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Kate Gosselin Hosts The View

Kate Gosselin Hosts The View

Kate Gosselin is escorted back to her hotel by bodyguard Steve Neild after co-hosting The View in New York City on Monday (September 14).

Co-host Sherri Shepherd asked the 34-year-old reality TV mom what it was like when ex-husband-to-be Jon Gosselin introduced his 22-year-old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, to their eight children.

“This is definitely, I’m not going to lie, difficult,” Kate responded. “The truth, for the sake of my children, I’m going to take the high road [and not talk about it]. I melted down over the weekend. In the privacy of my own home, I melted down. It’s difficult. It’s difficult to wake up every day and wonder what things are going to be thrown my way.”

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  • emmy jay

    Did anyone see her today? Just wondering how it went. I had a meeting and couldn’t catch it.


  • Tealeaf

    Not a fan, but that oufit is cute

  • Kate bosselin

    i hear all this junk from her about not being able to financially support her family if she quit there show…here’s a thought… GET A JOB. How do you think all these mormons and Amish families support 10 kids? They work for their money

  • Kate bosselin

    Sherri obviously never watched JK8 because she didn’t even know she had 8 kids…. funny how these view girls support a woman they dont even know

  • coza

    I did, she was good… and i am happy for her, she is the better person, her ex sucks and one day he will wake up and say F**** What the hell did i do?

  • sammy

    Thought I’d jump in before the usual Kate-haters arrive. I enjoyed watching her, she’s smart and articulate and I thought she fit in well with the others. She answered questions honestly and thoughtfully. I’ll watch again tomorrow for sure.

  • VanM

    Good job Kate keep doing what you have to do to support your kids I think you are a great Mom and I enjoy watching your show the only thing I don’t like is having to look at Jon the a**hole but I just leave the room ….She held her own today on the View……Team Kate plus 8

  • emmy jay

    Thanks for the feedback. Whether you like her or not, it was quite a big accomplishment to have completed this.. Obviously she’s quite comfortable with the camera.

    When did Hailey meet the kids? I am behind on the Gosselin gossip.

  • bella

    Uh, she is not going to talk about it . . . then she follows that statement with talking about it to get sympathy votes . . .none from me.

  • You/Me

    Ugh, Jon introduced his skank to his kids?? What the he*ll is wrong with that guy?? Can’t he think about his kids and letting them adjust before he starts shoving his piece of a*s in their face?! Hailey Glassman is disgusting, she should have some respect for those kids and realize that she needs to back off. Dating Jon is one thing, who cares about that aspect….but trying to insinuate herself to the kids is sh*tty.

  • naomi

    The kids already know that alcoholic b¨tch?????

  • Jake

    @Kate bosselin:

    Get a Real Job, how insensitive can you be esp in this economy where the unemployment rate is so high. Do you expect her to quit a lucrative job for some underpaid, life consuming job that will probably keep her away from her children, esp with the current state of Health Care in this nation. Kate has a good job, although public intrusion comes with it, her job pays well and is supporting her kids. Lets not be delusional its all about the money and she is working hard to provide for her kids. Who wants to be in the public spotlight without no pay. Lets get real people.

  • viv

    not talking about it to take the high road but disclosing that one had a meltdown over the weekend to get some sympathy? no kate, i will not join your contrived life and pity party.

  • this family is so fubar

    Kate’s little SOCK PUPPET Stevie is carrying her shit, once again. God, this sorry excuse of female flesh makes me want to puke every time I see her picture!

  • Kanye

    Afternoon delight!

  • Cayanne

    She’s got a chip on her shoulders.
    She’s all about dissing everyone else then here she comes pimping out her life (kids) for money!
    She’s as messed up as Kayne West!

  • VanM

    If she was to get rid of Steve as her BG then the haters would say She is guilty of having a fling with him…I’m so glad that Kate is the strong woman that she has proven to be….

  • boo

    i wish she would stop saying she’s a single mom because she’s not. she’s a divorced woman. jon still has joint custody and honors that. she has nannies, sitters, cooks and a crew to help her out. she isn’t this lonely struggling single mother she’s convinced herself she is.

