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'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

Megan Fox hurled insults at her Transformers director Michael Bay earlier this month, comparing him to Hitler.

Nelson, the administrator for Bay‘s official website later posted a SCATHING letter from crew members who’ve worked with Michael on Transformers.

Bay removed the letter from his website but provided this update: “I don’t condone the crew letter to Megan. And I don’t condone Megan‘s outlandish quotes. But her crazy quips are part of her crazy charm. The fact of the matter I still love working with her, and I know we still get along. I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3. Michael” Can’t wait!!!

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  • wampy

    Whatever. These movies suck – I would never pay to see them and doubt I would watch this fuggery if it was on hbo or showtime. Also, if they wanted such a great actress, then why did her audition consist of washing a car and not acting? They knew what they were getting. This letter seems really childish even if it is true and does not really disclose anything we did not already know. She is pretty, with many trashy tattoos, and makes stupid comments because she is not that bright. She will not realize the impact of her idiotic remarks or value the importance / have interest of having dinner with royalty or seeing pyramids cuz she is dim in the head. Okay nothing new – thanks.

  • wateva

    On her most favorite and least favorite things about working with [director] Michael Bay:
    “God, I really wish I could go loose on this one. He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he’s not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he’s so awkward, so hopelessly awkward. He has no social skills at all.

  • lilly

    Those so called ‘crew’ members need to go back to school and learn how to use the English language properly. Appalling spelling and grammar use.

    Megan is human, you can’t judge her, you don’t know her. The damn letter reads like some pathetic idiot off of a gossip blog, much like most of you idiots are sounding. Keep the trashy comments coming people, your all nothing but pathetic losers, hiding behind computer screens.

  • Sheri

    She is a DUMB BIMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks aren’t all that, they will FADE!!!!!!

  • http://- Diana


    I agree! Spencer & Heidi, Paris Hilton…it’s ridiculous.

    I was always skeptical of Megan’s intelligence. Her responses in interviews were often incoherent or ridiculous. The only thing she really has going for her are her looks.

  • Jnerps

    @megan rules:

    fag. u just think shes hot. clearly u cant read cuz it sez shes famous cuz sum1 vouched for her, but turns out she doesnt deserve it.

  • alz


    I gave up reading the thing half way through.
    I neither like nor hate Megan Fox, but its clear that whoever’s writing this is a b!tch of Michael Bay’s or one of his fluffers who look thinks he’s God.

    All his movies are crap anyways. Who cares?

  • alz


    I gave up reading the thing half way through.
    I neither like nor hate Megan Fox, but its clear that whoever’s writing this is a b!tch of Michael Bay’s or one of his fluffers who look thinks he’s God.

    All his movies are crap anyways. Who cares?

  • dani

    To Lilly:

    So it is okay for Fox to defame, call names, compare a Jewish director to Hitler (which is beyond insulting), and act like a dumb ass—but no one else can answer her defamatory comments?
    Fox is a loser. If she thinks through her actions other major directors aren’t watching her and judging then you are hopelessly naive. She will continue to get jobs as long as she is bring in the money–which appears to be mostly from hormonal teenage boys and young men, but if that stops, then you can bet that these directors with long memories aren’t going to hire her again.
    Hollywood is all about money Lilly and when Fox stops bringing it in she will be no better than a Lindsay Lohan (who unlike Fox actually has talent – which she wastes).

  • star

    to the ppl who wrote this letter well done!! thank you. i am nt at all surprised btw

  • NoSh!t

    Michael Bay had it coming. He was memerized by her beauty as well that’s why he decided to cast her in his movie. That’s what he gets. I bet we’ll see her again in the next Transformers movie. People in Hollywood are high maintenence and never learn from their mistakes anyway so who gives a SH*T!!

  • Vivalda

    You’re wrong!
    she is just famous because of their hard work. People didn’t know that she could be like that and that’s why they love or loved her.
    tehn tell me, ins’t it fair for them to respond to what she has been saying?
    If she has the right to say whatever she wants so it is the same for them.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn that was really cold….
    im a fan of hers but at the same thing i f’ing hate her attitude but even i think that was cold
    true, she may be a bitztch, but is she really that bad
    i agree with most of what the letter said tho
    she’s really ungrateful for what she’s been giving and she may be getting roles now, but megan, u cant act for shiz, in a few years(if lucky), she’ll start falling

  • AVA

    wtvr …..he says she says ….who cares really?whether its true or not doesnt make me love her any less and think shes completely badass!still love you megan bb!!!!

