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Chace Crawford & Bar Refaeli Couple Up -- Exclusive

Chace Crawford & Bar Refaeli Couple Up -- Exclusive

Chace Crawford and Bar Refaeli are starting to get friendly with each other.

The Gossip Girl hunk and Sports Illustrated cover model, both 24, shared a special moment on Friday night (September 11) at NYC hotspot 1Oak.

During Jay-Z‘s “Run This Town,” they were “dancing on each other, swaying their hips together from side to side,” a partygoer exclusively tells “At one point, Bar reached down and grabbed Chace‘s backside. They were very affectionate with each other.”

Another source reveals, “Bar and Chace have been spending a lot of time together since Bar is town and attending NY Fashion Week events.” (During Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday, Chace dropped by the Dolce & Gabbana boutique while Bar was at the Ralph Lauren boutique.)

Spotted at the booth next to the unlikely pair: Rihanna hanging out with her entourage. Jay-Z and Kanye also dropped by the club, celebrating their performance together from earlier in the evening at Jay-Z‘s 9/11 benefit concert.

Last month, Chace was seen kissing Twilight cutie Ashley Greene. Bar called it quits with Leonardo DiCaprio back in June and has been linked to Brazilian polo player and entrepreneur Ricardo Mansur.

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  • Jono

    Wooo, GO CHACE! :)

  • hamper

    aww, they make a cute couple!

  • hydenckl6

    0o0o0o0o hot stuff going down during Fashion Week!

  • BAR

    They make a damn hot couple.

  • glee

    I hate it when models do need to date a celeb just to get some attention or somehow be known…………

    Simply shows that models like that aren’t worth or respected enough in the fashion industry.

    Like famehos

  • amy

    wow that is one HOT couple

  • isolde

    finally she caught a dissgus ting and stupid biitcch(like her) to make use of his fame and money and stupidness.. poor chace lolll.

  • baby Gone

    Real supermodels or top models are no more around…the only one was Gisele, but now that she’s pregnant I don’t know what she’ll do with her career in the future! Models like CIndy, Claudia, Naomi, Eva and Helena were famous for their own jobs and professionality, they had something special, nowadays models are all ‘lookalike’, they don’t distinguish from each other…
    Btw, these 2 would make a great couple!

  • made

    she is just a fuccking prossssti tute … and a pig she is one and no ne cares about her. lol..ı hate hate hate her.. fuccc ck herr

  • J

    She is no supermodel. She was not famous at all before she started dating Leonardo Dicaprio. She was just a model like the rest of the thousands in the world.

  • dream

    Funny that Bar will only be known for being the gf of whoever famous or the one who dated that whoever famous, not actually as a model.

    Just like some other models who have their names attached to a famous celeb!

    I really wish Bar to be a VS model cause VS is very commercial and likes models who date celebs. Go for it Bar.

  • just me

    Anna Wintour said in an interview a while ago that today`s `supermodels` need a famous boyfriend to become successful unlike the ones from the `80s and `90s. She wasn`t talking about anyone specific but the first model that came to my mind was Bar… And here we go again, first Leo and now Chase.
    But I have to admit they seem like a good match.

  • baby Gone

    And the second one who comes to my mind is Miranda Kerr…

  • Ms.Erica

    WHO?! But I like her dress and belt.

  • Famewhooree

    She’s living up quite nicely to her famewhorrree name!!! :) She chooses her next victim well!!! :)

  • BellaDonna1102

    Until I see a pic of them together, it is just hearsay. Besides, Chace has said that he is enjoying being single for now, he can have fun.

  • BellaDonna1102

    Until I see a pic of them together, it is just hearsay. Besides, Chace has said that he is enjoying being single for now, he can have fun.

  • dream

    @12 & 13

    Anna Wintour was precisely referring to Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen, and not those other models who are dating celebs now.

    Kate and Gisele are both successful models prior to dating celebs with big contracts, campaigns, magazine covers under their belts. But associating themselves regularly to famous people added some more fame and success to the ones they already have.

    That’s the big difference with those 2 supermodels as compared to the ‘supermodels JJ loves to label on this site’

    And Anna Wintour and all the other Vogue editors worldwide seem not like to feature these ‘models who are dating celebs after the Gisele and Kate fiesta’ on their beloved magz. So are the well known designers!

  • Famewhooree

    Well maybe he decided that he doesnt want to be single anymore but that its time to settle down with a famewhooree. The man does have a choice.

  • just me

    Well, that`s not how I recall what I read but it was a while ago. You are right, Kate and Gisele are definitely not the `JJ kind of supermodels` even if they dated famous guys.

  • dream

    @just me

    Anna Wintour made that comment during the MET last May in one of the articles released by Vogue itself.

