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LeAnn Rimes Lands At The Airport

LeAnn Rimes Lands At The Airport

LeAnn Rimes gets escorted as she arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Sunday (September 13).

The 27-year-old country singer went off earlier this month for a romantic getaway in Mexico with Eddie Cibrian to celebrate her birthday. LeAnn has recently been spotted looking for a new home in Los Angeles.

Brandi Glanville, Eddie‘s ex-wife told E! that she still does not speak to LeAnn at all and that her kids are still super happy.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes landing at LAX airport…

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  • Sande

    I have lost all respect for this b i t c h—s l u t — w h o r e—stealing someone’s else’s husband is just outrageous, I wish she would get banned from music…I know I will never listen to her crap again.

  • hypo

    She is returning from a concert in the Carolina’s honoring our servicemen. It was part of a patriotic Sept.11 event. The arena was jam-packed. Not an empty seat. People loved it!

  • elena

    Did anyone watch the video of Brandi in the park? Its on eonline. She said she never talks to Deane. That was another lie from the tabloids.

    She is sounding positive and moving on though you could hear in her voice some resignation and wishing it weren’t so. She still loves her man.

  • jakemundo

    Must admit she looks vibrant and much improved.

  • Sande

    jake—probably because she just rutted with the guy she took from his kids

  • jakemundo

    3rd picture of her is excellente! Hot diggedy

  • brandiisnice

    There is a pap talking to Brandi on eonline.
    She seems like a nice girl. I think she’ll find a nice husband when she’s ready. She isn’t broken up or she isn’t showing it.

  • fawn

    I read the reviews from the concert she gave in So. Carolina . They were rave reviews. By the looks of her it looks like it was a pretty positive experience.

  • jakemundo

    She hasn’t done a gig without Deane by her side in so many years. This could be good for her. Help her grow more independent. Wish her the best. Brandi too. Deane too. Eddie needs to date for the rest of his life.

  • elena

    After listening to Brandi on the tape from eonline I wonder how much of what she supposedly said as reported by the tabs is actually true.

    Anybody remember them saying last week that Brandi and Dean were comforting each other and in contact.?Well she just proved by what she said on this video that she NEVER said that. Made up lies by the tabloids. She was explicit that she and Dean don’t communicate.

    In an earlier thing Brandi said she tried to contact Dean. Obviously he isn’t wanting to talk to Brandi and hasn’t called back. Hmmmmmmm…

  • brandiisnice

    It was nice listening to Brandi’s voice.

  • Monday

    Eonline has a vid and talk by Brandi. Whatd’ya think? Me? I think she seems nice enough but definitely insecure.

  • Monday

    Their article says they aren’t sure if LeAnn and Eddie are an item. He is still living alone in his own apartment and he went to his son’s soccer game alone.

    Let us pray that Le Ann gets wind of his past and decides to date a bunch of different guys so she can get to know what she really wants and needs.

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEe Le Ann take your time. No more bi’s or rakes.

  • bella

    JJ stop posting her. She is only on the press due to her affair with eddie. She has not done anything worth value on years. I think if both her and eddie would of owned up and said they were unhappy in their marriages it would of been less distatsteful than this.

  • scoot

    Hot d#mn Missy Rimes. Look me up lady. I’m not gorgeous like Eddie but I’m loyal and a hard worker.

  • scoot

    Aw c’mon Bella don’t be such a sour grapes. Most of the posts JJ does are about talentless nobodys any way. Le has lots of fans and we love seeing what she’s up to.

  • realize

    So Brandi and Dean aren’t talking like we were told? Lord what are we to believe. Do the tabs ever tell the truth!

  • realize

    Unless you hear it from the horses mouth or see it with your own eyes hold judgment.

    How much are those mags. Can you imagine paying to read lies? At least here we can read them for free. Jolie said 95% of whats written about her is a lie.

  • elena

    Word is she won’t buy but lease like she’s doing now. She doesn’t own Ca. property now only that Nashville shack. LOL

  • jakemundo

    I still like her. Reba did the same thing years ago and sprang back from it. so she’ll have some down time but having a voice like that will see her through. And yeah it didn’t keep her fans from turning out to see her over the weekend.

  • john

    Her fans won’t desert her. Got to listen to the hole story before we can decide.

  • brandiisnice

    She was very pleasant to the pap and he was respectful of Brandi too

  • elena

    Can anyone hear what Brand says when the ratzi asks what shes doing to keep her mind off it and she says “party………” I can’t hear hat she says after party. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • Abigail

    i want to wish her well, feel like a spiteful b*tch when I judge her, but i do wish she didn’t always look so pleased with herself in the candids. its like she’s thrilled with the pap attention. adds insult to injury in my view. i hope publicists read these things.

  • sandy

    abigail # 24

    I know what you mean. Its hypocritical for the haters to despise her and wish bad things on her and feel so self-righteous in doing so.

