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Bar Refaeli is in a New York State of Mind

Bar Refaeli is in a New York State of Mind

Bar Refaeli dons Jennifer Meyer‘s gold heart necklace and Hurley‘s Ziggy YC dress as she walks around the Meat Packing district in New York City on Tuesday (September 15).

The 24-year-old Israeli model was in a generous mood, as she gave some money to a homeless person on the street. Pay it forward Bar!

Yesterday Bar looked like a ballgirl as she sported a white Polo shirt similar to the ones worn at the U.S. Open!

10+ pictures of Bar Refaeli in a New York state of mind…

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bar refaeli new york state of mind 02
bar refaeli new york state of mind 03
bar refaeli new york state of mind 04
bar refaeli new york state of mind 05
bar refaeli new york state of mind 06
bar refaeli new york state of mind 07
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67 Responses to “Bar Refaeli is in a New York State of Mind”

  1. 1
    SS Says:

    she’s cute, love her glasses

  2. 2
    **Jamie** Says:

    Who gives a crrap about Bar Refaeli??

    Where are ALL the photos of celebrities at the U.S Open??? GWEN STEFANI, Gavin Rossdale, Ashley Olsen etc????

    god this site is getting LAME

  3. 3
    Bar refaeli fan Says:

    i love her so much all fans check out this fanpop

    thanks justjared for all the Bar News x33

  4. 4
    wtf Says:

    what the f ?? what’s wrong with her teeth? why are they bulging out like that in this picture?

  5. 5
    Bar Refaeli Fan Says:

    i love her so much all fans check out this fanpop

    thanks justjared for all the Bar News x33

    Read more:

  6. 6
    g!na Says:

    she has some fat legs! she’ s a model? she has cankles & big knees! maybe a plus- size model!

  7. 7
    fake fake Says:

    now in these pics you can see all the photoshop they do on those sports ilustrated pictures. Her legs don’t look that short and chubby in her Sports illus pics.hahaha it’s all sooooo fake !!!

  8. 8
    jess Says:

    She’s very pretty!

  9. 9
    Bar refaeli fan Says:

    what she gaves money to a homeless person wow she is so an wonderful person i never heard so what about a other celeb

  10. 10
    Bar refaeli fan Says:

    miley have ignored homeless persons but bar not she had a golden heart =)

  11. 11
    oh please Says:

    yeah she gave the guy a whole 2 bucks, whoopty doo… LOL

  12. 12
    Rita Says:

    I love Bar and I think she has THE hottest body hands down, but her face is really plane jane and it doesn’t grow on me..

  13. 13
    MISSYOU;) Says:

    I love NY!


  14. 14
    Bibada Says:

    great body, BUT the nose is very ugly.. nose ugly = face strange.

  15. 15
    bishes Says:

    Photoshop is Bar’s best friend forever.

  16. 16
    cosi Says:

    how is this cow a model again? or is she plus-size?

  17. 17
    Tiara Says:

    I think she has a nice body but her face is not that attractive….

  18. 18
    lala2 Says:

    Wow JJ must be getting paid big bucks by Bar to make posts about her every day. @whatever: You are the ugliest, fattest crazy on this website!! HAHAHAHA!

  19. 19

    No wonder she can never be a runway model with those THUNDER THIGHS!!! Thunder thigh Bar.

  20. 20
    crystal Says:

    u have to be crazy if ur saying this girl has big thighs and legs etc…
    she has a great body, and also looks healthy… not all models have to be an unrealistic size 0 or 2!!

  21. 21

    @crystal: still a thunder thigher!

  22. 22
    holly Says:

    she has the ugliest legs ever! freakin huge ankles!

  23. 23
    Lisa Says:

    She is a ugly *****

  24. 24
    ihavenolife Says:

    she’s not very skinny for a model but i think she’s cute.

  25. 25
    ihavenolife Says:

    ah! finally figured out who she reminds me of here, alicia silverstone!

  26. 26
    bastito Says:

    She blows Jared daily that’s why we get so many posts of her. She must be good at her job.

