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Madonna - MTV VMAs 2009

Madonna - MTV VMAs 2009

Madonna smiles for photographers in the press room at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards held at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on Sunday (September 13).

The 51-year-old singer spoke during the Michael Jackson tribute at the beginning of the show. The legendary entertainer spoke about her love of Michael and the things that were parallel in their lives. She said Michael was “so unique, so original, so rare. He was a king.”

10+ pictures inside of Madonna at the 2009 MTV VMAs

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Photos: Getty Images/Loccisano
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  • viv

    looking good M!

  • viv

    actually, I take that back, what’s up with the veins near her temples??? freaky! and the outfit is inexplicable. time for a refresh M.

  • Kayne is stoo-pid

    Madonna looks pretty. Very classy.Pretty.Her age.Really beautiful face. She was Lady Gaga and the rest of them went they were carpping in their Pampers. Be your age and proud of all you have done.

    Madonna tonight=class=beauty.
    Madonna won the award tonight MTV’s first award for class and beauty.

  • Porsche

    Her speech was amazing! Brought me to tears. That was great of her!

  • Peach

    Only Madonna could make a tribute speech and make it as much about her as the person she was supposed to be honoring.

    And it took me a while to recoginze her.

  • Lic_Merry

    Me cRy :’)

  • Keith

    Love Madonna even more after this speech. Her words were moving and Janet’s performance was amazing.

  • Kayne is stoo-pid

    Oh yeha,her speech was great too.
    Did I say she looked pretty for the 99 time?

  • GINA

    madonna rocks

  • hate kobe


  • dianad1968

    She looks like Ivana Trump. And that is not a compliment.

  • JT


  • planet

    Good to see Madonna’s new do.

  • k

    I loved her speech. Very heartfelt.

  • Daniel

    Her love of Michael, oh please whore.She doesn’t find any way to making in the news so now she still using the dead corpse of Michael Jackson for publicity.She’s never been MJ’s friend, she mocked about him, she said bad things about his family and now poses like a beloved friend.
    Michael Jackson could be dead but he’s always been and still better than you in everything Hagdonna.

  • Ruben

    Madonna looks AMAZING and CLASSY at the MTV MUSIC AWARDS.. SHE’s definitely THE QUEEN of POP. SHE should of performed her latest cool dance song CELEBRATION!

  • Eric D. Midget

    Are you b!tches blind? She looks like Faye Dunaway’s twin sista. Old hag needs to lay off the botox…..She looks awful.

  • fefa

    wowww, madonna, we love U.

  • mary

    SHE’S THE QUEEN! Her speech was amazing!

  • Whattagal


    Peach, you are spot on. Madonna, selfish. And so over botoxed it’s scary to look at her.
    Her speech was flat and emotion at all. She’s no actress, as we all know…and the half Jersey, half english accent is pathetic.
    I wish she’d retire already and raise her kids properly.

  • towa

    From the queen to the king, she delivered THE single most heartfelt and dignified speech about MJ since his death. I love you Madonna!

  • madonna-multimedia

    she was sooo beautiful :D and the speach was amazing :) GO M :)

  • Jennie

    Wow Madonna looked stunning , she is really beautiful ! I absoloutley love this look!!!!!

  • liverwurst

    Her cheek implant are just too big.

  • Konrad

    MADONNA looked amazing…and she honestly was the most beautiful moment of last night.

  • odie

    She was the Queen of Pop, now she’s the Queen of Botox. She’s old as shit…

  • Tealeaf

    Good to see Madonna

  • Paranel

    Yes, She must have used Fay Dunaway’s plastic surgeon because she looks just like her. Her cheeks are ridiculously huge and out of balance with her face. And she made the speech all about herself and her mother and me me me. For 3 decades we have suffered that she lost her mother too soon. According to her own brother, she never even gave a damn. What a opportunist bitch.

  • scott

    @Eric D. Midget: don’t hate you asshole

  • Paulie

    “She doesn’t find any way to making in the news”

    Ha! This is completely laughable. Do you not know that Madonna’s latest tour is the highest grossing tour by a solo artist in history? She is a legend and people like you are ridiculous. You’re just showing your ignorance.

