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Hayden Christensen: Lacoste Fashion Week!

Hayden Christensen: Lacoste Fashion Week!

Hayden Christensen meets up with The Beautiful Life actress Mischa Barton, pictured below, at the Lacoste SS10 Fashion Show at NYC’s Bryant Park on Saturday (September 12).

Rachel Bilson, the fiancee Hayden Christensen, was a no-show.

Below is the trailer for Hayden‘s upcoming action thriller, Takers, co-starring Chris Brown, Paul Walker, T.I., Jay Hernandez, and Matt Dillon. Check it out!

Hayden Christensen: “Takers” Trailer

15+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen at Lacoste during NY Fashion Week…

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Credit: Ignat; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • tonie

    Looking good. Love the hat.

  • padme

    Sexy jedi…. :)

  • ANON

    The trailer for this movie looks amazing. I am officially, actively boycotting Chris Brown. But I’m afraid I will have to see this movie.
    Everyone else in it is really good.

  • ?

    He’s getting around quite a bit, unusal. Why no Rachel, she was fine few days ago? No one gets that sick that quickly, what’s going on?

  • Sheppie

    Bit of a p***wah this, HC takes the trouble to go to some dumb fashion show for his bit of fluff but she can’t even be a**ed to support him in this. Man that sucks!

  • Frankie

    She’s fine, she was spotted yesterday by numerous people on twitter at Topshop.

  • nedyah

    Hayden looks so much happier and more confident without Ratchel Biatchson by his side.

  • joslyn

    how did they get all those sexy men together for one movie?!

  • ?

    @nedyah: You know, you’re right, he does look happier! He looked so like he was cringing from embarrassment at the designer thing. Here he looks more relaxed. Go figure……

  • ?

    @Frankie: Topshop where? If she’s well enough to shop, she’s well enough to go be with him!

  • Frankie

    Topshop in New York.

  • sophie

    That’s my grandad’s hat – and he would like it back please! It covers his bald spot.

  • ?

    @Frankie: Jeez, she’s such a lying scuzzball!

  • yoyo

    he looks GORGEOUS, even with the stupid hat. love the outfit.

  • Realme2008

    Am I the only one who thinks Hayden looks unhealthy? He has like zero fat on his face! He looks almost emaciated, and zombie like.

  • kara

    Hayden and Mischa, two of the most wooden actors on the planet. They’re excellent when it comes to posing though.

    Rachel didn’t want to be seen with Mischa and that’s why she didn’t show up.
    Notice that when Bilson and Barton were at the same event a few days ago, the two didn’t greet each other.

  • Marley

    Hot damn…..watched the trailer…..awesome…gotta watch the movie now!

  • Anakin

    OMG, a “Virgin Territory” reunion! LOL

    I guess Rachel really wants to avoid Mischa, and even I must admit and I’ll slap myself after, I like the two of these together.

  • fresh

    Did we watch the same trailer? That looks ridiculous. Bad acting and predictable script. Ill Pass.

  • ?

    Why would she want to avoid Mischa, they were colleagues on the OC? If she’s grudging because of something that happened between them in the past then that is so immature and petty. That is so stupid. She should have gone and supported HC in this. He did for her. How petty of her!

  • ?

    What a small and petty person she is!

  • Caroline


  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Actually Mischa and Hayden look well suited for each other. She is tall and thin like Hayden and they look good standing together or posing together. Slap me for saying that. I don’t care! Hate those Newsboy caps he wears! With the plaid shirt and v-neck sweater. That looks like something my EX-next 96 year old Scottish neighbor would wear and sit out on his porch and fall asleep all the time! Hayden is still so handsome in the face. Thank God for genetics is all I can say.

  • sophie

    @Realme2008: I think you’re looking at the man next to him, the skull-face one. Hayden looks fine!

  • sophie

    Apart from my grandad’s hat, that is. LOL

  • waaah


    i think he looks fine. he has always been a skinny guy, you can’t expect him to have very much fat on his face

  • Logic

    This movie is another Die Hard, or gangster what to be with a cast of jail birds in it. I see the popularity as being limited with this it’s semi ok but very sterotype typical of most movies we have seen in the past and even present. I don’t think many will rush to see it b/c of HC if they go it’s bc of CB and PW maybe TI and Epps but that is reaching.

    Hayden looks more himself w/o RB around don’t feel for 1 second that Barton is the reason she didn’t go. If she could attend some fashion function and seems Barton has put her hat into the ring with fashion design then this game should have been no issue for RB to attend as well. So Bilson better get use to seeing Barton around. Personally I think HC looks better with Barton then Bilson but, neither lady is quality of much.

  • me(:


  • chris 23

    Yummy!! He looks absolutely delicious!! And not surprisingly, happy and all smiles without his little media whore.


    HC looks good and relaxed. Should put some weight though, way too skinny.Doesnt he eat his momma’s pasta?

    I like the hap, it give him a more mature look than the baseball cap.
    Maybe should he have longer hair (like some curls on the sides) or some length on the top if he doesn’t want the curls anymore cos he has a small (pretty) head.

