY Whitney’s back… different but i like it ! go whitney,we support you

  • Ella Johnson

    And To Kate bosselin : I think you’re not fair to her coz yes she’s been through a lot but still she faced her demons and now she’s back on and not a lot of people can handle those kind of issues and overcome them. So don’t judge her on what she did but on what she’s doing, not on where she came from but on where she’s going. I know it can’t sound really boring but I’m just saying we all need new beginnings.

  • Jane

    I love it – very inspiring…

  • Andrew

    Happy to have her back. Wish you the best.

  • JN

    Yes she does sounds different, she has evolved and whether her raspy voice is a result of substance abuse or not it does not matter to me. I have more respect for her not than I ever did before, many artist have gone through highs and very low points in their careers but I can’t think of any that has gone though what this woman has gone through, at one point I doubted she would even make it alive as I quickly looked at cover pictures of The Inquirer showing her drug dungeon at the grocery isles. she looks amazing, and the lyrics to her song are a perfect statement of her journey back from a very dark place. So while some of you might make fun of her or criticize her vocals I think we ALL should agree that she is making a comeback and living proof that it is possible to redeem yourself so long you are surrounded with people that believe you can.

  • petru tolmay

    I LOVE IT!!!! Her voice has changed, but what a glamour woman, power woman of our times! I can not wait to hear the rest of her CD. Welcome back Whitney. Maybe we all can now get rid of Britney!

  • petru tolmay

    @Kate bosselin: Get a life. Is your life so perfect in every way! Have some respect!


    @John D: I totally agree.The song is nice, however you can tell that her voice is severely damage, That is not the Whitney that we all once new and it have nothing to do with ther age. Hopefully as time goes on she can recover some of her true sound.

  • Tinamarie

    @Kate bosselin: I love the CD-KA BO–let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Katie T

    some of you guys have got to be kidding?! um her voice is not the same as it used to be for obvious reasons……now this does not mean she sounds horrible or even bad, in fact she sounds pretty good to me and considering everything she has been through I would say she sounds damn good! Even with her “awful” voice she still manages to out sing many of the other famous artists right now….also even if she hadn’t been on drugs, I doubt her voice would still sound the same as it did say 20 years ago?, I mean listen to Mariah Carey and no disrespect to Mariah because I love her and still like her music a lot!, soooo….putting two and two together this is pretty great! and the song itself is beautiful, perfect for her right now!

  • esther

    Very pretty song. She looks amazing!! <3

  • the_shoparazzi

    the queen of one-take. i absolutely luv it. welcome back nippy!

  • kay

    @ Kate bosselin – what an ignorant remark! This woman has bounced back from an addiction with God’s help and this is all you can say!

  • Manish


  • Kate bosselin

    @kay: was it God who pushed her towards addiction if its God who pushed her out? lol I love how people use GOD as crutch

  • Woodroad34

    Her voice is magnificent — deep and rich. This is a gospel song with a pop sensibility and she didn’t overplay it….much. The simple singing with that voice at the beginning started the waterworks, then she started the vocalese and the power she had was lost. Still I liked it. My favorite Whitney Houston song is the one she sang with her mom, CeCe–”I knew him so well”. If you haven’t heard it, try finding it and listen. It’s from the musical “Chess”.