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Beyonce Wins VMAs Video of the Year, Gives Taylor Swift Her Moment

Beyonce Wins VMAs Video of the Year, Gives Taylor Swift Her Moment

Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” picks up “Video of the Year” at the 2009 MTV VMAs, beating out Britney Spears, Eminem, Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

The 28-year-old singer said, “Thank you. I remember being 17-years-old, up for my first MTV Award with Destiny’s Child and it was one of the most exciting moments in my life. So I’d like Taylor [Swift] to come out and have her moment.” How thoughtful of Beyonce!!!

Taylor finally got her time in the spotlight, saying, “I’d like to thank all the fans on Twitter and MySpace and everyone who came out to my shows this summer. Thank you so much!”

Taylor and Beyonce hugged both before and after Taylor‘s speech.

Earlier in the evening, Kanye West stole Taylor‘s thunder by interrupting her acceptance speech to praise Beyonce.

Beyonce Wins VMAs Video of the Year
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  • chadroy23

    there we go

  • that is one of the sweetest things i’ve ever heard. that was really wonderful of beyonce xx =D

  • joanne

    that’s nice of her. But Kanye totally stole her thunder. grrr

  • coza

    yay.. good job beyonce, Team Taylor!

  • sweetie

    beautiful and classy ladies! :-)

  • YAR


  • Maybelle


  • taylorfan

    She has alot of class.
    as she said she remembered
    her first VMAs and i think she knew
    how taylor felt and that she would be hurt
    if you lost your first moment to a douch!!

  • Joe the PLUMBER

    TEAM TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GEEZ

    awww how nice

  • Ly-dia

    KANYE i love your music and everything but come on dude seriously GROW UP AND BE AN ADULT!


  • Pandora

    That was beyond sweet. Beyonce is a class act.

  • Teamtaylor&beyonce

    YAY Beyonce! I love both her and Taylor, and I think they handled the situation with class and grace, no thanks to Kanye.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l peoples inside the show are saying the producers kicked kanye and amber out of the show after his case of bitchassness.
    single ladies was a huge record/video and it deserved to win (more). beyonce had the best performance of the night (with by far the best vocals, which were live).

  • jazmin

    @taylorfan: ikr , good beyonce:)

  • Micha

    How awesome is Beyonce?! That was very sweet, and Kanye is a jerk!

  • =)=)=)

    really nice of beyonce but britney should have won :(

  • Kayne is stoo-pid

    Team Beyonce and TeamTaylor.
    Kayne is stoo-pid STUPID and a racist.

    I knew someway Beyonce and her dad would not let this happen.It made Beyonce look bad.Ithought they were going to release a press statement and stuff saying Beyonce had nothing to do with Kayne’s rudebehavior.

  • webby

    that’s what im talking about! im gonna love beyonce more! that was generous and super sensitive.

  • Karena

    That is really nice. What a lovely moment. Too bad it was necessary at all though. I really can’t believe Kanye West. Poor Taylor! Poor Beyonce! But go girls! They made it right together, and that is what people will hopefully remember most.

  • jacqueline soares

    that was very nice of her RESPECT is everything someone needs 2 teach west some what A DICK…..

  • John

    Beyonce is a DIVA! I will love beyonce even more now. She was really sweet.

  • lol

    i guess Kanye’s sucking to Beyonce didn’t work.

  • dundies

    that was very nice of her to do. its too bad that kayne probably doesn’t even *get this*

  • Shyen

    That was the best move Beyonce could’ve done by doing that. It showed that she had class and is not inconsiderate like Kanye Bigot!

  • Lisa f

    Way to go Beyonce- you are a high class act! Too bad others did not show the same class and respect at the VMA’s as you did. This is why you will be an unforgettable icon-and others will be forgotten VERY soon. I have just deleted all Kanye songs out of my library- he makes me sick. You will always be admired not only for your incredible talent but also your graciousness!

  • catalina89

    Great thing to do! Congrats to both of u for the win and congrats Bey for the gesture! And Kanye, you can go kanye yourself!

