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Serena Williams Makes a Racket at U.S. Open

Serena Williams Makes a Racket at U.S. Open

Tennis player Serena Williams talks to the media on Monday (September 14th) about her temper tantrum over the weekend at the U.S. Open in New York City.

The 27-year-old number 2 ranked player in the world captured the women’s doubles title along with her sister, Venus Williams, on Monday (September 14th.) The powerful sister duo defeated the number 1 ranked team, Cara Black and Liezel Huber.

The talk of the Open, however, was Serena Williams exploding at the line judge for a foot fault penalty. Due to her outburst, she was assessed a point penalty, giving the semi-final match to Kim Clijsters (who went on to win the title).

Her outburst included, “If I could, I would take this (expletive) ball and show it down your (expletive) throat.”

Serena issued a statement on Monday, saying, “I want to amend my press statement of yesterday and want to make it clear as possible — I want to sincerely apologize first to the lineswoman, Kim Clijsters, the USTA and mostly tennis fans everywhere for my inappropriate outburst. I’m a woman of great pride, faith and integrity and I admit when I’m wrong.”


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  • bwah

    She’s a BEAST

  • kenza

    I think it was sincere. We’re human, we all get angry somtimes, esp. things we are passionate about

  • Brandon

    I think the apology is sincere. I have been watching tennis for years, and I have never seen either of the Williams sisters get this upset about a referee call. Serena has the heart of a champion – something few top-ranked tennis players have. The part of the story that the media (except JustJared) shares is that she got upset over a foot fault, a call that is rarely called. In fact, the only time I have seen it called is when the Williams sisters play, which is rather odd since I am sure it happens more times than that. She got pissed and should be fined, but I think this will only make her want to be No. 1 even more. Team Serena.

    p.s. If Americans don’t pull for our own, who else do we have willing to take the Williams sisters’ place? Oudin is good, but she has miles to go…

  • Brandon

    Sorry – typo: “The part of the story that the media DOES NOT share…”

  • alex

    first time i believe a woman has ever had an outburst in the tennis world..
    she was under pressure..its understandable…at least it wasnt a kanye west thing…sheessh

  • Really Bogus Apology

    Ghetto BIT*H. First Kanye now this.

  • Really Bogus Apology

    Sorry but that is no way to talk to the referee.
    Just because she is a woman does not mean her apology was sincere.

  • Marieke

    I’m glad Kim Clijsters won, such a class act and sweet girl. I do not like Serena (love venus though!)

  • wed mother

    I have seen Serena and her sister out and around in my community many times. They have a home nearby.

    Serena sometimes seems quite arrogant and self involved. Venus, in contrast, is usually quiet and polite.

    So, so I think Serena’s apology is sincere? No. She sees her commercial endorsements in jeopardy.

    In fairness, to call a very minor and questionable foot fault at that point, at that level in the US Open is almost unheard of, and if she hadn’t gone ballistic, I suspect the umpire might have over ruled. You don’t decide a tournament on such a flimsy basis.

  • Maria

    There is no comparison to Serena’s outburst vs. Kanye DOUCHE West’s. If you all remember John McEnroe did that same sh!t. Did Serena and McEnroe dissed a fellow athlete and a young one at that? No. Although it’s not acceptable on Serena’s part no one is more DOUCHE , a racist and prejudice against his fellow artist/athlete than that of Kanye DOUCHE West.

  • anon

    I think she is sincere, however she did try to deny what she said yesterday to the line judge. Also, she should watch the line judge’s reaction to her, it was fear. Serena’s comments last night about having a worse temper is the past is no excuse either. She needs to get some help if she goes around putting people in fear like that and making threats as such. Threatening to kill someone is not right.

  • karen

    Patrick Swayze died today.. I think that should put things in perspective.

    how important is this story anyway..

    Rest in Peace.. Mr. Swayze.

  • April88

    Serana was way out of line-she also said at the end of the above sentence “I would kill you” In any other sport she’d be suspended.

    JARED- Patrick Swayze reports on other sites,can you confirm????

