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Jack Black - MTV VMAs 2009

Jack Black - MTV VMAs 2009

Jack Black makes a grand entrance complete with extra muscles and a battle axe as he arrives at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Sunday (September 13).

The 40-year-old funny man is promoting his new music video game Brütal Legend where Jack voices the main character Eddie Riggs.

The new video game is expected to be released on October 13 after being delayed several months.

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Credit: Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • Dawn9476

    He looks ridiculous as usual.

  • sarah

    Ehh, Im not liking this look.
    Too bold for the event, not very elegant at all.

  • brush yo teefs!

    oh yeah i forgot how all mtv related awards are just a vessel for movie plugs

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    this guy’s act is old.

  • sooo

    i love jack!!!!

  • notamused

    “Praying” to the dark lord satan?? Not amused. Not amused at all. Stupid and offensive. No longer a fan.

  • Amy

    The game looks amazing, and the delays were all distributor legal battles, not design. I’m excited for it. Tenacious D is Awesome.

  • Chris martin

    I’m sure the writer of the article forgot to include that it’s an action/adventure video game with a metal theme, not a music video game.

  • lenscap

    He sucks. Tenacious D also sucks kak.

  • Concerned

    @notamused: Totally not funny, the Dark Lord, “so called” joke. Anybody notices how entertainment embraces the Occult as of late? Ironic that if he led in a prayer to God more people would have come up in arms. How blind do we choose to be?

  • Satan

    Christians are stupid!

  • irene

    completely offended and not too mention a bit scared that it was not a joke at all-
    i used to like jack black-but now just find him creepy.

  • Samuraigirllrf


    I totally agree with you, I really liked jack black, especially in King Kong, but that little stunt was awful. His costume was somewhat amusing, but all the praying to lords and chanting was NOT funny. I don’t even know what to think about Jack Black now, he just disappointed me greatly.

  • youareallcrazy

    WTF ? You are all crazy, people ! Not amused, OK, but offended… that’s 200% ridiculous. He’s just trying to make some buzz around Brutal Legend, the next game from the genius Tim Schaffer, in which he’s deeply involved.

    Kudo’s to him

  • ash

    @notamused: i completely agree.

  • Dumber

    Thank you internet… I am now dumber after reading all of your comments.

  • JustJaredGuest

    I don’t understand. I didn’t watch his appearance, nor have I ever been involved with this in general, so I am honestly asking: what did Jack Black do that was so bad at this event? I saw one movie with him in it — School of Rock — and remember it being quite funny, so I can only think of him in that context. I am not understanding what happened here.

  • Editor

    He prayed to Satan in an obvious attempt to offend Christians. Hawking a heavy metal video game called Brütal Legend, asked the “Dear Dark Lord Satan” to bless the rock star nominees with “continued success in the music industry.”

  • lulz

    LULZ you all just got trolled.

  • Turn my Cheek


    Yeah he asked the wrong person to bless the VMAs I’m sure Michael will be happy about that. We now know why the VMAs was so messed up this year it was because of jack black!

  • keN

    . . . JBlack’s prayer to ‘Luke’ was jus play’n to the crowd.
    It’s entertainment. But if there IS a heaven and hell ,,,
    he’s screwed….bad. Make my Jack..well done, thx.
    Same with GaGa…it’s a show, we watch.
    Even if she does look like the merry-go-round
    operator from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.
    No one’s gonna cop that look anytime soon..!

  • Editor

    Here is a more detailed story.

  • wtf

    You seriously think Jack Black worships satan? How retarded are you people? He’s used satan worship as a joke for a decade now, and you JUST noticed and even better you think he’s serious? Go kill yourselves, seriously. You are too stupid to be alive.

  • JustJaredGuest

    From what I now know, it does sound like a joke-taken-too-far, with the very expected/understandable effects. I think it should be treated just like such a situation. He could loose some respect/esteem, but I really don’t know if people should stop liked him because of this one thing.

  • Editor

    It simply reflects ongoing behavior – so why would folks be surprised? It isn’t just “one thing.”

  • Editor

    wtf… I’m sorry you won’t get to see my reply. Apparently, the managers of this site didn’t see fit to allow my post.

    I didn’t cuss, or encourage you to kill yourself like you did with me. I don’t even have a username “wtf” that could be offensive to some.

    I world has changed so much. What is “bad” is good and what is “good” is bad.


  • Dumber

    aaaahhhh!!! I can’t take it… I can’t even add 1+1 any more!! Stop posting!!!!!!!


    Satanists are stupider.

  • ChuckBuried

    To the folks offended by his comments. You have every right to be offended. Obviously your religion is an important part of your lives. To you Satan means something, and means something real. I respect that.

    Now in turn, please respect the fact that not everyone in the world shares that opinion. Jack Black wasn’t going for offense here. To him Satan is no more real than Zeus or Loki. To respect someone else’s beliefs is not the same as holding the same reverence for said beliefs.

  • JustJaredGuest

    Correction accepted. I wasn’t aware of more things of a similar note regarding Jack Black. I agree that respect is needed here, all around, but I really don’t think the ‘joke’ itself should be taken too too seriously.

  • clos


  • mik

    He is premoting the new video game Brutal Legend as stated but this is funny and actually for a good cause. Double Fine, the developers of the game have always strived to make orrigional, funny and heartfelt games but often their games have never quite sold too well because of either being hard to pin down into one specific genre or because of not having a lot of marketing muscle. So for Jack to don the persona and look in order to premote the game isn’t really as much of a selfish act as it may appear.
    You should all look at the game even though it’s being published by EA, the game has ‘indie’ sensabilities and isn’t a franchise based cash machine as a lot of games are today.

