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'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

Megan Fox hurled insults at her Transformers director Michael Bay earlier this month, comparing him to Hitler.

Nelson, the administrator for Bay‘s official website later posted a SCATHING letter from crew members who’ve worked with Michael on Transformers.

Bay removed the letter from his website but provided this update: “I don’t condone the crew letter to Megan. And I don’t condone Megan‘s outlandish quotes. But her crazy quips are part of her crazy charm. The fact of the matter I still love working with her, and I know we still get along. I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3. Michael” Can’t wait!!!

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  • megan rules

    wow they are making a mess of nothing. just leave megan alone gosh. if she is so bad, then why is she so famous? by writing this, the crew looks bad and gives megan even more fame. go megan, you rock!

  • Meg

    Is anyone really surprised? You can tell from probably 99% of her interviews that she thinks shes better than everyone else and an airhead.

  • reemacra

    jesus christ!!! megan!

  • Halli

    Like I said.

    Megan Fox is like what Jayne Mansfield was to Marilyn Monroe:
    A carbon-copy wannabe with not much else going on.

    Megan is a lot like that. Beautiful but empty on the inside. There is a reason why her idol Marilyn is still regarded as a legend today. And that’s because she was a private woman and full of mystery. She kept her cards close to her and was never so full of herself that she would only speak ill of others and speak about how fantastic she is. Its terrible, predicable and BORING.

    Megan leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Patruuna

    just love those guys! :D Megan was a loser from the start

  • jen

    ughhh i really despise her

  • J

    Finally, someone lets the world see what an idiot, full-of-herself, bitch she is

  • mare

    I love that Celebrities cannot hide from themselves anymore. Sites like Just jared have exposed some of them for the classless people they are. I use to think Meghan Fox was hot now I just think she is a very dumb girl and bad actress. (hence, she is a celebrity not an actress.)

    Other Celebrities have gone done this Road Meghan showing they are just b*itchs or A**holes with no talent but just having good looks or great connections (I.e GYNeth P, LiLo,) She sounds very ungrateful and what comes around goes around!

  • silentsophi

    Wow she sounds terrible to work with most of the time. Some people just don’t get it. Don’t know how to be thankful and kind to other human beings just for the sake of kindness. If she is really this way it sucks for her because she has yet to show enough true acting skill (something beyond being “hot) to balance this level of unpleasantness and simple mindedness.

  • joella

    OH MY GOODNESS! She sounds like she has a real easy time making enemies. Heads up girl, do NOT mess with the crew.

  • kate

    yeah this isn’t surprising at all. she comes across as a total bitca anyway.

  • Lily


  • reemacra

    l wonder if Mechael Bay also feels this way…after the initial shock of reading this article l worry about her more and more!

  • erica

    I am glad that some people are telling it how it is. Megan Fox should be thanking Michael Bay for making him a star instead she talks trash about him.

    She is not any kind of professional or even a decent actress. The reviews for her movie Jennifer’s Body are terrible, and her acting reviews for that movie are also bad. So really, she could insult Bay if she was any kind of talented actress, but she cannot act and has now really proven it in her first non-Tranformers movie.

    I think the Megan the crew members describe will have just as big a fall as she had a rise. Her body will only last her so long in Hollywood, while other young and extremely talented actresses like Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway will get good acting parts, Megan will keep playing the sex-bomb.

  • silentsophi

    @megan rules: I would like to ask why a number of people are famous. There are a number of people who have a claim to popular media fame without putting true work into it.

  • cafe late

    hahaha, I’m glad they wrote this letter… I always knew she was a b*tch… Now the truth is OUT!!! haha

  • Sophia

    Love this! Finally someone is putting to print what, we as viewers, want to say. Megan Fox is just a pretty face – not really that pretty to begin with – and not the best actress. I can personally name 100 actresses, some as not that well known, who are not only prettier but also way better actresses!

