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Rihanna is Fashion Week Fabulous

Rihanna is Fashion Week Fabulous

Rihanna looked incredible in dark sunglasses, a black hooded dress and fashion forward ankle boots at the Giuseppe Zanotti Boutique during Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday (September 10) in New York City.

The 21-year-old Barbados beauty chatted with shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti and ran into other famed Fashion Week goers, including actress Michelle Trachtenberg!

RiRi also made an appearance at the Intermix celebration of Fashion Night Out. What a busy night!

20+ pictures of Rihanna‘s Fashion’s Night Out fierceness…

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rihanna fashion week 01
rihanna fashion week 02
rihanna fashion week 03
rihanna fashion week 04
rihanna fashion week 05
rihanna fashion week 06
rihanna fashion week 07
rihanna fashion week 08
rihanna fashion week 09
rihanna fashion week 10
rihanna fashion week 11
rihanna fashion week 12
rihanna fashion week 13
rihanna fashion week 14
rihanna fashion week 15
rihanna fashion week 16
rihanna fashion week 17
rihanna fashion week 18
rihanna fashion week 19
rihanna fashion week 20
rihanna fashion week 21
rihanna fashion week 22
rihanna fashion week 23
rihanna fashion week 24
rihanna fashion week 25
rihanna fashion week 26
rihanna fashion week 27
rihanna fashion week 28
rihanna fashion week 29
rihanna fashion week 30
rihanna fashion week 31
rihanna fashion week 32
rihanna fashion week 33
rihanna fashion week 34
rihanna fashion week 35

Credit: Napolitano; Photos: WENN, Getty
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  • Marina


  • T


    She is gorgeous and looks like she’s having fun!!

  • Plazik

    Wow! Nice Rihanan!

  • bryneyes

    Overdressed as usual.

  • James

    Does she work as an escort now?

  • dragon

    why at 21 does this girl feel she has to wear so much makeup?

  • LA

    Way too much makeup

  • Hitman

    Her forehead is getting bigger and bigger.

  • lala

    can she see with that thing on??

  • she’s fat from waist down

    Bleached face, thunder thighs, fat ass

  • jenjen

    I like Rihanna but she looks a mess in these pictures.

  • HBO

    She looks like a tranny from that HBO show.

  • fashionista

    I know it’s fashion week. I know that dressing is what is expected since I’ve been to one show already. The ankle boots are retro (look in your older sister’s closet) as is her dress. The dress is ill fitting but it’s very Grace Jones. She can carry this look for the occasion. My problem is those glasses. That’s what put her into fashion victim category with this look.

  • jaiden

    That dress is hideous, the make up is horrible but the hair is alright cause you can’t really see it.

  • Chris

    That’s a very unflattering dress, it makes her thighs look big.

  • cute

    Cute but she’s always overstyled and that´s not appealing to me.

  • lalalove

    She’s clearly channeling Grace Jones, Jared. But she failed. She doesn’t need that much make-up. If this is fabulous, I don’t know what fabulous is. I guess you just ran out of adjectives. She really doesn’t have to try so hard. I bet she walking around thinking, “hey, I’m the sh*t”. But she looks ridiculous.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    rihanna wins, you lose.

  • Billie

    She looks ridiculous! Real class there. This chick is nothing but a waste of space. Her 15 minutes will be over soon…I hope.

  • Wicked

    Not loving the ensemble but the shades are fly.

  • Next

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Yeah, she wins…the BOOBY PRIZE for ugliest outfit. Epic failure. Try again!

  • CrazyOldie

    those blind folds on her got my thinking about her kinky side. She got nekked pics, these blind folds…pow chika pow wow

  • majesty

    Girl needs to class up.
    She is not going to land the cover of U.S. Vogue looking like a ho.
    No wonder Anna Wintour dropped her ass.

  • Harry

    You’re kidding right? She looks stupid, in fact I’d say there are a couple of outfits that she has worn that I wouldn’t wipe my floor with since they are so ugly & I’d be afraid of going blind.

  • YUCK


  • YUCK


  • anonymous

    trying a little bit to hard with this outfit.stil pretty though

  • go shopping

    Ok,if this costume was for one of those avant guard fashion shows,ok.Normaly, Rhianna would something weird and ugly like this.
    It is like when Chris beat the stuffing out of her,he really scrambled her brain.

  • chloe

    Looked incredible? Looked stupid is more like it.

  • Kewl

    Black is beautiful !! .. Pretty tough .. walking around blindfolded !! ..

  • liza

    she looks freaking stupid

  • rocketman




  • brindle

    @rocketman: In your opinion, yes, but not everyone shares that opinion and since beauty is subjective, that’s ok.
    I hope no one looks in the mirror and sees that get-up because it looks like RiRi raided Lady Gaga’s closet and ended up with the same she-male look.

  • Tealeaf

    I like the dress, but why does she over accessorize..why the spike on the arm, why the over the top shades.. she tries too hard. Edgy is a attitude not Spikes..

  • diana

    these sunglasses are ridiculous.

  • milind

    oh stop it riri ROFL

  • Jen

    she looks horrendous. shes pretty but has no fashion taste

  • … whoa..

    girl was at fashion week and she didn’t take any advice from the pros..

  • wow

    i’m not a rihanna fan never was never will so i can careless what she wears or does but my comment is not about the ridiculous rihanna its to all the post left here either by fans or non fans.

    why are you people leaving the same comments over and over? what’s the point its either u see the post and fly straight pass it or just comment but sensibly for example there’s always someone saying rihanna looks like a tranny so what ? you’ve said it before no need to place it in every post. if jj post something about rihanna in the morning….. one may say she looks like a tranny IF she post about her again in the evening the same person would come back and say the same thing again what sense does that make ? but i guess everyone is different but for me i’ve already establish that rihanna’s a first class idiot so no need for me to enter anymore of jj post about her.

    point made

  • Liz Harris

    Well after Lady GaGa stole from Christina’s closet and her look …to a
    tee..>>Rihanna should of been told from the Judge to take a abuse
    class for 6 months and promote avoid getting abused ads…Since
    she is not abused as Tila is…she did not have a bruise anywhere
    else but on her face in that one photo…Now that one photo was
    photoshopped because if you look at it closely …

  • black

    She´s relly starting to become an annoyance.

  • Tealeaf


    Rihanna was injured way more the Look at my Bruises Tila, the police reports said Rihanna had bruises on her arms and legs. Tila loves the attention.

  • jolie-pitt joy

    very kanye west! very grace jones! i like it!!

  • jolie-pitt joy

    Michelle T needs a SERIOUS tan. Eww.

  • t

    @wow: She always looks ridiculous so it makes sense that she gets similar comments plus this site makes a post every time she takes a shit.

  • the_boyfriend

    Too much.

  • hmm…..

    think this chick is putting weight and kinda looks depressed hmmm………….. what can i say its RIHANNA the OVER THE TOP GIRL SHE WANTs THE ATTENTION ALL TO HERSELF!!!!

  • lez-babe

    She doesn’t have an original bone in her body. I wish her and Ca Ca and Katy Perry would fall into a black hole.

  • diane

    wow this woman is such a pretentious, wasteful, shithead. is that all she does parade around everyday with a new outfit. Really? get an effin clue.

  • emmaa

    She looks frikken ridiculous.