    Love the enemies, judge not, etc. God said “vengeance is mine”

    I think it poisons us to wish other people evil or misfortune. God will set it all straight in His own good time.

  • linda


    “Party like a rock star”

  • susannah

    She isn’t always smiling for the camera. Last week she was scowling at them, another time she was covering her face with a paper. She just returned from a concert that had a huge turn out. She’s happy. Brandi is smiling too in the eonline video. Sour puss

  • elena

    thanks linda

    “Party like a rock star” Got it!

  • louisex2

    They should have hidden the affair like so many others in life and in Hollyweird do.

  • merced

    How come people criticize Le Ann for squinty eyes and not Taylor Swift?

    Taylor Swift has super squinty eyes too.

  • moshpit

    People are happy to see her in public and talking to her. You can see that in the photos. Why can’t she smile back?

  • Roni

    LeAnn just loves being the center of attention for once in her career and her PR team are working overtime to whitewash her behaviour. We are suppose to forget how she lied to her husband for months whilst carrying on an affair with a married man.

    I don’t care about the affair but why be so indiscreet? This could have been done quietly months ago – why continue with the lies and then more lies whilst making complete fools of their spouses. Cibrian has two small children, how could he treat their mother in this way?

    LeAnn must be very stupid if she really believes that he won’t treat her in the same way.

  • gwen

    Poisonous is constantly rubbing the affair in the faces of EC wife and kids and then expecting people to look the other because a magazine like People told her that their cheating and lying is “romantic”. Poisonous is thinking that the public owes LR and EC something and that they are obligated to turn the other way everytime she feels the need to gloat about what she did to BG, DS, and the kids.

    People are not happy to see in her public. Why? Because people are not impressed by people who gloat and take pleasure in the pain that she causes others. Where is her remorse? She sung for the veterens and for some odd reason she thinks that this makes it okay for her to gloat about her affair. Knowing full well how divorces/affairs impact kids why does she keep playing it out in the public’s eye? Where is her consideration for the people who were hurt by her actions? But she sung for the veterans and thinks that she will never pay for what she and EC are doing.

    How is it that Leann has been spotted EVERYDAY of the week, AJ and BP (i’m not in any way condoning their actions) are not even spotted EVERDAY of the week. So the fact that we are seeing LR EVERYDAY of the week means that she is tipping off the paps. She comes off as an attention seeker who is trying to one up the married man’s wife.

    Why do the media/press insist on calling EC and LR affair “romantic”? What is romantic about their lying, cheating, and gloating? What is romantic about a woman who has to compete with a mother and her kids for a man’s affection/time/attention? What is romantic about a woman who is with a man who has no qualms about throwing his kids under the bus for fame/fortune? If he doesn’t love his own kids enough to keep the affair under wraps, then there is no way that he loves LR. Furthermore a “romantic” trip means nothing, he did the same “special things” with his wife too. So what we learn from this “romantic” trip is that EC is cheating on LR.

  • Steve

    I read a twitter from someone who went to the meet and greet at her concert in Myrtle Beach. The twitter said LeAnn had the American flag taken down so she could hang her banner. The flag was rolled up and not folded. If this is true, it is no way to show respect for our veterans or our flag but then Rimes does not show respect to anything.

  • gwen

    Brandi is insecure? Is she sleeping with another woman’s husband and gloating about it? I didn’t think so. But it never fails, someone always tries to trash BG because for some odd reason they think it will save LR and EC. BG didn’t come off looking insecure, not like LR who keeps walking around with that SMIRK on her face.

    People are ‘judging” LR and EC because they are wrong. Speaking of not judging, shouldn’t LR stop juding BG and her kids and trying to justify her actions with this woman’s husband by having people depict her as a villian. Look at how people launch a smear campaign against BG and DS.

  • rimes is pig shittttttt

    I hope KARMA runs her down on the street and she doesn’t survive. OOOPS will her smile then be wiped off her sleazzyyy fug? oh well!

  • Jason

    It is obvious that Rimes’ PR people are posting big time today and they are very concerned that LeAnn is going down in flames because of her heartless and arrogant behavior. I read about her concert and one comment said Rimes was very average and the guy was glad he had gotten his ticket for free. You PR people should let Rimes’ singing speak for itself instead of hyping it. I think she is a good singer and a rotten person. If her singing talent can’t stand on its own, then her PR people better look for another meal ticket because she can’t stand on her own as a respectable person.

  • Jackie

    In recent pics I’ve seen of Rimes she is supporting quite a healthy mustache. If Rimes’ PR people want to do her a favor, they should get her to shave. Eddie won’t like waking up to someone who looks more like Mr. Rimes than Miss Rimes.

  • Liz Lemon

    Spiteful people wishing her harm for playing the game and being the winner in the game of love. Yet none of them is commenting on him doing the same to his wife.