  • oh henry

    Oh look ….madonna got a bumpit!

  • pootang

    Sure people talk nice about Michael now.. I bet this b-itch has never talked to him… well at least not in the past 10+ years.

  • t-girl

    @Kayne is stoo-pid: her age? Hell, I just turned 20 and I have more wrinkles in my face.

  • lakers fan in boston

    f u madonna
    at least she dresses her age, the misses aisle =p

  • An

    She looks amazing, for her age; for any age, for all that matters. Her speach was right on and she sure showed some class: she didn’t withold from comments on the rediculous way media and people behaved during a lifetime, and in the aftermath. And she was not afraid to include her own ‘behaviour’/lack of behaviour. If anyone listening had a bit of common sense, then her words must have arose at least some feelings of shame/guilt.

    The thing is: if Madonna would have looked like an old haggard, it wouldn’t have been ‘good’ and people would have put her down. Now that she’s keeping up with her looks – and looks superduper – it’s not good either. Well, the bi*** ( ;) ) works her ass off and has put her mark on the music charts: now and for decades. So I bet she wouldn’t give a damn, and good for her.

    I only wished the artist that changed music forever would have been able to fight himself through all the judgements, negative comments and humilations too. However, since these judgements were a neverending story, out of proportion, included a complete media circus and millions of people, and there’s only so much one can take, that’s just too much to wish for.

    But let’s all keep on judging, judging, judging. As long as we ourselves aren’t involved, it’s as easy as it is: keep up the good work.

  • Leetle UN

    She is starting to look like Hillary Clinton.

  • victoria

    She looks exactly like Sharon Stone, the other baby skin snatching transplanter of the day.

    Good Lord, can’t any of these beeeatches age gracefully for crying out loud?

    I proudly announce I’ve never purchased or intentionally listened to her music !

  • jeff

    Madonna never had a pretty face. And now she resembles Hillary Clinton’s twin sister meets Jocelyn Wilderstein. She’s so overly botoxed, it’s frightening. Sharon Stone–I think not. However, I think some of her past music has been killer stuff.

  • jeff

    Correction: Wildenstein. And to make it clear, this was an overall improvement in her appearance than at other recent events. At least we didn’t have to be subjected to her vein riddled limbs this time around.

  • Kelly

    She looks fantastic. I also find it hypocritical that people are criticizing her for ever saying anything about MJ, when LaToya, Janet, and Michael himself repeatedly insulted her throughout the years. Even so, Madonna defended Michael back in 2003 a couple times when the Bashir documentary came out and he never thanked her. I think it was big of her to give that speech about him and praise him the way she has (both in her own tour and at this VMA show) when has no obligation to do so. Listen to the speech itself, maybe you would grasp the message and learn a thing or two about judgment and harassment. People attacked MJ relentlessly while he was alive, yet that’s exactly how everyone treats her. Some folks will never learn the lesson.

  • Chris hollander

    She has some talent and I think she she looks pretty good for her age(although she’s not a great beauty), in the realm of a Faye Dunaway or Sharon. I do think her music has been damn good at times. Just my opinion.

  • Kat

    Madonna: great speech;, looks beautiful. What can I say? She’s a living legend

  • Michael

    Madonna I love you. You are unique. Just like Michael Jackson. But I wonder, who is able to make a speech for you when you quit life? You made a speech for Michael. Who is going to make a speech for you? This makes clear how important Madonna is. She is the no1 artist now that Michael died. Madonna you are the best and we all know it. And i know that you are so strong that you ‘ll never give up like others <3

  • Dieter

    Jared!!!! I just had a terrific hot wanks on the ass of hers !!! Totally came “”"”

  • Anne

    I loved Madonna’s speech, it was really quite lovely and meaningful. I believe Michael would have been touched by her kind words.

  • maddison

    If she was so beautiful, she wouldn’t be resorting to surgery. Nothing natural about her face. Like Eric Midget commented, she looks like Faye Dunaway’s long lost sister! If I was Ms. Dunaway, I’d sue Madonna’s ass for copyright infringements! LOL

  • interneta pieslēgums

    Amazing :) love it <3