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Vampire Diaries: Bloody Good Ratings!

Vampire Diaries: Bloody Good Ratings!

The CW finally has something to cheer about. Vampire Diaries delivered breakout ratings!

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley pulled in 4.8 million viewers, making their show CW’s most-watched series premiere ever.

America just can’t get enough of blood-sucking vampires! (FYI: True Blood‘s series finale airs this Sunday @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO.)

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the Vampire Diaries premiere? Will you watch next week??

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  • me

    Ian Somerholder is hot…but this show just doesn’t interest me. I’ll stick to True Blood.

  • annou

    Love it!


    I think capitalism has highjacked, appropriated and is now exploiting the gothic culture to make money.
    Thanks to Twatlight, I now hate vampires.

  • ANTS

    I liked the show. It’s pretty good.

  • ashley

    who ever plays Damon is HOT!!! but like the pp, this doesn’t interest me. It’s too Twilight.

  • glory

    for me it was entertaining. I am one of those 4.8 milion.

  • Joe


  • cooh

    this show deserves good ratings,and 4.8 milion means a lot for CW,it’s like 20 milion for CBS
    I love Ian Somerhalder,he deserves to be in a good show,and this is a good show

  • me

    Looked at some are and taped the rest the rest. Sure I will tune next week.


    I liked it, eventhough the vampire scenario is getting old. Its was pretty good. I loved the books, so, I do wish the series honors the books.

  • Sara

    Oh I’m sad I missed it! What night is it on?

  • me

    Looked at some are and taped the rest the rest. Sure I will tune next week.But like no.1 said true blood is better.

  • Sara

    What night is it on?

  • ha

    it’s a lame mix of true blood & twilight…and twilight is terrible. i say 1 season only then it gets cancelled

  • gabby

    VAMPIRES SUCK!!! I’m so tired of them!

  • Dario

    The show kinda sucks. But the book is A LOT worse so i guess they did a good job anyway

  • Ben

    How about a little reality people?

    The show dragged.

  • jj

    I WONT be watching next week!
    The show was LAME!!
    very boring & un original….

  • sal

    Boring!!! I bet the ratings drop next week….
    They wish they were Twilight/True Blood/Gossip girl…
    but they are NOT!

  • mumzmi

    It was alright not too bad, but it didnt get me so interested for a first episode. I dont know if ill continue to watch, maybe? True blood is still 10 times more better and addictive LOVES IT! ! this one just reminds of twilight as a tv series! an Iam more of a fan of twilight. Also the Vamp guys arent even all that good looking! the evil brother is more sexy tho.. Of the two.,..

  • q

    Well, you know once CW jumps on the band wagon, the trend is almost dead…thanks but I’ll stick with True Blood.
    This over worked show is no way even close to a substitute while True Blood is off the air.


  • joanne

    true blood rules

  • anna

    I meant to not watch it. I was put off by the promos. But nothing else was on and I actually watched it. I’ll probably keep watching until it gets canceled.

  • ame

    gossip girl is on the hot seat now for the ratings.good luck with that because this show rocks.gossip girl is just getting more boring lately,hope they will change and not like season 2 anymore.

  • Man

    True Blood is a great show, Vampire diaries is a sad copycat

  • Jj

    I actually thought the show was pretty good. The guys were hot! But I am a TRUE BLOOD FAN!!!!! so I’ll watch this show right now since true blood won’t be on until next summer. but I love true blood way more and it’s a way way way better show… =]

  • gabby

    Why would ANTHING copy twilight?!! MEYER ripped off the Vampire Diaries…those books came out in 1991!

  • Verónica

    Actually, TVD was written long before than twilight.

    Im from Spain, so i just download the pilot. I like it, really. That chick not so much, but Paul Wesley is too hot.

    Sorry for my misspellings.

  • DJB

    You guys can’t be serious. The main character had more chemistry in five minutes of this show with Stefan than Bella and Ed have in a whole movie. And, the girl from Degrassi, Nina Dobrev, is a much better actress than Krisin Stewart.