  27. 27
    L.W.D Says:

    The claim that “not all models have to be an unrealistic size 0 or 2″ is like the claim that “not all doctors have to get a diploma in order to cure people” !!!!!
    its ok that bar is juicy but its defentally not ok,that in magazins we dont see it!!!!!! we are lucky that we have paparazi, that uncover the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    J Says:

    It’s weird. When she was with Leo, she was rarely seen on this site. But as soon as she split from Leo she is featured here every other day! Her agent must know that she has to be on jared to keep her famous….caus’ nobody would careless about her…

  29. 29
    Lisa rose Says:

    I really cant understand what is the big problem that Bar is having fan with alot of guy, SHES F*CKING 24!!!! she can do that, that her time to try alot of things and have fun. if she wouldnt do it now, then when? and yes, shes a lucky girl that she has the possiblety to be with the hottest mans in the world! and yes, they are also famous! and rich! she just LUCKY to have around this people! and I’m actualy think that almost every girl at her early 20’s is having fun and trying guys and things, she shes just lucky girl to have the right personalty and beauty to hooked up with them! she f*cking 24-year-old! give her a break! for god seak, she still young! and the bonus of it all is the fame that she get from them that for good and bad helps her career!!! so yeah, as I said, she a luck girl!

  30. 30
    tali Says:

    Beautiful and hot…. love her

  31. 31
    tali Says:

    @Lisa rose: you are soooo right !

  32. 32
    oink Says:

    eww her face is smashed like it got run over by a truck! hate smashed down faces with no profiles and bone structure.

    it is very blah. and her bod i dont know if its worse! she is such a short stub

  33. 33
    adna Says:

    What she had made such that JJ wrote about her???? . Just look at her as she moves down the street in this strange dress and thick like pigs feet????. How awful!!! Of course, now she needs to establish itself as a star. But, by and large, to whom she is now interested in?. Because she bores him, and he threw her as an unnecessary thing.
    Now you must to work harder, baby!. And do not shine for the cameras as if you are a super star!

  34. 34
    Ros@ Says:

    little pic of bar at matheus mazzafera´s b-day party on sunday (sep 13) in 10AK NYC…( Rico Mansur was there too… i would like to know what happened there..) enjoy bar fans…,,MUL1305853-9798,00-CAROL+CASTRO+LARISSA+MACIEL+E+JESSICA+ALBA+CURTEM+A+MESMA+BALADA+EM+NY.html

  35. 35
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    not a fan of her face, never been
    but she does have an amazing body imo
    i never noticed how bad her legs are, i wouldnt say thunder thighs, because ive seen some huge thighs
    that still doesnt stop my urge for her =p

  36. 36
    jennifer Says:

    @Ros@: where are you from?

  37. 37
    ....... Says:

    For me, she is not a model.

    She looks like a fat man

  38. 38
    Ros@ Says:

    argentina, but i can read portuguese (i don´t know if i write that word well)

  39. 39
    jennifer Says:

    nice Ros@, I’am from Brazil and I also understand spanish! I though you are Brazilian because of the link you put here!
    então eu acho que a pode conversar melhor, você em Espanhol e eu em Português, o quê você acha?

  40. 40
    sarah Says:

    Wow They really airbrush her. Here I was completely envying her for having the perfect body which she obvs doesnt have. She’s beautiful none the less

  41. 41
    Ros@ Says:

    adoro la idea!!! me encanta!!!

  42. 42
    To Lisa Rose Says:

    what does this article say about Bar!?

  43. 43
    To Lisa Rose Says:

    I know it says something about Teddy Sagi and Bar going some place.

