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Bar Refaeli is Polo Pretty

Bar Refaeli is Polo Pretty

Sports Illustrated cover model Bar Refaeli attends the Nacho Figueras celebration of Ralph Lauren’s Iconic Polo Shirt for Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday (September 10) in New York City.

The 24-year-old Israeli hottie recently talked about her approach to keeping healthy, saying, “I don’t diet and I don’t have an eating plan, but I like to eat healthily. I would never go on some crazy fad diet or eat anything weird to get thinner – it’s just not good for your body. I don’t deny myself anything and there’s nothing I wouldn’t eat. I like desserts. I like food full-stop but I exercise and I’m young, so everything keeps in check!”

15+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli looking Polo pretty…

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bar refaeli polo pretty 02
bar refaeli polo pretty 03
bar refaeli polo pretty 04
bar refaeli polo pretty 05
bar refaeli polo pretty 06
bar refaeli polo pretty 07
bar refaeli polo pretty 08
bar refaeli polo pretty 09
bar refaeli polo pretty 10
bar refaeli polo pretty 11
bar refaeli polo pretty 12
bar refaeli polo pretty 13
bar refaeli polo pretty 14
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Photos: Wendy Carlson/Getty Images
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  • Kate bosselin

    Any girl named Bar is def hot in my book

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    WOW! thanks Jared! I love you!
    I’ve been waiting for a new post of her for a long time! ((((((((((:::

    shes soooooooo beautifuland cute!!!!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    *beautiful and cute!!!!!

  • annou

    That RL dress looks good on her!

    And congrats Bar for being one of the models yesterday that had a photoshoot for Vogue.

    I think that’s quite an achievement for Bar as a real model. To be on Vogue and posing with the successful top HighFashion models.

    At first you might think, what is Bar doing in there? But there she was

  • Sean

    my girl

  • @2

    Last time I read a comment from you on Bar you said you were disappointed in her… Changing your mind a lot?
    I don`t like her dress and apparently last night ( Fashion`s Night Out in NYC ) she ignored people ( focusing on her phone ) @ Sephora instead of interacting and giving beauty tips… Lovely!

  • ellie’

    Bar is gorgeous.
    God Bless the 9/11 victims.

  • erica

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. She has the perfect body.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    here it is! the haters are starting to come up! lol
    I’m so happy to see her back in America! (:

  • syke



    At first i couldn’t believe it! Bar posing and rubbing shoulders with those elite models. Amazing

    Maybe some of the editors at Vogue quite like her, otherwise she wouldn’t be included on that photoshoot.

  • Teddy Sagi

    She is my woman!!! Honey call me soon!! Love you!!

  • Dumpee

    I’m glad Leo dumped this prostiiitute! :)

  • @9

    Why don`t you tell us what made you change your mind after being so disappointed in her?

  • ayi


  • lala

    definitely not Vogue material. stick to SI and Rampage Bar.

    her thick short body cant wear clothes well.

  • Pandora

    @”ayi” #14 — she’s “average”? aren’t you a hoot! You must be one hot lookin’ individual yourself, huh? Above average, I’m sure!

    Anyway, back to reality — she always has such a healthy glow and doesn’t look anorexic or androgenous. The dress look awesome on her. Love her shoes, too.

  • …………………………

    Her dress is horrible and she is so ugly. She looks like a fat pig.

  • Another mimi

    I think Israeli girls have this relaxed approach about food and dieting.
    They are more natural, like European girls.

  • ivanka


  • jsy

    I also don`t think she is exceptionally good looking. She knows how to flaunt her stuff wearing bikinis or dresses like this grey one but other than that nothing extraordinary. Just look at those photos taken in front of the Bryant Park tent the other day where she posed with like 14 other models. She stood out because of that weird plaid shirt she was wearing and because she simply didn`t belong there.
    Without being nasty I have to admit I don`t see the Vogue material ( or a supermodel ) in her at all.

  • @20

    I agree that Bar is not a Vogue material type of model, but it’s an honor to be there with all those top HF models.

    Who would’ve imagined that Bar and Brooklyn will be selected by Vogue editors to join the likes of Doutzen, Natasha, Raquel, Jessica, Lily in a photoshoot……. all the models in that particular photoshoot with Demarchelier yesterday are real models, so maybe Vogue saw something in Bar!

    And yes Bar is the standout among those topmodels cause she’s the first one that can get the attention of any fashion fanatic – like WOW she’s there i can’t believe it.

  • liverwurst

    She’s looking a little sofffttt. Must be a stress eater.

  • La sigh.

    Ha! She’s the ONLY one there with a spray on orange tan. There are reasons she never made it to the top.

  • jsy

    To me she stood out in a totally negative way there was absolutely no `WOW` at all. Honestly that`s the thing I miss from her the most. No wow, no charisma. I`m not a Vogue editor so I clearly don`t know what they are looking for and what they see in a model but I personally don`t see anything exceptional in her.

  • La sigh.

    @Another mimi: Are u serious? European women are known as anything but natural, unless you’re referring to how the smell.

  • @jsy

    #21 here

    Bar and Brooklyn wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t something on them. Out of all the very commercial models in the biz, Vogue chose them so it must be something!

    And i will say again that imo, the two of them especially Bar got the most attention for simply being so different in the entire group of models in that photoshoot.

    Bar must be happy to be part of that.

  • lakers fan in boston

    you jealous girls have to admit that she looks amazing
    she totally works that dress with what i consider good curves
    i hope she models for some1 at fashion week, that would be huge for bar
    cant believe i use 2 hate this girl =[
    now i totally adore her

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @@jsy: I’m so agree with you! you are totally right.
    there’s a reasson that they invated her to this photoshoot!