    This guy isn’t on drug, I’m telling u unless RB is the drug! Now that she is away for whatever reason, he looks just fine and happier.
    she might have a bad Karma or one just not compatible with his.

    HC has initially a great potential as an actor. All he needs is to surround himself with positive persons on a personal and professional level………….and everything will be just fine for him.
    I don’t say that he will get an oscar but he can be a proud B or a list actor.

  • team Chris

    Looks like that’s gonna be a great movie…I’ll be there!

  • http://justjared what the hell

    Relax people the movie isn’t supposed to win at the Oscars you know.
    It’s an entertaining action movie with A LOT OF HOT MAN IN IT .

    A lot of people will go to see it I am sure including me .

    Love Hayden he looks great I find pathetic the hate he gets around here just because he is engaged lolololol.

  • Mercedes

    CHRIS BROWN!!!!!

  • yeech

    Movie looks terrible. What a potential waste of $10 plus popcorn. Sorry but a lot better movies are coming out that I’d rather save my money for.

    He looks emaciated like MB. Both terrible actors. He is a lot less prettier than he used to, a lot older than 28 and unhealthy. Awful actor and so is she. VT was so rotten it went straight to DVD, where it SUCKS BAD.

    Why does JJ give him any space at all?

  • Jen

    looks like the movie will be good.

  • Up His NOse

    He is too skinny. He does not eat mamma’s pasta or Rachel’s slop she makes for him if, the FART-sionata actually cooks? What he is doing is probably, coke, pot and booze. It not going in his belly but up his adorable nose!

  • Obzervi

    Whats this guy doing these days other than going shopping and attending fashion shows, has he lost his ambition in life?

  • key oui

    He’s always been kind of emaciated looking. He’s just a natural born beautiful Dior Homme model lol.

  • ob


    hayden starts filming a new movie in october, reeeeelax.

  • atlqueen

    That movie looks entertaining to me. Many people are going to see it because it looks entertaining not because of who is in it nemrods. Teens worry about who is in it. And dumbasses are worried about what actors got into trouble just before or after the filmed it. No one even cares about but you guys. Typical. Trust me, this movie is going somewhere.

  • lexy

    Hayden needs better people working for him. A movie with Chris Brown and Paul Walker?? As if doing a movie with Jessica Alba and Mischa Barton wasn’t bad enough.

    Rachel needs all the help she can get she’s been running around fashion week yet not even JJ – the only place to show her real love has any pics of her. Plenty of pics of real celebs though. Maybe the check she sent to JJ bounced this week. So she she have been at this event standing by her man – who pays the bills! Even if it meant standing by Mischa – who is at least a working actress. Someone needs to remind Rachel that beggers can’t be choosers!

    PS – who thinks Rachel cooks for him?? LOL!! She’s too busy spending his money. She’s like a brunette Peggy Bundy!

  • janet

    I won’t see or listen to anything Chris Brown is in.

  • lisa

    CHRIS BROWN!!!!!

    I agree it looks great

  • eww

    He looks ridiculous in that hat.
    And much older than his years.
    No thank you.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    how does this guy still get work? LOL..
    @padme: star wars fans hate him. LOL..

  • vmars111

    Let’s not kid ourselves and say that Rachel Bilson is still the fiancee of Hayden. I think we all know she’s just the beard. I mean, it’s been ages since they’ve been contractually obligated to be photoed together.

    The real question is why he would need a beard since his career isn’t exactly hot like Jake Gyllenhaal’s.

  • s

    to bad they had to ruin this movie chances by putting chris in it would have been worthy the watch but chris brown in it so ill pass…

    boycotting anything chris brown!

    if you watch this movie your supporting wife beaters WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE BEAT?

    btw i hate chris voice learn someday english!

  • atlqueen

    Shut up. You just sound crazy. People don’t see a movie because somebody is in it. They watch it because THE MOVIE seems entertaining to watch. I’m not going to watch a movie because Hayden or anyone else is in it. I don’t like what Chris did no more than anyone else but I know how to separate the artist from his personal life. I’m sorry you can’t do that. I for one do not support men who beat women dummy, I just want to watch a got damn movie! If you can’t get that part through your thick skull I don’t know what to say.

  • anna

    woow! paul walker, matt dillon, TI, hayden, idris, this movie seems amazing! great actors! it reminds me of the italian job! and chris brown..lets see how he does, I still like him.

  • lexy

    Sadly a lot of people ARE going to avoid it b/c it will appear they are supporting Chris Brown. And Hayden’s brother’s drama won’t help.

    Hayden shouldn’t have been in this movie in the 1st place, Matt Dillion is only decent actor in this movie. Do you think Leo would have taken this role???

    Vmars – please explain why all the attractive men in Hollywood need “beards” – I don’t see these sorts of comments about men being in the closet when we’re talking about actors like James Gandolfini or Kevin James. Are only unattractive men in HW straight?