Freida Pinto & Gerard Butler: Harry Winston Wonderful

Freida Pinto & Gerard Butler: Harry Winston Wonderful

Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto and 300 stud Gerard Butler host a cocktail event at Harry Winston Jewelers for The New York Collection at 718 Fifth Ave, NYC on Sunday (Septemeber 13).

Earlier in the day, Gerry was seen sitting next to Donald Trump at the 2009 US Open held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, Queens.

Last night, the 38-year-old Scottish star partied at an after-party for the 2009 MTV VMAs at NYC hotspot 1Oak. He was seen chatting up Emmy Rossum‘s ex-husband Justin Siegel.

10+ pictures inside of Harry Winston wonderful Freida Pinto and Gerard Butler

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freida pinto gerard butler 01
freida pinto gerard butler 02
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Credit: Juan Soliz, Darla Khazei; Photos: Neil Rasmus/PatrickMcMullan, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • me 2

    We are way ahead of you JJ. These were posted on another thread earlier.

  • If I’ve got this

    right, on Sept. 13, G was at 4 events.
    9/11 event
    US Open
    Winston Party
    No wonder the guy looks exhausted most of the time.

  • Elvie

    Freida looks awful here!

  • old news

    Old news and boring,.
    Jared, you are contributing to “over exposing” Gerry.

  • jj

    ahh gorgeous and refreshing Frieda

  • nikomilinko
  • autumnm

    Gerard Butler is fugly and overrated! Not attracted to him at all. Don’t get the big deal there.

    Frieda is looking as lovely as ever though. Nice to see a woman of color, especially an Indian woman, who we don’t get to see much of in hollywood, on the big screen.

  • lolita

    Frieda is so classyyyyy !!! not like this awful LC

  • uma

    RIP Patrick Swayze

  • usopen

    Seems he was at the US Open on Monday for the men’s final as well since he’s wearing a different shirt than in the Sunday pics with Trump.

  • anon annoy

    Thank god he changed his shirt!

  • #10

    Yes, these pics are from yesterday and that’s Bruce Willis and his wife in front of him.

  • de

    NY Mag says Gerard os overexposed,I don’t believe that any exposure is bad. If he was out of the media then people would say he is aloof and not fan friendly. I see that is far from true,GB looks tired, but I don’t think he is doing anything that he does not want to do. He always looks fairly happy in the media.It is nice that he promotes charities also.I think he is one celeb that has tried to remain accessible.

  • liverwurst

    She is absolutely the most beautiful woman on earth.

  • amen

    This is a lovely and elegant woman IMO.
    Charity work aside (one can do that type of thing behind the scenes without the coverage) I do think Gerry is over exposed. Unless he has
    some project that he is promoting then he risks the possibility of the public just having a ho hum attitude about “seeing that guy again” Where is the guidance and wise policy of his representation? He deserves better.

  • Tealeaf

    Love those colors on Freida

  • Freida

    I can’t believe she’s dating that boy Dev. She and Gerard would make a great couple, she’s much prettier than Pryianka.

  • anon

    She has more grace, class, talent and beauty in one finger than some young Hollywood starlets have in their whole, stick thin, drugged out body. Hope she stays this way.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @amen: I agree with your observation on overexposure.
    Just wondering if he thinks that this kind of exposure of him alone at events is to counteract any Huvane contrived Nippy PR stunt. Usually he hates being in the public eye. It’s got to be annoying having all sorts of rumors like that. Imagine the kink it would put in picking up fresh girlies…”Aren’t you dating Nippy?” I bet he wishes he had played those on set pics differently…
    US Open can’t be helped. There are a billion photographers there for the sport and they make a little extra for celebrity shots.

  • NativeNYker

    He is the embodiment of testosterone!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • @19

    This guy loves being in the public eye……..he loves attention.

  • pafan

    Gerry, Gerry, go home and go to sleep! He must have crashed for a day after all that stuff on Sunday.