  • anon

    Perhaps Kate should not have moved into a mini-mansion when she new her marriage was crumbling. Like millions of other divorced parents and kids, she will have to downsize her life to make it and quit exploiting her kids. HER KIDS SHOULD NOT BE SUPPORTING HER OR JON. Both should get jobs other than doing this show. Take the cameras out of the kids’ faces.

  • can’t stand fake kate

    She totally sucked on The View…All the other ladies were talking over her……Kate the SKANK couldn’t get a word in edgewise……..Everytime she tried to share her “I’m the poor babe in the woods” opinion……..she was shut down…….she sucks as a wife….parent…….and now “wanna be talk show host”……TEAM JON!!!

  • Melissa

    I liked the show when it was first on, now , as with everything on tv, the whole thing is just overexposed. She puts soo much responsibility on her kids ,instead of answering the question in an easy way,such as: Look we just didn’t make it…things change, life changes and to say that fame wasn’t a part of it is an understatement. We have just gone our own ways and it is hard….No need to add “for my kids” “for the sake of my kids” ” i love my kids”…I am a mom to 3 kids,been a stay at home mom for 12years. my kids are getting older, and I have gone back to school so I can add something to our life…is it for the kids? yes…do I say that everytime someone asks me about school,friends,etc? enough with the kids already. they are your paycheck and you need to keep them in the spotlight..we get it.

  • anon

    Hey, it is time the Gosselins quit living high on the hog. Everyone in this country is hurting or cutting back unless you are a greedy CEO. (another story there) The Gosselins have gotten a pretty good ride with plenty of freebies and love offerings all the way….it is time to look at REALITY. The 15 minutes are up, exploiting kids is not cool. The show is scripted and lies have been told. TLC and Kate have grown too bold in their “reality” PR moves. It stinks.

  • blackglobetrotter

    where were her UGLY kids?

  • just me

    She is such a bitch! She’s trying to be all sweet and sad now just for the pity. I can’t stand her.

  • Nana

    I noticed that Steve the “bodyguard” is carrying her change of clothes for her. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
    Now, if he were REALLY needed as a bodyguard, he couldn’t afford to have something like that in his hand….you know..just in case he had to quickly protect her……LOL

  • Jon & kate are =

    KIate lovers,stuff it.
    Jon lovers,stuff it.
    Both of these people MADE 6 babies together inorder to get a living off of them and what a living it has been.
    They had twins born with not stop there?

    The 8 kids are pimped out and are always ‘on.”
    Jon is acting like a college boy for fame and money. He will not get any money fromKate’s books,speaking engagments,buthe willearn money off of the kids.They are 1/2 his.

    Kate is only the winner in that she has more money from her books,her 1/2 of the 8 kids, and her other engagements.

    The8 kids are likea companywith each parent owning1/2.

    Jon has been outdoing the celebritything thisweekendattheVMA.

    Kate hs been marketing herself and the 8 Friday at a speaking engagment and Mon& Tues.onTheView.
    Why don’t she just go home and mother?She has enough money.No.What would be the point.

    Now divorced,single mom,she is going to push that angle in a new book and her minions will buy it up like water.

    Jon,go home.Noo,he likes being a celeb as well.

  • ava rose

    “Look at me! I’m kate gosselin! I have arrived! Hello P-people! You wanna take my picture? WONDERFUL. Take one of me from this angle and i’ll give you a great smile!!!”

    “I had a private meltdown this weekend”
    “I don’t want to talk about this for the sake of my kids”
    “I eat organic food at home w. the kids”
    “I need to do what’s best for the kids to support them”
    “I will take the high road”
    “I don’t smile when the paparzzi come either”

    What a selfish woman

  • rhonda

    Sounds like she is really laying on the “victim” mentality. Several months ago, it was disclosed that the Gosselins are worth more than 10 million dollars. I would think with all the freebies Kate gets and her rapid use of coupons she could make do with 10 million dollars.

  • laurie

    Kate was awesome on the view today!!! all u haters she’s just supporting her kids since the father isn’t…

  • Bryan

    She sucked but so does the show. It has always sucked and I hope it gets cancelled.

  • New York Housewife

    Kate has some fat legs. Of all the woman on the View, Kate looked like crap. Kate was so out of place and constantly playing with her hair. Kate needs to learn to sit up straight. Her posture is really bad.

