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Kanye West Talks Taylor Swift on Jay Leno Show

Kanye West Talks Taylor Swift on Jay Leno Show

Kanye West offers up an emotional apology to Taylor Swift during his appearance for the premiere night of The Jay Leno Show on Monday (September 14).

The 32-year-old entertainer from Atlanta, Georgia was extremely shaken during the interview while expressing regret for interrupting Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech during yesterday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

He also talked about taking a break after this controversy, saying, “It was rude, period. So many celebrities, they never take the time off. I’ve never taken the time off to really – you know, just music after music and tour after tour. I’m just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else’s hurt. My dream of what awards shows are supposed to be, ’cause, and I don’t try to justify it because I was just in the wrong. That’s period. But I need to, after this, take some time off and just analyze how I’m going to make it through the rest of this life, how I’m going to improve.”

Although Kanye was set to perform, he asked for some air time to talk. During the interview, he said it was, “extremely difficult to deal with the fact that I hurt someone and took something away from a talented artist.”

Check out the clip below!

Kanye West talks Taylor Swift on The Jay Leno Show

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  • cindy

    Sincere?! Not. If he was going to cry…let it out. Douche.

  • cindy

    ..and to add…just admit that you were drunk! Douche.

  • Halli

    Well than he apologized so lets all move on. I’m more shocked that Kanye has it in him to feel for anyone but himself.

  • Ali

    Boo freaking Hoo.

  • matthew

    can a dick say sorry? wow,that’s gross!

  • pea

    @Joe the PLUMBER: Some of you Americans never cease to amaze me…why is it always about race and slurs with you lot? (those with sense I respectfully exclude from that) Anyway, anybody else think that we literally watching Kanye go crazy little by little every single day (ever since his mum died)? I mean he always been a w@nker but he seems to be really losing it

  • eden

    kanye, you’re still an asshole. but i truly hope you get some serious professional therapy for that lost soul of yours.

  • adam wilson

    i went into watching this with a very open mind. i was totally willing to hear him out and consider what he said. then he spoke…
    To me he sounded like pretty big jackass. didnt seem sincere, almost tried to blame it on his mothers passing away?!? wow. also at one point he said something about how he was “sorry because he had a certain vision of how awards should be” or some crap like that. so in other words, Not really sorry, except for the fact that he got into so much trouble.

  • Jim

    This guy is a classless no talent thug. Taylor on the other hand, is a very classy young lady and she’ll take the high road her, which of course, will make Kanye look even worse. If he was really sorry, he’d of written out a sincere sounding apology, or at least had his publicist do it since he’s illiterate. The best thing we can all do with this guy is to ignore him and don’t spend another cent on anything he’s involved in.

  • matthew

    i don’t think this phucker say sorry? he didn;t even know how to spell SORRY!
    no more his albums purchased from now!
    if anyone needs his so called “music”,just illegally download it!
    ruin his career!ruin his life!

  • Nea

    he has done this a couple of times now, rushing the stage and embarassing people, taking away artists moment when they win something.

    how is this different from the other incidents? maybe he is just apologizing because this time, alot of people were able to witness it and are super pissed off at him right now.

    and he embarrased taylor swift, who alot of people actually adore. if he embarrased just an average selling/known band, i dont think he’ll do an apology like that.

    he is still a douchebag.

  • Rachel

    lol what in the world is “porch monkey”?? Sounds racist. But yeah. He needs to grow up and learn to behave like a man.

  • ah

    I only feel bad for him because of his mother’s passing, but other than that he’s a complete idiot and pretty late for an apology don’t ya think??

  • me

    I’m pretty sure he’s sincere. Kanye’s controversial and rude, but he would never do what he did under normal circumstances. He was clearly WASTED and I’m sure he regrets that very much. People do a lot of crazy things when they’re under the influence. I blame MTV for allowing him to get on stage in the first place. Don’t they have security guards who’s main purpose is to stop that kind of thing from happening?!

  • tree

    I have no respect for him as a person. I don’t and will NEVER buy his music.

  • Peach

    Douchebag’s apology was not sincere. He was making excuses for himself – blaming his behavior on his mother’s death. What a crock!!!

    He acted the same way before his mother passed away. He didn’t just become a total turd. He has always been a talentless a”hole.

  • me


    How is it late when he apologized like 3 hours after it happened and the NEXT day?! He also apologized to her mother like 5 minutes after when she confronted him. It’s not like he waited 5 months.

  • john

    We are able to forgive those close to us, over and over again, yet completely ruthless & unforgiving of celebrities? The man has made a claim that he will “right” the situation and work towards bettering himself. Forgive, but don’t forget – let’s see him follow through.

