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Hugh Jackman is T-Shirt Terrific

Hugh Jackman is T-Shirt Terrific

Hugh Jackman is all smiles as he and Anna Wintour sign t-shirts during Fashion’s Night Out at Jeffrey of New York on Thursday (September 10).

The 40-year-old actor and the 59-year-old Vogue editor-in-chief autographed the tees, which are sold for $30 each to benefit the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and the New York City AIDS Fund.

Hugh is currently in previews for A Steady Rain, where he plays opposite Bond star Daniel Craig. Anna is enjoying the success of The September Issue, which chronicles the making of the magazine’s most important issue of the year.

15+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman and Anna Wintour attending the t-shirt sign-a-thon…

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Credit: Marzullo; Photos: WENN
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  • Kate bosselin

    he must like dipping his stick in older ladies…considering his wife is like almost 20 years older than him? lol

  • IloveVelvetGoldmine

    slick guy loved him in ‘The Prestige’ Classic!!!!!

  • oldd

    He’s a good looking dude, but he’s starting to look a bit old.

  • bordado

    Hey,don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!

  • tbiz

    “Hugh Jackman is T-Shirt Terrific”………dude, do you hear yourself?……*sigh*

  • Mistral

    @ Kate Bosselin: His wife is 13 years old more than him, not 20. Read this, maybe you learn something on the love:

  • tina

    Yay my girl Charlize rocked the september issue! charlize was absolutely stunning at the Dior boutique, signing her Vogue cover!

  • nono

    … not feel it… no, definitely not feeling it. sorry Hugh because I am a 20 something girl and you are known not into young ones… The feeling is mutual because I am not into you either. LOL

  • Mary

    I don’t get why people think he is so good looking. He only is when he’s all groomed up for premieres and in movies! In real life, he’s okay. He’s got a nice body though.

    And he must have a thing for older ladies considering his wife is older than him.

  • Sofia


    Omg have you seen her! so glam, the dress beautiful, the color of the dress, the shoes , her hair everything was hot.

  • Xanda

    Didn’t like the hat too much, it looks much better when he’s shaved. But I love you anyway, Hugh. <3

  • Mary

    Oh god, if he leaves his wife for that woman, I’ll hate him as an actor forever. It’ll just show he values fame and power more than morals, because his current wife right now is a LOT prettier than that woman! She’s not as famous as she was 10+ years ago, and I’m assuming Hugh married her back then because she was the famous one and he wasn’t.

  • lambchops

    I think he married her because he needed a mommy figure in his life since his mother left him when he was a boy. He needed security and assurance from an older woman and I don’t blame him for that. To each his own.

  • Lydon

    This has got to be the first time I’ve seen Wintour smile, as in really smile. Giddy like a schoolgirl. Well, considering the source material….

  • daniel

    where was daniel?

  • bonnie

    Hmmm, I wonder if he’ll wait til his kids are adults before he comes out?

  • Mary


    That too!

  • tinkee


    Sienna was there.

  • Mary

    Just noticed this – when is he never smiling?

  • so sexy

    I LOVE YOU HUGH JACKMAN! YOU ARE SO HOT!! And you’re also a good person!!

  • wed mother

    Hugh is a media whore. Fake as fake can be.

  • wed mother

    jared wouldn’t let me use the correct word.. so I’ll spell it out.

    Hugh is a media w*h*o*r*e… ie, one who sells his soul, gets eyelifts, marries a beard… all for PR.

  • ra

    wed mother: what you said could not be farther from the truth. There is nothing fake about Hugh Jackman. Nothing at all. And why is smiling? Because he has every reason to be happy – he has a wife he adores, children he loves, and a wonderful career. What’s not to smile about?

  • Mary


    No offense, but you’re an idiot. Everyone’s got problems with their life, regardless of how many good things there are.

    I’m a really happy person but I don’t go around smiling all the time. I reckon Hugh’s just doing it to get people to think he’s a happy, nice, and amazing person. His plan’s working pretty well considering you and thousands of other people out there believe he’s really got no problems in his life.

  • to ra

    How do you know that?

    I think he is a good person but that doesn’t mean he has no secret or personal stories not known to the generic public. For me that’s ok though.

  • haha

    Hugh’s a good actor, it’s obvious he’s acting when he’s out in public. I bet at home he and his wife have arguments all the time.
    He probably wants a child who’s actually related to him and is regretting his marriage with his wife (who can’t have children, so they decided to adopt).

    This is real life, #23. stop living in your fantasy world.

  • ra

    You’re right..I’m sorry people for being such an idiot

  • affair!!

