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Rihanna is Fashion Week Fabulous

Rihanna is Fashion Week Fabulous

Rihanna looked incredible in dark sunglasses, a black hooded dress and fashion forward ankle boots at the Giuseppe Zanotti Boutique during Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday (September 10) in New York City.

The 21-year-old Barbados beauty chatted with shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti and ran into other famed Fashion Week goers, including actress Michelle Trachtenberg!

RiRi also made an appearance at the Intermix celebration of Fashion Night Out. What a busy night!

20+ pictures of Rihanna‘s Fashion’s Night Out fierceness…

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rihanna fashion week 01
rihanna fashion week 02
rihanna fashion week 03
rihanna fashion week 04
rihanna fashion week 05
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Credit: Napolitano; Photos: WENN, Getty
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  • RiRi

    She always looks beautiful no matter what. She does seem like she is putting on weight pretty fast. She’s still a thin girl, but compared to how small she was before, I can see the difference. Her body looks good though. She just better watch not to put on too much. Maybe she is depressed, or maybe she is just having fun and saying “F” it!. Her outfit is ridiculous, but I think that’s the idea for fashion week. Love her, don’t know why so many hate on her. Must be jealousy.

  • jasper

    @RiRi: An opinion is not a fact. You may always think she looks beautiful but someone else may not find her attractive. Doesn’t mean either of you are wrong or jealous. She dresses rather ridiculous so I imagine that’s why she is not as popular. Lady Gaga gets a similar reaction but at least she can sing.

  • Mario


  • lily

    She’s so stupid! She can’t even see in those things…dumass..trying wayy too hard to look ‘cool’ when she ust came out she didnt even dress like that, thats how you know her stylist chooses what she wears

  • ismail


  • jenny

    my god, suppose all those negative comments were true, i knew it had to come from the same freaking person on all other threads, like we care what they think, a Chris brow relative no doubt, and the freak who claims she had no bruise after that monster brutalize her is just sick, but hey, you jealous loons is calling riri all sorts of names every post, and she is just beautiful. like it or not, if you don’t like her stop stalking her every thread.

  • **Jamie**


    Everyone else looked boring and the guests were boring too

  • kay


  • Truth Is…

    @jenny: If you can call Aniston “a lonely, desperate can’t keep a man to save her life, bed hopping bimbo, making all these silly movies,” then people should be allowed to give their opinions on Rihanna. You’re not on a fan site. That’s the only place you can go where you’ll only read positive comments so get used to it.

    Agree, she looks trashy. Like a Grace Jones wannabe. Maybe it’s a hommage but it fell flat.

  • are you serious

    i agree with wow. all very good and well if its not a fan site, I didnt know it was a dedicated hate site either where anyone who had anything positive to say gets told to p*ss off. and posting the same thing continously on thread after thread of someone you obviously dont like is a pointless, wasteful exercise. why the hell do we need to see tranny and ho and fugly by the same idiots over and over. if you dont want to see rihanna taking a sh*t why the hell do you keep checking out these posts. find something constructive to do with your time. if rihanna is such an idiot then i guess clueless twits such as yourselves are worthy of posting on here haha. pointless wastes of space. and lady gaga being able to sing. yeeeahhh, right. the hoody is nice. could do with some pants haha

  • Ejm

    @are you serious: Only on the Internet can people trivialize the concept of hate this much. Finding someone unattractive, untalented or looking “like a tranny” is not hating. Dislike perhaps, but not hate. Look up recent hate crimes if you want a true example of hate.

    I don’t see people posting positive comments being told to piss off. Quite the opposite. The fans, or perhaps fanatic is a better term, are the ones telling the critics to piss off like they’re posting on a fan blog or something. The non-fans are not the ones hassling the fans though it’s funny cause you see some of these same fans giving negative opinions about celebs they don’t like in other threads.

    Sorry to disappoint the stans (fanatics), but freedom of speech seems alive and well here at JJ, so fans and critics alike can continue to post whether they like Rihanna or not.

    I think if she got a better stylist and stopped dressing so outlandishly, she’d probably get less tranny comparisons, although I don’t find the comparison completely off base and have to say the comments here are nicer than the one’s in Lady GaGa’s threads.

  • Hotwings

    This bitch has no taste.
    She’s swagger jackin’ Lady Gaga’s style.
    She copies everyone. Prince. Michael Jackson.
    Adam Lambert. Now crazy bitch Gaga.

  • Tulia

    the glasses look like the gear that you put on horses to protect them from flies…

  • Tulia

    the glasses look like the gear that you put on horses to protect them from flies…

  • are you serious

    @Ejm: well its not exactly what you would describe as being non hateful. or even being truthful. and being told to piss off was a generalization. as in most people who have anything nice to say about her usually get a comment conteracting their own to a degree almost completely unwarranted. thats not freedom of speech, thats a bunch of idiots that have nothing better to do with their time internet stalking a seemingly well disliked celebrity so they can post pointless, repetitive comments about her and try to squash any positive claims because they want to assert their own opinion as fact-something they often claim fans do, not that im disputing that. and perhaps the so called fans do, but they are few and far between so its more often than not the other way around. go back and read the blog pages and you will find it works both ways, my friend. and i know what a hate crime is, coming from a place where hate crimes are often commited against the minority. but so called haters and perpertrators of these hate crimes are two completely different things in two completely different situations projecting the same vile emotion, wouldnt you agree?

  • zoe.

    She looks fabulous, I doubt any of you could ever pull this look off.
    So just back off and take your bitchiness somewhere else.

  • sheeda

    if u guys dont like rihanna dont bother to post..i dont see any of u fugly pplon the cover of vogur like her ..

  • Fashionistalita

    @she’s fat from waist down: She is not fat. You must be anorexia to even think that and i think she looks great besides her makeup (to much) but she is the right size for her height. If your skinny you just blow over in the wind and when you stand side ways you cant be seen. LMBO!

  • Lively

    @Fashionistalita: I don’t find her fat but she is heavy in the thighs and she doesn’t look good here at all. If this were Lady GAGA, everyone would be laughing. Rihanna looks just as ridiculous.

  • diana

    i honestly can’t phantom how they can see with these things… or i guess vision is overrated?


    Hahahaha GaGa´s style, Rihanna stupid.

  • interneta pieslēgums

    she’s having fun.:)

  • http://google chama