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Jared Leto is Venice's Mr. Nobody

Jared Leto is Venice's Mr. Nobody

Jared Leto attends the premiere of his latest film Mr. Nobody during the 66th Venice Film Festival on Friday (September 11) in Venice, Italy.

Synopsis: In the year 2092, a time when Mars is a vacation spot, Nemo Nobody (Leto) is a 120-year-old man who is the last mortal among humans who have become immortal due to scientific advances. When Nemo is on his deathbed, he reviews the three possible existences and marriages he might have experienced.

15+ pictures inside of Mr. Nobody Jared Leto

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jared leto venice film festival mr nobody 07
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48 Responses to “Jared Leto is Venice's Mr. Nobody”

  1. 1
    Tealeaf Says:

    He is aging well

  2. 2
    cooh Says:

    omg omg omg
    he’s sooooo hooooooooot
    omg omg omg
    I love you Jared Leto
    you’re perfection
    thx for this JJ

  3. 3
    the_boyfriend Says:

    Tealeaf, he really is.
    Damn, he looks great here.

  4. 4
    cmb Says:

    he looks amazing. now here is something for the haters :)

  5. 5
    Ouch! Says:

    He’s not aging well, he’s not aging at all!

  6. 6
    H. Says:

    Wow. I’m so glad Mr. Leto rediscovered his hotness. He lost it to the Emo world for a few years but I’m glad to see it is back in full force!

  7. 7
    Audrey Says:

    Very elegant and sexy. I can’t wait to see the movie!!

  8. 8
    facts Says:

    Jared Leto: This is me trying to look normal. I hope no one notices the 50 pounds of crisco I’ve got stuffed down my shorts.

  9. 9
    lez-babe Says:

    I love Jared Leto. He’s a good actor and he’s a great musician / singer / songwriter. He was so funny in American Psycho! I was glad when Christian Bale Patrick Bateman’d Jared’s character.

  10. 10
    @Paumarsarmy (twitter) Says:

    omg! he looks great ! :) and I love her voice is amaizing ^.^
    I can’t wait for ”this is war” and the film”Mr.Nobody” :D

    30 seconds to mars THE BEST BAND IN THIS WORLD AND IN MARS xX

  11. 11
    Tammy Says:

    Jordan! Glad to see he’s stopped trying to make himself look ugly!

  12. 12
    Jaden Says:

    exquisite !
    stunning – talented – HOT

  13. 13
    Jaden Says:

    An exquisite – stunning – talented – beautiful guy!

  14. 14
    Jaden Says:

    double, sorry

  15. 15
    luanna Says:

    can’t wait to watch the movie and jared is so handsome
    looooooooooove him

  16. 16
    jared is perfect Says:

    he looks amazing! he doesn’t even look like he’s 37! more like 28, 29 late twenties, I would say. he is aging amazingly well which is rare. god bless you, man!

  17. 17
    hayden Says:

    I’m a guy and I hope to look as good as jared when I turn 37.

  18. 18
    lisa Says:


  19. 19
    emo Says:

    SEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    mailey Says:

    he looks great. he had gained a bunch of weight and was dressing like a total bum. he has really cleaned up, good for him(!!)

  21. 21
    fran Says:

    I don’t think he’s particularly good looking but he certainly looks younger than his age

  22. 22
    a Says:

    glad to see he’s back looking hot!!

  23. 23
    audrey Says:

    really cutie hummmmm…

  24. 24
    mslewis Says:

    @Audrey: Well, it will probably go straight to DVD and end up in the $5.00 bin at Target, so you won’t have long to wait!!! Do people actually remember him? Do they still care? Except for the 20 or so commenters here, it’s highly unlikely!! Unfortunately, Jared Leto’s time has come and gone!!

  25. 25
    Lilka Says:

    I think that Jared is very handsome, but he doesn’t look good here (in comparison with his other, better looks). He got too skinny lately and his face changed. He has sunken cheeks and eyes and this is not good. I also hated his emo look but when he didn’t have that horrible make-up, his face looked better then than now.

  26. 26
    Tealeaf Says:

    I think he look best as Jordan Catalano

  27. 27
    Cayanne Says:

    Jared is a sensitive artist and hand picks every single one of his projects! He is outstanding and his work reflects it! Congrats Mr Leto!

  28. 28
    Los Angeles Local Says:

    37?? He looks 27!!

  29. 29
    hotPieceOfASS Says:

    Jared is hot but I’m into Shannon. Too bad Shannon doesn’t get the publicity like Jared because I’d love to see more of Shannon.

  30. 30
    Ladyy♥ Says:

    aww´s He looks so good!i love him look sexyy and handsome:)

  31. 31
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    the movie sounds like it could be a complete dud or interesting
    jared, plz start making your next album man!!

  32. 32
    Jen Says:

    he looks great and hes a good actor

  33. 33
    Angie Says:

    I agree he looks HOTT! but he should gain a few pounds.

  34. 34
    bella Says:

    He is a good actor, but he has not aged at all. He looks good, but has lost a lot of weight.

  35. 35
    amp Says:

    what’s he done to his face? he looks different. looks like he’s had his eyes done.

  36. 36
    Jenni Says:

    He’s looking fantastic……….as usual ;]
    And he doesn’t age at all, amazing
    I love him xD

  37. 37
    meh Says:

    his eyes are so pretty

  38. 38
    jdskjdoisfjiosf Says:

    Can someone please tell me why this beautiful man DOESN’T age at all? Cuz i’m dying to know the secret…since My So Called Life he looks the same

  39. 39
    haha Says:

    soooooooo amazing!!!


  40. 40
    bringme2life Says:

    Just as he likes me the most. With his real haircolor, in a fine suit.
    Jared simply superb!

  41. 41
    Austin Rokker Says:

    OMG, Jared looks so sexy & handsome in his tux & white silk shirt with pearl buttons! His beautiful blue eyes really pop with his darker hair (although I like his hair any color & any which way he wears it except shaved). I even love his salt & pepper stubble! He’s just so gorgeous & so multi-talented! We love you, Jared & 30STM! ♥

  42. 42
    Marscore Echelon leto Says:

    37? are you joking?! jared looks YEARS younger than that. so can’t wait for both Mr Nobody & 30STM’s new album! <3

  43. 43
    Nicole Says:

    Jared Leto is one HANDSOME MAN!

  44. 44
    Delilah Says:


    He definitely has a creepy looking portrait in his attic…..

  45. 45
    Delilah Says:

    He definitely has a creepy looking portrait in his attic…

  46. 46
    jaredd Says:

    he had a rough stage of beardedness with i wasent keen on but now hes gone back to his old look and i love itt sooo much, but then again he looks amazing all the time because he has naturaly good looking! :) but also i think some people need to remember how talented he is aswell as how sexy he is! i<3jareddxx :) xx

  47. 47
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    nice nice…

  48. 48
    adriana Says:

    He is the best actor for me. In that movie he is WOW… I watched that movie many times and I like it. He is so beautyful man, I love his eyes and his smile…and everything …:)

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