  • Flo

    Did anyone catch on Ellen today Sharon Osburne was playing a game with Ellen where she said the first thing she thought as different celebrities pics were shown to her? When Ellen held up a picture of Jon & Kate she grabbed it from Ellen and threw it on the floor behind her and said, “Wrong, that’s just sooo wrong”.

  • Dawn

    Kate get’s an “F” for her co-hosting the View. Why in the world did the View even invite her to co-host? She looked so way out of place. Like a misfit.

  • boo

    She did talk about her personal life.

    She didn’t take the high road and never has in her life.

    Taking the high road would have been something like this; “Jon and I are always trying to figure out a better way to work our shared custody but things are great at home and getting better. Thanks for asking.”

    She’s a sleazy bitch.

  • my9cats

    How on Earth is Steve supposed to guard Kate when he is carrying her stuff? He’s not a BG but a hired minder to keep Kate from losing control.

  • Pandas

    Why does this nobody need a body guard? Sure looks happy to be away from the kids again for a new days.

  • my9cats


    Get off the internet and do your homework.
    Maybe you might learn something.

  • joanne

    Kate bombed on the View today, the ladies loathed having her on, except for dumb ass Sherri who thinks the world is flat. Now Kate wants to be America’s single mother, same scam as being the poor married mother, she needs money, she wants money, she’ll do anything for the money, it is all about money.

  • Ohhh, Puuuhhhleeeasse

    How much was she paid this time?

    When is she ever home raising her toddlers

    Nicole Kidman lives a mile away form in Nashville. I see her almost every week. No bodyguard. Ever. Starbucks, then to the gum around the corer, then whole foods for groceries, then the neighborhood mall, then the cheapie Vietnamese strip mall nail place.( and yes, the older children are with her sometimes). Let’s see, Kidman is worth about 130 million…yet, she carries her bag out of Target alone and drivers herself home.

    Goselin is a joke.

  • joe dirt

    Kate has hands down the ugliest hairstyle on this planet, Joe Dirt included.

  • angie

    The ladies on the View hate Kate. The tension was so thick today and it’s very obvious that they didn’t want Kate there. They have all talked bad about Kate in the past. Kate was so unwanted. I guess Steve is the only one that wants her. LOL….

  • Kate’s Fug

    It looks like a biatch, it walks like a biatch, it talks like a biatch, must be a biatch. And that is NO bodyguard. He’s her clothes carrying personal flunkie.

  • anon

    joanne has Kate’s number alright (#38) You pegged her perfectly, a scam.

  • fuschia

    This self important idjit is famous why? For popping out a truckload of kids? Uh, okay, congratulations that the IVF worked so well. That’s a reason to be famous?? And the bodyguard, what is he like 5’5? Kate is bigger than he is. She can probably kick his azz, too. And does.

  • cayanne

    Hey, the more she yaps and yaps about her situation the more I think Jon is more admirable for at the very least being honest – he’s moved on – end of story! He’s seen out and about doing his thing, whatever it may be, but, at the very least, he’s not portraying victim every 5 minutes like she is. Time to grow up and get over it Kate! Your 8 minutes of fame should be over. You have a crisis on your hands at home where they need you. The camera of entertainment does not need you as urgently as your children.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ohhh just shut up already kate
    ur a bitzch, a lot of ppl have seen it already
    just quit ur show and just stop all this

  • nancy

    kate, awesome today. cant wait until tomorrow!! lots of jealous people on here.

  • nancy

    maybe you people would have wanted her to join jon at the mtv after parties. one of them have to be working and earning and income and it sure isnt jon. cant believe all you women are jealous of her making money. do the kids ever look like they dont want to be filmed?? no, they interact with the film crew at times.

  • kids who love to work

    They did not give Kate a chance to say much. They knew that she did not have much to say.
    At least she made her own money and the kids can have a day off to play with friends instead of working.
    I love those kids ; it is a shame that the parents are greedy pigs.

  • JEN

    I wonder why the bodyguard does not wear a wedding ring. Could he be one of those men that’s only married when he is home with the wife.
    I guess we know what Kate has that he is guarding. No body in their right mind would believe that Kate needed a” real” bodyguard.