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Ed Westwick Gets Feather Tattoo

Ed Westwick Gets Feather Tattoo

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick shows off two brand new tattoos at a tattoo parlor, presumably in New York City.

One is a large feather covering the back of his left arm/tricep area. The other one is a topless pin-up girl with a red cloth wrapped around her waist. On top of the girl are the words “She’s a pin up.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ed Westwick’s new tattoos??

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ed westwick feather tattoo 01
ed westwick feather tattoo 02

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  • bubbaness


  • Hmmm

    Poorly Done?? :- \


  • dumb

    Honestly, I think they’re just gross. Why can’t people just be happy with their own skin? Plain, with nothing on it is great!

    He’s going to regret it once he’s all old and wrinkly because the tattoos will make him look like he’s got bruises.

  • ewwwww

    Ew @ the topless girl tattoo

    What was he thinking?

  • Hannah

    He will be removing the woman one when he’s older. Will took very tasteless on an old man. But

  • lola

    feather tattoo= penis

  • Melody1836

    oh please someone tell me this isn’t true….
    I was starting to think he was going a bit too far with the inking but this is just plain ridiculous :((
    forget the feather (if you can, given the size of the thing) but who gets a naked girl on his arm ?? is Ed thinking of becoming a biker ?

  • Riley

    Wow! They both look like shit Why?

  • :O

    He’s mentally handicapped. What a dumbass face

  • geez

    Has he lost his mind?

  • Violette

    I’m all for tattoos, but I must say I really don’t like either of these :( Shame.

  • say it is so

    I cringe. This just goes to show how much of a douche he is. SO TACKY.

  • Marieke

    Both are one of the ugliest tattoo’s I’ve ever seen in my life

  • jen

    so boring. whatever …

  • silly

    He’ll regret them when he’s older.

  • luanna


  • love

    very very sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love both tattoos

  • Pat

    Just Awful!

  • Victoria

    lame and ugly

  • jazmin

    ew, it looks 3D and grooss

  • Chau

    Gross. Makes him look even trashier. *BARFS*

  • Marie

    The ugly pin up is really poorly done, and way too small to have on that place, and the feather is better done but still wtf? i love guys with tatts but this r hidious!

  • jane


  • melanie

    maybe when he gets older there will be new techniques to remove tattoos

  • lol

    To quote BestWeekEver, “He got one of Big Bird’s as s feathers forever etched unto his arm.” LMAO!! They’re so right!!

  • Wendy

    WTF ED! “bawls” Now we’ll never get shirtless Chuck! “bawls uncontrollably” WTF?!!!!!

    I love Ed so much and I like tats on a guy, but his tats are ridiculous! Why must he do this to himself?

  • VerĂ³nica

    Okay, EW!

  • Elisa

    why did he do that??? those are really ugly tatoos that feather is too big and that pin up girl make him look like a sailor
    he was soo cute before …..

  • russian girl

    I adore Ed! But this……ughhh horrible.)

  • Gretel

    Pathetic and moreover he’s completely crazy. It must be difficult to grow up in Hollywood.

  • w.e

    Is he okay?! Lmao those are the stupidest tattoos I’ve seen in quite a while, considering my brother works at a tattoo shop. Getting a female and her b00bs tattooed on your arm is pretty darn classless..

  • Pam

    Wow. I am speechless. Why would he want a naked woman on his arm? That is beyond trashy. It’s okay, I only look at the real beefcake of that show anyway. PENN.

  • sarah

    Ew.! Why Ed.!? Why.!?

  • UH HA

    #3, I totally agree! Tattoos are just POINTLESS and people try so hard to be rebellious. A tattoo with an important meaning to you, however, is a totally different story. And to whoever said that it must be difficult to grow up in Hollywood, lol I agree. They either get bored with their lives or get bored with their money…….

  • lala


  • rossy40

    I’m sure he did it to keep the nuts away from him, that’s why. So nobody posting here will EVER run up to him demanding his autogragh – All he has to do is yank up a sleeve… & laugh as his adoring “fan” runs screaming for the hills. By the way, it’s a raven feather. The symbolism of which is this…

  • fuschia

    I’d say his tattoos are almost as stupid as Angelina Jolie’s, or Megan Fox’s, or Hayden Panatroll’s, etc etc etc.

  • Gretel

    woa ao uh ha!! Im talking serious. There will be some of them who will grow up empty inside because they are being brainwashed

  • keN

    . . . . I’m gonna get ‘Elmer Fud’ with flames comming
    out his ass tat’d on my neck, right between ‘Bosco’
    the psycho clown face and my huge star tat’s.
    Thank God for tattoos, it make’s spotting the
    dillweeds so much easier. Ya need 20 more now!
    Come on everybody…follow me to the ‘Tat-shop’.

  • Nms

    They both suck and so does he!

  • steph

    what the hell was he thinking?

  • rossy40

    He most likely did it to keep nuts away from him. Those of you posting here certainly won’t go ANYWHERE near him demanding his attention & autographs.
    And the feather? It’s a raven’s. The symbolism of which would escape most of you – But, if you’re interested, here’s a link…

  • Lo

    ew. why? so not nice. that’s why tattoos get such a bad reputations. people do stupid things to their bodies. since he’s an actor it’s even lamer, people aren’t going to be happy having to cover up those babies.

  • silentsophi

    bad idea

  • yuck

    they’re ugly.

  • E

    I actually kinda like the girl one… the feather is kinda big and just there…..
    no matter what tho Ed is still hot! :)

  • Jen

    um a feather tattoo? really, hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • kristom

    Love ed so much..but NO.. it is just too big..=(

  • eww

    UGH. I hate it.

  • Amalie

    ewww, a no go!!