  • janelle

    Sincere. She was out of line but people snap after awhile.

  • bwah

    She just showed her true self on national television

  • Brandon

    Really Bogus Apology: Have you ever played tennis? If not, then you really should refrain from commenting and passing such judgment. When you win close to 20 Grand Slams by the age of 30 years old, then you can make such a crass statement. This tournament will not define her and I am confident that she will tie, if not beat, Billy Jean King’s record next year, which is the real problem for many commentators. And if such outbursts are the “ghetto” thing, then what shall we call your random comment? Hmm…kettle, meet pot.

    Also, may I remind people that sometimes a temper on the court and controversy can gain you more money – re: John McEnroe.

    As for the Kanye comparison, say what you will about his actions (which I think were wrong), but everyone is talking about him today. Can any of us say the same? Musicians love controversy and sell more records, whether we love or hate them.

  • hitch

    this is what happens when we have a black president.

  • Lealand

    She never said she would tell her. Now she said is sorry the next question is “do you think she is sorry” come on! Are you serious! What you want to scream and cry. that call was wrong. TALK About that. The wrong call.

  • rachel

    “Serana was way out of line-she also said at the end of the above sentence “I would kill you” In any other sport she’d be suspended.”

    and in an world in which justice would prevail USA would be wiped off of the face of the earth because of your crimes and lies against humanity…

    I’m still amazed by your fake puritanism and indignation for things that dont really matter

    I dont like Serena I prefer Venus but come on she didnt kill the judge!
    Sincere or not she apologised!What can she do to satisfy your fake indignation?!

  • Oh no you didn’t


    STFU you racist.. I guess when McEnroe was doing this crap it was because the president was white..

    and now the lineswoman is acting like she is tramatized. I smell a lawsuit.. If she is so scared. get another job.. Serena was wrong. Words are hurtful, but she did not touch this woman.. Give me a break.

  • janis

    Serena Williams is a sorry example of “sportsmanship”. The ONLY reason she apologized, in my opinion, is because of lost endorsements and PR people telling her that her reputation is at stake. She should have been kicked out and made an example of. Mary Carillo said that this is a stain on USTA and I agree. That wasn’t just an angry outburst, that was pure venom. And finally, what right does she have telling the line judge she was wrong anyway….that is her job!

  • bwah

    Oh please. She looked right at that woman and screamed at her that she’s lucky she doesn’t f’ing shove the tennis ball down her throat. Then proceeded to approach the woman telling her she should be glad she doesn’t do it, Then had the balls to hold her racket up to the woman as she was approaching the umpire continuing to approach screaming. Who the hell does she think she is?

  • Trevor

    She ment it or she would not of said it….. if she had what she said (pride,integrity and faith, it would not of even come out of her BIG OFFENDING MOUTH!!!!!!

    But on a sad note we wish to send our condolences from Australia to Patrick Swayze`s family.. RIP

  • Arnold

    This is completely fair because It’s not like in every other friggin sports game we don’t see watch coaches, whom are always white, get right up into the face of the official and berates them. It’s not like we see that in every game so this situation with Serena (who was a good twenty yards away from the woman) is completely fair.

    Of course if Serene, a Black female, takes a stand she will be labeled as “The Angry Black female!” Not only have Whites spun this petty issue into a media frenzy as if someone was murdered or assaulted, but the U.S. Tennis to which Serena is apart of is making her pay a bunch fines. Complete and utter B.S. and Whites just revel in it when Blacks make a mistake to blow it out of proportion and make anti-Black racist slurs all over the internet.

    Since Serena was apart of this incident, it’s been nothing but cowardly indirect racial slurs over the intenet from all these tanning Pales. You’ve got all this stupid comparison to Kanye West because they’re both Black. Just as with the Kanye incident, all these things are being blown way out of proportion by Polar Bears who just revel in it when someone Black does something wrong.