  • exotic

    What a dumb-a s s she is. I cannot believe someone thought she could act

  • nickyandthecity

    Wow. I’m shocked. You never really know what type of a person a celebrity is unless you know them personally. Obviously, the crew members of Transformers know the true Megan Fox since they’ve been working with her for the past few years on the Transformers series. It’s very upsetting and disappointing to hear that fame has gone to, yet another celebrity’s head. They need to learn that they are not superior to anyone and they are simply human, as are the rest of us. Celebrities are in the entertainment business as a job. They are not royalty and they are not political figures. They do not deserve to have our attention or the fame in which they do. Celebrities, like Megan Fox seems to be, believe that their fame is a right meanwhile it is a priviledge. I hope this letter shows Megan that just because people know her name and are interested in her does not mean that she can get away with anything. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar and I hope she learns this. She’s is a young, beautiful girl on the outside. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to be a beautiful person on the inside. How sad.

  • anon

    @silentsophi: AMEN!!!

  • Halo

    @Halli: OMG! no , don’t compare her to Jayne Mansfield. She may have been a copycat of Marylin but she had a brain.

  • Charlene

    thats awesome, its about time she got taken down from her high horse. Im not even sure who put her up on there in the 1st place.

  • Jill

    Anybody who called this woman the next Angelina Jolie has rocks in their head. Jolie is a talented, award-winning actress. Fox is a wannabe fraud. She’s had her fifteen minutes. Throw her on the scrap pile where she belongs.

  • shialover

    WOW haha

  • SAm

    A lot over her fans are going to throw that “they’re just jealous” bull out there, but I find it hard to believe a bunch of full grown men are jealous of her t&a based career. It’s a sad day when people prefer Michael Bay to you. Megan should start being the “cool girl” she so tries to portray in her blabby interviews in real life. It sounds like she makes the co-workers who aren’t obligated to gush about her in press junkets completely miserable.

  • melody

    posing like a porn star!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that’s so true!

  • snugs

    I am so glad that my perception of her was correct.. She doesn’t deserve any of the fame she has. I am appalled at how she treats the crew members and director! I vote for her to be banished from Hollywood starting today.

  • melody

    posing like a **** star!!!!!!!!!!!
    that’s so true!

  • Lilith

    shes such a stupid bitch.

  • 0_0

    Holy sh–. That’s pretty hard core. It’s obvious she’s outspoken but I didn’t think she was this messed up. She hasn’t been in the business that long and she’s already made so many enemies. That’s not a good sign. Just goes to show you returning a friendly “hello” can change the way somebody thinks about you.

  • ellie

    This is great. I’ve been waiting for someone to expose what an ungrateful little bitch she is.

  • dundies

    praise the Lord, what took these guys so long. you stupid fans pine over her like insignificant lapdogs

  • hello

    l officially hate her now.

  • Downtoearth

    I completely believe this letter is authentic and genuine. I also think it’s a FANTASTIC idea to kill her character off in the first ten minutes of Transformers 3. Not only would this give Megan a chance to show some class by ‘bowing out early’ (like it would ever happen) but it would give Sam Witwiki a good character departure and new story line AND give the fans what they really want! I think they’re on to something here!

  • cheddar

    OMG kudos to whoever wrote that! She is no Angelina Jolie. She needs to put her tongue back in her mouth and appreciate what has been given to her. I haven’t liked her since she snubbed Seth Rogen. What’s sad is that she will still get work.

  • joanne


  • CEE

    Amen to that.
    I’m so glad someone fianlly had the guts to reveal who that girl really is. And that’d be a first class b-tch.

  • memei

    this was way too long to read, but very entertaining. i think its definitely a fake though they where way too touchy. sounds like an angry fan

  • jalasoul

    This is such bull****. None of this is true.

  • Anniex3

    Yayy! I hate Megan Fox;)

  • xoxo

    This letter doesnt surprise me at all. She has said herself that she is a horrible actress (if you can call her that) and she has always seemed like a bitch to me. I refused to watch transformers cause of her…..its time for her career to end as fast as it started.

