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Vampire Diaries: Bloody Good Ratings!

Vampire Diaries: Bloody Good Ratings!

The CW finally has something to cheer about. Vampire Diaries delivered breakout ratings!

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley pulled in 4.8 million viewers, making their show CW’s most-watched series premiere ever.

America just can’t get enough of blood-sucking vampires! (FYI: True Blood‘s series finale airs this Sunday @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO.)

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the Vampire Diaries premiere? Will you watch next week??

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  • kyra182lovesgosling

    I loved it!!!!! And i love true blood also but VD books came out BEFORE Sookie Stackhouse and twilight.

  • Lo

    I saw it and I loved it. I’m not a huge twilight fan, but this was ten times better! It had interesting plotlines, likeable main characters and a clear protaganist/antaganist.

  • asufg485

    The books were horrible. The show is a little bit better.

    Twilight and True Blood are way better.

  • Saudia

    it was really good.. surprisingly .. too bad it’s going to be compared to True Blood and Twilight for eternity..considering VD came out wayyy before

  • bananie

    True Blood series finale!? Please say typo and it’s season finale only!

  • Emily

    This is merely a true blood rip-off.

  • Chanti

    The show was really disappointing and boring. I tried to watch it until the end, but just couldn’t.

  • CindyG

    I enjoyed the pilot more than I did the book. The first book didn’t really catch my interest to read the rest, although I may try again. Everyone needs to stop saying it’s a ripoff and copycat considering LJ Smith wrote these books in the 90s. However, CW did definitely jump the bandwagon on the vampire craze. I think the show will get more interesting once they start revealing Damon and Stefan’s past with Katherine.

  • Lunamoth

    I really loved it.. once I got passed the differences between the books and the series.. I can’t wait for next thursday

  • yvonne

    It was just an okay show. Won’t be watching next week since I work, I’m fine with only seeing it every other week. I see it only lasting one season and then will be canceled. Now Blood Ties and Blade the Series, those were good shows that were ended before their time.

  • Haven

    I think the books are better or they shall reveal themselves to be better.

  • daesy

    luv it!!!! not as much as twilight saga but luv it!!! itz lyk twilight saga then vampire diaries rite unde by lyk 1point they wuld b equal in my book will so tottaly watch nxt week!!!!! i lyk almost n e thing that got 2 du wit vampires!

  • Lisa

    i liked it, but it was wayyyy too much of a copy of Twilight

  • Courtney

    I actually really enjoyed the pilot! It was a lot better than I thought it would be.

    And people need to stop saying it’s a rip off of Twilight and True Blood. The Vampire Diaries were written in the 90s!

  • italian japanese

    It was pretty good, we shall see what happens next week. Usually ratings falter after the first week. The music was awesome too!

  • memekay

    I loved it. I’ve read all the books and just hope it follows that. I’m a big fan of vampires so of course I will tune in next week

  • Jen

    I loved it and will be watching next week….To me this pilot is what I wished Twilight could’ve been but wasn’t because of the bad acting and lack of chemistry between the main characters. I can see how VD is similar to Twilight in some ways but I really don’t see comparisons with True Blood which is a good show but i think it’s different in many ways, dont watch it though because its too graphic for my taste. I was really impressed with Paul Wesley, I didn’t think id like him but he was great as Stefan, loved him. Nina and Ian were really good too and I like the storyline w/ the brothers. I’ll definitely be watching and after Supernatural this will be the other show I watch on CW because the rest of the shows they have(gossip girl, 90210, Melrose Place etc are really bad)..

  • she shall remain nameless

    Well Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight and True Blood isn’t even based on a book. It’s just this story became a show due to the stupid vampire phenomenon. But anyway, it was the original before Buffy and the others I listed.


    @she shall remain nameless:

    True Blood is based on a book series.

  • yes


    yes , Dead Until Dark. I havent read them but I love True Blood. Vampire Dairies books sucked though.
    Twilight books were SO SO SO much better then the movie.

  • Renseme

    It SUCK!!!! It totally copied Twilight. Some scene were TOO FAKE!!! It just wasted my time!! Twilight is WAY BETTER!!!!