    There are many celebs at these functions. Just because the press chooses to splash Gerry’s picture all over the place isn’t his fault. I haven’t seen numerous photos of The Donald or Bruce etc. all over the internet and newspapers and they were there too.

    But, hey, I’m not complaining. I love to look at him!

  • http://justjared love freida

    She is perfection .
    Wow one of the best looking woman in Hollywood ever .

  • http://justjared lol

    Tell me the Angelina home wrecker Jolie loons aren’t in this thread badmouthing Gerard lololol they are really sad creatures with no life .
    What has the whore you worship to do with this thread?

  • Rebecca

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    I have a clue re: your comment about Nippy PR. Would you mind explaining?


  • thought

    I don’t mind seeing him at different events. Bring on more pix JJ.

    Average American probably has never heard of Gerard. I don’t think he is over exposed at all. To those who follow his career and are interested in him, yes the amount of media/razzi coverage of him seems to over expose him a little. But to the general population, he is still an unknown actor. He sure can use some exposure (preferably positive exposure) because in the movie business name recognition is hugely important. For example, people went to see Inglourious Basterds because Brad Pitt is in it and Quentin Tarantino is the director.

  • amen

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Gotta disagree with you on this one ManLess. IMO GB loves the exposure and the attention.
    I use to think he was a more private person, falling for his protestations in interviews, but truth is…there are all kinds of celebs all over LA that don’t get the coverage he does. It can be avoided and he chooses not to…so it’s on him. There’s another prominent American figure that I’ve just about had a belly full of too…but won’t go there other than to say that over exposure can be damaging.

  • red

    Is Gerry growing a beard? The facial hair is getting beyond his usual scruff.

  • jessie

    Amen to Amen, he is such a media whore! needs to disappear for awhile! was at the HW event in NYC, and he loves the attention, he also tends to speak really loudly to draw attention to himself if no one is looking.

    To be honest it’s a little sad, I’m sure he will turn up at Fashion Week in the next few days

  • kc

    who cares about over exposure. i am loving the pics and he said in one interview or the other that the time in between movies is the worst for him because he doesnt really know what to do… or something to that effect. i think the man gets a bit lonely and depressed when he is not shooting and by himself and he likes the company. so whats the harm. there is no publicity called bad publicity and he can get more eyeballs to his movies if he stays within the radar. sounds like a fair deal. come on ppl media w**re is a bit harsh. he is not doing anything wrong at least unlike many ppl in showbiz who use their kids, do drugs, strip etc etc just for an extra buck.

  • @30

    “and he loves the attention, he also tends to speak really loudly to draw attention to himself if no one is looking.”

    I’ve heard this before about. …..what a bore

  • just me

    Over-exposed, under-exposed blaa, blaaa.

    Whatever, just keep pictures of this hunk coming. I can’t get enough of the stunning Mr. B.