    It’s clear as water that she’s referring to Kate and Gisele by mentioning their names. And definitely Ana wasn’t talking about the other models who are dating celebs.

    you can check the article at for clarifications. besides it isn’t a big deal cause we all know that Kate and Gisele are already icons in the fashion industry. that’s all

  • dundies

    lol not hot at all. he’s no different than any other preppy guys guy, and she that girl who doesn’t respect herself…NEXT

  • Hot

    HOT couple!! These two make a gorgeous couple. Glad to see him with someone like this vs. a talentless Twilighter.

  • LoveSimpsonSis

    They would be really hot together! I like them both :)

  • notbusy

    He looked better with blond hair. Have no clue who she is, but whatever…they would look good together.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    from all of the guys that Bar was linked to since her breakup from Leo, Chace is the best!!!
    he seems like a good guy!

  • Famewhooree

    @Lisa rose: by best you mean most famous which goes along with her fame whoorring ways!!!

  • oh no

    can’t Bar rest her sorry azz for a while in dating famous and rich men……..

    common Bar successful and real models don’t do that all the time, they work on the runways, ads, commercials, and magazine covers not on Clist gossip sites with all the latest about their lovelives or what they’re doing at the moment.

  • Justme24

    Fuck you, Jared. You spread Hollywood propaganda like no one else. Chace is gay, and this is a lie, douchebag.

  • sweetness

    Why do these actors always date models?…you never see them with regular beautiful girls who work at regular jobs like nurses oor teachers or secretaries…

  • what?

    she’s not a model, she’s an oompa loompa… regular girls are hotter than oompa loompas. lol

    look at her body here with the short arms and legs? how the f*ck can she be modelling? don’t you have to be long and lean to be a model? sh*t we should all go into modelling too if she can get away with it.

  • nikomilinko
  • oh no

    Bar is a bikini model, not a HF model so there aint a problem with that

    Bar suits well with VS cause they love slatte and p*rnstar looking models who can sell zex like no other

  • A little show, eh?


    Erm, Leonardo DiCaprio is much more famous than Chace Crawford.

  • ellie’

    They would make a nice beautiful couple…

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Famewhooree: you have nothing better to do then to call Bar famewhore all day long??????????

  • jazmin

    i like them both and they make a super hot couple, much better than ashley greene, idk why but i like this pair;)

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Bar is not doing HF becouse she simpley CANT!!! she doesnt have a body for this or for runways, so leave her alon! I’m sure that if she had that possiblety she was doing that by now!!!!

  • lollipop

    Errr what???? How dare you call her an Ompa Lompa. Have you ever seen a real fat person? You must be insane. She is way hotter than those bony arse stick figures that look ill and have no shape whatsoever. Bar is hot and so is Chace! What a hot couple!

    She sure has lots of jealous attackers!

    P.S. Jared, the sidebars are really creeping me out, please but something up a little less disturbing in these hard times. Thank you.

  • @lisa rose

    you’re right but there will never be a hf designer that will be interested in Bar, Brooklyn, Miranda cause they’re simply commercial panty and bra models

    those HF designers look for class and elegance and these bra and panty models simply don’t have that, the reason why they stick to what they do best, and that’s being a bra and panty model and to pose on men’s magazines

  • stubby arms and legs

    oompa loompas aren’t fat, they’re midgets from the Charlie and the chocolate factory… thats what Bar looks like in some of her photos because her arms and legs are so short… Even for bikini modelling it seems weird. I think they do airbrushing to elongate her limbs on her photoshoots.

  • to 41

    I would love to be an oompa loompa if they looked like Bar. Come on, we would all love to look like her (and him)!!! They are young, gorgeous and having fun with each other-I’m totally jealous!!!! Agree, Chace has definitely upgraded!!

  • Famewhooree

    @A little show, eh?: Yes and Leo dumped her a** not the other way around so what is your point???? All the really famous men are taken or don’t give a f about her so she has to step down on the ladder hence Chase Crawford. Actually he’s way down on the ladder!!!

  • beer

    Bar why do you need to date famous and rich men all the time?

    By doing that continuously, nobody in the fashion industry will take you seriously!

    Have some self respect Bar, and this is coming from someone who likes you a bit as a model.

  • @42

    actually, NO, I’d rather have Blake Lively’s body than hers… I don’t like Bar’s body.


    @Justme24: How do you know?

  • STEP4

    Thats all Bar does, screwing her way to Hollywood. She will do anything for attention. Chaz will just be another guy to her long list of men she sleeps with for fame.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Bar is just not one of these models who will do anything to be skinny, shes eating what ever she want, doing alot of sport and just want to enjoy her life!!!!!! and this is what doesnt makes her to be a HF model!!!!! cus unlike all the HF models shes EATING!!!!!!! and keep her self HEALTHY!!!!!!!! and I think that its MUCH MORE important then to be a HF model!!! and I adore her about it!!!
    and look, she makes alot of money even without be an HF model!!!!! :)

  • http://justjared ams

    Better him than Leo. She set him free finally :)

  • geez

    “At one point, Bar reached down and grabbed Chace’s backside.”
    Call me when she grabs his d!ck. If ever.