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Chace Crawford & Bar Refaeli Couple Up -- Exclusive

Chace Crawford & Bar Refaeli Couple Up -- Exclusive

Chace Crawford and Bar Refaeli are starting to get friendly with each other.

The Gossip Girl hunk and Sports Illustrated cover model, both 24, shared a special moment on Friday night (September 11) at NYC hotspot 1Oak.

During Jay-Z‘s “Run This Town,” they were “dancing on each other, swaying their hips together from side to side,” a partygoer exclusively tells “At one point, Bar reached down and grabbed Chace‘s backside. They were very affectionate with each other.”

Another source reveals, “Bar and Chace have been spending a lot of time together since Bar is town and attending NY Fashion Week events.” (During Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday, Chace dropped by the Dolce & Gabbana boutique while Bar was at the Ralph Lauren boutique.)

Spotted at the booth next to the unlikely pair: Rihanna hanging out with her entourage. Jay-Z and Kanye also dropped by the club, celebrating their performance together from earlier in the evening at Jay-Z‘s 9/11 benefit concert.

Last month, Chace was seen kissing Twilight cutie Ashley Greene. Bar called it quits with Leonardo DiCaprio back in June and has been linked to Brazilian polo player and entrepreneur Ricardo Mansur.

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Photos: John Parra/Neilson Barnard/Getty
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  • to 48

    I agree-the woman has curves and does not try to be anorexic like the HF models. Chace is a lucky man and Bar is a lucky woman. I have never seen his show but he is really cute!!!

  • natt

    Chace is such a player. One time with Ashley Greene next with Bar Refaeli? Gosh, settle down

  • okaipedjo

    she a jew!!!!!!

  • go sox

    Just what we need: more pretty player boys, with no brains, no morals, and no conscience. And how stupid are women to hook up with them. Guys like that are a dime a dozen. Grow up, Chace.

  • wampy

    Leo is much better looking and much more talented than Chace.
    Also, classy Leo would not be pleased if some woman grabbed his azz in public.
    These 2 no talent 24 year-olds deserve each other and can grab each others’ genit.als & hum.p on the dance floor to get attention. Perfect match.

  • Jess

    Bar is 100 times better than Ashley Greene, you guys call Bar a famewh*re, what is this bitch then? I vote for Bar and Chace, hopefully Chace won’t be dumb enough to hook up with Ashley now that she is going to be back for the VMA’s. Watch out Chace she has some STDs

  • Oh Goodness

    Oh people…quit hating on them. You guys are just jealous that Bar and Chace are both beautiful people. Who cares is she isn’t a VS model. And they don’t need to settle down. They’re both still quite young. Just accept the fact that beautiful people belong together.

  • french

    I doubt it’s true. I think it’s just another rumor made by bar or her mother. If it’s true, i think she wanted to try with George but he already had a girlfriend, thus now after Leo (even if it was a fake couple) who is a very talented and beautiful actor, she is with Chace who is a bad actor and not a very good looking guy. But they deserve each other because they are both very bad in their job.

  • chelsey

    Hes dating like someone new every week. The only real relationship he was in was with Carrie Underwood. I guess he realized he wanted to have a different girl every night and thats why he dumped her. Too bad, now THEY made a cute couple.

  • whatever

    #9; The only one that’s a pig is you, psycho, Crapio whose sleeping with every women he meets. If you hate and don’t care about Bar than why do you even bother reading every story about her? You’re crazy!
    Bar haters have nothing better to do than follow every detail of her life than write trash about her. It’s all due to jealousy because she slept with Crapio and she’s pretty while you people are ugly and have no social life. Bar’s not with Leo anymore so go obssess over his latest conquestsand stop stalking her!

  • K.G.

    @go sox:
    Coming from the Zac Efron fangirl.

  • lol

    I can never decide is Chace is a ladies man or a gay guy his reps are trying really hard to make me think he is straight. Also, whys so much Bar hate. She is famous for being pretty and modeling so what. We have a whole group of girls famous for sex tapes and partying.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @whatever: I cant agree with you more!!! this is what I’m allways saying too! so glad to see that there’s some people like you here too! (((((((((:
    they are just OBSSESED with her!!!
    they cant do nothing with there life instade of bash on her!
    all this hate and focus on some beautiful girl, who has nothing to do with thier poor life will ‘kill’ them one day!