  44. 44
    barfie Interview (haha) Says:

    Sounds like she’s interviewing for her next victim! Apparently she never thought her ex is good looking and she prefers Fredie Lombart! About never being dumped! Lie! lol She said no one ever cheated on her! lol haha I know for a FACT Leo did, all those months apart what did she expect a man to do! lol And the best present she ever got from a boyfriend was a stupid HAND BRACLET, not a necklace!! hahahahaha! This interview is funny! She sounds desperate talking about make up sex and all! lol

    she said that the first three things that shes looking in a man are: 1. magic, 2. smile, 3. eyes.

    she think that prettiest man in the world is her father and Fredie Lombart.

    she doesnt have a problem when mans are crying, but not when its to much.

    she send and get somthing like 40-50 SMS every day.

    she said that theres no rules in dating. and then she add, “theres no relationship that moving/getting stronger too fast”.

    about cheating: “maybe you can forgive about it for the short time, but its will allways stay in your mind. its never happend to me, but if its will, then I’ll never forgive”.

    make-up sex: “its defends about what the fight was about”.

    the biggest ‘turn-off’ in a man: “when he is looking to much in the mirror, and allways cares what he looks like. the thing that most do it for me its when a man doesnt cares what he looks like”.

    the biggest compliment that you ever got from a boyfriend: we drived car next to car, and the he sent me a text massage, ‘you are beautiful’, just becouse she was so simple I liked her so much, she was the most magical”.

    you ever got dumped? “no.”

    what makes you loose confident in yours relationship: “its never happend to me. the guys thay I dated with was allways amazing and sweet. but in the other hand, when someone is playing with me ‘hard to get’, and doesnt show respect for me- its happend to me.”

    the best gift that you ever got fron your boyfriend: “necklace (its not a necklace, its for the hand, I just dont know the word in English, sorry. you put it on your hand) that I sew in someone’s hand, I liked it alot and asked her who was the diseger, she told me his name but I forgot. so I serch it everywhere and didnt find it. and then, my boyfriend at that time, sew it in other girl hand and ask her where she buyed it, and then he suprised me and buy it to me at my birthday”.

  45. 45
    Lisa rose Says:

    you are stupid or what???????????
    in this interview they asked her 105 quistens and she was need to give an answer fast!!!! its just a small part of the interview!
    and she DIDNT choose about what to talk!!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOT!
    its an I-N-T-E-R-V-I-E-W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she DOESNT the one that ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what dump*ass!!! LOL
    what a loser hater you are………

  46. 46
    barfie Interview (haha) Says:

    This interview is very revealing. Got dumped on her a## and is on the prowl again! hahahahaha!! Who in the world is Fredie Lombart?!?!? Her next boyifriend?! hahahhahaha!

  47. 47
    whatever Says:

    Yes, Lisa this creature is a loser, hater and also a raving lunatic! This mental patient is obssessed with Bar and now is stalking her every minute of the day. This ugly, fat weirdo has no friends and obviously no romantic life and that is why she’s always on her computer stalking Bar. The crazy needs to get a life. She’s pathetic!
    She claims to hate Bar but she spends her time reading Bar interviews. Does that even make sense? Her mind is diseased with mental illness. The truth is that this psychotic pervert is madly in love with Bar. She attacks Bar because she’s knows that Bar wouldn’t give her the time of day. It’s so obvious the type of psychosis that this person suffers from. I think she’s a danger to society and needs to go back to the mental asylum she came from!

  48. 48
    ... Says:

    Can someone explain to me what do her answers have to do with the amount of questions they asked or the time she was given to answer??? Has anyone ever heard of an interview with 105 questions with a limited amount of time for an answer? Are you insane or something? Your comment ( #45 ) is probably the most ridiculous one I have ever read. So st*pid that it`s beyond words…

  49. 49
    Old Interview Says:

    This is an old interview. I read this same interview last year…

  50. 50
    Sluterelli strikes again! Says:

    She had ssexxx with Chase later that night….

  51. 51
    1OAK of Brazilians Says:

    The club 1OAK in New York, once again was the scene of the birthday party of Matheus Mazzafera, who celebrated the day on Friday 18. Surrounded by beautiful, as usual, the anniversary fell on the floor next to Bar Refaeli, the inseparable friend Alessandra Ambrosio, Raica Oliveira Renata Maciel and the couple Jeffrey and Jay, who runs the household.

    Before the evening, the stylist met with a few good friends at a dinner at Cipriani Restaurant. In the early hours of Sunday 13, Matheus had early filling of the celebration 1OAK of Brazilians who tolled the Big Apple’s fashion week in New York.