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLL I bet this dude has fcked about a hundred women since X-Men. It’s been proven 50-60% of men cheat on their wives.

    It’s pretty obvious that this dude gave in years ago with all the women throwing themselves on him! He’s not loyal to his wife! He only says good things about their relationship to improve his image!

  • to affair!!

    How do you know what he did were women?

  • crap

    @Mary: He’s a f**king movie star, you know. When you’re a movie star it’s part of the job to smile every time you see cameras and lights. Can you just cut the crap now?

  • vmars111

    Kill her, Wolverine! She’s the evil mutant Apocalypse in woman’s drag!

  • to wed mother

    deborra-lee has a wonderful and successful husband who makes no secret of how much he loves her. and you are jealous of what/who she has that you will never have. poor baby!!!!

  • to haha

    did you ever think that it was hugh who didnot want children of his own. that it was hugh who made the decision to adopt. sorry to break this to you but not all men want to bring their biological children into the world.

  • when

    When did vicious celebrity-bashing become a sport? Jared posts nice photos, but it’s unfortunate he allows comments, because with few exceptions, this place is full of nasty, negative, ignorant people who all need to crawl back under the rocks they came from and stay there.

  • to to haha

    I don’t believe you. Why doesn’t Hugh want to have biological children? They tried but failed. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t want biological children.

  • gay

    I don’t think it’s his wife, I think it’s Hugh’s problem! He might be a homosexual and just using his wife to cover up his orientation by saying it’s his wife’s fault they can’t have their own children!

    He’s gayyyyyyy.

  • Eva

    Love the man…Hate the hat…

  • to 35

    They tried but failed. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t want biological children.

    you know this exactly how? are you in their home every waking day? do you get to listen to what these two people say to each other in the privacy of their bedroom? somehow, i doubt the answer to any of my three questions is yes. since you know absolutely nothing your opinion is worth even less.

  • to gay

    after menopause women can no longer have children.

    And, why can’t gay men have children? They just prefer men, not that they can’t have sex with women.

  • to gay

    sorry; but hugh has made it clear more than once that he’s not gay. he has also made it clear, in several interviews, that he is very much in love wih his wife. some people in the industry in oz think that anyone who believes that hugh jackman is gay is definitley not the smartest person on the block . don’t forget there are those in australia who knew these two long before they became famous in the united states.

  • to 38

    Hugh himself said in an interview:

    “We still wanted to adopt. That was our plan: we’ll have two and we’ll adopt one. Anyway we didn’t have children. We tried and that was tough. But the moment Oscar arrived, it just felt like he was always meant to come that way. I forget he’s adopted; he’s just my son.”

  • to 40

    have you considered the possibility that he was in denial about his sexuality back in the early days?

    if he is gay or bi, do you think he would go around the world telling the public without damaging his own career? do you think he will still be able to play the same diversified characters?

    i don’t care if the man is gay or bi or straight, but i hate people insisting that he can only be straight as if being (glassed closeted) gay or bi is a shame.

  • meh

    lol ew @ anna’s toe poking out of her shoe

  • Dotty

    Just saw her movie and it was good, not great but good, interesting.
    The Valentino movie was better.
    To me, Anna Wintour looks like a camel.
    Without Grace Coddington, the angel, she’d be out of a job.
    My opinion.

  • peep

    I don’t know but he strikes me as a fake. He is all smiles all the time in pulbic, well dressed and well versed and everything too put together to be real. After menopause women’s sex drive greatly reduced which is just fine for a man who may not be that interested in having sex with a woman to begin with.

  • gay

    @43 I agree with you. I don’t hate Hugh Jackman, but I feel like he’s way too good to be true.

  • worry

    Sometimes people just too mean to tolerate perfection. I start to worry about Hugh.
    He is a pure-hearted person, you can see that from his talking. I don’t think he’s faking. I agree that he is always giving a feeling of TOO GOOD TO BE TURE, maybe he should break his good husband image by divorcing his wife. But it would make him a perfect bachelor.

    Love him anyway!

  • to peep

    how do you know? Are you a woman after menopause? Do you know a woman after menopause except your mother and maybe your wife if you have one? B.u.l.l.s.h.i.t.! I’m a woman after menopause (well not long after, but after) and I tell you NO reduction “sex drive”.LOL, just the contrary. Actually no need to care about contraception. Only problem is, if you are together with a man your age, well he might get the problem of not having the stamina to keep up.

  • ellie’

    Hugh Jackman looks terrific in anything..

  • wartwart