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Victoria Beckham is Animal Print Posh

Victoria Beckham is Animal Print Posh

Victoria Beckham attends the Fashion’s Night Out event at Bergdorf Goodman on Thursday (September 10) in New York City.

The 35-year-old ex-Spice girl wore over-the-knee platform boots by Gucci with an orange animal-print mini dress by Giles Deacon.

Vicky B is in town for the launch of Mercedes-Benz New York’s Fashion Week. She will be unveiling her newest DVB collection this weekend along with her latest fragrance, Signature Story, on talk show The View next week.

30+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham wearing an orange mini to Bergdorf Goodman…

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victoria beckham animal print 01
victoria beckham animal print 02
victoria beckham animal print 03
victoria beckham animal print 04
victoria beckham animal print 05
victoria beckham animal print 06
victoria beckham animal print 07
victoria beckham animal print 08
victoria beckham animal print 09
victoria beckham animal print 10
victoria beckham animal print 11
victoria beckham animal print 12
victoria beckham animal print 13
victoria beckham animal print 14
victoria beckham animal print 15
victoria beckham animal print 16
victoria beckham animal print 17
victoria beckham animal print 18
victoria beckham animal print 19
victoria beckham animal print 20
victoria beckham animal print 21
victoria beckham animal print 22
victoria beckham animal print 23
victoria beckham animal print 24
victoria beckham animal print 25
victoria beckham animal print 26
victoria beckham animal print 27
victoria beckham animal print 28
victoria beckham animal print 29
victoria beckham animal print 30
victoria beckham animal print 31
victoria beckham animal print 32
victoria beckham animal print 33
victoria beckham animal print 34

Credit: McCarthy; Photos: Getty
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  • Jennifer


  • wendy

    Something different from Posh, finally she doesnt play it safe, love it, only she could rock this!

  • anono

    She’s so not attractive, if she wasn’t married to David B. she would get any second looks or attention (and she likely knows that). Her face always looks so weird, she looks like a bug of some sort or an alien, LOL. I hate how she always pushes her boobs way too far up like this. It looks ridiculous, like 2 ballons trying to escape! And her neck is awful, like those edges could cut someone (poor David, no wonder he seeks softer females when he wanders). VB is a total bobblehead, way too skinny, ugh those stick legs and that nasty scowl on her face, she’s just so unattractive.

    Oh and she looks high in these pics, seems like her coke-diet must be working for her.

  • anono

    I meant she would NOT get any looks or attention.

  • cristina

    Elegant and stylish as always. Most of the haters are probably Americans who can only relate to flip flops, torn, baggy clothes, beer bellies, baseball hats, Harleys and obnoxious behavior. She is classy as are most Europeans. She is always impeccably groomed, from her hair down to her shoes. You little kids on here making uneducated, childish remarks sound ridiculous lol.

  • Eve


  • lexy

    Now SHE is fashion forward, not Rachel Bilson in her big bird costume!

  • docomo

    you have absolutely no idea what you talking about, poor thing..

  • pooter

    yikes….her dress looks like a huge toothpaste tube

  • Lily


  • Chloe

    Ugly skinny bitch, she looks ill

  • chloe

    Ugly skinny bitch, she looks fake and ill

  • Nic

    Eww, just Eww, she’s like an oil factory..

  • clari


  • Seth

    Shy…Of course she is

  • wed mother

    She looks hideous in that ugly dress, with her plastic boobs pushed up like that, looking even more fake than usual.

  • lizk

    4 words: Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!

  • tawi-tawi

    she looks hungry :(

  • Danielle

    Whether you like her or not–like Dita — she knows her style and fiercely rocks whatever she wears. Katie Holmes should take lessons on her from how to WEAR clothes rather than have clothes wear her.

  • Mary

    She is so pretty! Love to watch and see what she is wearing.

  • Gin

    Go home to England!

    (at least she is not going to be on Idol)

  • fashionista

    I was there. It was chaos.The line was wrapped around the block. Andre Leon Talley was there as well. She’s teeny tiny but the look worked for the occasion. Trust me, you should have seen Fifth Avenue last night.

  • seeya


  • Whattagal

    she is so affected it’s scary. her posing, her tanorexic body…she needs to disappear…please..

  • Catalina

    Why do we care about this Brit?

  • lalalove

    She disappointed me…=(

  • Marta

    too bony,too orange,too robotic

  • go shopping

    Who died?
    Why is she so sad? Always sad.