    I’ll be watching. And after watching, I think the books might be worth the investment. I read all of the Twilight series except the last one because I was so burned out on the series. People kept saying it gets better. One day I’ll read the last one. And, still think they are the most overrated books that have come out in quite some time.

  • gil

    I really enjoyed it! I’ll definitely be watching next week!

  • vicki pasadena ca

    Awful, trash. Pray that it is cancelled like Melrose Place.

  • Carey

    @DJB: The last Twilight book is hated by many Twilight fans. It seems to move too quickly and everything happens at once. Only the first 1/3 and the last 1/3 of the book is interesting. Skip the middle, really.

    PS. TVD is okay. Ian Somerhalder doesn’t look as hot as he usually does, but whatever.

  • H.

    Didn’t see it. The CW is only good for one show and that’s Supernatural. It premiered last night and didn’t disappoint. So glad that one is back on, but I’m sad if this is really the last season. The best show on TV will be over. =/

    And it looks like Misha Collins is considered a star of the show now. His named appeared after Jensen’s and before the ‘guest starring’ spots. Yay!

  • 27

    Bad acting and ugly guys……Fail

  • david

    Didn’t 90210′s premiere last yr score 4.9 million viewers?

  • Bryan

    I believe 90210 4.9 million viewers, correct me if I’m wrong though. Probably will be no need.

  • lyn

    it was on last night (thursday) at 8pm, but will be on again tonight at 8 on CW

  • Siouxsie Q

    i LOVE Zach Roerig on the show! He’s so cute!

  • whoofman

    Did someone say the vampire guys aren’t that good looking? Wow if that’s not good looking I don’t know what is. Anyway the show was just ok. I’ll give it a few more eps to get better.

  • FAN

    i DISAGREE. vampire diaries is amazing and is my weekly twilight fix. i hate true blood

  • natt

    Vampire Diaries plot is very boring but the casts is so bloody good looking! True Blood is like the King of Vampire shows so too bad vamp diaries.

  • nat

    I found the show to be quit boring to be honest. I was expecting more from this show; I don’t think I will be watching this show again.

  • Lauren

    I haven’t watched it but i’ll be sure to tonight!

    I don’t watch True Blood, but I’ll get around to it. Everyone i know loves it.

    I love Twilight, and i don’t care. I read the books constantly. After i read them though, it got huge and everyone talks about how shitty they are. It’s not even a bad story, people just hate to jump on the band wagon. The movie wasn’t that great, i’ll tell anyone that, but a visual was nice.

    I’ve always loved vampires. Before Twilight, it was the Anne Rice books for me.

  • marla

    The leading lady is subpar she’s a snoozefest judging from her last TV show ; Digrazzi High. Even her good looks didn’t made her interesting.
    Don’t care, don’t gave a damn if the Vampires tore her to pieces and serve her in her own sauce. The reason it had a big rating because there is nothing to watch that night all shows are not back yet from 30 Rocks, The office to Greys Anatomy. The real test is the coming weeks when all the great comedies and tv shows arrives. that’s the real test , if it can take over the biggies.

  • Jeff

    It did remind me a lot of Twilight and I don’t necessarily liked the movie to begin with. If there’s a vampire overkill on tv people are going to get tired of it. But who knows with ratings like this.

  • erica

    I watched it just to see if it was any good. It wasn’t. The only good thing about it was Ian Somerhalder. I will definitely not watch the show again. Thanks but I’ll stick to True Blood.

  • Natalie

    I’ve got to agree that True Blood is 1,000,000x better than this show. But I don’t know why you guys are saying it’s a Twilight rip-off, the first Vampire Diaries book was published 15 years BEFORE Twilight. But I do see the somewhat annoying similarities. I like the show, didn’t love it but I will watch it next week. Plus, Ian Somerhalder is more than enough to keep my interest.

  • Ashlee

    I watched the premier last night and thought it was amazing. It’s kind of like Twlight but different….It follows more of the Vampire Legends. Like the one where he has to be invited into her house….I thought that was a good touch. I loved the show!!!

  • Micha

    i only watched this because of ian somerhalder. then i got bored.

  • bella

    the books are so much better. and the characters appearances are way of! Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. Stephan is supposed to be beautiful and has longish hair and forest green eyes.