  • me

    The whole thing was rude, but now Taylor’s win will get much more attention than it would have if Kanye hadn’t done that. And she got to finish her speech, so it’s over and done with. I thought it was kind of funny.

  • tina

    Damage control to not ruin his career? You F@cker Kanye. Go to hell!!!

  • asha

    Douche bag. Don’t apologize to Taylor on a television show. You need to be a man and apologize in person. Kanye West has forever lost my respect.

  • john


    Asshole or not, I find the man’s talent hard to dispute…and so does the same award show that awarded Taylor her first VMA…

  • wilderal

    please the guy made an ass out of himself and he’s shamefully sorry ok. Now what dose race have to do with this? He made a mistake like many people do including some of the people who are speaking on the situation he’s human so what? Even Taylor admited she was a fan.

  • Maria

    Kanye is still a douche and a racist prejudice recording artist. he can apologize till he has no more tears for all i care. Taylor can never get back her special moment which he stole from her. For Chrissake he’s a grown man dissing a young recording artist on LIVE TV is down right low. He’s done some many things in the past but this draws the line. He should be banned for life. And I love Obama for saying Kanye is a Jack@ss at a CNBC reporter.

  • dee


    How do you know he didn’t apologize to her personally? I think what he did was a total b$%ch move, but at this point he’s apologized 3 times. I say just let it die.

  • me

    He may be a douche, but he’s talented and I will definitely buy his next CD! It’s not like he did anything outside of his character. He always does stuff like that…but I think this time he went overboard and he knows it. So he’s going to take a much needed break and come back bigger and better.

  • brittany

    hahaha he SUCKS!

  • Jan

    I am not buying his EXCUSE was that he never takes time off. He was either DRUNK or has impulse control issues. He needs help from a mental professional. He should not be allowed to attend award shows without signing a written agreement that he will not interrupt the event.

  • Theprodigy

    In no way do I condone what this Kanye did, but why are people at all surprised by his actions. The guy IS a narcosis. He IS rude. He IS an a%@hole. This is not news people! With that being said, while he was completely out of line and obviously drunk, is it really that serious? Taylor is an amazing artist that will continue to sellout stadiums and arenas and make millions while being adored. And whether you want to admit it or not, the next time Kanye puts out an album you will probably buy it along with 5 or 6 million other people. Douches are usually the most popular people so why be so offended? Support Taylor for the brilliant artist she is and be prepared to ignore all of Kanye’s idiocies when his next album is released and you are blasting it on your car stereo.

  • jdub

    i dont believe it. he’s an a$$hole! and always will be. i’m glad Jay asked Kanye what his mom would have said to him. because he knows damn well his mom would not approve of that. and he better not blame it on the al-al-al-alcohol.

  • suzy q

    and he managed to make it all about him. he hurt taylor and then sat there and talked about his pain.

  • Tiara

    Okay, it’s over now…..I hate Kanye. I’ve always did because of his oversized ego. But I think this whole “drama” has taken a road it shouldn’t have. I mean, he didn’t beat or kill her lol. For once, I agree with Russel Brand, “no one died”. Hell, people. Everybody makes mistakes. I saw comments on sites like “go to hell”, “I’m glad your mom died” O.O, “you ugly monkey” and all the usual racist comments…..that’s taking it too far. Race has nothing to do with it. I’m mixed but as some stupid ignorant white would think I’m just black, I have to say that I’m outraged by Kanye’s attitude and I would never ever do this kind of rude thing to anybody (of any race for that matter). This classless act was very bitter but well…..she finally got her moment thanks to class act Beyoncé. Do you really want to blame him his whole life for this? Even Taylor goes on with her life quite well…..and I understand why since it gave her lots of publicity. =) Yeah Kanye is a douchebah assh*ole idiot who needs therapy, Beyoncé is a gracious sweetheart and Taylor is a deserving talented artist. Now, let’s move on!

  • Excuse me?

    wilderal @ 09/14/2009 at 11:44 pm please the guy made an ass out of himself and he’s shamefully sorry ok.


    No. NOT OK!

    Some of us are not gullible teenagers. Some of us have lived lives wherein we have had to suffer the CONSEQUENCES of our actions. This isn’t the first time this spineless LITTLE BOY has acted like a giant, economy- sized a$$! This is just the latest example of his ME ME ME, self-obsessed antics.

    The really disgraceful thing about Leno having him on was hearing those MINDLESS SHEEP in the audience clapping when he entered. WHY? Oh, that’s right, because the APPLAUSE sign flashed and they didn’t have the good sense to think for themselves.

    Intelligent people would have either BOOED his sorry a$$ or, better yet, REMAINED SILENT. The silent treatment would have HUMILIATED the little fu@ker in the same manner that HE humiliated Swift. But that would have required a level of independent thought and analysis on the part of the audience members that is sadly lacking in our nation today.