  • Vivalda

    I knew it from the beggining.
    Maybe if Bay would find ME things wouldn’t go like this…hauhau!!

  • inji

    OMFG!!! she doesn’t even smile on set, say hello or even say thankyou?! that is NOT a role model. i feel really bad for the people who look up to her.


    THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY to read whay the crew had to say about her now why have to whait to see what she is going to say because she is gonig to say something this is not over but come on how relly thik that she is nice when you see the people you somethimes get to see how they are she looks really good but she looks mean like if theres no one else like her if theres going to be a 3rt part of transformers this is going to be a problem the last one was no has good has the first one but lets waith to see what hapend

  • Casimir

    Not Surprised. Have you ever heard give an intelligent interview?And how many times has she made inappropriate remarks? I think she is the typical spoiled pretty girl who has been been told how pretty she is all her life and now she is just a pretty empty ‘vase’.
    To commenter #1 ‘Mean Rules” . . . she famous because of the papparazi, the media and sites like these. She really has nothing under her belr except that Transformer movie, that really doesn’t require real acting skills. But she’s young, maybe she’ll grow up.Maybe she will read this article and do some self-reflecting.

  • Vivalda

    @<a href=”/2009/09/12/transformers-crew-slam-megan-fox/comment-page-1/@Halo: @anon: hahahaha!!Amem!!

  • she shall remain nameless

    Yes I absolutely loved reading every quote from here! Hopefully this will show people what her true side is. I always knew she was a b—– and my instincts were right. See, women have that special instinct where they can immediately tell a person’s character, whereas men have no clue and drool over girls based on how they look.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Oh yeah, and it’s quite sad how she’s not grateful that she got to be in a big blockbuster movie or is appreciative how other crew members are working on set. Advice for directors: Never hire someone based on their looks, always hire them based on their talent!!!!!!

  • sammy


  • Mary



  • Canadagirl

    Please… Michael Bay wrote that letter. That man is so pathetic. He’s a bully and he’s pissed that a little girl @itch slapped him

  • Jeff

    I’m glad someone finally said it! I’ve been getting very tired of Megan’s comments and her trashing on people. She got the biggest break of her life and look what she’s doing! Karma’s a bitch alright.

  • Canadagirl

    @Halli: You have NO clue what you’re talking about. BOTH Jayne and Marilyn were lovely women.

  • olivia

    wow LOL!!!

  • outcasted

    “Not one person got hurt!”

    Didn’t Shia hurt his eye on set?

  • outcasted


    Tom Cruise was in a Michael Bay movie? Which one?

  • Mari

    I was never convinced that she was all that, and knew for sure based on her interviews that she was full of herself.

  • Elisa

    finally someone said something truth about her, she is that fake and mean as she look. i hate her “bad girl” pose ,so forced to draw media attention and plus all those stupid comments make her looks soo dumb
    i dont know how this woman gives interviews
    i hope she desapeare soon

  • Not impressed by JA

    She is stupid. Now they are people who are saying she is anti semite. She brought that to herself. She build that reputation with her nonsense. She will learn that it’s easy to speak and trash, it’s very difficult and it takes time to clear your reputation.
    She will also learn that Hollywood is like a cooperative. They are competitors among directors but they don’t like when one of them is trashed, especially by a little cow like Megan. She doesn’t realise that she is just LUCKY to be the one chosen among a pool of hundred of thousands of beautiful girls. They can take another one of the pool and market her as the new big thing anyday and it will be bye, bye FOx.
    A rule of thumb to never forget : The public is very versatile when you only have physical beauty to offer. Most will shift to the new, fresher, beautiful new flavour du jour. they did it with Jessica Alba, they will do it with Megan even quicker.

  • Anonymous

    I believe it. In every interview I’ve seen of her, she simply just exudes self-righteous arrogance.

