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'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

Megan Fox hurled insults at her Transformers director Michael Bay earlier this month, comparing him to Hitler.

Nelson, the administrator for Bay‘s official website later posted a SCATHING letter from crew members who’ve worked with Michael on Transformers.

Bay removed the letter from his website but provided this update: “I don’t condone the crew letter to Megan. And I don’t condone Megan‘s outlandish quotes. But her crazy quips are part of her crazy charm. The fact of the matter I still love working with her, and I know we still get along. I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3. Michael” Can’t wait!!!

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444 Responses to “'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox”

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  1. 76
    jaye Says:

    That was a pretty childish letter. If this is a letter from crew members, they ought to have thought better of publishing it. Even if what they say is true, they’ve made themselves as bad or maybe worse than she is. They certainly failed to voiced their criticism in the professional matter that they claim Megan Fox doesn’t have. They need not to have made a statement in defense of Michael Bay at all. They’ve only escalated what many saw as Megan’s childish rantings. IF they are related to the filming of Bay’s movie’s they should be found out and FIRED. Regardless of what an actor or actress says, it is UNPROFESSIONAL for anyone in THEIR position to be spewing as much childish venom as they did. Michael Bay can speak for himself.
    I always said that I didn’t think she cared if she had a HOLLYWOOD career or not. She says what she wants without regard to people’s feelings or her career. She couldn’t care less if she never got another role. I do believe that. I don’t believe she has ANYONE fooled because she puts whatever she thinks out there. But by making such a big deal of everything she says, she is getting the attention that she wants. So people should stop hiring her if she is so miserable to work with. Michael Bay don’t put her in the next Transformers movie, IF you have the b*alls.

  2. 77
    Halo Says:

    I still think Megan’s movie will beat Aniston’s. I would rather watch Megan than that other idiot. at least Megan is still young and by the time she’s 40 she won’t be such a big ass idiot like Aniston.

  3. 78
    lore Says:

    THIS MADE MY DAY!. Megan has the face of a *****.

  4. 79
    lola Says:

    @Meg: now this! totally agree HAHAHAHA

  5. 80
    Screams Says:

    Ha ha, megan has learnt you can’t pull the wool over the eyes of those who know you, only those who don’t. Problem is you do that too often and the ones who do know you, who speak the truth, stand up and speak out. Bout time she learned this lesson.

  6. 81
    Joe Says:

    OMG..what a twat!
    I always felt she is an ingrate & how primitive.
    Megan, honey..your careeer will be short lived no matter how lil’ your waistline is LMAO
    poor crew

  7. 82
    mel8 Says:


  8. 83
    Jebjeb Says:

    Not to burst a bubble but someone did get hurt on the set. Didn’t Shia LeBouf get a huge gash above his eye during a stunt in Transformers?

  9. 84
    K Says:

    SHUT THE F*CK UP YOU F*CKIN LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Notice that you’re one of the few dumb idiots defending the piece of trailer trasher otherwise known as the ungrateful and selfish Megan Fox?? I read your stupid ridiculously LONG a$$ post defending the dumb b*tch once………so what was the point of posting your stupid comment again???
    EVERYONE knows what a b*tch Megan is and the fact that the Transformers crew wrote that letter to prove it, is just making her whackjob fans go crazy.
    I never had a problem with her but when you constantly hear stories of how big of a b*tch a certain actress is, you can’t help but for him or her to dissapear. And the fact that almost everyone talks trash about her goes to show that she really is as nasty as reports claim. So good luck to her stupid fans for trying to defend her.
    Even the director for “Jennifer’s Body” just recently said that everyone hates Megan and she herself has no idea who Megan is despite having worked with her.

  10. 85
    chelsey Says:

    NO ****! We all know how Megan Fox is!

  11. 86
    jessi s Says:

    Are they trashing Megan Fox for trashing Michael Bay? Seems ironic that they are lashing out at Megan Fox for speaking her opinion about Michael Bay, yet here they are doing the same thing. I guess the pot is calling the kettle black…

    They all have a right to express their opinions, but they can’t rightfully condemn Megan Fox for doing the exact same thing they are doing.

    And it’s funny because judging by the names next to all of these negative comments, seems like they are all coming from ladies. Jealous maybe?

  12. 87
    immature Says:

    Wow, bitter much? If she makes life hard for the crew, then keep the charges to that, but are the misogynist comments really necessary? They totally take away from this letter’s argument.

  13. 88
    cindy Says:

    I guess good/bad publicity will always bring out the name of Megan Fox.