  • may

    it’s soooooo weird to me that if u made a mistake then u can easily apologize…do he ever think about tay’s feeling and how humiliating it was…]

    he need to observe deeply and leave the entertainment industry for a while cos i saw others celebrities really dislike his attitude…
    just take a break kanye, u did not have a single attitude to be an entertainer

  • cRAZY

    What makes Beyonce’s video the best ever? Excuse me, all she did was shake and bake and display her big fat ass and vajayjay with her silly dancers. It’s not even original – some old time dancers did that act already. I’m no fan of Taylor Swift but this girl is a genius in writing songs (despite being country music) and you Kanye would not understand and appreciate it because you have a different type of music. Your Momma didn’t teach you good manners, class and that is just pathetic! With all the money that you have, I suggest that you retire from the industry forever and nobody will miss your sorry crap. Loser!

  • Quest

    It’s over now really. Forgiveness people. I honestly just don’t understand how people can be so passionate about this, seriously.

    Anyone tell me what considers someone a country artist? Taylor sounds straight pop to me.

  • ann

    People get over it. He apologized. THREE TIMES! Including to her mother right after it happened. Leave it alone. I cannot believe the racist crap that you people are saying. You guys are acting like he killed the girl. Taylor has moved on and so should you all.

  • GoKillYourselfKanye

    he should at least send Taylor some gifts or something with a card apology attached

  • kiss my ass

    people arent gonna stop buying his records, sorry racists! he’s talented and people who like real music don’t give a fck about tay swift

  • Deigh

    yet it was perfectly ok for some asshole to yell at barack last week? you backwoods retards AMAZE me. i’m so glad i live in california not alabama

  • jj

    This dudes a total douche! Too LATE bro!

  • DC

    The world according to Kanye…what a messed up place that would be. So glad it’s just in his head and not a reality! I can’t believe Leno actually hosted the jerk!

  • connie

    what race has to do with this is Kanye doesn’t respect music unless it is dominated by black people, he did the same thing a few years ago because the Dixie Chicks won instead of another black artist at the European MTV’s , he thinks he is the arbiter of pop culture, as if Talyor didn’t sell 3 times more CD’s then him this year, but he is the judge of who should be represented in pop culture and the award shows that celebrate it.

    In Kanye’s mind it’s was the VMA’s, starring Kanye, with musical guest Kanye, and appearances by Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay Z, and Kanye WEST!

  • 3b6

    i think we should WAIT and SEE !!! if he truely is gonna change !
    but u know what i think he will cuz he knows what he did was wrong kinda like he just saw the light u know what i mean a wake up call ( thats it ) so i think he will change and he is sorry !
    i never realy hated him but was kinda disapointed but what ever what happend happend i cant change it and so cant he or anyone else in this world !

  • Excuse me?

    ann @ 09/15/2009 at 12:07 am People get over it. He apologized. THREE TIMES! Including to her mother right after it happened. Leave it alone. I cannot believe the racist crap that you people are saying. ….


    Please stop insulting DECENT, HONORABLE BLACK PEOPLE by insinuating that the only people criticizing this classless waste of DNA are racist whites.

    I have been black longer than most of you have been alive. I was raised by a DIGNIFIED black grandmother who taught me that RESPECT (for myself and for others) was the paramount thing in life.

    MANY of the people criticizing this sorry little GUTTER RAT are BLACK PROFESSIONALS like myself who are sick to death of him and the rest of the HIP HOP SCUM embarrassing our race on virtually a daily basis. Every word out of their mouths is a semiliterate, profanity-laced, drug- and alcohol-fueld vulgarity. ENOUGH! Let the little a$$ wipe pay for his latest antisocial behavior. Let him off the hook, and he and the other cretins will feel free to continue their reign of societal terror.

  • dee

    conniesaid: what race has to do with this is Kanye doesn’t respect music unless it is dominated by black people

    Yeah, right connie. That’s why he was planning to do a joint tour with Lady Gaga in the future.

  • afabufba

    he’s still a predjudiced fool, i don’t feel one bit of pity, sorrow, or remorse for him. i think this was all an act. he made the apology all about HIM, not taylor.

  • Dorian

    @Excuse me?:

    I love you!!!

  • Sheri

    Well, I’m not convinced….I think the latest “apology” was just another attempt at damage control. He knows he career is on the verge of going down the crapper. The true test will come when we see if he actually follows up on his word, i.e. stays out of the spotlight and gets the help he so obviously needs. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

  • tara

    We should give him a chance . He apologized and said he wants to improve himself. I was mad at him yesterday now I am in forgiving mode.