  • lolita

    The crew has been courageous enough to write their feelings about his demoiselle, who seems to be an angry person. Acting in a blockbuster movie doesn’t mean you are a talented actress. Please Ms. Fox, be appreciative of the opportunities that have been offered to you by Mr. Bay, by his crew, and by your fans. Without your fans, you don’t earn a decent living! Also, remember that you can lose your gorgeous face in a car accident… I hope this open letter will allow you to be modest and kind to yourself as well as all of us.

  • rose

    “Hopefully Michael will have Megatron squish her character in the first ten minutes of Transformers 3.”

    LOOl. This was funny.

  • isabell

    I’m glad they have decided to speak
    she is so stupid to make those comments about the director who give her a shoot, speak very bad of her
    she need to think a little bit before speak, its not that hard megan count to 10 before compare your jewish director to hitler…

    yes she is pretty( a little too fake for me) but that its not all to become a real actress, there is a lot of pretty girls and surely with more talent than her in hollywood who would love to have her luck, im sure she will desapeare in 2 years


    Good news for Matt and Brad. I’ll either see The Imformant or see IB again. Megan’s movies are for young people, so this stupid mysterious letter does not matter to them.. Was somebody paid to put it out there?, Mighty mysterious. Some People with money can do anything. As for the shitty movie with Ms Clingy, I woudn’t go even go if the entrance was free. So , Brad, Matt and Megan, good luck Sept. 18.

  • groundcontrol

    Of course it is ridiculous for this untalented bimbo to invite comparison of herself to someone so far out of her league on every level it’s ridiculous – Angelina Jolie. But Fox doesn’ deserve to be compared to Lindsey Lohan either. Lohan, for all her current problems is a very talented young actor and certainly didn’t start out obnoxious or out of control. I hope that Lohan gets her act together because she has a lot of good people pulling for her.

  • Excuse me?

    lilly @ 09/12/2009 at 6:57 pm Those so called ‘crew’ members need to go back to school and learn how to use the English language properly. Appalling spelling and grammar use.

    Megan is human, you can’t judge her, you don’t know her. The damn letter reads like some pathetic idiot off of a gossip blog, much like most of you idiots are sounding. Keep the trashy comments coming people, your all nothing but pathetic losers, hiding behind computer screens.


    If the crew members do indeed return to school, hopefully they will save a seat for you in the classroom.

    “your all nothing but pathetic losers”

    As every nine-year-old knows, YOUR is possessive (ex: your car, your house). The word you seek is YOU’RE, the contraction for YOU ARE, Ex: YOU’RE just as dumb as the crew members whom you criticized.

  • Lydia22

    I wanna buy these three guys a beer! Hell, i’d buy them each a car if i could afford it.!!

  • mary

    Everybody knows that Megan is stupid! It was the first movie like protagonist and already f****** completely everything. And, please, do not compare her to Angelina. Angelina is a good actress, with her head at the place and gracefulness emanates.

  • Tpants

    Usually, what’s on the outside is polar opposite to what’s on the inside…..I think we all agree that she’s beautiful on the outside…enough said!!! It’s hard to cover ugly!

  • emmaa

    Omg! To get to this point of actually writing this up, she must have to be really bad. This is awesome…I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much honesty in Hollywood….ever! I’d really love to know what Shia really thinks of Megan. Aren’t they like good friends?

  • gabby

    DAYUM!!!!! I bet they released this now on purpose since her new movie is coming out.
    What little interest I had in seeing Jennifer’s Body…completely vanished when I finished this letter.

  • gabby


    Who says they’re men? It could be three women…or it could be both. I think most women are the makeup artists on set. Either way…they old Megan where to stick it.

  • tweety

    I read it and I believe every last word of it!

  • Juicy

    Shia has way too much class and professionalism to speak the truth about Megan. Clue to Fox: he’s successful, you’re not! Now I understand better why she keeps running back to the loser of a boyfriend she has, that’s the best she can do. He was probably thanking the stars when he thought he was rid of her but alas, she came crawling back and he didn’t have the heart to kick her back out for the sake of his son. Being the dumb, shallow person that she is, no one who knows her would seriously consider a relationship with her. She’s probably more of a one night stand kind of chick.

  • Stephanie

    THAT was awesome.

  • LuckyL


  • SubSub

    I’m with the Transformers crew. Megan Fox is the tool of tools.