  52. 52
    barfie in Israel! Says:

    Yifat Halali | mako | Posted 24/09/09 10:23

    3rd night: “Champion” celebrates the end of season
    Caste members of the football telenovela came one after another evening of alcohol, dancing and launching new haircut of soil Schechter. And yes, Yehuda Levy was there, but in style Bar Refaeli. Guess what that means?

    Schechter. Really raises a smile, your hairstyle
    Photo: Elad DayanOfer Shechter Bfrizora was not shameful to David Beckham, Adi Himmelblau new unmarried status, Maya Dagan without partner Guy Hameiri Ward with Feldman Hboifrnd – all came one night at the bars of Tel Aviv to celebrate the end of the filming of “champion” with alcohol and dancing.

    - Advertisement –Players joined Alon Abutbul, Avi Bitter, Hila Alpert, Meirav Gruber and many others who are doing the work of the series, and everyone also entered, amazingly, through the main entrance of the place. Except Yehuda Levi, who made a detour through the back door.

    Maybe he wanted to feel for a few moments like Bar Refaeli, perhaps Saar Fadida some overtook him and maybe he just was not Maude. In any case, there is already celebrated with friends until late hours, plus quite a bit of alcohol. Give up his time? Well, Lake Rodberg

  53. 53
    smete73 Says:

    She will be a guest of Saba Tumer on live show CNN Turk TV
    Will be on air on Turkish time 23:15

  54. 54
    . Says:


  55. 55
    Ros@ Says:

    is she in Turkey righ now? the article also has pictures of Bar… are they new? (i mean fromthe last days?)

  56. 56
    . Says:

    Yes she’s in Turkey right now!!!! Those picture are old ones from a few weeks back but the ones I posted are VERY NEW. Right after the NY trip she left America. I think its great that she’s in Turkey today! She will probably be back in Israel soon!

  57. 57
    . Says:

    To clear up any confusion that one with her in the floral dress is OLD but the news CONFRENCE one is new! AFTER her NY trip! She will be live on Turkish show today for a interview like the poster said.


  58. 58
    . Says:

  59. 59
    Translation Says:

    Fashion at the heart of New York, Milan, Paris, cities such as the traditional fashion show ‘Fashionable’ between October 23-25 Turkey’will also perform. Side of Istanbul, which will become fashionable world famous top model Bar Refaeli, “Istanbul, will be one of the world’s most beautiful city of fashion,” he said. Dolmabahce Palace, a giant tent will be installed in the garden of the fashion show will be held at the Missoni, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Gianfranco Ferre’nin that can be found and will present the world-famous designers. The purpose of the event presentation press conference in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, speaking ex-boyfriend Leonardo Caprio’nun received from Istanbul Bar Refaeli’de drew attention with regard beaded bracelets. Refaeli, “Magnificent Istanbul will be one of the world’s most famous fashion city. There is a very rich environment and culture. A very nice city. Night life wonderful,” he said.

  60. 60
    poiuy Says:

  61. 61
    Lisa rose Says:

    @To Lisa Rose: its said the Tedy Sagi went to some even with two beautiful girls, WITHOUT Bar Refaeli.
    p.s how did you know that its talking about Tedy or Bar?

  62. 62
    b*tch in istanbul Says:

  63. 63
    @ LISA ROSE Says:

    Are you here Lisa Rose? Can you tell me what Bar says in this video? Thanks in advance!

  64. 64
    Jessica Hart VS ANGEL!!!!!!!!! Says:

    She is the new VC ANGEL and NOT Barfie! Try again Barf! hahahahahahahahah No Christmas show for you!! No WINGS for you! ha! Take that!

  65. 65
    pic Says:

  66. 66
    eek Says:

    Bar Barfi is right! eww she is a little miss piggy with a smashed face,.

    nothing great about her. I just love her short fat arms and legs HAHAH

  67. 67
    Naked at the Bar Says:

    Eeeuuu,… look at this prostit/ute! No wonder Leo left her naked a**!! She’s soooooooo nasty! I knew Leo never loved her at all! Good job leaving Leo!!!!!!!

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