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'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox

Megan Fox hurled insults at her Transformers director Michael Bay earlier this month, comparing him to Hitler.

Nelson, the administrator for Bay‘s official website later posted a SCATHING letter from crew members who’ve worked with Michael on Transformers.

Bay removed the letter from his website but provided this update: “I don’t condone the crew letter to Megan. And I don’t condone Megan‘s outlandish quotes. But her crazy quips are part of her crazy charm. The fact of the matter I still love working with her, and I know we still get along. I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3. Michael” Can’t wait!!!

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444 Responses to “'Transformers' Crew Slams Megan Fox”

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  1. 151
    Brent Says:

    @megan rules:
    She’s famous for being fake and a ****. And no, that kind of behavior should not be permitted in our society because of the amount of girls who look up to her.

    As a guy, I can truly say she is the most repulsive person I’ve ever laid my eyes on. When she first appeared in the first transformers movie, she was attractive, I’ll give her that, but after my girlfriend and I started reading interviews and quotes I was instantly disgusted. 1) She’s had a nose job and a chin job, which really is unattractive to me and a lot of other men. Maybe not to guys who prefer one night stands, but I want a woman with natural beauty. 2) She sounds like an easily offended 12 year old girl with nothing but air between her ears. She thinks that women are dominant due to their curves (so you are dominant because guys who are just as stupid as you are with no moral fiber want to f*ck you?), and that she has to put as many men beneath her as she possibly can. You aren’t going to get guys to do things for you just from being attractive, people only respect you as much as you respect yourself and others, which is not at all… unless they are just as low as you are. Like any other intelligent, well educated human being, I can see where that psychology comes from. She has a self esteem issue (cosmetic surgery is a big hint) and an internal power struggle (inferiority complex) that she deals with by spewing out words that show just how horrible her logic and critical thinking skills are. Just take a look at her new movie that is coming out, watch the trailer, tell me that she chose that role only for a job and not exactly for the reasons I stated. She wants to feel and be viewed as powerful, and the only people who want that are the ones who feel otherwise, naturally… She’s weak and disrespects herself to achieve a false image. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets cosmetic surgery on her thumb in the near future.

    Hooray for you Megan!

  2. 152
    Kevin Says:

    LOL, who cares? I’m sure Bay and Fox have over bloated egos and think all should kiss their asses. So what/ That’s Hollywood. All these actor seem to think their **** don’t stink. Look at JLO. She looks like a tyrant but smiles all nice. I bet many many people have hated working with her. You think Tom Cruise is a joy to work with? lol, get real people. And so she’s a priss? What hot girl isn’t? And didn’t Bay make her do a video of her washing his car? Maybe this is her way of taking some power back. If he did that than he deserves to get called out.

  3. 153
    passion Says:


  4. 154
    hello1 Says:

    to sammm…you dont find it unfair that just Megan Fox’s words alone hurt Michael Bays reputation??? Isn’t sad that even with this letter attacking Megan, it won’t be heard or be read because its just people behind the scenes and not the a hot actress like Megan Fox? Fox being the star should know better and the people who wrote this letter should be applauded for doing so. Now people will see who she really is and yes it will give her more attention. The more attention she gets the more shes gonna slip. Now that the camera is on her more she’s been doing more n more stupid things and so her down fall begins!!! Lets keep giving her attention so she can sink to the level of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

  5. 155
    Cindy mAI Says:

    All i can say is, What a *****! Hahah.. Megan fox can’t even act. Maybe as a pornstar but thats about it. If she didn’t have blue eyes she wouldn’t even be as hot… Shes rude. Badmouthing the people who made her where she is.. Inconsiderate piece of trash.

  6. 156
    hello1 Says:

    wendy….you say your not a Fox fan??? i highly doubt that. the fact that you accept she can say what ever like calling people Hitler just cause she cant act and do the scene, its not acceptable. you must have rocks for brains too like megan. she can say whatever she wants but this whole situation makes her look bad, not the directors or the staff. it will give Megan more attention and with that attention she will sink to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohans level. Shes already talking like a spoiled brat and pretty soon with all the attention, she’ll have pictures, drug problems, sex tapes coming from right and left.

  7. 157
    Ana Paula Says:

    Megan, hello, DON’T talk bad things about Bay. He’s huge, you’re not. –’

    Someone should really say something like that to her.

  8. 158
    hello1 Says:

    wow Michael Bay is Jewish and Megan Fox called him a Hitler wannabe??? Very classy Fox…c*unt!!!

  9. 159
    HER career is OVER Says:


  10. 160
    rpatzfan Says:

    lol @ Megan haha ,i cant wait to Transformers 3 and see her get killed

  11. 161
    geez Says:

    “just leave megan alone gosh. if she is so bad, then why is she so famous?”

  12. 162
    guest Says:

    I hope that they replace her in the Transformers 3 movie. I have always guessed that once her career goes down the tube like Lindsey Lohan, she will take it all off for nude scenes or a soft porn movie. Megan Fox has nothing nice to say. Her publicist should SHUT her up. She comes off as full of herself. Michael Bay made stars out of Will Smith, Tom Cruise, etc. Megan Fox is SOOOO Ungrateful.

  13. 163
    erica Says:

    Wait, Michael Bay is Jewish and Megan Fox had the gall to call him a Hitler wannabe? Is she crazy? This just shows what an insensitive and stupid piece of nothing she is. I hope they dump her from the next Transformers movie.

  14. 164
    guest Says:

    Megan Fox should look at Lindsey Lohan as an example. Her ungrateful attitude will end her career. She will be taking it off soon. Her publicist should stop her from talking. Michael Bay made stars out of Tom Cruise and Will Smith. They both are classy. This girl is anything, but class.

  15. 165
    Amused Says:

    Both Megan & these 3 crew members are very immature. Megan should be thanking her lucky stars that Michael Bay gave her a seond look but she doesn’t feel that way. She will once these ignorant comments don’t get her a blog on perezhilton…the lowest of the low. I’ve laughed at the idea that Megan was being called the next Angelina. I understand there are Angelina haters out there but c’mon, that’s really harsh.

  16. 166
    guest Says:

    Let’s teach this girl a lesson by boycotting all of her films. This will send a strong statement to her and the Hollywood Crowd. Hollywood starlets fall very fast.

  17. 167
    Kelly Says:

    I love this letter… It’s obvious that this chick is way to into herself. She bites the hand that feeds. And if she keeps it up she’ll have no career…

  18. 168
    guest Says:

    Let’s replace Megan Fox for the Transformers 3 movie. See how she reacts.

  19. 169
    Joe Says:

    Hell to the yah!!! I can’t stand that girl and her big yapper.

  20. 170
    Lowest denominator Says:

    Sooooo, no “Transformers 3D: Bigger, Louder, Dumber,” then?

  21. 171
    we dont like kate blog Says:

  22. 172
    jazmin Says:

    @cafe late: SO AGREE

  23. 173
    MH Says:

    ha ha
    I’d love to play Shia’s girlfriend too

  24. 174
    LALA Says:

    wow.. i wonder how Transformers 3 will be now after all of this. whatever it is Megan Fox just really needs to clean up her act. she’ll get nowhere really quick.

  25. 175
    Michael Says:

    Well that’s expected from this airheads. I hope at least she is good in bed if not what a waste of air.

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