  • Looking Glass

    Considering all said and a deep respect for all religion. Simply don’t watch or buy the game if it offends. Please, tell any one with similar views to take a look at it and derive there own conclusion whether to do the same. Considering also that all religious belief have their valued points as well; take what you need and leave the rest or take nothing at all if it is not for you. Since this is a play on a character of a game, I for one am not going to take it seriously. I will still watch MTV on occasion and possibly buy the game based on its merits. Even after hearing the prayer, I have no doubt that Black is not a Satanist and the notion is jocular itself, to me. There is more energy generated from the negative energy around it. I personally will not let it have that kind of power over me; to let it drive me to maledictions against an artist for taking the role of his character. Likewise, I would not boycott Tim Curry just because he played the Lord of Darkness in a movie once. Such an amazing classic Legend is, why deprive myself of it or one of the hundreds of roles he has played? Only my view and if I am offending anyone or there religion in saying any of this my apologies, I wish not to generate anymore negative energy with my post.

    “No matter what you believe, you’re right.”

  • Bobby Digital

    Watch him pray to the devil.

  • Dani

    You guys need to stop taking this shit so seriously, he’s just enjoying life and being a goof, like he always is. That’s just the way Jack Black is, and if you can’t deal with it then that’s just too bad.

  • sheeda

    jack black is pathetic old fart not impressed

  • mIDG84


  • Christy

    In the name of the Merciful, Beneficent, Almighty God

    Silent Approval

    We have all been guilty at one time or another. Whether we sat with friends as they gossiped, or turned our heads at the numerous indecent scenes in movies.

    Oh the sins of silence. What to say or do and when. When and how one should overlook others, and their words and actions. And when must we stand for what we believe. I won’t be guilty of silent approval this time. My God help me in my struggle.

    At the recent 2009 MTV Music Awards, comedian/actor, Jack Black, lead everyone at the awards and all watching from home on their televisions in a prayer to satan. This is not a joke. Jack Black asked everyone to hold hands and pray to satan with him. And shockingly most people did. Then Jack Black said “Dear dark lord satan” to bless the rock star nominees with “continued success in the music industry.” Several people held hands, cheered and laughed at this open mockery of God. But if anyone opposed they remained silent. Woe to the silent approval. Woe to those whom sat through this prayer and said nothing. Woe to those whom joined hands. And woe to those whom laughed and cheered as Jack Black gave his prayer to satan.

    Jack Black’s actions have offended and outraged me beyond words. And what has shocked me even more is the lack of anger from the Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and God fearing communities. Where are the articles? Where are the leaders? Where are the public comments condemning these atrocities? I am disappointed in our society at the silent approval of satanic worship.

    This is not Jack Blacks first offence against GOD. He also plays in a YouTube video as a Gay Jesus promoting same sex marriage. I became even more mortified when I learned Jack Black plays in movies my toddlers watch such as Kung Fu Panda and Ice Age. This satanic devil worshiper has brought satan into your home and into your children. When is enough enough? When will you stop being silent. I beg you to act. Boycott Jack Black. Do not buy or watch his movies, do not play his video games, and do not support his endorsements. In the Glorious name of God, I am calling on all God fearing Christains, Jews, Muslims, anyone else who gaurds his or her soal to stand for GOD. If you don’t stand now, how can you stand before God on judgement day? Please print, publish, and copy this article. Pass the word and speak, stand, and be counted. May the ALMIGHTY God bless you for your efforts. Glory be to God!

  • Bobby Digital

    go here to watch him pray to the DEVIL on live TV

    this is serious ppl!!!

  • Ritchie007

    ROFL why take things this serious dude?

  • salem


  • Males


  • Salem

    His name is Black, like his heart.

    Also I haven’t worked it out yet but I’m pretty sure the Bible predicts him to be the antichrist.

  • Males

    Corinthians 14:2
    And the preacher with a Black soul will lead those with trodden heart and eager ears astray.

    Notice how black is capitalised in both the Catholic Society and King James translations? Colours elsewhere in the bible are all lower case. Coincidence? I think not. This is yet another sign of it’s divine authorship.

  • AohHO Ha Ho

    Once again the Christian community sets there eyes on trying to censor our media and tell us what we can and can not do

  • Lul

    My God. The people who actually get offended by this are beyond retarded. Actually, there isn’t even a word to describe how stupid you are. Do us all a favor and fall down some stairs.

  • Matt Long

    AMEN! Not amusing or funny at all. Satan is nothing to joke about. The B.I.B.L.E. informs us that Satan is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Trust in the Lord and He shall direct thy paths!

  • Anti-NWO

    Some of you people are in the dark about ALOT of things associated with the “occult” & “enter-tame-ment”

    Check out this link about the awards show, and then post what you think after, I’ll be VERY interested in some of your thoughts!

    Good luck, I heard that sometimes the truth hurts.

  • hans

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: you’re old. and boring.

  • Rick

    My eyes are now open to Jack Black’s Demonic views disguised as an attempt at humor while bringing along all the Fools that think this is a Joke. I now will always Boycott anything that has to do with any of his work and feel sorry for Him the Day he stands before the Lord. Kudos to Christy’s comments earlier.