  • bwah

    Oh GMAFB. Stop trying to hide bad behavior and no manners by screaming racism. All this bs. Oh Serena’s a big black woman from Compton who’s father Richard had the nerve to teach his daughters tennis. Grow up. She’s a rude bish who thinks she’s entitled. Boo hoo people called Serena out on her weight. Well, she’s FAT! Boo hoo no one spoke to her in the locker room. Well it might have something to do with your moron father and racists crap he spill.

    Take responsibility for your own damn actions

  • Rev AL

    If the linesperson was black Rev Al would be right out there holding a press conf. demanding an apology and trying to get USTA to sponsor more inner city kids. GMAFB is right. Kayne had to pick on a teen-ager. He’s lucky one of those tall white Confederate boys with sh*t kickers didn’t get to him before he got kicked out

  • David hume

    Serena has seldom displayed much class or sportsmanship during her tennis history.

    And when it takes 36 hours for someone to own up to atrocious behavior I have serious doubts as to their sincerity. They are more likely following the advice of those around them to downplay the bad publicity resulting from their behavior. She was soundly beaten at the French this year by the player who won the tournament and defeated the number one player in the final. But as usual Serena would not give her opponent credit for winning. It is always something like this when she loses: “All she really had to do was just show up,” “I wasn’t playing well,” “I wasn’t making my shots” and on it goes.

    But what on earth, let alone a tennis match, would justify cursing at a lines woman, and threatening to “shove this ball down your f…ing throat.” Does anyone deserve to be verbally abused like that? I don’t think so. If I were 27 years old and paid $26 million I would act like a professional and person with a bit of dignity and respect for others.

    I have watched tennis since Arthur Ashe defeated Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon in 1975 and I have never seen such a tirade directed at a lines person. She disgraced herself and the stadium and the name of the person it was named after the great African-American player Arthur Ashe. The Williams sisters play well, but they have none of the class and sportsmanship that everyone admired so much in him.

    She should have been dismissed from the tournament and made to forfeit all the money she had made to that point at the U.S. Open.

    Apology indeed.

  • Bad very costly

    Sernea and Venus have always been good girls.
    Serna’s outbursts would have been one thing,but her words,I’ll take this racket…..badddd.. Yeah,I can see her having to write a check to this line judge.

    She’ll recover.I think her apology was sincere. Too bad this will be a permanent spot on her record.
    Her words were just so harsh,”I take this(expletive)racket…”
    If she went on screaming, throwing the racket down, with NO SWEARING and NO THREATS,it would all be different.

    YEAH,I remember John McEnroe. I am45 andgrew upin N.Y.andused to go to the matches on my neighbors pass.

  • K

    Her and Kanye should start dating…they’d be the meanest couple ALIVE.

  • jammin joe

    Disgraceful!Broke my heart and let me down after I had just praised the talent she has.But she was her own demise.Disgraceful.
    One more note you can t demand respect you either have it or you dont.Or…you have it and p%$$ it away in the blink of an eye.
    Clijsters……………..on the other hand CLASS ACT!!

  • Rodney Olson

    @bwah: she needs anger management course.

  • a

    I HATE that people call her ghetto and black and are practically losing control of their bowels over this.

    The call was STUPID to begin with. It didn’t even look like a foot fault. That, and it was called at a totally inappropriate time. She was into the game, she got into the heat of the moment and she yelled. So what? John McEnroe yelled and cursed all the time. Watch the youtube videos.

    People make mistakes but its a lot easier for others to criticize and preach about sportsmanship and good manners, as if everyone here were in the same situation and opted to do the opposite of what Serena did.

    I don’t agree with her word choice and I’m not condoning her actions, but its UNDERSTANDABLE why she did what she did. So I’m over it and I still support her and like her. She’s going to get past this and still win more grand slams.

  • jammin joe

    Also…. one more thing I am not completely up on alal the rulings technicalities……could someone answer this for me………….is there not a system to “review/challenge” foot fault calls as there is for line calls?If a ball s trajectory at x mph can be tracked why then canot a foot fault be tracked and reviewed?Simple thing………hey you re wromg or at least I think you re wrong I challenge review it and call it.Or is it not this simple?
    Thnx for any input…………response.

