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Bar Refaeli Visits Bryant Park

Bar Refaeli Visits Bryant Park

Bar Refaeli is spotted around Bryant Park in New York City on Monday (September 14).

The 24-year-old supermodel was reportedly getting close to Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford at NYC’ hotspot 1Oak last week, a source told “Bar and Chace have been spending a lot of time together since Bar is town and attending NY Fashion Week events,” a source revealed.

Bar has been busy in NYC, recently attending the Nacho Figueras celebration of Ralph Lauren’s Iconic Polo Shirt for Fashion’s Night Out.

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  • Ali

    Very beautiful.

  • LadyB

    This is one person that I think is overated. If not because she dated Leo for a while, no one wold notice her. She is cute, that’s it. I also think some of her mag covers came as a result of her relationship with Leo.

  • waterhouse


  • ANON

    She looks like she is wearing two different shirts so obviously the pictures were taken at different times. Also. Chace Crawford?????

    He seems like a nice enough guy, but you don’t go from Leo to Chace Crawford. Leo was The Shizz!

  • Famewhooree

    She is a S_L_U_LT!!!!

  • just me

    She IS overrated!

  • mailey

    Chace is hott, but totally B-List. She downgraded.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    bryant park is filled with hangers and wannabe hangers and former hangers.. so what? who’s bar referee, and what has she done to be singled how from other clothes hangers? LOL..

  • tal

    lovvvvve her!!

  • Jennifer

    Just because Bar Refaeli or any girl was hanging out with a guy at a club or dancing with a guy at a club, it does not mean that they are a couple or together or dating.

  • Bar is NOT DATING Chase

    Just because she was hanging out with a guy at a club or dancing with a guy at a club, it does not mean that they are a couple or together or dating.

  • NativeNYker

    Looks nice & fresh.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • flawless

    Perfect body and face on these pictures

  • gorgy

    chace was not even at 1OAK that nite ! besides she is wit some israeli billionaire not true..but i agree she is overrated

  • matilda

    she is very cute for a normal girl not supermodel for sure. doutzen is a hot model, Bar is just a really cute girl. over rated

  • matilda



    she is with some israeli guy i read in the israel newspaper not the billionaire but another rich guy maybe she just had a one night stand with chace and got caught :|)

  • ……..

    She is ugly and it’s her who called the paps because no one know her.

  • ……..

    She is a s lut, she f ucks all the mans who meet her and now ,it’s like this that she has ads or covers.

  • micheAL

    i think this girl is unreal.

    she looks sweet AND hot!!!!! which so rare to find!
    i hate those skinny ass bonny models that never smile amd look like they are about to break

    Bar is the perfect girl in the perfect body!!!!

  • lali


  • http://israel Lisa rose

    all the haters STOP with this obssesion with her, do something that you LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    shes looks in a VERY good shape here!!!!!!! shes out of this world HOTT!!!!!

  • Barfie

    @Lisa rose: is a lesbian

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Barfie: all of you has a girl crush on her or something, so you call me a lesbian……
    if you hate her so much (and you dont care about her, and shes a famewhore, and slut and all of these things) then why to bother to read all her articles and leave a comments?! losers!!!!!!!
    STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON ‘BARFIE’!!!!!!!!!!!!! L-O-S-E-R-S!!!!!!

  • barfeli

    nothing special. average blonde.

    she looks stubby as ever also! eww

  • samantha

    I don’t know what she ever saw in LeoNERDo DiCRAPio. He’s a fat, ugly, arrogant dork. Surely she could have found someone better to hitch her star to. I know the only reason she was interested in him was his fame, but was it really worth it Bar?

    Chace may not have Leo’s acting chops, or celebrity for that matter, but he’s MUCH easier on the eyes. Way to go Bar! At least you won’t have to put a bag over his head while doing the deed.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she looks super hot
    especially in that ralph lauren polo
    her face is pretty average imo, but her body is amazing

  • bishes

    @whatever: Stop trying to make your friendship/alliance with lisa rose “happen” – she knows you are mentally ill and have been moderated out of JJ many many times. You are a sad little weirdo that keeps coming back for more of the same.
    @samantha: You are “whatever.” Also, Leo is a handsome movie star and Chace looks like an azzwipe – Chace is nowhere near as gorgeous as Leo. Bar just wants another famous dude to make herself relevant. She is a short wannabe model trying to get jobs in whatever way she can.

  • um

    average face, check
    average bod, check
    average modeling career, check

    she sucks.

  • bishes

    @whatever: you are not fooling anyone kunta!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @whatever: ignore that scary person! its just some poor girl who is stalking Bar all day!!! I really dont know what’s her problem (and to me its seems alot like french or some other psycho Leo’s fan who cant see Bar happy, its killing them). so, just ignore them and maybe they will stop one day. and some other note: I really cant understand what is the big problem that Bar is having fan with alot of guy, SHES F*CKING 24!!!! she can do that, that her time to try alot of things and have fun. if she wouldnt do it now, then when? and yes, shes a lucky girl that she has the possiblety to be with the hottest mans in the world! and yes, they are also famous! and rich! she just LUCKY to have around this people! and I’m actualy think that almost every girl at her early 20′s is having fun and trying guys and things, she shes just lucky girl to have the right personalty and beauty to hooked up with them! she f*cking 24-year-old! give her a break! for god seak, she still young! and the bonus of it all is the fame that she get from them that for good and bad helps her career!!! so yeah, as I said, she a luck girl!

    Read more:

  • martinica

    PERFECT BODY! In fact, she has the body! Fat legs? Come on! I´d like to see u.. She´s no the tipical model , I wish models were like that, you know, with meat in her bones

  • whatever

    You’re right Lisa, this woman is obssessed with Bar and now is stalking her. It’s not French but some other Leo psycho fan. This crazed nutcase is responsible for like 25 comments on this thread. She always writes under different names and is a disgusting pervert.
    It’s all jealousy because this woman is ugly and fat. Despite the psycho saying she hates Bar she’s in fact in love with her. LOL!

  • whatever

    Of course Bar has every right to go out and fun. It doesn’t mean she’s sleeping around. Again it’s jealousy because this psycho never leaves her house. Crapio is the one sleeping around but Bar is the one who gets called nasty names. This woman is crazy, ugly and sexist. What a loser!

  • wanda

    @whatever: you are the ugliest and fattest crazy bytch on this website. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @wanda: yeah, and you know how she looks like………… LOL!

  • @37

    yeah, and `whatever` knows how people writing negative comments look like…. LOL! and `whatever` knows that all the comments come from the same person…..LOL!

  • ali mohammadi pak

    happy new year for ultra beatiful bar,viva bar

  • interneta pieslēgums

    mmmmmmm sexy…..