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Taylor Momsen: Garter Gossip Girl!

Taylor Momsen: Garter Gossip Girl!

Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen rocks out with her band, The Pretty Reckless during Fashion’s Night Out at the Giuseppe Zanotti Boutique on Thursday (September 10) in New York City.

The 16-year-old aspiring musician wore a long white shirt and a sexy black garter belt!

Taylor performed five songs in her set and told MTV after the show, “The show was awesome. It was really cool. It was Fashion’s Night Out, and it was cool. It was short and sweet, and it’s awesome being outside. The weather is my favorite temperature. It was invigorating!”

25+ pictures inside of garter girl Taylor Momsen

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Photos: George Napolitano/Getty Images For Giuseppe Zanotti
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  • leah

    only 16?? where are her clothes?? she looks silly not sexy.

  • Sioux

    Is her music such crap she has to slut-it-up? Ya that’s too bad when a 16 year old girl wants to be a rockstar so bad she has to promote herself in a sexual manner. I doubt very seriously Amy Lee will ever have to take this road.

  • mia

    this is just disturbing…

  • Kevin

    She looks like a drugged out whore. Panties, Check, Lesbian kiss, Check, Old men touching her, Check, suggestively sucking on a sucker, Check. Real nice and classy. An inspiration for all 16 year old girls. Just goes to show her parents have no role in her life. Disgusting.

  • Daniella

    Seriously? She’s so gorgeous and she’s my age! I’m just a junior! She could do much better. You could embrace the “rocker” style or whatever, but at least cover yourself.

  • Daniella

    Seriously? She’s so gorgeous and she’s my age! I’m just a junior! She could do much better. You could embrace the “rocker” style or whatever, but at least cover yourself.

  • diana

    She looks so grown up. Where are her parents?

  • rayn

    They say mileys bad, she just 16 and dressing much more revealing and would not get half the heat cyrus would get over somthing like this! Funny thing is she was almost HANNAH MONTANA!

  • fred

    hot girl, nice legs, lickable legs all the way up to heaven

  • pooter

    fred——- go get a normal life ! Or, maybe you need more education too.

    This girl is just another wanna be idiot…..wearing all that black make up, etc….and such a young age,

    Where are her parents? Are they white trash also?

  • H.

    You’re like 12, put on some f*cking pants.

  • VNY

    WTF?? She’s just a kid!

  • Tt

    sHE looks like Britney Spears in Everytime…., but Britney was 23 not 16, and she looked much better than Taylor but………
    she looks good …………….

  • mare

    I agree. she looks dumb.

  • kara

    A 16-years old girl dressed as a low-class prostitute… what an example.. where are her parents?

  • yu

    SHE’S HOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

  • lucy

    taylor i love you and you rock but the outfit isn’t right

  • carrie

    Her parents needs to have serious words with her … or maybe themselves.

    A 16 year old dressing like a prostitute is NOT cool. Obviously she is doing it for attention but in all honestly all she’s going to get the attention of is perverted old men. How are we supposed to destroy pedophilia when our children go out in public dressed like THIS?! I’m not saying we should dress our kids in full length cloaks but my god, seriously, put some pants on.

  • jdub

    she’s an old ass looking 16 year old!

  • aabut

    she is a little slut. and a famous one. this is really not ok. she’s just 16.

  • jdub

    she went from little cindy lu hoo to that!

  • Buckley

    16 yrs old?
    wow…looks way older. Not in a good way either.

  • Adrian

    Spikes mean she’s hardcore!!! Wow taylor, so well spoken. stay in school tramp

  • Adrian

    nasty weave

  • Kenzie

    I really don’t understand how she can completely get away with this, but all Miley has to do is take a picture of herself & the whole world freaks out. It’s not right.

  • sussy12

    she is beatoful but i think she is to young to wear something like this she is only 16 years old!!!

  • dazed


  • Lucas


  • sara

    I’m not one of those people who complains that she doesn’t smile (seriously, who cares– they’re all fake-smiles on the red carpet anyway), but I have to say that she looks so gorgeous when she is genuinely smiling as she is in that picture. I ally like her and her alternative style. re

  • John

    I give 8 months to show up in rehab with her new BFF Misha Barton.

  • xx

    Oh my dear lord, that little girl needs help.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she really looks like a cokewhore
    the only thing i kinda find sexy about her are her legs
    btw love the stockings, they look really sexy on her
    that being said id still hit it
    and the perfect thing we’re both 16 =D

  • she shall remain nameless

    @ Kenzie, I think she doesn’t get scrutinized so much by the media because she is not a role model for young girls! And she’s not a cookie-cutter Disney star. But yeah, when will her fake hair finally fall out??? And she’s starting to dress slutty when she’s not playing Little J.

  • Jenny

    Taylor is known for a more “grown up” tv-show than Miley is, and her fans are of an older demographic than Miley’s fans.
    I’m not saying its okay for a 16 year old to dress like that, but first and foremost she is an entertainer (a talented one at that), and she is putting on a show. A performance on stage is much more than a band playing and a girl singing, is about the music, the lyrics and the style (both musically and appearance wise).
    As long as she doesnt dress that way all day, every day, and she doesnt run around wasted with a sigarette in her hand all night long, then I really think we should just let the girl be herself, and allow her to grow up in peace!

  • fardous



  • Rita

    Where the heck are her parents as her 16 year old butt dances around half naked on stage?!?

  • mla

    she makes miley cyrus look like a saint…

  • sophie

    jeez, same age as me aswell. she looks awful. mr and mrs momsen sort your daughter out please!

  • Chau

    WTF? Disgusting and not cool.

  • Hula

    Well, the thing is what makes you mature and age?

    It’s experience. And I think she saw more things and experienced a lot more in her 16 years than most 20 year olds so she probably is a lot more grown up and mature than your average 16 year old.

  • Natalie

    I like Taylor, I didn’t mind this “rockstar” stage but this is too much. WhereTF are her parents? How the f*** are they allowing this girl to dress this way? She’s a gorgeous person, I just wish she didn’t try to be older because I’m sure many people on this site would love to be 16 again. And who the hell is that old man? It looks like he’s writing his number on her hand…blech.

  • bella

    @Kevin: agree. . .WTH has happened to her?!?!?!

  • lily

    wtf is this underage biatch wearing?? She does look like courtney love

  • lily

    wtf is this underage biatch wearing? she does look like courtney love

  • c

    Seriously? Could you be more judgemental? She’s young, and free, and having an AMAZING life. She should be having fun and doing whatever she wants to do, as long as it don’t kill her. What if she wants do dress or act like a whore? She’s got style and she’s got attitude, and that’s all that matters.

    She’s no Amy Winehouse, you know.

  • c

    btw, Jenny – thanks for understanding the concept! I thought no one else would do!

  • LuckyL

    I wonder how many d*cks she’s sucked?

  • sammy

    ummm what is she wearing and how old is she again??????

  • athena

    Funny thing….I’m attending fashion week in NYC….saw her sitting in a car service car, waiting for people to go in…my friend saw her waiting and she let me take a picture of her in the car and she wasn’t too nice…she immediately rolled up her window as if she was too cool for whatever…anyway, yes, it was nice of her to give me a picture, in which it turned out amazing…but…as like her pictures and in person, she’s gorgeous, but I’m afraid she’s too jaded for her age…

  • Alice

    bet my life she’ll end up like courtney love