  • Logan

    I don’t mind Serena, her apology seems fine. Kanye is total d-bag though.

  • bwah

    And people gave McEnroe hell for it too. He never got a pass. She had 100lbs and a good foot on that woman. She approached her with her racket up threatening to shove a tennis ball down her throat.

  • bm

    @hitch: Some of these comments are truly indicative that racism is alive and well. How sad! The actions of Serena and Kanye were inappropriate and they’ve apologized. We are not to be the final judges of whether they were sincere or not. The incidents have no comparison to each other and their race has nothing to do with it and shouldn’t even be a part of the conversation. But when people don’t even want the President to speak to their kids, their is definitely an undertone of racism in the country.

  • liz

    she looks like a man LOL

  • adam wilson

    let’s give her a break. she’s ultra competitive and wanted to win. she no doubt felt she was genuinely given a bad call. the only problem i had with it was her making what could be called a threat of violence towards the official. that part i found to be kinda low class and wrong. once you do that you lose a lot of credibility with most people

  • @ David hume

    I completely agree. Her behaviour was appalling on Saturday. What an embarrassment for the sport. Serena should have been penalized far more strongly than she was; the amount of money she earns makes the fines a complete joke. She has always struck me as a pretty classless individual, this just proves it. Too bad she can’t take notes from her older sister. Venus always seems a lot more down to earth and less taken with herself.

  • Kora

    One misconception: Those out there who aren’t familiar with tennis seem to think that it’s the penalty that caused her to lose the match – SERENA WAS ALREADY LOOSING AND CLIJSTERS WAS LITERALLY 5 SECONDS AWAY FROM BEING DECLARED THE WINNER!!!!

    So her behavior only precipitated the inevitable. What happened is, Serena realized that she was about to be declared the loser of the match, was frustrated and took it out on the lineswoman. She assumed that this match was going to be hers and was stunned to be beaten.So please ppl, the USTA didn’t give the match to Clijsters, they gave Clijsters 1 point, and since that was all she needed to win, then she did.

  • Jillian

    Such an embarassing American she is. Classless.

  • linda

    NOT SINCERE. Pure PR control to salvage her image. This is just afterthought and not sincere. She has 100 millions dollar endorsements.

    There is no need to reinforce bad behaviour. She went back to the line person 5 times in total. And the line person didn’t go up to unpire to complain; she was summoned by the umpire to report. The refree/tournament made the right decision so far.

    Serena doesn’t care about the fine. But I don’t think it would amount to suspension. Wait and see.

  • Ali

    She needs to lose that weight she is carrying, big time. I get embarrassed just looking at her playing tennis. No one could beat her if she got into shape. Look how lean Roger Federer stays – how beautifully he moves around the court. Serena is a natural athlete like him. She needs to EXFOLIATE. And she needs to get into therapy to get her head in better shape. She is an extraordinary player who is an embarrassment to her race and family when she is so arrogant.

  • jaker

    Roid rage.

  • jenny

    we don’t know her mindset, how can we judge her?,i like her, we don’t have to walk in her shoes to know what she goes through, i give her much respect for just now snapping. go Serena!! she does not get the recognition she deserves, where are all her endorsements etc. john MC conroe did way more, and people turned there heads, it was expected of him. keep your head up Serena.

  • annab

    We all lose our cool. Especially if we feel intense pressure and sports events are like that. She apologized and now we should move on.

  • ihavenolife

    oh please, her outburst wasn’t even that bad. it wouldn’t have been made such a big deal if it were a man. talk about a double standard. it’s not like she threw the racket at the referee. she’s real. real people get mad sometimes.

  • rhonda

    I heard tonight that they watched the tapes and found Serena DID NOT commit a foot violation. That does not however, excuse her “threat” to stuff the ball down the woman’s throat” I didn’t watch the set but from what I have heard she was losing and that’s what set her off.

  • Idealskeptic

    Sincere apology, I think not. Her sponsors told her how much money she was about to lose and she suddenly got sorry.

  • Joe the PLUMBER

    Serena & Kanyae sitting in a tree, bumping UGLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where they belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!