  • Girl

    if you are too busy to watch it or had thoughts about how cliched some scenes were:

  • sitarih

    ok eww i dont like this shhow i love twilight and true blood this show sux

  • Nadia

    why do people always have to be hating. like the show just started, give it a chance! i thought it was pretty good and im deff gonna keep watching it. what is there not to like? oh because it’s not like twlight or true blood? like i dont see why people are comapring it to twilight, its nothing like it and every vampire show has its own story and i think the cast is great and stefan is hot, i dont see who else couldve played him and who cares if elena is not a blonde, its better to have an actress with brown hair that can act instead of a blonde who cant.

  • lily

    I saw some of was boring and a twilight rip off

  • johnson0593

    i loved that show i am going to watch every episode i can’t wait untill next week…. the guys in that show are hott too i love it

  • meh

    Ian Somerhalder is damn hot. but the show is zzzzz

  • actress29

    I’m SICK of “Twilight”! I’ve seen the first one last year only half way through, and then, fortunatly, right at hour two, my pre-diabetes was calling me. Then, I forced myself to watch the movie on pay-per view. Then, I bought the stupid DVD. I didn’t even make it past the first scene. Kristen is ugly, cant act and is a bore. Robert: I only faked liking him, even though I’m in my 30′s. He seems drunk when doing interviews and needs some hygeine lessons! VD, however, is nothing like this “Twilight” trash and Paul Wesley is waaaaaaaayyy hotter than Rpatzz. Also, the actress who got arrested in real-life is prittier and more talented than KS!

  • dd

    true blood can’t be compared to all these teen vampire shows/movies. it’s too damn good! however, TVD was ok and i will be watching to see if it gets good.

  • lisa

    I like the show, I will be watching it again.

  • vampalicious

    True Blood is wonderful. Twilight is tolerable. Vampire Diaries is a sad wannabe of Twilight, which just makes it pathetic.

  • TC

    I kindda liked it so I opened a group for the Show . Join it if you want

    Ian is good looking

  • memei

    look at what twilight has caused

  • Max

    the show is SOOO GOOD!
    And the cast is sexy… don’t like the true blood actors though… I WILL STICK WITH VAMPIRE DIARIES

    and the show’s not a copycat… it was written way before trueblood and twilight. it’s time to think before you write shit guys!

  • mertz

    i saw it twice because it was inbetween the jay z fuse show, and i hated it both times. my brain kept going really is this happening, why so choppy, uhm some of these people cannot act, worst storyline ever to sstart off a series like this…and even when i wanted to change the channel, i just couldn’t because i wanted to see what was ahead. it wasn’t good. i’m sure they will experience a drop off. i haven’t ever seen an episode of true blood but i love the actors on that show so it’s automatically better. i mean when these two vamp dudes tackled each other out the window i was like worst vamp close up, worst angry vamp brother scene and worst tackle ever…who is the producer of this show????

  • mertz

    oh and lets contiune with the close up’s…i know and love nina, but come the fcuk on. i cannot be asked to stare at you and your eyes and this other guy’s eyes forever. who the fcuk is the producer of this show. it was shot and edited so abysmally that i don’t even know what to say. it was not good.

  • elle

    thnks to all this stupid vampire/twilight-mania I hate vampires plus I’ ve seen the trailer and it looked a lot like twilight: soppy and boring…

  • telepathetic

    Ian Somerhalder… please come to me….

  • http://www.facebook.comjennie.yoon jennie :)

    two thumbs up!

  • crystal

    this show is so stupid.. they took the ideas from twilight…. yeah real smooth……… i dont think its fair to the twilight franchise that they make money by stealing ideas from twilight

  • Mornol

    Watch vampire diaries online –

  • denden

    the show is really good and 4.8 million is great for cw and its a great show idc what some of u twilight haters say is good movie to and new moon is gonna be great and i hop tha show last we need some good new shows modern fam.. i hope its good but gonna be here for good min

  • pax paxart

    After experiencing Alan Ball’s amazingly creative series about vampires on HBO, I approached this with some excitement as I enjoy vampire tales. Sad to say, based on the first three episodes, the series is woefully devoid of any originality or inspiration. It plays like any one of the CW’s teen angst series. It’s infantile, badly written, and dreadfully dull.

    STORY LINE: Very run of the mill. At least Twilight had interesting characters. The supposed teenage girls in the series are your typical lot of vacuous mental lightweights. They were obviously cast for their looks as opposed to any Thespian abilty. The two brothers are better, but after one episode they are so predictable, it’s laughable. And who write’s this stuff. It plays like a Grade C, low budget horror movie. The lines are trite and barely plausible. The story line so far could have been written by a third grader. No, I take that back. There are third graders who could do better. Even the directing is bad; episodes drag badly and Ian Somerhalder pops of the same way every time. It’s not scary and worse, it’s not alluring or interesting. There’s not a
    whit of real fancy or fantasy.