  • sarah

    Just because they were at the same event, doesnt mean they’re a couple. I dont even see a photo of the two next to each other here. :/

  • Famewhooree

    it wont change the facts!! F Ame Wh o re!!

  • rose

    its true! i was in the club, they were pretty close! cute couple!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @rose: seems like a lie..(that you was there)….

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like the fact that bar isnt afraid to get what she wants unlike a lot of other women
    she looks totally hot in those pics

  • wampy

    Both of them are dumber than ashtrays.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Yes, they would definitely make a super hot couple!!! But he and Ashley make a cuter one. If I could make a choice for him, I would say go for Ashley!!!

  • Dr. Von Truth

    Bar is a Star……………………..

    here at JustJared

  • wartwart

    professional beard much?

  • yachty

    Aah to be young, stupid, irrelevant, untalented, and horn.y….
    He also fcuked Esti Ginzburg I think or he tried to.

  • commonsense

    Please, what Jared is really saying is that they DANCED at a party! Of course they’re a couple.

  • Another mimi

    This is what Bar always does- she sees one person who is famous in a room and she would do anything she can to cling to him and then call the tabliods to make it seem like they are together.


    @lol: Yeah, me too. I’ve decided he plays for both teams – that allows for him to be in the back seat of a car with some random girl (previous to ashley) and hanging out in Chelsea Equinox steam rooms.
    I hear he’s a dollbaby with a good heart. Hopefully he’ll one day find someone worthy of him.


    @lol: Yeah, me too. I’ve decided he plays for both teams – that allows for him to be in the back seat of a car with some random girl (previous to ashley) and hanging out in Chelsea Equinox steam rooms.
    I hear he’s a dollbaby with a good heart. Hopefully he’ll one day find someone worthy of him.

  • jess

    Like that sl ut Ashley greene is any better than Bar. At least Bar doesn’t pretend to be a saint and is who she is. Ashley Greene thinks she can get any guy she wants is full of herself and is both a wh*re and a famewh*re, she doesn’t even know how to act, so all she’s known for is for who she has dated and the noodies.

  • priti

    Most Eligible Bachelor. Score! I read that Chace is not much of a partier, so he must be looking to enjoy life a little more now. Good for him.

  • meh

    ew hell no

  • katt

    i don’t like the models and actors pairings as well .. feels desperate .. on both parts…
    actors and actresses/actors are fine…
    or actors and normal ppl …too

  • saNDY

    why i think Chace loves Blake Lively?

    But this is my opinion

  • crystal

    Until i see pics, i dont by it… just another heresay rumor!!

  • meytal

    she is Israeli model.
    and good couple


    Ashley and Bar are both famewhores, people. Chace isn’t, so it’s a bad combination with either one.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    people stop hating on Bar, shes dating hot famous guys, simpley becouse she CAN!!!!!!!
    she has that killer looks and the possiblty to get close to them, she has a very fun personalty, so no wonder why all these guys likes her so much. lol
    shes not a saint and she didnt killed anyone, shes just enjoying her life so…. get over it!

  • Famewhooree

    Picture of Bar and Chase and her being a sluuuut

  • … because she can or because she needs to? I doubt she would be where she is now, a `supermodel`, without having famous boyfriends/dance partners. Even with a great body she couldn`t have made it this far without that `little` extra help from her relationship.

  • jess


    Chace is the guy with the head down?

  • I don`t think that`s a new photo since her hair looks darker but definitely an interesting photo.

  • Famewhooree

    @jess: yes…

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Famewhooree: why are you saying that its Bar and Chace????????? ITS AN OLD PHOTO (from something like two months ago) !!!!!!!!!
    and its not Chace, its her friend. and that was in ISRAEL.

  • ………..

    oh,but what’s with asley green?i


    @Famewhooree: I know Chace Crawford when I see him, and that isn’t Chace – nice try, though.

  • Famewhooree

    @WICKED WENCH: I could say the same thing and IT IS HIM.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Famewhooree: if its makes you happy………

  • eire

    i thought he was gay.

  • lenscap

    Chase must have dated Gisele or at least gone down on her cuz Bar only takes Gisele leftovers. Bar is going through Gisele’s garbage as we speak to figure out her next move in life.

  • xxx

    Nobody would know her name if she didn’t date Leonardo or Chace (apparently). Models need to date famous people to get more famous themselves. Quite pathetic, really.

  • Barfie

    I hope Chase isnt dating this girl. She needs to go back to Israel and date someone there.