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Gerard Butler - MTV VMAs 2009

Gerard Butler - MTV VMAs 2009

Gerard Butler rocks a brown leather jacket as he arrives at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Sunday (September 13).

As reported earlier today, the 39-year-old Scottish actor recently took part in the “Giant Steps for 9/11″ walk in New York City.

Catch Gerard on the 2009 Video Music Awards, airing live at 9PM ET/PT on MTV.

More pics coming soon!

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butler vmas 01
butler vmas 02

Credit: Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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    Now that’s my kinda man!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks great!


    Now that’s my kinda man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks great!


    Now that’s m kinda man!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks great!

  • Meepzy

    what a q-t

  • EL

    sexy, sexy man – def got the whole package ;)

  • nyob

    Looks hot here.

  • wtf!!

    Saw G intro. Muse. He’s too old for this sh*t. MTV isn’t for anyone over 20 which includes me. Haven’t watched the VMA’s in 10 years and thought it was juvenile then…….and I was only 22 in 1999! It’s only gotten worse.
    What’s that chick doing hanging herself? Blood all over her face.
    You’ve come along way, baby! Really?

  • jeans

    His jeans are WAY too long!
    Why does he always look like a slob?
    Love it when he cleans up.

  • twitter…..

    pic of gerry with larry king’s wife.

  • twitter…..

    gerry left the awards right after he presented.
    on to the parties and the babes

  • Larel

    Oh god he needs his pants fixed. LOL a tad too long there baby.

    So I had a feeling G would leave quickly, hopefully he won’t go too crazy at the afterparty the man needs to cool it a bit & chill out.
    Enough club hoping for now G, your nearing 40. lol

  • trying to figure it out

    I half expected him to come out after Lady Gaga and descend the stairs dressed as the Phantom of the Opera.


    You talk about G’s pant length with some of these other outfits– boobs falling out, skirts up the ying yang ,pants following off butts…. veils over face and a bird nest around the head…please….

  • Maria

    He’s just gorgeous. None of the little twits can come anywhere near this MAN’s sex appeal. I don’t care what he does in his private life as long as I get to look at him in pix like these.

  • question

    Umm….was Butler presenting before Lady Gaga or after? This is as confusing as is…..that he’s even on the VMA’s

    And yeah, his jeans are too long…who gives a damn….I doubt he’ll make the worst dressed list and I’m sure he doesn’t give a damn either.

  • Rick

    His career is going down. His movie bomb. This over pr ridden movie he did with Aniston is going to flop. Down for sure.

  • Sheila

    He seem so out of place there.

  • question

    Oh nevermind, I got it, he introduced “MUSE”….I don’t think he looked awkward at all. He looked yummy as ever… you GB.

  • I wonder…

    I wonder who he was blocking out on the Getty pictures? It doesn’t look like Alan was with him. Mmmmmm……

  • Hi Chippy

    I see Chippy the Chipmunk cheeks is back!!!

    I see he’s eating well at least. Come here Gerry, let me sqeeze those cheeks….No! Gerry…Pull those pants back up!

  • red

    Gerry did his bit and got the h out of there. Good for him. That was the worst award show in the history of stupidity. No wonder the rest of the world is surpassing the U.S. in everything from education on. If this is how we portray ourselves to the world, we are in a really bad place. The dumbing down of America.

    GB did good in his introduction, and and crowd on the street seemed to love him. They were lucky they weren’t inside for the ‘show.’

  • @ 19

    It looks like he’s trying to cover the identity of the person sitting next to him. Its someone in blue-jeans and a grey/taupe coloured shirt. Maybe IMDB’s ‘Fry Guy’. Is that Ariel in the white shirt?

    Haven’t seen Alan for a little while.

  • Mr. Giggles

    G’s not blocking anyone in this pic, imo. He’s just waving – he does that a lot. He’s got that damn cell phone in his other hand!!!!!!!!!

  • question

    Ok, now I’m so confused….Gerry was seen sitting next to someone and it wasn’t shown? Was it a dude? so confused…..

  • haha

    @Mr. Giggles: G looks like he’s got purple fringe around the back of his head. LOL

  • anon annoy

    “G looks like he’s got purple fringe around the back of his head. LOL”
    It’s his halo……..slightly tinged!

  • more pix
  • Tuna

    Yep! He is blocking someone. Not a woman though.

  • twitter…..

    gerry’s at a place called 1 Oak for some party.

  • cj stjohn

    Dye the hair and pretend your twenty..some men never grow up and keep it real.. he is lost to hollywood…too bad..

  • Mr. Giggles
  • twitter…..

    another pic of gerry tonight. cute

  • Mr. Giggles

    G’s intro at the VMA’s

  • Mr. Giggles

    Unfortunately that youtube link didn’t show G doing his 300 -ahwho ahwho- call, which was pretty funny. Maybe someone else will upload the whole intro soon.

  • Mr. Giggles

    That vid just got taken down. Sorry folks, I tried.

  • love the butler

    Ok so the VMA’s was a little off for him and I don’t think anyone knew that he would be presenting….who cares, he looked awesome doing it anyway, he didn’t look “uncomfortable” like prior posts claimed.

    I noticed in pics of “Giant Steps” are those Keene hiking boots he’s wearing? Looks like he’s wearing Nike’s originally but then after…looks like he’s wearing keene’s …you can notice by the toes….if they even are keene’s. Anyway….I suggested those posts ago and if he is wearing them….nice work!! Those shoes are super comfy and recommend them totally!

    yeah yeah….I know, lame!
    But, still LOVE the Butler! I can only dream!

  • Benita

    Gerry´s fat cheeks are back, he really should watch his eating better. He does not look like a leading man anymore, such a pity…. Besides, that jacket is too small for him with all that extra weight!

  • Sam

    There is a photo of Gerry and ‘Fry Guy’ at the In Touch Weekly’s ICONS + IDOLS CELEBRATION.

    So I think ‘Fry Guy’ was with Gerry and Ariel at the VMA.

  • twitter…..

    my post is waiting moderation. why? i’ll try again.
    just jared himself tweeted about gerry. they’re at the some party. here’s what he says….
    Gerard Butler’s brother Brian is here, looks exactly alike! Gerry kissed a blonde on the lips, didn’t look romantic but wasn’t a peck e

  • linky

    @Sam: Please link photo of FryGuy and GB

  • Sue

    I’ve seen Gerry’s brother Brian and he looks nothing like him, and he’s 4 – 6 years older than him.

  • i dont think so

    You can see a picture of Brian (Gerry’s brother) on GALS and I don’t think they look very much alike. He looks 10 years older than Gerry.

  • wtf!!

    What kind of kiss is in between romantic and a peck? That’s weird.

  • Jeez

    That would be even worse for Aniston…. “GERRY DUMPS ANISTON FOR FRY GUY”

  • anon annoy

    “You can see a picture of Brian (Gerry’s brother) on GALS and I don’t think they look very much alike. He looks 10 years older than Gerry.”
    Brian looks 60? LOL

  • MY! MY!



  • anon annoy

    ‘ What kind of kiss is in between romantic and a peck?”


  • new rumor

    There’s a new rumor (don’t know where it originated from though) that he actually left that pre VMA party on Saturday night with a dark brunette Asian looking girl.

  • Gather the ladies together

    Gerry’s herding must be the eqivalent to the way women like nesting.

  • candy

    he’s gorgeous, end of story….looks damn good for 39 yrs old. i was so excited when i heard he was gonna be on the vma’s that i purposly watched it. if anyone wants to dis anyone, rag on that fag kanye west! I LOVE YOU GERRY!!!!!