    SOUNDTRACK: I suppose the target audience (teenieboppers)like the endless and annoying soundtrack of rock and pop songs. Again, it’s indistinguishable from all the other CW teen shows. This crappy music has become boilerplate with these shows. Don’t bother telling an interesting story; just pummel the TV audience with a noisy song track. The sound editor should be shot! The songs were so loud in the pilot, that you could barely hear the dialogue. The music in Trueblood is inspired; in the Vampire Diaries it’s just schlock and it gets in the way.

    VAMPIRE MYTHOS: There is nothing new, interesting, or particularly creative here. The Ann Rice novels are masterpieces compared to this. Twilight was vastly superior. Vampire Diaries has absolutely nothing new to say about vampires; Gilmore Girls meet the cute vamps. Ugh!

    What’s truly distressing is that a network like the CW caters to the lowest possible common demoninator. If HBO can produce something so rich and appetizing, why is the CW content to feed teenagers this steady diet of trash!

  • Susan

    I luved it! Ian is so damn hot, luved him in LOST…he was the #1 reason for me to watch this show and I absolutely luved it. Good cast, great chemistry. I luv the good and bad brothers falling in love over the same girl thing while dealing with sadness and teen angst. Nothing like True Blood, except vampires. And I luv True Blood. How is this a copycat? No way. I’m going to check out the books after the show’s over for the season. I hated Twilight, books and movie….so boring, yuk. And couldn’t get past the “glittering” in the sun thing, whatever. Vampires are supposed to burn in the sun, it’s a fact, lol On this show, a ring is worn and I like thinking at any time SOMETHING may happen to Stefan’s ring later on down the road and I luv it. Real vampires do NOT glitter! I hope this show makes it!!! It rocks.

  • Justine

    Alright, after watching part of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, I’ve decided not to go on and read the book inside. What I found out that Elena is blond and slender. Nothing like what I seen from what I’ve seen in the TV series when I watched part of it. So I won’t be watching the TV series, since I could tell its goin to be lame. I would of rather it if they went with blonde like in the book. My opinion is if they want to get more viewers, then they should actually go by how the book’s describes the character.[ For example Elena: Cool and blond and slender, the girl every boy wanted and ever girl wanted t be, the high school senior.] Elena is basically a ‘Queen Bee’.

  • volleyfreak

    I loved it!!! i watch it every Thursday i wouldn’t miss it….it does remind me of Twilight and I think that’s why I like it so much its a mini series to keep me going until the next movies are out…what is True Blood??? If I’d half too pick between Twilight and Vampire Diaries my heart would go to Edward and Bella!!!


    This one is a good series…I thought that it was going to be just like twilight…but no way! this is the best show of vampires… I’m watching it all weeks and la trama avanza muy rapido! ;D I prefer this series… is the best!

  • Rach

    @27: I’m sorry, but they are the hottest guys I’ve ever seen!!

  • CW

    @bella: For some reason, if somebody first read book, and then watch show he/she does not like the show, and contra versa. It is from my observations. I did not read books, and I am a big FUN of the show. BTW the show is based on books, and is not just copy. And Stephan in show is beautiful inside and very handsome outside! I like him very much! Both guys vamp are hot, and they doing a greit job. Stephan is good in his way, and Damon is good in his own way! Although Elena is not blond, she is just the best choice for Elena I think! Can not wait till next episode! Never missed any of them! And have rewached on CW all of six. Good Luck to all actors!

  • Hannah

    I have never seen True Blood, but Vampire Diaries is a great show for teens. They can relate to the show, obviously not with the vampire part, but with the love, school, and friend aspects. I, being a teenager, am in love with Twilight. I was disappointed with the movie and having a show to get my Twilight dose each week is very fulfilling. The story line does get old and repetitive but hopefully they change it up a bit. I hope it’s not another October Road that gets cancelled after a season with an unfinished story line.
    The fact that they chose GORGEOUS characters to play these roles does make me a bit envious but hey, aren’t vampires supposed to be beautiful? ;) I am extremely jealous of Nina!
    Props to the creators of this show for at least giving it a try for all the vampire-crazed people in the world. Have your opinions, yes, but don’t be rude.