  • lovealwaysjen

    @nickyandthecity: I don’t hold much toward individuals who refuse to put a name on this “open letter.”

  • mollywoo

    True this girl is a stupid ass but I think these cowards are even worse. Put your name on it pansy.

  • WOW



  • sammm

    wow, and sending an open letter out for the world to read is totally classy, and dignified right?
    it just shows how fake and backstabbing BOTH sides of hollywood can be.
    if in fact the reports on fox’s behavior are true, that truly sucks! i’m not gonna lie. it’s always great to hear about appreciative actors, but doesn’t this make for a more interesting story right?

    but it also sucks that these FEW studio workers are such lowlifes that they had to write out such a long letter.
    if they truly don’t like her, and feel she has a sour attitude, they shouldn’t waste their time bashing her, and sending out letters.
    simply let her be, and her actions will recieve the proper consequences at due point. don’t waste your time on her.

    additionally, megan fox is not begging girls to “LOOK UP” to her.
    she’s not asking for that, & true, being in the public eye may come with a “Role Model-like” status, but you don’t have to like her. take her as she is, or don’t.

    ppl can say what they want, speak their mind, this a free country. true, megan’s hitler related comments may have been extreme or uncalled for, but we DOUBT she actually meant michael and hitler are alike 100%. it’s an exaggeration. and probably meant to get a reaction out of ppl.

    and guess what, it’s working.
    if you don’t appreciate her comments, are jealous of her looks, or anything in between,
    don’t waste your time on her!

    the more you bash an actor or public figure,
    the more attention and fame you bring to them!

    regardless of this letter,
    i’m sure that there are still many ppl in the business that would be dying to work with her, simply based on her looks, whether you agree with that or not.

    whether she maintains a successful acting career or not, that remains to be seen, and the timing of this letter will only draw more attention to her new film.

    grateful, or ungrateful,
    megan is still making money.
    men still love her. girls still envy her.
    and she’s still one of hollywood’s most wanted girls!

    anyone can write a bashful letter about someone.
    case in point……..

  • wendy

    This is the most pathetic s**t i have ever read, omg how sad, some geeks got upset from what she said, and they throw a fit, and wrote some 8th grade essay, and didnt have the ba**s to write their name under it.

    LMAO, i am no Fox fan, but i read that interview, how was any of what she said offensive? LOL get a life loosers, i am glad Fox is the only celeb that tells it like it is! Bay clearly wrote this himself, the man sure has an ego, that is way bigger than Megan’s.


  • Nicole

    Megan is only popular because of her looks. I don’t even think she’s that great looking of a girl. There are many other young women out there that have her on looks, not to mention personality. At first, I smiled to myself when I saw that some crew members came together and wrote this letter. It probably made them feel a lot better to get it out of their systems, but, they would’ve been better ignoring her (and just asking for a death scene in the next Transformers movie). People like her want the attention; they crave it. I love Michael Bay movies. But, as far as my dislike from Megan Fox and my love of Michael Bay movies, I don’t know either one of them personally, or even much about either one of them. If Megan is truly the person that she is portrayed as being in this letter, let others deal with her. She’s going to get what’s coming to her in the end. Not that I wish any bad upon anyone. I just want to see people like her brought back down to the level they should be on.

  • Jill

    # 42 lovealwaysjen @ 09/12/2009 at 3:44 pm
    @nickyandthecity: I don’t hold much toward individuals who refuse to put a name on this “open letter.”

    I would, if putting their names would cost them their jobs.

  • karen

    Love it, never liked her–something is “off” with her. The regular guys and girls who really make these movies never get the credit they deserve –so undeserving of being a nobody put in a movie–shut your mouth Megan–another pretty girl is coming around the corner!!

  • cari

    I hope Megan gets someone to read this to her…

    even so, she wouldn’t grasp the reality or wordage.

    You can’t fix stupid…..