  • diana

    that was really classy

  • dundies

    @ Dan. kaynes a dick but theres no need to be calling nobody a nigger, it is extremely offensive you raging son of a bitch

  • Luísa

    That was so rude of Kayne West! I couldm’t believe he did that -.-
    Beyonce was such a sweetie (: love her!
    And congratulations to Taylor ;D

  • marvin

    soooooooooo sweet :) love her !

  • Elisa

    nice beyoncee !! she is soo kind im glad for taylor
    that iidiot kayne was so stupid

  • italian japanese

    Very classy Beyonce!

  • marianna

    OMG!!!!! That guy is a man bitch, how could he… gosh!!! damn it bro, get a damn life, and leave that country happy girl alone!!! she deserved that award, happily, Beyonce is a woman of feelings and understood her situation.
    That was very sweet of her
    Lets all kill Kanye lol

  • Tata

    Beyonce ROCKED!!

    Beyonce AND Taylor are great *-*

  • tina

    Boycott Kanye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lic_Merry

    me kede asi de WTF


  • dee

    I think some people need to look up the word racist. Kanye isn’t racist, he’s an arrogant a-hole yes, but racist, no.

    Love Beyonce and Taylor. That girl is goofily sweet and talented!

  • Cristobal

    @Dan: Wow.

  • Camila

    Beyonce was so sweet……. and Taylor is a cute girl, she deserves the astronaut…KISSES FROM BRAZIL!!!!!!!

  • Cristobal

    Kanye West is an asshole. This is why I like Beyonce she is such a wonderful person.

  • throts

    Love Love Love Beyonce!

  • jdub

    classy lady beyonce, classy lady…she and talyor both deserved their awards tonight

  • mertz

    thank you bey. me and my mom were saying when tim was doing red carpet and the bodygaurd covered the camera and beyonce was like, “excuse me?” lol. it was hilarious. what wasn’t so hilarious was that t_u_r_d kanye doing what he did again. like he always get free pass to do whatever and people always saying he’s right or he’s saying what we all thinking. now don’t get me wrong. i love taylor swift and i love beyonce and i even like kanye and gaga and all these people because they make music, and they better than me cause they put it out there, but what the fcuk was this mother f’n c_u_n_t doing. like he just needs to stop. here’s his meltdown

    the internet it alive and people are backing taylor and i say good for us. this dude is an idiot. if it wasn’t proven before it was now. i mean i was angry as hell that taylor swift won, because i thought beyonce would have gotten it, but you know what it’s a fcuken vote and you know taylor swift has been on her game. i have been reading everywhere how many records she’s sold and keeps selling and how her tickets have been selling. i swear. she’s actually doing a really really really good job. i mean seriously for someone her age, not in a girl group, singing country-country pop whatever she’s singing. and she’s not some fake a$$ hwood type person. so you know what this dude kanye west needs to know that he can’t always get away with anything. i was shocked as hell and i think my mom had to tell me to shut up (first cause i was angry taylor won, and then STUPID kanye had to ruin the moment) but you know what FCUK kanye west and his 808′s and heartbreaks. his wbesite’s shut down right now cause of so much traffic. i hope everyone who was offended, shocked, pissed off, whatever makes it known on the web. i mean this show ISN’T ABOUT KANYE WEST! ugh. he must have not been listening to russell’s lets all love/spread the love in the name of MJ. lol. kanye west is on the douchebag list. a$$hole.

  • what!

    see she has class.

  • Porsche

    That was really sweet of her!

  • http://nonce VMA

    very classy Beyonce’. You didn’t have to do it but you did. You are awesome.

  • Iggles


    Fck you, you racist piece of crap!!!!!
    Why do you have to sling around racist slurs?? It’s so unnecessary. Kanye being black has nothing to do with this.
    In case you didn’t notice, you sick fcker, Beyonce is ALSO black and she made amends with Taylor.
    You’re lucky you’re behind a computer. I’d beat the sh!t out of you right now for being a stupid a**!!!!!


    Kanye is an idiot and who is he to say what he said during Taylor’s moment? I personally do not think that he should be allowed to attend these sort of events if he cannot act reasonably. He has serious problems. He cries and complains too much and I will not listen to any of his music ever!

  • lj

    kanye did a good job further proving what a douchebag he truly is. kudos to beyonce for having class and letting taylor have her moment.