  • lalalove

    Come on, pull urself together, VB!! And eat something, will you!!??

  • Spanish babe

    YOU sound like an uptight english snob! How can you generalize like that?! It’s ridiculous! People are commenting on her physical attributes (or lack of) NOt on her style, which in my opinion she definitely has…And I’m sorry but you also have the flip flop, baseball cap wearing, classless beer belly owners in Europe so… get that broom out of your ass and STFU!

  • josephine

    Ha ha! “Bug”! That really got me laughing! For me, it’s not her neck that bothers me, it’s her collar bone and shoulder blades!!!! They’re so pokey and sharp it makes me uncomfortable just to look at them. I don’t usually comment on their private moments, but surely Davy-boy cannot possibly like running his fingers over those things…how knobbly they must feel.

    “affected” is right! and “trying too hard”, and “her clothes wear her”, and “desperately seeking attention” …..

  • Tealeaf

    She looks hungry, but I like her

  • lu

    get over yourself

  • diana

    always the same pose. always the same hard, non changing face

  • Jen

    I usually love what she is wearing but that outfit is horrendous and so is the makeup

    and #5, please Americans are not the only ones who dress horribly. You should go to tourist destinations and see how Europeans are dressed, not too far away from Americans let me tell you. It goes both ways honey.

  • el

    wow ))))
    she looks great
    very very sexy

  • nat

    I have to say, she usually looks put together whether you like her or not but not here! Her make-up is horrible, she looks greasy instead of glowy and her hair looks unwashed.

    Not a good moment for her I’d say

  • karen

    OK where are all the magazine covers and news alerts about how thin Victoria is .. She looks bad.. but I am sure it will not make a cover or blog. NOPE that is just for a few select ONES..

  • lisa


    There won’t be any… Victoria does not sell mags here.. Most people really don’t care much about what is happening with her or David.. Sorry to her big fans.. but it is true.. Their arrival here was lets say not the big news.. She has style I will say.. but she works it too hard.. Tries too hard.. that is why it comes across as phony..Sad because a lot of people say she is a really nice person..

    She should give it a rest and just relax..

  • lion

    This beotch is a waste of space. She’s ugly, boring and dumb. Is she still relevant? Go back to England – don’t take away our D-lister’s job from America!

  • lisa

    someone, please, feed her… she looks terrible.. loving her dress though, maybe she could had wear a pair of sophisticated high heels, pumps, or booties..

  • London gal

    It’s amazing how so many of the negative comments are so similar to those of us here in the UK. She would definitely not be a major issue if she weren’t married to a footballer named Beck.

    I’ve not seen so many bones coming out of a persons upper body as those of Victoria.

  • my comments…

    She is really horrendous and one big walking contradiction!

    She EXPECTS ppl. to BELIEVE that she is shy/insecure/doens’t like the media attention on her/her family- yet she dresses her fugly self in this kind of “get-up” for what? Attention-seeking, of course!

    She claims that she sheilds/protects her children’s privacy- Hmm- ok then why are said children featured in documentaries made about this vile family and why then does she constantly drag them to paparazzi infested “hot-spots” Instead of more child-friendly places?

    She claims that her “size” is due to a healthy “diet”- Hmm- ok- does that “diet” consist of any food/drink? All one has to do is look back at pics. of her during her SG days to see that the frame she is supporting now is not her true-to-form frame- it’s quite evident this woman has an eating disporder to the nth degree.

    She claims that her “style” inspiration comes from Audrey Hepburn- Really? When would the classy, stylish, giving lady whom was AH EVER wear such a trashy/tacky ensemble? Hmm- Never that’s when.

    VB is a pathetic, deluded, lost soul…

  • mgn

    She looks like a ho. She is scary skinny . Eat something.

  • Anita

    Now she REALLY looks ill!!!!!!! What´s wrong with her?

  • to victoria beckhams

    You have a very ugly upper body. wear cloths that cover it.

  • Diana

    hahaha could she be more ridiculous ?!?!?!?!

  • Another mimi

    The most shallow and vapid person ever.
    She looks like she got burned in the toaster and didn’t eat for years.
    All she does is try to be famous and get her picture taken.
    How ubattractive, boring and pathetic

  • lakers fan in boston

    complete fail
    the hair, makeup, the dress, ugly boots, the fake tan
    not 1 good thing came out of this

  • G

    She looks like a decomposing walking dead body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!