  • lana lang

    I have to agree with the other posters. GB is a famewhore. You’d have to be an idiot to not realize that fact by now. He talked a good game in his early interviews to ingratiate himself with his fanbase but that’s what all “up and comers” do. He’s right up there with Paris and Kim Kardashian……….except he has some talent.
    Yes overexposure can negatively impact a career. Sure the general public may not necessarily know who he is but it would be better for him to make a name for himself as a good actor with a solid body of work than a B Lister who fancies himself a superstar that wouldn’t turn down an offer to appear at an opening of a grocery store. Yeah, he’s nice to look at (sometimes) but he’s really becoming cheesy and hard to take seriously. He should take a page from Clive Owen’s playbook and follow suit.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    amen @ 09/15/2009 at 12:06 pm @ManLESSton, I likely: Gotta disagree with you on this one ManLess. IMO GB loves the exposure and the attention.
    I use to think he was a more private person, falling for his protestations in interviews, but truth is…there are all kinds of celebs all over LA that don’t get the coverage he does. It can be avoided and he chooses not to…so it’s on him. There’s another prominent American figure that I’ve just about had a belly full of too…but won’t go there other than to say that over exposure can be damaging.
    Sorry if I didn’t say this clearly…he loves the exposure on his terms. Events are fair game, but he doesn’t like paps when he is trying to pick up girls or being followed home. BTW whatever happened to those assault charges with the pap?
    To the person who asked about the Nippy question, the set of the Bounty was an open set for the paps. If you look back on JJ’s site here you will see 15-20 threads about just that one movie. Gerry said in a recent interview that the paps were on the set all day every day. There is even one shot of Gerry bringing his hand up to put around Nippy’s shoulders that they caught just right and promoted it as him grabbing her butt.
    As anyone can tell, I am not a fan of Nippy and her PR pitbulls. Since Nippy was an executive producer on this film (The Bounty), made me wonder if the paps were allowed access in hopes of building some PR momentum for her latest disaster Sh!t Happens that opens this week. Nippy’s team will do anything to sell her movies. BTW The set of The Baster was open to the paps also. Ask Jason Bateman about that one.
    My point is it would be great if Gerry’s exposure was more positive lending itself to him building a serious acting career rather than promoting the frat boy image (thanks for that term to the one who posted it). The 9/11 Walk was a good use of PR and even the US Open. But panting on the sidelines at Stick Bug Week isn’t exactly a serious actor type image IMO.
    Amen, you are right though. Maybe he doth protest too much. I like this guy and want to see him succeed. But he is appearing to be his own worst enemy.

  • @35

    FYI – there was another man in the car with him when he hit the paps…..not a girl.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @@35: What? I didn’t say anything about a girl…

  • Magic Man
    Get ready for a new round of exaggerated “JenGer” rumors.

    Many big outlets picked up a recent Hello! magazine ‘interview’ in which Jennifer Aniston responds to a question about “The Bounty” co-star Gerard Butler by calling him “magical.” Gossip sites seized upon the word and stirred new speculation that the two stars had become romantic.

    The only “magical” thing here is how context can – poof – vanish in a snap.

    1. There was no interview with Hello! magazine. Aniston’s representative tells Gossip Cop that the “magical” comment was taken from a recent Hollywood Foreign Press Association press conference promoting Aniston’s new movie with Aaron Eckhart, “Love Happens.”

    2. Look at the full quote Aniston gave: “Whether I’m seeing someone or not is nobody’s business but my own. I will say that Gerry Butler is a great person. He’s absolutely fantastic and yes, magical would be a word that I’d throw in there, too. But the rest is my business. No harm in keeping people guessing, right?”

    No harm at all, except that complimenting your co-star these days is sure to result in a sound bite the media can manipulate to fit their story.

    Gossip Cop knows that Aniston and Butler are just good “Friends” – and that’s all.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Magic Man: Thanks for posting that. And so it begins…
    This is one of the reasons that I can’t stand this sad excuse for a woman. Nothing is below her to promote her POS (piece of sh!t) movies like Sh!t Happens. I am so NOT surprised.
    Let’s hope Gerry has a run in with a pap tonight while taking two girls home for a little action. That ought to teach the desperate b!tch a thing or two…

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont think the outfit looks good on her
    dont think she did it much justice
    but she stills looks really nice, im just not a fan

  • clueless

    All of Clive Owen’s movies have been nothing but BO bombs for the last few years. Take a page from his book? Get a clue.

  • amen

    Clive has had a few stinkers and a few winners too – kind of like Gerry.
    Nothing great lately tho, I agree. I do think Gerry could learn a bit from
    how to stay out of the celeb press and just be an actor with some cred and some mystery about him. Loved Clive in Closer, King Arthur and Gosford Park…Elizabeth The Golden Age too was good… not a bit portfolio that. He had a fab perfume ad gig in Summer of 07 when I was in Paris his face was all over the metro and street ads. That is when I seriously noticed him. Was a time I thought GB should rep a fragrance. But you cant be a sweat hog, frat boy and do that….you gotta be mysterious and elegant. So there’s a page GB could take from Clive.