  • Boobie

    The person that said let God take care of this situation is obviously not a Rimes fan because if God gets involved, Leann will not survive the year as a public figure. To those who talk about Brandi still loving Eddie I want to say, that is what love is. You can’t get over it in a month or two. Deane and Brandi loved their spouses who betrayed them. Even in betrayl it takes a long time to realize you are better off without them. The disrespect LeAnn and Eddie showed their spouses is unbelievable to me. Just a couple of months ago LeAnn wrote in her book how perfect her marriage was and how deeply she loved Deane. She wrote of her marriage as an open an honest partnership with a man that made her what she is today. Just a couple of months ago she said “I love my husband dearly” and “I would never do anything that would hurt my husband”. She dragged Deane around while she promoted her book of lies at the same time she was screwing Eddie for months. You can always tell when LeAnn Rimes is lieing because she is either smiling, talking, or writing a book. Remember all the pictures just in the last few months of LeAnn smiling with Dean and kissing him in the restaurant. Eddie will soon learn what Deane knows all to well and that is that LeAnn is an obsessive-compulsive control freak. She and Eddie are both compulsive liars just like Brandi said.

  • gwen

    1) Winner in the game of LOVE? What exactly did she win? A CHEATER and a LIAR who will do anything for fame/fortune. You say that people are not commenting on what he did to his wife and then you turn aorund and pat him on the back for what he did to his wife. And do you really think that he loves LR? He doesn’t even care about his own sons, so there is no way that he cares about LR.

    2) Spiteful is sleeping with another woman’s husband, gloating about it, trying to justify her actions by having people trash/blame BG, and then rubbing it in her face.

    3) Why should good things happen to LR when she is reaping so much havoc in the lives of others? People are not wishing harm on LR, they are just stating the obvious. No one wants to associate with people (LR and EC) who take so much pleasure in the pain that they cause others. If she is stupid enough to keep staging these photo-ops then people are going to call her out.

  • A man named GOB

    I seriously doubt her PR is staging any of these photos and as for the comments they come from “sources” not her or her PR. Popratz follow her around like any other celeb that’s news worthy of the moment no need to stage anything when they get it for free. I wouldn’t take the words of the blogs as GOD because it’s all made up to stir the pot and seems like most here took the bait real deep.
    Keep a stiff upper lip people at least you have this to keep your lives full.

  • gwen

    Post 42:
    TRANSLATION: More sympathy for BG and the kids=less sympathy for LR. So someone has to make BG look bad just to make EC and LR look like decent human beings. Notice that the poster makes yet another attempt to trash BG and convince everyone that EC and LR didn’t do anything wrong because all that matter is their happiness. BG is whining? According ot whom? She was very pleasant in that video and she didn’t smirk, which makes her more of a nicer person than LR.

    43-Excuses, excuses, excuses. The lengths that some people go through to save LR. The paps follow LR around because she is news worthy? Well there are a ton of stars who are far more news worthy than LR, yet we don’t see DAILY shots of them EVERYDAY. So that can only mean one thing, she is staging these photo-op. Yes when magazines like People, In Touch, and Star use the term “sources” they are definately quoting someone from LR pr team or LR herself.

  • Catlin

    Eddie the Freeloader Cibrian will probably marry Rimes because he has nothing to lose. The prenup will lock him out of everything and he won’t give up his girl friends. Eddie the Lounge Lizzard Cibrian will just sit back and enjoy the perks of a house in Malibu and the red carpet treatment. As long as his affairs stay private, LeAnn will have to put up with them because she has made such a fool of herself in snagging him. Neither Big Eddie nor Green Dripping Little Eddie consider a marriage certificate as anything other than a piece of paper. Obviously Rimes doesn’t either. As for Rimes smile, it means nothing. Rimes has used her smile for ten years to make people think she’s a happy go lucky gal and nothing could be further from the trueth. LeAnn has serious mental problems and they are getting worse. If someone other than LeAnn discovers his womanizing she’ll go completely nuts but not because she will feel betrayed. She’ll go nuts because of how it will hurt what she thinks is her image. She needs people to love her and think she’s as special as she does and when Eddie continues his cheating it will make LeAnn look the person she really is; just another publicity starved sorry soul.

  • w.e

    Can this wh*re wipe off that smile off her face? JESUS, she’s is sucking in all the attention and she’s loving it! Disgusting, disgusting!!

  • yoopie

    Unbelievable. People want her to be in a foul mood and scowl while people are addressing her, Now that would be rude.

  • stalina

    Le Ann will come through a better person. God is merciful but hateful people are not and THERE ARE A LOT OF EXTREMELY HATEFUL PEOPLE HERE who are very self-righteous and act as if thy do nothing wrong.

  • sonny

    Newsworthy ? You mean like Lady Goo Goo? LMAO

  • sonny

    No photo ops just coming through the airport with paps following her.

    If that is the case for her than every celeb on camera has called up the paps with their schedule. HAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • carson

    I was at her concert in Myrtle Beach and everyone loved it . There was no negativity toward her and that woman has an awesome voice, totally awesome.