  • ,


  • jsy

    What I said was that whatever the Vogue editors see in her I certainly don`t see it. Since she was there obviously there is something about her that they like so I don`t really understand why you keep saying the same thing all over again. They see it and I don`t.
    Yeah, lakers fan, the only reason why someone doesn`t like a model is clearly jealousy. Whatever makes you happy.
    lisa rose, I don`t even bother about you, you are annoying and apparently you have no clue what you are talking about.

  • @jsy

    I may not agree on Boston Girl’s comment about jealousy the main reason for not liking a certain model cause that’s BS. There are obviously certain reasons other than jealousy ‘rollseyes’

    And certainly you don’t like Bar jsy – no need to reiterate that – for some other reasons. But you also have to admit that it’s quite an accomplishment for Bar(whether you see her appeal or not) to be included in that photoshoot.

    I’m not a fan of Bar, but i just feel happy seeing her on a photoshoot most commercial models would just ever dream of. Tell me are there any other really pure commercial models like Bar or those VS models that were on it. NOPE

    Why don’t you check out for vids and pics from this photoshoot to find out that Bar is a standout in her own way.

  • laurie

    she is so pretty she has it all over ugly giselle

  • douche.big

    Bar is a standout becuz she is orange like Ernie from Sesame Street and her brassy blonde hair glows in the dark! Also that belt is from 1984 and needs to be put in a trashcan asap.

  • jsy

    I don`t like Bar and I tried to give a reasonable explanation for that without being rude. I feel you didn`t see my point that`s why I brought it up several times.
    Honestly I was surprised that the Vouge shoot is actually those photos from Bryant Park. I saw those photos and I really don`t see what`s the big deal about it. It didn`t look like a Vouge shoot at all.

  • Chau

    You’d think models would have a great sense of style after being dressed in designer clothes…

    Psyche! Haha. She looks awful. Those turtleneck sleeveless dresses are fugly. No joke.

  • Blake should be the model

    she looks so plain to be a model.. even Camille Bell is more exotic and looks like more of a model. Her arms and legs are too short for modelling imo… she almost looks like she could be a midget in some photos.

    Blake Lively has a REAL model body compared to Bar.

  • Ros@
  • jsy

    I was absolutely stunned by Camille Bell, she looked so amazing at this Polo party and I thought the same thing about Camille and Blake being more like models than Bar.

  • vien

    I think Bar is really pretty! And she just outshone those HF models in that Vogue photoshoot.

    Plus she’s the most famous among that group of models. All of them might be big in the fashion industry, but outside of it, most of them are unknown!

  • lalalove

    She’s so f**king hot!! I’d f**king do her! And I’m straight!! Or at least I thought I was…

  • just me

    @39 Bar is the most famous in that group? Outside of fashion industry the others are unknown? What are you talking about? That`s the most ridiculous comment I have seen on this thread so far!!!

  • vien


    Yes, she’s the most famous among those HF TopModels whateva you want to call them!

    Do the public or the people who don’t care much about fashion know who is Doutzen, Natasha, Jessica? People will probably say who……

    Besides those models don’t have a hot body like Bar’s! And if those models are really beautiful and hot, they would be now dating some famous actor or celeb, but they aren’t, so they’re not HOT and don’t have the sex appeal like that of Bar.

  • where is the photoshoot??

    That wasnt a vogue photoshoot! lol Get real! That was a media event to get the word out for fashion week. She will not be walking/modeling on a runway ever! :))))))

  • Barfie

    @vien: not everyone is a famewhhhore like bar, its precisely because she was dating her EX that she became for famous. Other models have integrity. You are so stupid if you believe that someone is hot only because they date a celeb and now I can see why you’re a fan of Barfie!

  • wampy

    In that fashion week Vogue photo, most of those girls in the picture slept with Leo and have sampled his peen. That’s why they are all smiling. Leo has his own modeling agency in his pants. He is actively scouting. You are not officially a model unless you get some Leo. That’s why he never goes to these events because he slept with all the people there and it’s awkward.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Barfie: Bar is not a famewhore just becouse she dated Leo!!!!!!!! I’m sure that if Leo was met you and asking you to be his girlfriend you would say ‘yes’ without even think about it twice, its a big compliment! and theres no reasson to be jelouse in her and hate her just becouse she was his girlfriend!
    but its doesnt matter what are the reassons that she got famous, the fact is that she IS one of the most famous girls who was at that photoshoot!
    and this is the fact, its doesnt matter if you are Bar’s fan or not. maybe you are to childish to face it.

  • Barfie

    Yes she’s “famous”… that why she’s a FAMEWHOOORREE…..and her little “fame” will soon fade away. Most normal folks still dont know who she is. Its not like shes a household name. Most people dont know models by name anymore.

    Long gone are the supermodel days. Only idiots on JJ and serious model nuts know who she is and of course Leo fans! :)

    But normal every folks dont in the US. Most models now are faceless and she is no exception except she’s a faceless famewhoreebiitch to the in the know people!!!

  • anny

    bar refaeli is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she looks like an ANGEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would love to see her on the next VOUGE COVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bar has it all : BEAUTY.. SEXY..i saw her on tv & she is VERY VERY SMART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a girl like bar is born ONE IN A ZILLION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAN


  • TINA

    JSY-i feel for you ! you are a jealous person that will never look even as bars finger…. is being jealous heart ?? i am sure it does !
    ha ha ha on you !
    god bless bar refaeli !!!