  • gillianfey

    Thanks for the GB pics, JJ. Keep them coming. There are plenty of people who enjoy seeing them and come to JJ just to do so.

  • mysterious he ain’t

    Didn’t the outfit which advertised Clive Owen’s perfume get criticized for not being honest when they airbrushed too much of the picture of Clive’s natural albeit weather-beaten face?

    Maybe one day there will be a perfume for the sweat hogs/frat boys for which Gerard will be the spokesman. Mysterious and elegant he ain’t and I wouldn’t like it any other way anyway. lol

    Clive is a married man while GB is single. It’s hardly fair to ask GB to lead the life of a married man is it? We see a lot of paps reports on GB because sites like JJ and IMDB are gossip hubs for GB. There is hardly any mentioning of GB on any major news networks and outlets which are the real source for news for an average American. Average Americans read real news and they don’t read gossips. Therefore, GB is over-exposed to those who regularly visit gossip sites and read supermarket rags but NOT over-exposed to the rest of the country IMO.

  • amen

    @mysterious he ain’t:
    People who read gossip sites buy tickets to movies don’t they? Those are the ones to whom he’s over exposed. Especially after doing a fluff ball movie with Jennifer Aniston with full razzi exposure for 3 months. If you’re right and he’s not over exposed in a negative way, surely it will show in his career standing and future project commitments.

    I don’t follow Clive closely so have not heard about any airbrush stories. But I’d so much rather see an Actor that airbrushes his photos than paralyze their face with Botox and stuff their character lines with fillers as Gerry has been doing off an on since after 300. Put me down for airbrushing every time.

  • just me

    I’m not down on Bounty. I think it looks like a fun movie and I, for one, will see it. “Fluff ball” movies can be a nice way to spend an evening.

  • lana lang

    Honey, I have so much more than a clue. Just like Russell Crowe with his tremendous talent, Clive Owen can afford to make a bomb here and there. Why? Because the difference between him and your dream man is that Clive is a highly RESPECTED AWARD WINNING ACTOR. Damn right! Gerry better take notes and FAST or his career will be right along side Lorenzo Lamas’ and Casper Van Dien’s. Let’s face it, the ONLY reason why he’s gotten this far is because quite simply: He’s a handsome man that really looks like he can f_ck! He’s the older, male equivalent of Megan Fox. As far as talent he’s mediocre. On par with a soap opera or the CW. So what happens when his rapidly diminishing looks go for good? Do you think he’s going to hold up like George Clooney, Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp? He already looks like he was a year ahead of them in high school and he’s (supposedly) not even 40!? What happens when the sex symbol no longer exudes sex? When that time comes, I can only hope for his sake that he’s established himself as more than “Jen Aniston’s co-star” or “the guy from 300.”

  • rainyday

    Since when is being the guy from 300 a negative?

    He’s better looking than George or Tom C. could ever dream about looking.

    And, if you think the death scene in 300 was a mediocre performance you are just plain nuts. It gets me in my guts every time I see it.

    Maybe he hasn’t gotten to some, but his screen appearances have been fabulous. He is just the best there is. Some of the movies haven’t been the greatest, but GB always gave his all and was the best thing in them.

    Check out his acting, not his PR pictures. This guy is just wonderful (for lack of a better word.) I know he seems silly in a lot of interviews, but his movies show a whole different side. There is so much more than meets the eye. Can you guess I adore this man.

  • Does anyone know?

    Does anyone have any idea how to get audience tix for SNL?

    If you’re from NY and you have an idea, please let me know, I’m desperate!!!


  • twitter…..

    pic of gerry tonight

  • Benita

    Gerry used to be very handsome, but apparently he does not take care of his looks at all. He has let himself to become grossly overweight and that spoils his looks completely.