    I remember her on the tv show, Hope and Faith. She was so medicore of an actress.

    Oh well…..makes me like Angelina Jolie-Pitt (HA!) MORE!!!

  14. 89
    meh Says:

    lol!!! oh snap! she totally deserves it for all that trash talk. if you wanna dish it you better learn to take it.

  15. 90
    v Says:

    oops that hurts. lol

  16. 91
    Emma Says:

    I’m not surprised. I used to like her but once she became seen as one of the hottest or the hottest woman in the world i find her to be horrible. what she says in every interview is awful. im glad that she has been taken down a peg or two but just know that her reply wont be far round the corner.

  17. 92
    lukebandit Says:

    what was the tag # on that Greyhound that Meagan Fox’s movie crew just threw under? wow. i have never seen a letter like that from a crew about an actor on the set. maybe this letter will be the wakeup call that she needs. how could she talk like that about the pyramids? what a jerk!!!

  18. 93
    shenanyginz Says:

    As hot as Ms Fox is she soooooooooooooooooooo deserved that. I hope she’s crying AND I hope she realizes how lucky she is to be a part of a Michael Bay film. BUT if Michael Bay himself had anything to do with this letter I have lost a HUGE amount of respect for him for stooping to her level. The most professional way to have handled this is by replacing her subsequent Transformer flicks and then stating how unprofessional she is. But I do agree she deserved this. Sorry Mego

  19. 94
    shenanyginz Says:

    As hot as Ms Fox is she soooooooooooooooooooo deserved that. I hope she’s crying AND I hope she realizes how lucky she is to be a part of a Michael Bay film. BUT if Michael Bay himself had anything to do with this letter I have lost a HUGE amount of respect for him for stooping to her level. The most professional way to have handled this is by replacing her subsequent Transformer flicks and then stating how unprofessional she is. But I do agree she deserved this. Sorry Mego

  20. 95
    poo Says:

    This is so so sad. I personally think both sides are acting childish and petty. Megan is wrong for constantly trying to make immature jokes about Micheal Bay. For example, dissing his character and comparing him to Hitler is not going to win her any points. I don’t see other professional actors and actresses acting this way. If the letter is true, hollywood will soon grow tired of her. No matter how beautiful you are, directors/producers will not tolerate unprofessionalism. While she’s ahead, I suggest she lets this go but knowing her, this fight is going to continue in public all over the media. I find this to be extremely classless and ghetto. They should all just have a meeting and settle their issues like adults. If they can’t come to a commen consensus, then they should just not work with her anymore or if she’s under contract, as the crew stated, just kill off her character. Its not like she has a major part or anything. I believe her role is to just bring some sort of sexuality to the movie. Maybe she’s bitter about that…who knows. I don’t think that if she’s out of the movie, people will loose sleep or stop watching the movies. I know I won’t. They can easily replace her with some other beautiful actress although I’m sure she thinks she’s irreplacaeble. roles eyes.

  21. 96
    bK Says:

    Though I have no doubt the crew members who wrote this letter are in fact telling the truth-they are biased. They are responding to an attack so its a “he said” “she said” situation.
    Sadly, the crew members have learned a VERY VALUABLE lesson. This is one basic rule:
    1. If you DO NOT ALLOW THE PRESS/Paparazzi to shoot ANY of the movie set, both sides accusations become bullshit. Why should anyone believe employees of a director over an actress?
    This is the importance of a free press especially in this case.
    A great example is the Terminator Set. Do you REALLY believe that ANYONE would believe Christian Bale was an explosive manic aggressive person on set? In that case it would have been the crews word against his. Only there was a recording of it and he had to eat **** publicly. Moreover the crew was validated in any of their claims.
    So when you order security to bully and hustle every photog for every scene you end up with NO PROOF OF ANYTHING ON EITHER SIDE.

  22. 97
    Babs Says:

    I think Megan thinks she’s a queen and the rest of the people just don’t have feelings. She deserved this and I hope she thinks a little bit more next time she call someone ‘Hitler’.

  23. 98
    Cristobal Says:

    Just a dumb ass person. Granted I think she is gorgeous however I don’t care for her personality at all.

  24. 99
    me me me Says:

    that pyramids statement was sick. such blunt ignorance and lack of interest in anything apart from herself… kind of scary actually. and even diablo cody who always seemed really cool to me had nothing nice to say about fox, her answer was diplomatic to say the least… anyways, given her stupidity calling her trailer trash seems like an offense to trailer trash.

  25. 100
    Lisa Says:

    I never liked her but after reading this I hate her.Also, after reading this I have a new found respect for the director.

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